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  1. Manini T. Energy expenditure and aging. Ageing Res Rev. 2010;9:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent evidence suggests that activity EE has an important role in dictating lifespan and thus places emphasis on future research to uncover the underlying biological mechanisms. The study of EE continues to unlock clues to aging. ..
  2. Blagosklonny M. Linking calorie restriction to longevity through sirtuins and autophagy: any role for TOR. Cell Death Dis. 2010;1:e12 pubmed publisher
  3. Kondratov R, Kondratova A. Rapamycin in preventive (very low) doses. Aging (Albany NY). 2014;6:158-9 pubmed
  4. Parashar V, Rogina B. dSir2 mediates the increased spontaneous physical activity in flies on calorie restriction. Aging (Albany NY). 2009;1:529-41 pubmed
    ..In Drosophila, spontaneous physical activity therefore closely mimics life span in its dependence on Sir2. ..
  5. Vrzal E, Allan S, Hahn D. Amino acids in nectar enhance longevity of female Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes. J Insect Physiol. 2010;56:1659-64 pubmed publisher
    ..However, females receiving adult diets containing both carbohydrates and amino acids lived 5% longer than females fed adult diets with only sugar. ..
  6. Ratajczak M, Shin D, Liu R, Mierzejewska K, Ratajczak J, Kucia M, et al. Very small embryonic/epiblast-like stem cells (VSELs) and their potential role in aging and organ rejuvenation--an update and comparison to other primitive small stem cells isolated from adult tissues. Aging (Albany NY). 2012;4:235-46 pubmed
    ..Finally, while murine BM-derived VSELs have been extensively characterized more work is needed to better characterize these small cells at the molecular level in humans. ..
  7. Lubbers E, List E, Jara A, Sackman Sala L, Cordoba Chacon J, Gahete M, et al. Adiponectin in mice with altered GH action: links to insulin sensitivity and longevity?. J Endocrinol. 2013;216:363-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results fill important gaps in the literature related to GH and adiponectin and question the frequently reported associations of total and HMW adiponectin with insulin sensitivity and longevity. ..
  8. Krakora D, Mulcrone P, Meyer M, Lewis C, Bernau K, Gowing G, et al. Synergistic effects of GDNF and VEGF on lifespan and disease progression in a familial ALS rat model. Mol Ther. 2013;21:1602-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, the combined delivery of these neurotrophic factors showed a strong synergistic effect. These studies further support ex vivo gene therapy approaches for ALS that target skeletal muscle. ..
  9. Buffenstein R, Pinto M. Endocrine function in naturally long-living small mammals. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2009;299:101-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Similarities with genetically manipulated long-lived rodent models of aging suggest that evolutionary well-conserved hormonal mechanisms are integrally involved in lifespan determination. ..

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  1. Arellano S, Young C. Spawning, development, and the duration of larval life in a deep-sea cold-seep mussel. Biol Bull. 2009;216:149-62 pubmed
    ..quot; childressi by comparing calculated settlement times to known spawning seasons. These estimates suggest variability in the larval duration, with individuals spending more than a year in the plankton. ..
  2. Blagosklonny M. Aging-suppressants: cellular senescence (hyperactivation) and its pharmacologic deceleration. Cell Cycle. 2009;8:1883-7 pubmed
    ..How can growth inhibitors suppress senescence? May these aging-suppressants decelerate organismal aging? To answer these questions, we need to reconsider the meaning of aging. ..
  3. Kern M, Friedman H, Martin L, Reynolds C, Luong G. Conscientiousness, career success, and longevity: a lifespan analysis. Ann Behav Med. 2009;37:154-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Conscientiousness and career success predicted longevity, but not in a straightforward manner. Findings highlight the importance of lifespan processes. ..
  4. Bartke A. Can growth hormone (GH) accelerate aging? Evidence from GH-transgenic mice. Neuroendocrinology. 2003;78:210-6 pubmed
  5. Rajini P, Melstrom P, Williams P. A comparative study on the relationship between various toxicological endpoints in Caenorhabditis elegans exposed to organophosphorus insecticides. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2008;71:1043-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, ranking of these endpoints with respect to the OP insecticides studied indicates that these parameters in C. elegans are predictive of OP insecticides mammalian neurotoxicity. ..
