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  1. Goto M, Miller R, Ishikawa Y, Sugano H. Excess of rare cancers in Werner syndrome (adult progeria). Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 1996;5:239-46 pubmed
  2. Sutou S, Mitsui Y, Tsuchiya K. Sex determination without the Y chromosome in two Japanese rodents Tokudaia osimensis osimensis and Tokudaia osimensis spp. Mamm Genome. 2001;12:17-21 pubmed
    ..These specialized species would provide us with clues to elucidate the mechanisms of primary sex determination and karyotype evolution in mammals. ..
  3. Koike H, Misu K, Ikeda S, Ando Y, Nakazato M, Ando E, et al. Type I (transthyretin Met30) familial amyloid polyneuropathy in Japan: early- vs late-onset form. Arch Neurol. 2002;59:1771-6 pubmed
    ..This study confirmed differences in clinical and geographic features between early- and late-onset FAP TTR Met30. Late-onset cases may be more prevalent and widespread than previously believed. ..
  4. Asakimori Y, Yorioka N, Tanaka J, Kohno N. Effect of polymorphism of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase and apolipoprotein E genes on carotid atherosclerosis in hemodialysis patients. Am J Kidney Dis. 2003;41:822-32 pubmed
  5. Katayama A, Mafune K, Tanaka Y, Takubo K, Makuuchi M, Kaminishi M. Autopsy findings in patients after curative esophagectomy for esophageal carcinoma. J Am Coll Surg. 2003;196:866-73 pubmed
    ..Hematogenous metastases and serosal carcinomatosis were beyond surgical resection. More effective multimodal therapy will be required to improve survival of esophageal cancer patients. ..
  6. Mizuta K, Abiko C, Murata T, Matsuzaki Y, Itagaki T, Sanjoh K, et al. Frequent importation of enterovirus 71 from surrounding countries into the local community of Yamagata, Japan, between 1998 and 2003. J Clin Microbiol. 2005;43:6171-5 pubmed
    ..quot; Our results suggest that the importation of EV71 from surrounding countries has had a major epidemiological impact on the local community used in our study...
  7. Nishimura F, Shibasaki M, Ichikawa K, Arinami T, Noguchi E. Failure to find an association between CD14-159C/T polymorphism and asthma: a family-based association test and meta-analysis. Allergol Int. 2006;55:55-8 pubmed
    ..Further studies examining both genotypes and environmental factors will be necessary to elucidate the role of CD14 in the development of allergic diseases. ..
  8. Wang X, Saito J, Tanino Y, Ishida T, Fujita T, Munakata M. Mannose binding lectin gene polymorphisms and asthma. Clin Exp Allergy. 2007;37:1334-9 pubmed
    ..Although plasma MBL levels depend on the MBL2 polymorphisms, these polymorphisms and plasma MBL levels are not associated with the asthma phenotype. ..
  9. Ide R, Mizoue T, Fujino Y, Hoshiyama Y, Sakata K, Tamakoshi A, et al. Cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, and oral and pharyngeal cancer mortality in Japan. Oral Dis. 2008;14:314-9 pubmed
    ..3, 95% CI: 1.1-9.6). The result supports the carcinogenic effect of cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking on the oral cavity and pharynx. ..

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  1. Kobayashi H, Kanazaki M, Hata E, Kubo M. Prevalence and characteristics of eae- and stx-positive strains of Escherichia coli from wild birds in the immediate environment of Tokyo Bay. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009;75:292-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, these strains did not possess any of the other pathogenic genes tested, such as stxs, ehxA, bfp, or irp. Thus, wild birds were considered to be a reservoir of atypical enteropathogenic E. coli. ..
  2. Nakamura K, Saito T, Yoshihara A, Ishikawa M, Tsuchiya Y, Oshiki R, et al. Low calcium intake is associated with increased bone resorption in postmenopausal Japanese women: Yokogoshi Study. Public Health Nutr. 2009;12:2366-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased bone resorption may be one mechanism by which this Ca-depleted population normalizes bone metabolism and prevents osteoporosis. ..
