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  1. Poliquin L, Bergeron D, Fortier J, Paquette Y, Bergeron R, Rassart E. Determinants of thymotropism in Kaplan radiation leukemia virus and nucleotide sequence of its envelope region. J Virol. 1992;66:5141-6 pubmed
    ..Thus, the LTR and envelope gene may be involved in complementary action to lead to thymotropism...
  2. Wang H, Meury L, Pinsonneault S, Morais R. Chicken acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein PO: isolation and molecular characterization of cDNA clones. Biochem Mol Biol Int. 1995;36:595-604 pubmed
    ..By Northern analysis, the PO probe detects a major RNA species 1.1-kilobases long, and a minor species 4.0-kilobases long which has no equivalent thus far in mammals. ..
  3. Julien J, Cote F, Collard J. Mice overexpressing the human neurofilament heavy gene as a model of ALS. Neurobiol Aging. 1995;16:487-90; discussion 490-2 pubmed
    ..The relevance of the NF-H transgenics as a model of ALS is discussed in light of our current knowledge of motor neuron disease. ..
  4. Wallace V, Kawai K, Levelt C, Kishihara K, Molina T, Timms E, et al. T lymphocyte development in p56lck deficient mice: allelic exclusion of the TcR beta locus is incomplete but thymocyte development is not restored by TcR beta or TcR alpha beta transgenes. Eur J Immunol. 1995;25:1312-8 pubmed
  5. Lefebvre D, Piersanti M, Bai X, Chen Z, Lye S. Myometrial transcriptional regulation of the gap junction gene, connexin-43. Reprod Fertil Dev. 1995;7:603-11 pubmed
    ..Since oestrogen may be an important modulator of myometrial activation, these mechanisms may be critical to the processes leading to increased synthesis of gap junctions at term and, hence, to the onset of labour. ..
  6. Schito M, Barta J. Nonspecific immune responses and mechanisms of resistance to Eimeria papillata infections in mice. Infect Immun. 1997;65:3165-70 pubmed
    ..Immunity to reinfection does not require IFN-gamma but appears to be mediated, at least in part, by a perforin-dependent mechanism. ..
  7. Hortelano G, Wang L, Xu N, Ofosu F. Sustained and therapeutic delivery of factor IX in nude haemophilia B mice by encapsulated C2C12 myoblasts: concurrent tumourigenesis. Haemophilia. 2001;7:207-14 pubmed
    ..Thus, while this study revealed the feasibility of this gene therapy approach to treat severe haemophilia B, it also highlights the importance of using safer cell lines to prevent tumour development. ..
  8. Booth R, Cummings C, Tiberi M, Liu X. GIPC participates in G protein signaling downstream of insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:6719-25 pubmed
    ..This represents the first demonstration that GIPC x RGS-GAIP complex acts positively in IGF-1 receptor signal transduction. ..
  9. Croy B, Linder K, Yager J. Primer for non-immunologists on immune-deficient mice and their applications in research. Comp Med. 2001;51:300-13 pubmed
    ..Two illustrations on developing appropriate immune deficient animal models for a new research application conclude the review. ..

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  1. McCoy M, Mueller C, Roskelley C. The role of the breast cancer susceptibility gene 1 (BRCA1) in sporadic epithelial ovarian cancer. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2003;1:72 pubmed
  2. Pineault N, Abramovich C, Ohta H, Humphries R. Differential and common leukemogenic potentials of multiple NUP98-Hox fusion proteins alone or with Meis1. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:1907-17 pubmed
    ..Our results support a model in which many if not all Hox genes can be leukemogenic and point to striking functional overlap not previously appreciated, presumably reflecting common regulated pathways. ..
  3. Callera G, Touyz R, Tostes R, Yogi A, He Y, Malkinson S, et al. Aldosterone activates vascular p38MAP kinase and NADPH oxidase via c-Src. Hypertension. 2005;45:773-9 pubmed
    ..Taken together, our findings demonstrate that nongenomic signaling by aldosterone occurs through c-Src-dependent pathways. These processes may play an important role in profibrotic actions of aldosterone. ..