  6. Yoshida H, Satoh M, Behney K, Lee C, Richards H, Shaheen V, et al. Effect of an exogenous trigger on the pathogenesis of lupus in (NZB x NZW)F1 mice. Arthritis Rheum. 2002;46:2235-44 pubmed
    ..These data lead us to propose that environmental influences exacerbate autoimmune manifestations in genetically lupus-susceptible mice through their stimulatory effects on proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-12. ..
  7. Davis G, Lowell W. The Sun determines human longevity: teratogenic effects of chaotic solar radiation. Med Hypotheses. 2004;63:574-81 pubmed
    ..This requirement determines the limits of fertility, e.g., menarche and menopause in humans, and sets longevity to approximately 100 years. ..
  8. Stump D, Beck M, Radovsky A, Garman R, Freshwater L, Sheets L, et al. Developmental neurotoxicity study of dietary bisphenol A in Sprague-Dawley rats. Toxicol Sci. 2010;115:167-82 pubmed publisher
    ..There was no evidence that BPA is a developmental neurotoxicant in rats, and the NOAEL for developmental neurotoxicity was 2250 ppm, the highest dose tested (164 and 410 mg/kg/day during gestation and lactation, respectively). ..
  9. Pfeiffer M, Kayzer E, Yang X, Abramson E, Kenaston M, Lago C, et al. Caenorhabditis elegans UCP4 protein controls complex II-mediated oxidative phosphorylation through succinate transport. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:37712-20 pubmed publisher
    ..These results identify a novel function for ceUCP4 in the regulation of complex II-based metabolism through an unexpected mechanism involving succinate transport. ..
  10. Huang X, Withers B, Dickson R. Sphingolipids and lifespan regulation. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2014;1841:657-64 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled New Frontiers in Sphingolipid Biology. ..
  11. Rogina B, Helfand S. Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase deficiency accelerates the time course of an age-related marker in Drosophila melanogaster. Biogerontology. 2000;1:163-9 pubmed
  12. Alcendor R, Kirshenbaum L, Imai S, Vatner S, Sadoshima J. Silent information regulator 2alpha, a longevity factor and class III histone deacetylase, is an essential endogenous apoptosis inhibitor in cardiac myocytes. Circ Res. 2004;95:971-80 pubmed
    ..An increase in Sir2 expression during heart failure suggests that Sir2 may play a cardioprotective role in pathologic hearts in vivo. ..
  13. Das R, Melo J, Thondamal M, Morton E, Cornwell A, Crick B, et al. The homeodomain-interacting protein kinase HPK-1 preserves protein homeostasis and longevity through master regulatory control of the HSF-1 chaperone network and TORC1-restricted autophagy in Caenorhabditis elegans. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1007038 pubmed publisher
    ..HPK-1 therefore provides a promising intervention point for pharmacological agents targeting the protein homeostasis system as a means of preserving robust longevity. ..
  14. Sun L, Evans M, Hsieh J, Panici J, Bartke A. Increased neurogenesis in dentate gyrus of long-lived Ames dwarf mice. Endocrinology. 2005;146:1138-44 pubmed
  15. Nehrke K. A reduction in intestinal cell pHi due to loss of the Caenorhabditis elegans Na+/H+ exchanger NHX-2 increases life span. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:44657-66 pubmed
    ..Our data demonstrate a functional role for a Na+/H+ exchanger in nutrient absorption in vivo and lays the groundwork for examining integrated acid-base physiology in a non-mammalian model organism...
  16. Masternak M, Al Regaiey K, Del Rosario Lim M, Jimenez Ortega V, Panici J, Bonkowski M, et al. Effects of caloric restriction on insulin pathway gene expression in the skeletal muscle and liver of normal and long-lived GHR-KO mice. Exp Gerontol. 2005;40:679-84 pubmed
    ..The results also show that improved insulin sensitivity in response to CR is not due to increased mRNA expression of the above genes in either normal or GHR-KO animals. ..
  17. Mullens B, Gerry A. Life history and seasonal abundance of Fannia benjamini complex (Diptera: Muscidae) in southern California. J Med Entomol. 2006;43:192-9 pubmed
    ..5 to 5 mo after collection. Widespread Aptenia planting since the 1980s has probably resulted in F. conspicua becoming a severe human nuisance in some areas. ..