  3. Misono M, Maeda S, Iemitsu M, Nakata Y, Otsuki T, Sugawara J, et al. Combination of polymorphisms in the beta2-adrenergic receptor and nitric oxide synthase 3 genes increases the risk for hypertension. J Hypertens. 2009;27:1377-83 pubmed publisher
    ..We revealed that a combination of the Arg16Gly and Glu298Asp polymorphisms in ADRB2 and NOS3, respectively, remarkably increased the risk for hypertension in middle-aged and elderly humans. ..
  4. Nakagata N, Yamamura K. Current activities of CARD as an international core center for mouse resources. Exp Anim. 2009;58:343-50 pubmed
  5. Miura N. Individual susceptibility to cadmium toxicity and metallothionein gene polymorphisms: with references to current status of occupational cadmium exposure. Ind Health. 2009;47:487-94 pubmed
    ..This article describes the strategy method for analyzing individual susceptibility to cadmium toxicity and genetic polymorphisms of metallothionein, with reference to the current status of occupational cadmium exposure. ..
  6. Oka K, Shibata A. Dog ownership and health-related physical activity among Japanese adults. J Phys Act Health. 2009;6:412-8 pubmed
    ..However, only 30% of the dog owners met the recommended criteria for physical activity. ..
  7. Takii T, Yasuda S, Takahashi J, Ito K, Shiba N, Shirato K, et al. Trends in acute myocardial infarction incidence and mortality over 30 years in Japan: report from the MIYAGI-AMI Registry Study. Circ J. 2010;74:93-100 pubmed
    ..Circ J 2010; 74: 93 - 100). ..
  8. Koyama Sato M, Hashida O, Nakamura T, Hirahara F, Sakakibara H. Case of early postoperative adhesion in a patient with molimina due to transverse vaginal septum concomitant with imperforate hymen. J Obstet Gynaecol Res. 2015;41:1141-4 pubmed publisher
    ..A silicon dilator was inserted, but she could not use it at home and instead used a tampon. Cyclic menstrual bleeding is observed 4 months after the second operation. ..
  9. Nakata M, Kato T, Ide M, Saito K, Yoshida T, Awaya T, et al. Long-term weekly ACTH therapy for relapsed West syndrome in tuberous sclerosis complex: A case report. Brain Dev. 2016;38:431-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Although at present, this therapy may only be considered for relapsed symptomatic WS patients, it may be a good alternative therapy when frequent relapses occur after favorable response to conventional ACTH therapy. ..
  10. Prasetia R, Sinniger F, Hashizume K, Harii S. Reproductive biology of the deep brooding coral Seriatopora hystrix: Implications for shallow reef recovery. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0177034 pubmed publisher
    ..hystrix to shallow reef rapid recovery appears limited, although they may recruit to shallow reefs through a multistep process over a few generations or through random extreme mixing such as typhoons. ..
  11. Nagano H, Hayashi K, Kubo M, Miura Y. An outbreak of bovine ephemeral fever in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1988. Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. 1990;52:307-14 pubmed
    ..The outbreak of BEF in 1988 was the first since 1971 in Nagasaki Prefecture. The result proved that BEFV can be easily isolated in HmLu-1 cell culture from the washed blood cells of infected cattle...
  12. Furuta T, Kamata T, Takashima M, Futami H, Arai H, Hanai H, et al. Study of transmission routes of Helicobacter pylori in relation to seroprevalence of hepatitis A virus. J Clin Microbiol. 1997;35:1891-3 pubmed
    ..No statistically significant relationship was observed between seropositivity for HAV and that for H. pylori. Therefore, the fecal-oral spread of H. pylori is of limited relevance in Japan. ..
  13. Lian C, Oishi R, Miyashita N, Nara K, Nakaya H, Wu B, et al. Genetic structure and reproduction dynamics of Salix reinii during primary succession on Mount Fuji, as revealed by nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite analysis. Mol Ecol. 2003;12:609-18 pubmed
    ..These results revealed that the establishment of the S. reinii population on the southeastern slope of Mount Fuji involved two sequential modes of seed dispersal: long-distance dispersal followed by short-distance dispersal. ..
