Experts and Doctors on malignant histiocytic disorders in Denmark


Locale: Denmark
Topic: malignant histiocytic disorders

Top Publications

  1. Lauritzen A, Delsol G, Hansen N, Horn T, Ersbøll J, Hou Jensen K, et al. Histiocytic sarcomas and monoblastic leukemias. A clinical, histologic, and immunophenotypical study. Am J Clin Pathol. 1994;102:45-54 pubmed
    ..Whether (or how) p53 gene mutations are implicated in their pathogenesis will be an important topic for future investigation...
  2. Sørensen A, Lund A, Kunder S, Quintanilla Martinez L, Schmidt J, Wang B, et al. Impairment of alternative splice sites defining a novel gammaretroviral exon within gag modifies the oncogenic properties of Akv murine leukemia virus. Retrovirology. 2007;4:46 pubmed
    ..In the present study we investigate the splice pattern as well as the possible effects of mutating the alternative splice sites on the oncogenic properties of the B-lymphomagenic Akv murine leukemia virus...