  18. Gregorevic P, Allen J, Minami E, Blankinship M, Haraguchi M, Meuse L, et al. rAAV6-microdystrophin preserves muscle function and extends lifespan in severely dystrophic mice. Nat Med. 2006;12:787-9 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest rAAV vector-mediated systemic gene transfer may be useful for treatment of serious neuromuscular disorders such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy...
  19. Gu D, Dupre M, Sautter J, Zhu H, Liu Y, Yi Z. Frailty and mortality among Chinese at advanced ages. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci. 2009;64:279-89 pubmed publisher
    ..A key to healthy longevity is the prevention, postponement, and potential recovery from physical and cognitive deficits at advanced ages through enhanced medical interventions and treatments. ..
  20. Colman R, Anderson R, Johnson S, Kastman E, Kosmatka K, Beasley T, et al. Caloric restriction delays disease onset and mortality in rhesus monkeys. Science. 2009;325:201-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, CR delayed the onset of age-associated pathologies. Specifically, CR reduced the incidence of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and brain atrophy. These data demonstrate that CR slows aging in a primate species. ..
  21. Wancket L, Meng X, Rogers L, Liu Y. Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase (Mkp)-1 protects mice against acetaminophen-induced hepatic injury. Toxicol Pathol. 2012;40:1095-105 pubmed publisher
    ..The more severe phenotype exhibited by Mkp-1?/? mice indicates that Mkp-1 plays a protective role during acute acetaminophen overdose, potentially through regulation of JNK. ..
  22. Masternak M, Al Regaiey K, Bonkowski M, Panici J, Sun L, Wang J, et al. Divergent effects of caloric restriction on gene expression in normal and long-lived mice. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2004;59:784-8 pubmed
    ..Moreover, effects of dwarfism on the expression of the examined genes differed from the effects of CR, thus adding to the evidence that these long-lived mutants are not CR mimetics. ..
  23. Nasirikenari M, Chandrasekaran E, Matta K, Segal B, Bogner P, Lugade A, et al. Altered eosinophil profile in mice with ST6Gal-1 deficiency: an additional role for ST6Gal-1 generated by the P1 promoter in regulating allergic inflammation. J Leukoc Biol. 2010;87:457-66 pubmed publisher
  24. Cordeiro E, Campbell J, Phillips T. Movement and Orientation Decision Modeling of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in the Grain Mass. Environ Entomol. 2016;45:410-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding movement behavior within a grain bin is crucial to designing better strategies to implement and interpret monitoring programs and to target control tactics. ..
  25. van Deursen J. The role of senescent cells in ageing. Nature. 2014;509:439-46 pubmed publisher
  26. O CONNOR K, Coon D, Malek Ahmadi M, Dugger B, Schofield S, Nieri W. Description and cohort characterization of the Longevity Study: learning from our elders. Aging Clin Exp Res. 2016;28:863-9 pubmed publisher
    ..It also reflects on how exceptional aging individuals function psychosocially, cognitively and physically, particularly among individuals aged 85 and older. ..
  27. Blagosklonny M. Rapamycin and quasi-programmed aging: four years later. Cell Cycle. 2010;9:1859-62 pubmed
    ..One prediction remains to be confirmed: rapamycin will become the cornerstone of anti-aging therapy in our life time. ..
  28. Darcy J, McFadden S, Bartke A. Altered structure and function of adipose tissue in long-lived mice with growth hormone-related mutations. Adipocyte. 2017;6:69-75 pubmed publisher
  29. Biswas S, Biesiada H, Williams T, Levine S. Substrate reduction intervention by L-cycloserine in twitcher mice (globoid cell leukodystrophy) on a B6;CAST/Ei background. Neurosci Lett. 2003;347:33-6 pubmed
    ..Despite the pronounced effect for the early treatment regimen, B6;CAST/Ei twitcher mice still displayed a progressive disease leading to an early death. ..
  30. Galbadage T, Hartman P. Repeated temperature fluctuation extends the life span of Caenorhabditis elegans in a daf-16-dependent fashion. Mech Ageing Dev. 2008;129:507-14 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that incubation at the higher temperatures for short time intervals induced stress-responsive gene expression that led to significant life span extension. ..