  4. Vinderola C, Duarte J, Thangavel D, Perdigon G, Farnworth E, Matar C. Immunomodulating capacity of kefir. J Dairy Res. 2005;72:195-202 pubmed
    ..This is the first study in vivo regarding the mechanisms involved in the immunomodulating capacity of the oral administration of kefir containing viable or heat-inactivated bacteria at different doses. ..
  5. Liu H, Zhang L, Cybulsky M, Gorczynski R, Crookshank J, Manuel J, et al. Identification of the receptor for FGL2 and implications for susceptibility to mouse hepatitis virus (MHV-3)-induced fulminant hepatitis. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2006;581:421-5 pubmed
  6. Shrivastav A, Varma S, Lawman Z, Yang S, Ritchie S, Bonham K, et al. Requirement of N-myristoyltransferase 1 in the development of monocytic lineage. J Immunol. 2008;180:1019-28 pubmed
    ..We report in this study novel observation that regulated total NMT activity and NMT1 is essential for proper monocytic differentiation of the mouse bone marrow cells. ..
  7. McCormick C, Mathews I. Adolescent development, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function, and programming of adult learning and memory. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2010;34:756-65 pubmed publisher
  8. Park S, Chibli H, Wong J, Nadeau J. Antimicrobial activity and cellular toxicity of nanoparticle-polymyxin B conjugates. Nanotechnology. 2011;22:185101 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show that it is possible to create antimicrobial agents using concentrations of CdTe quantum dots that do not harm mammalian cells...
  9. Pettit A, Desroches R, Bennett S. The opiate analgesic buprenorphine decreases proliferation of adult hippocampal neuroblasts and increases survival of their progeny. Neuroscience. 2012;200:211-22 pubmed publisher
  10. Talbot S, Couture R. Emerging role of microglial kinin B1 receptor in diabetic pain neuropathy. Exp Neurol. 2012;234:373-81 pubmed publisher
    ..This is consistent with the highly inducible feature of this atypical G-protein coupled receptor whose expression can be seen as the alarming signature of immune and inflammatory diseases, notably diabetes mellitus. ..
  11. Zhang X, Chibli H, Kong D, Nadeau J. Comparative cytotoxicity of gold-doxorubicin and InP-doxorubicin conjugates. Nanotechnology. 2012;23:275103 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings have important implications for design of active drug-nanoparticle conjugates. ..
  12. Xie L, Gao S, Alcaire S, Aoyagi K, Wang Y, Griffin J, et al. NLF-1 delivers a sodium leak channel to regulate neuronal excitability and modulate rhythmic locomotion. Neuron. 2013;77:1069-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, an ER protein NLF-1 delivers a sodium leak channel to maintain neuronal excitability and potentiates a premotor interneuron network critical for C. elegans rhythmic locomotion. ..
  13. Townsend E, Murakami M, Christodoulou A, Christie A, Köster J, Desouza T, et al. The Public Repository of Xenografts Enables Discovery and Randomized Phase II-like Trials in Mice. Cancer Cell. 2016;29:574-586 pubmed publisher
  14. Skarnes W, Auerbach B, Joyner A. A gene trap approach in mouse embryonic stem cells: the lacZ reported is activated by splicing, reflects endogenous gene expression, and is mutagenic in mice. Genes Dev. 1992;6:903-18 pubmed
    ..This work demonstrates the capacity of the gene trap vector to generate lacZ fusion transcripts, to accurately report endogenous gene expression, and to mutate the endogenous gene at the site of integration. ..