  31. Bushey D, Hughes K, Tononi G, Cirelli C. Sleep, aging, and lifespan in Drosophila. BMC Neurosci. 2010;11:56 pubmed publisher
    ..Sleep quality does not necessarily decay as flies age, suggesting that aging-related sleep fragmentation may also depend on many factors, including genetic background and rearing conditions. ..
  32. Ratajczak M. Igf2-H19, an imprinted tandem gene, is an important regulator of embryonic development, a guardian of proliferation of adult pluripotent stem cells, a regulator of longevity, and a 'passkey' to cancerogenesis. Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2012;50:171-9 pubmed
    ..In this review, we will discuss the biological consequences of changes in Igf2-H19 expression. ..
  33. Ajayi O, Norton N, Gress T, Stanek R, Mufson M. Three Decades of Follow-up of Adults After Recovery From Invasive Pneumococcal Pneumonia. Am J Med Sci. 2017;353:445-451 pubmed publisher
    ..19-9.95). The fact that most adult patients who recovered from IPD died before their documented life expectancy argues for the pernicious severity of IPD and the importance of immunization of adults with pneumococcal vaccines. ..
  34. Blagosklonny M. Why men age faster but reproduce longer than women: mTOR and evolutionary perspectives. Aging (Albany NY). 2010;2:265-73 pubmed
    ..This quasi-program causes over-activation of female reproductive system, which is very vulnerable to over-activation. Mechanisms of aging and menopause are discussed. ..
  35. Wu K, Hoy M. Cardinium is associated with reproductive incompatibility in the predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis (Acari: Phytoseiidae). J Invertebr Pathol. 2012;110:359-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Cardinium may therefore affect the evolution and ecology of M. occidentalis and biological control efforts using this mite. ..
  36. Rogina B, Helfand S. Sir2 mediates longevity in the fly through a pathway related to calorie restriction. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:15998-6003 pubmed
    ..These data lead us to propose a genetic pathway by which calorie restriction extends life span and provides a framework for genetic and pharmacological studies of life span extension in metazoans. ..
  37. Bartke A, Masternak M, Al Regaiey K, Bonkowski M. Effects of dietary restriction on the expression of insulin-signaling-related genes in long-lived mutant mice. Interdiscip Top Gerontol. 2007;35:69-82 pubmed
    ..This last category is of particular interest since genes affected in normal but not GHRKO mice may be related to mechanisms by which DR extends longevity. ..
  38. Yang Y, Gangoiti J, Sedensky M, Morgan P. The effect of different ubiquinones on lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans. Mech Ageing Dev. 2009;130:370-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, when compared to other dietary quinones, UQ(10) further decreased mitochondrial oxidative damage and extended adult lifespan in clk-1. ..
  39. Komarova E, Antoch M, Novototskaya L, Chernova O, Paszkiewicz G, Leontieva O, et al. Rapamycin extends lifespan and delays tumorigenesis in heterozygous p53+/- mice. Aging (Albany NY). 2012;4:709-14 pubmed
    ..In addition, rapamycin decreased the incidence of spontaneous tumors. This observation may have applications in management of Li-Fraumeni syndrome patients characterized by heterozygous mutations in the p53 gene. ..
  40. Fedorka K, Zuk M, Mousseau T. Immune suppression and the cost of reproduction in the ground cricket, Allonemobius socius. Evolution. 2004;58:2478-85 pubmed
    ..This pattern may be the result of previously established positive selection on gift size due to its affect on female fecundity. In short, female choice for larger gifts may lead to a sexually dimorphic immune ability. ..
  41. Bitto A, Wang A, Bennett C, Kaeberlein M. Biochemical Genetic Pathways that Modulate Aging in Multiple Species. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2015;5: pubmed publisher
    ..We also draw some connections between these biochemical pathways and comment on what new developments aging research will likely bring in the near future. ..
  42. Pesta D, Perry R, Guebre Egziabher F, Zhang D, Jurczak M, Fischer Rosinsky A, et al. Prevention of diet-induced hepatic steatosis and hepatic insulin resistance by second generation antisense oligonucleotides targeted to the longevity gene mIndy (Slc13a5). Aging (Albany NY). 2015;7:1086-93 pubmed
    ..Together, these data suggest that inducible liver-selective reduction of mIndy in rats is able to ameliorate hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance, conditions occurring with high calorie diets and during aging. ..
  43. Arif A, Terenzi F, Potdar A, Jia J, Sacks J, China A, et al. EPRS is a critical mTORC1-S6K1 effector that influences adiposity in mice. Nature. 2017;542:357-361 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, EPRS and FATP1 are terminal mTORC1-S6K1 axis effectors that are critical for metabolic phenotypes. ..
  44. Panici J, Wang F, Bonkowski M, Spong A, Bartke A, Pawlikowska L, et al. Is altered expression of hepatic insulin-related genes in growth hormone receptor knockout mice due to GH resistance or a difference in biological life spans?. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2009;64:1126-33 pubmed publisher
  45. Burtner C, Kennedy B. Progeria syndromes and ageing: what is the connection?. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2010;11:567-78 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations, coupled with genetic studies of longevity, lead to a hypothesis whereby progeria syndromes accelerate a subset of the pathological changes that together drive the normal ageing process. ..
  46. Judd E, Wessels F, Drewry M, Grove M, Wright K, Hahn D, et al. Ovariectomy in grasshoppers increases somatic storage, but proportional allocation of ingested nutrients to somatic tissues is unchanged. Aging Cell. 2011;10:972-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, our stable isotope data are inconsistent with the prediction that enhanced storage in ovariectomized females results from a physiological shift in allocation of ingested nutrients. ..
  47. Bartke A. Pleiotropic effects of growth hormone signaling in aging. Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2011;22:437-42 pubmed publisher
    ..This review summarizes the present understanding of the multifaceted relationship between somatotropic signaling and mammalian aging. ..
  48. Key P, Fulton M. Correlation between 96-h mortality and 24-h acetylcholinesterase inhibition in three grass shrimp larval life stages. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2006;63:389-92 pubmed
    ..994 and 95% confidence intervals 0.969-0.999). The LOEC/EC20 relationship yielded R2=0.962. For these grass shrimp life stages and pesticides, sublethal effect endpoints could be used as a predictor of 96-h mortality. ..
  49. Drewry M, Williams J, Hatle J. Life-extending dietary restriction and ovariectomy result in similar feeding rates but different physiologic responses in grasshoppers. Exp Gerontol. 2011;46:781-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that OVX and DR might extend life span via distinct pathways. ..
  50. Kayser E, Sedensky M, Morgan P. The effects of complex I function and oxidative damage on lifespan and anesthetic sensitivity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Mech Ageing Dev. 2004;125:455-64 pubmed
    ..In contrast, the effects of mitochondrial changes on anesthetic sensitivity appear to be mediated by both altered respiration and oxidative damage. ..
  51. Martin L, Friedman H, Schwartz J. Personality and mortality risk across the life span: the importance of conscientiousness as a biopsychosocial attribute. Health Psychol. 2007;26:428-36 pubmed
    ..The findings demonstrate the utility and complexity of modern personality concepts in understanding health and point to conscientiousness as a key underexplored area for future biopsychosocial studies. ..
  52. Bolnick D, Lau O. Predictable patterns of disruptive selection in stickleback in postglacial lakes. Am Nat. 2008;172:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that it may be possible to anticipate the kinds of environments and populations most likely to experience disruptive selection. ..
  53. Melvin R, Ballard J. Females with a mutation in a nuclear-encoded mitochondrial protein pay a higher cost of survival than do males in Drosophila. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2011;66:765-70 pubmed publisher
    ..The data demonstrate linking population genetics and structural modeling to experimental manipulations that lead to functional predictions of mitochondrial bioenergetics and organism aging. ..
  54. Aviv A. Genetics of leukocyte telomere length and its role in atherosclerosis. Mutat Res. 2012;730:68-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The mechanisms underlying these associations are still not well understood, but they stem in part from genetic factors in control of telomere maintenance and the rate of HSC replication. ..
  55. Fox C, Xu J, Wallin W, Curtis C. Male inbreeding status affects female fitness in a seed-feeding beetle. J Evol Biol. 2012;25:29-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Direct effects of male inbreeding status on female fitness should be more widely considered in theoretical models and empirical studies of mate choice. ..
  56. Pontzer H, Brown M, Raichlen D, Dunsworth H, Hare B, Walker K, et al. Metabolic acceleration and the evolution of human brain size and life history. Nature. 2016;533:390-2 pubmed publisher
    ..Humans also had the greatest body fat percentage. An increased metabolic rate, along with changes in energy allocation, was crucial in the evolution of human brain size and life history. ..