  15. Wang R, Sole M, Cukerman E, Liew C. Characterization and nucleotide sequence of the cardiac alpha-myosin heavy chain gene from Syrian hamster. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 1994;26:1155-65 pubmed
    ..Eleven B1 and four B2 retroposons were identified, a variety of di-, tri-, and tetra-nucleotide repeats were present, and three longer direct repeats were found. Some of them appear to be associated with genetic recombination events. ..
  16. Lin H, Mosmann T, Guilbert L, Tuntipopipat S, Wegmann T. Synthesis of T helper 2-type cytokines at the maternal-fetal interface. J Immunol. 1993;151:4562-73 pubmed
    ..The continuous presence of IL-4, IL-5, and IL-10, with early and transient expression of IFN-gamma, can provide a molecular basis for the antibody/Th2-like bias of the maternal immune response during pregnancy. ..
  17. Causing C, Gloster A, Aloyz R, Bamji S, Chang E, Fawcett J, et al. Synaptic innervation density is regulated by neuron-derived BDNF. Neuron. 1997;18:257-67 pubmed
    ..Together these results indicate that variations in neuronal neurotrophin synthesis directly regulate neuronal circuitry by selectively modulating synaptic innervation density. ..
  18. Jones R, Elford A, Parsons M, Wu L, Krawczyk C, Yeh W, et al. CD28-dependent activation of protein kinase B/Akt blocks Fas-mediated apoptosis by preventing death-inducing signaling complex assembly. J Exp Med. 2002;196:335-48 pubmed
    ..These findings provide a novel link between CD28 and an important apoptosis pathway in vivo, and demonstrate that PI3K/PKB signaling prevents apoptosis by inhibiting DISC assembly. ..
  19. Patenaude A, Ven Murthy M, Mirault M. Mitochondrial thioredoxin system: effects of TrxR2 overexpression on redox balance, cell growth, and apoptosis. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:27302-14 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that neither Trx2 nor TrxR2 gain of function modified the redox regulation of mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in these mammalian cells. ..
  20. Boyer A, Lussier J, Sinclair A, McClive P, Silversides D. Pre-sertoli specific gene expression profiling reveals differential expression of Ppt1 and Brd3 genes within the mouse genital ridge at the time of sex determination. Biol Reprod. 2004;71:820-7 pubmed
    ..We conclude that combining transgenically marked fluorescent cell populations with differential expression screening is useful for cell expression profiling in developmental systems such as sex determination and differentiation. ..
  21. Abraham N, Ma M, Snow J, Miners M, Herndier B, Goldsmith M. Haploinsufficiency identifies STAT5 as a modifier of IL-7-induced lymphomas. Oncogene. 2005;24:5252-7 pubmed
    ..Lower STAT5 protein levels accompanied the reduction in STAT5A/5B copy number, which suggests that STAT5 haploinsufficiency is a modifier of IL-7 signal strength. ..
  22. Dikeakos J, Mercure C, Lacombe M, Seidah N, Reudelhuber T. PC1/3, PC2 and PC5/6A are targeted to dense core secretory granules by a common mechanism. FEBS J. 2007;274:4094-102 pubmed
    ..Analysis of the predicted structures formed by these three granule-sorting helices shows a correlation between their granule-sorting efficiency and the clustering of hydrophobic amino acids in their granule-targeting helices. ..
  23. Carriere A, Cargnello M, Julien L, Gao H, Bonneil E, Thibault P, et al. Oncogenic MAPK signaling stimulates mTORC1 activity by promoting RSK-mediated raptor phosphorylation. Curr Biol. 2008;18:1269-77 pubmed publisher
  24. Hughes B, Hekimi S. Mclk1+/- mice are not resistant to the development of atherosclerosis. Lipids Health Dis. 2009;8:16 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, in the presence of hyperlipidemia and chronic inflammation, Mclk1 heterozygosity is incapable of extending lifespan. ..
  25. Brodeur J, Larkin H, Boucher R, Thériault C, St Louis S, Gagnon H, et al. Calnuc binds to LRP9 and affects its endosomal sorting. Traffic. 2009;10:1098-114 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report showing that Calnuc plays a role in receptor trafficking. ..
  26. Liu J, Ngai N, Stone G, Yue F, Ostrowski M. The adjuvancy of OX40 ligand (CD252) on an HIV-1 canarypox vaccine. Vaccine. 2009;27:5077-84 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, our findings show that OX40L can be used as a molecular adjuvant to enhance T cell immune responses...
  27. Krishnan L, Pejcic Karapetrovic B, Gurnani K, Zafer A, Sad S. Pregnancy does not deter the development of a potent maternal protective CD8+ T-cell acquired immune response against Listeria monocytogenes despite preferential placental colonization. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2010;63:54-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Maternal hosts generate a normal Listeria-specific adaptive immunity in particular CD8+ T-cell memory response suggesting that systemic listeriosis during pregnancy may be an immunopathology associated with placental infection. ..
  28. Chi S, Vetiska S, Gill R, Hsiung M, Liu F, Van Tol H. Transactivation of PDGFRbeta by dopamine D4 receptor does not require PDGFRbeta dimerization. Mol Brain. 2010;3:22 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the DRD4-PDGFRbeta-ERK1/2 pathway can occur independently of a PDGF-like ligand, PDGFRbeta cross-phosphorylation and dimerization, which is distinct from other known forms of transactivation of RTKs by GPCRs. ..
  29. Fei F, Lee K, McCarry B, Bowdish D. Age-associated metabolic dysregulation in bone marrow-derived macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide. Sci Rep. 2016;6:22637 pubmed publisher
    ..Metabolic bottlenecks may be one of the mechanisms that contribute to the dysregulation of LPS responses with age. ..
  30. Molina T, Kishihara K, Siderovski D, van Ewijk W, Narendran A, Timms E, et al. Profound block in thymocyte development in mice lacking p56lck. Nature. 1992;357:161-4 pubmed
    ..Mature, single-positive thymocytes are not detectable in these mice and there are only very few peripheral T cells. These results illustrate the crucial role of this T-cell-specific tyrosine kinase in the thymocyte development. ..
  31. Simard C, Lemieux R, Cote S. Urea substitutes toxic formamide as destabilizing agent in nucleic acid hybridizations with RNA probes. Electrophoresis. 2001;22:2679-83 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings show that urea can efficiently and safely replace formamide in solutions. ..
  32. Mamo A, Krosl J, Kroon E, Bijl J, Thompson A, Mayotte N, et al. Molecular dissection of Meis1 reveals 2 domains required for leukemia induction and a key role for Hoxa gene activation. Blood. 2006;108:622-9 pubmed
  33. Schade B, Rao T, Dourdin N, Lesurf R, Hallett M, Cardiff R, et al. PTEN deficiency in a luminal ErbB-2 mouse model results in dramatic acceleration of mammary tumorigenesis and metastasis. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:19018-26 pubmed publisher
  34. L honoré A, Ouimette J, Lavertu Jolin M, Drouin J. Pitx2 defines alternate pathways acting through MyoD during limb and somitic myogenesis. Development. 2010;137:3847-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Muscle-specific wiring of regulatory networks composed of similar transcription factors thus underlies development of distinct skeletal muscles. ..
  35. Kuraitis D, Zhang P, Zhang Y, Padavan D, McEwan K, Sofrenovic T, et al. A stromal cell-derived factor-1 releasing matrix enhances the progenitor cell response and blood vessel growth in ischaemic skeletal muscle. Eur Cell Mater. 2011;22:109-23 pubmed
    ..These results support the release of implanted SDF-1 as a promising method for enhancing progenitor cell responses and restoring perfusion to ischaemic tissues via neovascularisation. ..