  57. Bauer J, Poon P, Glatt Deeley H, Abrams J, Helfand S. Neuronal expression of p53 dominant-negative proteins in adult Drosophila melanogaster extends life span. Curr Biol. 2005;15:2063-8 pubmed
  58. Sedensky M, Morgan P. Mitochondrial respiration and reactive oxygen species in C. elegans. Exp Gerontol. 2006;41:957-67 pubmed
    ..Taken as a group, these mutant strains indicate that metabolic rate, per se, only affects longevity indirectly. Mutations causing lowered metabolic rate potential are capable of decreasing or increasing longevity. ..
  59. Luo S, Shaw W, Ashraf J, Murphy C. TGF-beta Sma/Mab signaling mutations uncouple reproductive aging from somatic aging. PLoS Genet. 2009;5:e1000789 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that longevity and reproductive span regulation can be uncoupled, although they appear to normally be linked through regulatory pathways. ..
  60. Coyle D, Mattson W, Raffa K. Laboratory performance of two polyphagous invasive weevils on the predominant woody plant species of a northern hardwood community. Environ Entomol. 2010;39:1242-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This likely reflects P. oblongus ' superior performance on sugar maple, the dominant flora in the study area. These data provide a basis for estimating the broader impacts of adult weevil feeding. ..
  61. Blagosklonny M. Prospective treatment of age-related diseases by slowing down aging. Am J Pathol. 2012;181:1142-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Preclinical and clinical studies demonstrated the therapeutic effects of rapamycin in diverse age-related diseases. One simple reason why a single drug is indicated for so many age-related diseases is that it inhibits the aging process. ..
  62. Berryman D, Christiansen J, Johannsson G, Thorner M, Kopchick J. Role of the GH/IGF-1 axis in lifespan and healthspan: lessons from animal models. Growth Horm IGF Res. 2008;18:455-71 pubmed publisher
  63. Pilling L, Atkins J, Bowman K, Jones S, Tyrrell J, Beaumont R, et al. Human longevity is influenced by many genetic variants: evidence from 75,000 UK Biobank participants. Aging (Albany NY). 2016;8:547-60 pubmed
    ..Several of these genetically influenced risks, including blood pressure and tobacco exposure, are potentially modifiable. ..
  64. Boghossian S, Ueno N, Dube M, Kalra P, Kalra S. Leptin gene transfer in the hypothalamus enhances longevity in adult monogenic mutant mice in the absence of circulating leptin. Neurobiol Aging. 2007;28:1594-604 pubmed
    ..Evidently, site-specific ectopic gene expression with rAAV is durable and safe for alleviating neural disorders that stem from missing or functional disruption of a single gene. ..
  65. Ren C, Finkel S, Tower J. Conditional inhibition of autophagy genes in adult Drosophila impairs immunity without compromising longevity. Exp Gerontol. 2009;44:228-35 pubmed publisher
    ..The data indicate that Atg gene activity is required for normal immune function in adult flies, and suggest that neither autophagy nor immune function are limiting for adult life span under typical laboratory conditions. ..
  66. Blagosklonny M. Why the disposable soma theory cannot explain why women live longer and why we age. Aging (Albany NY). 2010;2:884-7 pubmed
  67. Garber G, Smith L, Reenan R, Rogina B. Effect of sodium channel abundance on Drosophila development, reproductive capacity and aging. Fly (Austin). 2012;6:57-67 pubmed publisher
  68. Landis G, Bhole D, Tower J. A search for doxycycline-dependent mutations that increase Drosophila melanogaster life span identifies the VhaSFD, Sugar baby, filamin, fwd and Cctl genes. Genome Biol. 2003;4:R8 pubmed
    ..Screening for conditional mutations that increase Drosophila life span has identified genes implicated in membrane transport, phospholipid metabolism and signaling, and actin cytoskeleton organization. ..
  69. Kaeberlein M. Lessons on longevity from budding yeast. Nature. 2010;464:513-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The first interventions to slow human ageing may spring from the humble yeast. ..