  36. Takahashi A, Adachi S, Morita M, Tokumasu M, Natsume T, Suzuki T, et al. Post-transcriptional Stabilization of Ucp1 mRNA Protects Mice from Diet-Induced Obesity. Cell Rep. 2015;13:2756-67 pubmed publisher
    ..BRF1 knockdown partially restores the stability of Ucp1 3'-UTR-containing mRNA. Thus, the Cnot7-Tob-BRF1 axis inhibits Ucp1 expression and contributes to obesity. ..
  37. Masroori N, Merindol N, Berthoux L. The interferon-induced antiviral protein PML (TRIM19) promotes the restriction and transcriptional silencing of lentiviruses in a context-specific, isoform-specific fashion. Retrovirology. 2016;13:19 pubmed publisher
    ..This study also has implications for the development of murine models of HIV-1. ..
  38. Reitmair A, Cai J, Bjerknes M, Redston M, Cheng H, Pind M, et al. MSH2 deficiency contributes to accelerated APC-mediated intestinal tumorigenesis. Cancer Res. 1996;56:2922-6 pubmed
  39. Qiu R, Schimmer B. cDNA for the beta 1 subunit of guanyl nucleotide-binding regulatory proteins from mouse adrenal glands. Gene. 1996;175:275-7 pubmed
    ..In the 5' untranslated region, two sequence variants were isolated that differed by the presence or absence of a 49 base pair insert presumed to arise from alternative splicing. ..
  40. Li Y, Gottschalk M, Esgleas M, Lacouture S, Dubreuil J, Willson P, et al. Immunization with recombinant Sao protein confers protection against Streptococcus suis infection. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2007;14:937-43 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate that recombinant Sao formulated with Quil A triggers strong opsonizing antibody responses which confer efficient immunity against challenge infection with heterologous S. suis type 2. ..
  41. Hager L, Li L, Pun H, Liu L, Hossain M, Maguire G, et al. Lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency protects against cholesterol-induced hepatic endoplasmic reticulum stress in mice. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:20755-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, factors influencing the accumulation of ER cholesterol may be important for the development of hepatic insulin resistance...
  42. Sollbach A, Wu G. Inversions produced during V(D)J rearrangement at IgH, the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus. Mol Cell Biol. 1995;15:671-81 pubmed
    ..We suggest that inverted DJH rearrangements are influenced by V(D)J recombination mechanistic constraints and cellular selection. ..
  43. Juriloff D, Harris M, Mah D, Benson A. The lidgap-Gates (lgGa) mutation for open eyelids at birth maps to mouse chromosome 13. Mamm Genome. 1996;7:403-7 pubmed
    ..Evidence is also presented for a common unlinked recessive suppressor of the open eyelids trait caused by lgGa...
  44. Hardy M, Vielkind U. Changing patterns of cell adhesion molecules during mouse pelage hair follicle development. 1. Follicle morphogenesis in wild-type mice. Acta Anat (Basel). 1996;157:169-82 pubmed
    ..The results suggest that the main role of cell adhesion molecules is to mould the follicle by relaxing or reinforcing cell contacts in areas of increased morphogenetic activity. ..
  45. Pilon G, Dallaire P, Marette A. Inhibition of inducible nitric-oxide synthase by activators of AMP-activated protein kinase: a new mechanism of action of insulin-sensitizing drugs. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:20767-74 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that AMPK is a novel anti-inflammatory signaling pathway and thus represents a promising therapeutic target for immune-inflammatory disorders. ..
  46. Constante M, Jiang W, Wang D, Raymond V, Bilodeau M, Santos M. Distinct requirements for Hfe in basal and induced hepcidin levels in iron overload and inflammation. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2006;291:G229-37 pubmed
    ..The inflammatory pathway overrides the iron-sensing pathway and is TLR-4 dependent. ..
  47. Forget G, Gregory D, Whitcombe L, Olivier M. Role of host protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in Leishmania donovani-induced inhibition of nitric oxide production. Infect Immun. 2006;74:6272-9 pubmed
  48. Hojilla C, Kim I, Kassiri Z, Fata J, Fang H, Khokha R. Metalloproteinase axes increase beta-catenin signaling in primary mouse mammary epithelial cells lacking TIMP3. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:1050-60 pubmed
    ..Recombinant TIMP1, TIMP3 and TIMP4 inhibited ductal elongation whereas TIMP2 promoted this process...
  49. Joe A, Yi L, Natarajan A, Le Grand F, So L, Wang J, et al. Muscle injury activates resident fibro/adipogenic progenitors that facilitate myogenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2010;12:153-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, FAPs expand upon damage to provide a transient source of pro-differentiation signals for proliferating myogenic progenitors. ..
  50. Gould P, Kamnasaran D. Immunohistochemical analyses of NPAS3 expression in the developing human fetal brain. Anat Histol Embryol. 2011;40:196-203 pubmed publisher
    ..Findings from this study will assist in understanding the role of NPAS3 in human gestational brain development and consequently the pathological involvement in human diseases. ..
  51. Moriarty T, Shi M, Lin Y, Ebady R, Zhou H, Odisho T, et al. Vascular binding of a pathogen under shear force through mechanistically distinct sequential interactions with host macromolecules. Mol Microbiol. 2012;86:1116-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Since BBK32-like proteins are expressed in a variety of pathogens we believe that the vascular adhesion mechanisms we have deciphered here may be critical for understanding the dissemination mechanisms of other bacterial pathogens...
  52. Al Rifai O, Chow J, LaCombe J, Julien C, Faubert D, Susan Resiga D, et al. Proprotein convertase furin regulates osteocalcin and bone endocrine function. J Clin Invest. 2017;127:4104-4117 pubmed publisher
    ..Accordingly, the metabolic defects of the mice lacking furin in osteoblasts became more apparent under pair-feeding conditions. These findings identify furin as an important regulator of bone endocrine function. ..
  53. Reitmair A, Schmits R, Ewel A, Bapat B, Redston M, Mitri A, et al. MSH2 deficient mice are viable and susceptible to lymphoid tumours. Nat Genet. 1995;11:64-70 pubmed
    ..These data establish a direct link between MSH2 deficiency and the pathogenesis of cancer. These mutant mice should be good models to study the progression of tumours and also to screen carcinogenic and anti-cancer agents. ..
  54. Tremblay J, Viger R. A mutated form of steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1 G35E) that causes sex reversal in humans fails to synergize with transcription factor GATA-4. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:42637-42 pubmed
    ..Thus, our results strengthen the importance of a GATA-4/SF-1 cooperation for MIS transcription and reveal that disruption of this synergism might be responsible for some cases of abnormal sex differentiation in humans. ..
  55. Lamalice L, Houle F, Huot J. Phosphorylation of Tyr1214 within VEGFR-2 triggers the recruitment of Nck and activation of Fyn leading to SAPK2/p38 activation and endothelial cell migration in response to VEGF. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:34009-20 pubmed
    ..In turn, this triggers the activation of the SAPK2/p38 MAP kinase module, and promotes stress fiber formation and endothelial cell migration. ..
  56. Purcell L, Wong K, Yanow S, Lee M, Spithill T, Rodriguez A. Chemically attenuated Plasmodium sporozoites induce specific immune responses, sterile immunity and cross-protection against heterologous challenge. Vaccine. 2008;26:4880-4 pubmed publisher
  57. Lu M, Kardel M, O Connor M, Eaves C. Enhanced generation of hematopoietic cells from human hepatocarcinoma cell-stimulated human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. Exp Hematol. 2009;37:924-36 pubmed publisher
  58. Jahani Asl A, Pilon Larose K, Xu W, Maclaurin J, Park D, McBride H, et al. The mitochondrial inner membrane GTPase, optic atrophy 1 (Opa1), restores mitochondrial morphology and promotes neuronal survival following excitotoxicity. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:4772-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies suggest Opa1 as a potential therapeutic target to promote neuronal survival following acute brain damage and neurodegenerative diseases. ..