  70. Spadaro O, Goldberg E, Camell C, Youm Y, Kopchick J, Nguyen K, et al. Growth Hormone Receptor Deficiency Protects against Age-Related NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Immune Senescence. Cell Rep. 2016;14:1571-1580 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our findings show that functional somatotropic axis in macrophages controls inflammation, thus linking NLRP3-mediated innate immune signaling to health span and longevity. ..
  71. Blagosklonny M. Metformin and sex: Why suppression of aging may be harmful to young male mice. Aging (Albany NY). 2010;2:897-9 pubmed
  72. Song P, Zhang Y, Klaassen C. Dose-response of five bile acids on serum and liver bile Acid concentrations and hepatotoxicty in mice. Toxicol Sci. 2011;123:359-67 pubmed publisher
    ..3%. In conclusion, the findings of the present study provide guidance for choosing the feeding concentrations of BAs in mice and will aid in interpreting BA hepatotoxicity as well as BA-mediated gene regulation. ..
  73. Blagosklonny M. Calorie restriction: decelerating mTOR-driven aging from cells to organisms (including humans). Cell Cycle. 2010;9:683-8 pubmed
    ..Therefore in humans the effect of CR may be somewhat blunted. Still how much does CR extend human lifespan? And could this extension be surpassed by gerosuppressants such as rapamycin? ..
  74. Ukraintseva S, YASHIN A, Arbeev K, Kulminski A, Akushevich I, Wu D, et al. Puzzling role of genetic risk factors in human longevity: "risk alleles" as pro-longevity variants. Biogerontology. 2016;17:109-27 pubmed publisher
    ..We emphasize importance of considering such effects in both aging research and disease prevention. ..
  75. Harvanek Z, Mourão M, Schnell S, Pletcher S. A computational approach to studying ageing at the individual level. Proc Biol Sci. 2016;283: pubmed publisher
  76. Coschigano K, Holland A, Riders M, List E, Flyvbjerg A, Kopchick J. Deletion, but not antagonism, of the mouse growth hormone receptor results in severely decreased body weights, insulin, and insulin-like growth factor I levels and increased life span. Endocrinology. 2003;144:3799-810 pubmed
    ..Finally, life span was significantly extended for the GHR -/- mice but remained unchanged for GHA dwarfs. These results suggest that the degree of blockade of GH signaling can lead to dramatically different phenotypes. ..
  77. Panici J, Harper J, Miller R, Bartke A, Spong A, Masternak M. Early life growth hormone treatment shortens longevity and decreases cellular stress resistance in long-lived mutant mice. FASEB J. 2010;24:5073-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the remarkable life-span extension of Ames dwarf mice, and the stress resistance of cells from these mice, depends on low levels of GH exposure in juvenile and very young adult mice. ..
  78. Gunapala K, Chang D, Hsu C, Manaye K, Drenan R, Switzer R, et al. Striatal pathology underlies prion infection-mediated hyperactivity in mice. Prion. 2010;4:302-15 pubmed
    ..With respect to neuropathology, our results indicate that pathological stains as opposed to neurotransmitter markers are much more informative and sensitive as markers of prion disease in mouse models. ..
  79. Goyal G, Nuessly G, Seal D, Steck G, Capinera J, Boote K. Developmental Studies of Maize-Infesting Picture-Winged Flies (Diptera: Ulidiidae). Environ Entomol. 2017;46:946-953 pubmed publisher
    ..It is estimated that 16-19 generations per year of all three fly species can develop in the field in the sweet corn production area of southern Florida...
  80. Steenstrup T, Kark J, Verhulst S, Thinggaard M, Hjelmborg J, Dalgård C, et al. Telomeres and the natural lifespan limit in humans. Aging (Albany NY). 2017;9:1130-1142 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, secular trends in life expectancy should confront a biological limit due to crossing the telomeric brink. ..
  81. Guo L, Karpac J, Tran S, Jasper H. PGRP-SC2 promotes gut immune homeostasis to limit commensal dysbiosis and extend lifespan. Cell. 2014;156:109-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results highlight the importance of commensal control for lifespan of metazoans and identify SC-class PGRPs as longevity-promoting factors. ..
  82. Bartke A, List E, Kopchick J. The somatotropic axis and aging: Benefits of endocrine defects. Growth Horm IGF Res. 2016;27:41-45 pubmed publisher
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    ..This suggests that improving growth of these animals may negatively affect both their healthspan and longevity by causing insulin resistance. ..
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