  59. Okada Y, Wu D, Trynka G, Raj T, Terao C, Ikari K, et al. Genetics of rheumatoid arthritis contributes to biology and drug discovery. Nature. 2014;506:376-81 pubmed publisher
  60. Marchant D, Bellac C, Moraes T, Wadsworth S, Dufour A, Butler G, et al. A new transcriptional role for matrix metalloproteinase-12 in antiviral immunity. Nat Med. 2014;20:493-502 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that inhibiting extracellular MMP-12 could be a new avenue for the development of antiviral treatments...
  61. Gannon V, Gyles C. Characteristics of the Shiga-like toxin produced by Escherichia coli associated with porcine edema disease. Vet Microbiol. 1990;24:89-100 pubmed
    ..All SLTs were enterotoxic in rabbit but not in pig intestine and SLT-IIv was less enterotoxic than SLT-I. SLT-IIv had a lower LD50 in mice than did the other SLTs...
  62. Ray R, Furlonger C, Williams D, Paige C. Characterization of thymic stromal-derived lymphopoietin (TSLP) in murine B cell development in vitro. Eur J Immunol. 1996;26:10-6 pubmed
    ..Together these results show that TSLP can replace the requirement for IL-7 during in vitro B cell development. ..
  63. Vielkind U, Hardy M. Changing patterns of cell adhesion molecules during mouse pelage hair follicle development. 2. Follicle morphogenesis in the hair mutants, Tabby and downy. Acta Anat (Basel). 1996;157:183-94 pubmed
    ..This suggests that abnormal hair development in downy mice might result from a defect in dermal rather than epidermal components of the skin. ..
  64. Hirao A, Cheung A, Duncan G, Girard P, Elia A, Wakeham A, et al. Chk2 is a tumor suppressor that regulates apoptosis in both an ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM)-dependent and an ATM-independent manner. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:6521-32 pubmed
    ..ATR may thus selectively contribute to p53-mediated apoptosis. These data indicate that distinct pathways regulate the activation of p53 leading to cell cycle arrest or apoptosis. ..
  65. Miranda C, Makui H, Soares R, Bilodeau M, Mui J, Vali H, et al. Hfe deficiency increases susceptibility to cardiotoxicity and exacerbates changes in iron metabolism induced by doxorubicin. Blood. 2003;102:2574-80 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate that Hfe deficiency in mice increases susceptibility to DOX-induced cardiotoxicity and suggest that genetic mutations related to defects in iron metabolism may contribute to its cardiotoxicity in humans. ..
  66. Riachi M, Himms Hagen J, Harper M. Percent relative cumulative frequency analysis in indirect calorimetry: application to studies of transgenic mice. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2004;82:1075-83 pubmed
    ..With the increased availability of murine models of metabolic disease, indirect calorimetry is increasingly used, and the PRCF approach provides a novel and powerful means for data analysis. ..
  67. Barnabe Heider F, Wasylnka J, Fernandes K, Porsche C, Sendtner M, Kaplan D, et al. Evidence that embryonic neurons regulate the onset of cortical gliogenesis via cardiotrophin-1. Neuron. 2005;48:253-65 pubmed
  68. Zhu X, Asa S, Ezzat S. Ikaros is regulated through multiple histone modifications and deoxyribonucleic acid methylation in the pituitary. Mol Endocrinol. 2007;21:1205-15 pubmed
    ..These findings have important implications for the understanding of Ikaros' role in epigenetic functions and suggest a potential role for demethylating agents in the treatment of related disorders. ..
  69. Mikael L, Wang X, Wu Q, Jiang H, Maclean K, Rozen R. Hyperhomocysteinemia is associated with hypertriglyceridemia in mice with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency. Mol Genet Metab. 2009;98:187-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that HHcy is associated with hypertriglyceridemia and that MTHFR deficiency may exacerbate lipid accumulation in ApoE deficiency. ..
  70. Bordeleau F, Galarneau L, Gilbert S, Loranger A, Marceau N. Keratin 8/18 modulation of protein kinase C-mediated integrin-dependent adhesion and migration of liver epithelial cells. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:1698-713 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results uncover a key regulatory function for K8/K18 IFs in the PKC-mediated integrin/FAK-dependent adhesion and migration of simple epithelial cells. ..
  71. Lysechko T, Cheung S, Ostergaard H. Regulation of the tyrosine kinase Pyk2 by calcium is through production of reactive oxygen species in cytotoxic T lymphocytes. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:31174-84 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings are consistent with the possibility that Pyk2 acts as an early sensor of numerous extracellular signals that trigger a Ca(2+) flux and/or reactive oxygen species to amplify tyrosine phosphorylation signaling events. ..
  72. Dumas A, Lagarde S, Laflamme C, Pouliot M. Oncostatin M decreases interleukin-1 ? secretion by human synovial fibroblasts and attenuates an acute inflammatory reaction in vivo. J Cell Mol Med. 2012;16:1274-85 pubmed publisher
    ..These results as a whole suggest an anti-inflammatory role for OSM, guiding inflammatory processes towards resolution. ..
  73. Polewicz M, Gracia A, Garlapati S, Van Kessel J, Strom S, Halperin S, et al. Novel vaccine formulations against pertussis offer earlier onset of immunity and provide protection in the presence of maternal antibodies. Vaccine. 2013;31:3148-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Most importantly, the vaccines offered protection against challenge infection in the presence of passively transferred MatAbs. ..
  74. Kurachi M, Barnitz R, Yosef N, Odorizzi P, Diiorio M, Lemieux M, et al. The transcription factor BATF operates as an essential differentiation checkpoint in early effector CD8+ T cells. Nat Immunol. 2014;15:373-83 pubmed publisher
    ..This checkpoint prevents irreversible commitment to an effector fate until a critical threshold of downstream transcriptional activity has been achieved. ..
  75. Sanchez Ferras O, Bernas G, Farnos O, Touré A, Souchkova O, Pilon N. A direct role for murine Cdx proteins in the trunk neural crest gene regulatory network. Development. 2016;143:1363-74 pubmed publisher
  76. Nederlof R, Denis S, Lauzier B, Rosiers C, Laakso M, Hagen J, et al. Acute detachment of hexokinase II from mitochondria modestly increases oxygen consumption of the intact mouse heart. Metabolism. 2017;72:66-74 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that acute albeit not chronic changes in mitochondrial HKII modestly affect cardiac oxygen consumption and energy substrate metabolism. ..
  77. Bergeron D, Poliquin L, Houde J, Barbeau B, Rassart E. Analysis of proviruses integrated in Fli-1 and Evi-1 regions in Cas-Br-E MuLV-induced non-T-, non-B-cell leukemias. Virology. 1992;191:661-9 pubmed
    ..On the other hand, in Evi-1, there is a strict selection for ecotropic proviruses. Presumably, viral genetic elements outside of the U3 region could be critical for the Evi-1 cis-activation...
  78. Denis M. Recombinant interleukin-1 infusion increases resistance of BALB/c mice to murine leprosy. Int J Immunopharmacol. 1991;13:897-902 pubmed
    ..It is concluded that IL-1 alpha has immunotherapeutic potential in leprosy with the mechanism(s) of action still unclear...
  79. Cote F, Collard J, Julien J. Progressive neuronopathy in transgenic mice expressing the human neurofilament heavy gene: a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Cell. 1993;73:35-46 pubmed
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    ..In addition, the results of this study suggest that allergic contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis have overlapping pathophysiologic mechanisms, but subtle differences exist. ..
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