  14. Usami S, Takahashi K, Yuge I, Ohtsuka A, Namba A, Abe S, et al. Mutations in the COCH gene are a frequent cause of autosomal dominant progressive cochleo-vestibular dysfunction, but not of Meniere's disease. Eur J Hum Genet. 2003;11:744-8 pubmed
  15. Abiko C, Mizuta K, Itagaki T, Katsushima N, Ito S, Matsuzaki Y, et al. Outbreak of human metapneumovirus detected by use of the Vero E6 cell line in isolates collected in Yamagata, Japan, in 2004 and 2005. J Clin Microbiol. 2007;45:1912-9 pubmed
    ..Finally, we found that Vero E6 cells are useful for the isolation of hMPVs and that this utility might aid further research into hMPVs beyond the epidemiological data shown in this study. ..
  16. Sugai T, Suzuki Y, Yamazaki M, Shimoda K, Mori T, Ozeki Y, et al. Difference in prevalence of metabolic syndrome between Japanese outpatients and inpatients with schizophrenia: A nationwide survey. Schizophr Res. 2016;171:68-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we should pay more attention to the risk of physical disease in Japanese patients with schizophrenia, considering the difference in health characteristics between outpatients and inpatients. ..
  17. Shimmoto M, Fukuhara Y, Itoh K, Oshima A, Sakuraba H, Suzuki Y. Protective protein gene mutations in galactosialidosis. J Clin Invest. 1993;91:2393-8 pubmed
    ..Pulse-chase analysis detected a small amount of the mature form, as well as the precursor, in the cells transfected with the Y249N cDNA. Only precursor proteins were detected, mature proteins not appearing for the other mutant cDNAs. ..
  18. Noguchi N, Hase M, Kitta M, Sasatsu M, Deguchi K, Kono M. Antiseptic susceptibility and distribution of antiseptic-resistance genes in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1999;172:247-53 pubmed
    ..Our results indicated that four or more antiseptic-resistance genes exist in methicillin-resistant S. aureus and that antiseptic-resistant methicillin-resistant S. aureus strains without qacA and smr are widely spread in Japan...
  19. Sugiyama K, Tomita G, Kawase K, Onda E, Shinohara H, Hayakawa T, et al. Disc hemorrhage and peripapillary atrophy in apparently healthy subjects. Acta Ophthalmol Scand. 1999;77:139-42 pubmed
    ..0001). Disc hemorrhage is more frequent in women over 60 years of age and is significantly associated with peripapillary atrophy in otherwise apparently healthy Japanese people. ..
  20. Nakamura M, Hara K, Watamaki T, Nishimura B, Kumagai T, Matsumoto A, et al. Difficulty in writing Japanese semantic characters in a 9-year-old boy with Williams syndrome. J Intellect Disabil Res. 1999;43 ( Pt 6):562-7 pubmed
    ..Clarifying the strong and weak points of the abilities of such patients will help to determine the most appropriate mode of education for them...
  21. Yamada S, Zhu Q, Aihara Y, Onda H, Zhang Z, Yu L, et al. Cloning of cDNA and the gene encoding human hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)-3 beta and mutation screening in Japanese subjects with maturity-onset diabetes of the young. Diabetologia. 2000;43:121-4 pubmed
    ..The characterization of the structure of the HNF-3 beta gene and its mapping in the framework of markers will be helpful in genetic studies of the various forms of diabetes mellitus. ..
  22. Takada N, Fujita H, Yano Y, Ishiguro F, Iwasaki H, Masuzawa T. First records of tick-borne pathogens, Borrelia, and spotted fever group Rickettsiae in Okinawajima Island, Japan. Microbiol Immunol. 2001;45:163-5 pubmed
    ..These are the first reports of these pathogens on Okinawajima Island...
  23. Shimozawa K, Ueno Y, Ushiya S, Kusunose R. Survey of arthroscopic surgery for carpal chip fractures in thoroughbred racehorses in Japan. J Vet Med Sci. 2001;63:329-31 pubmed
    ..There was no significant difference in the PI distribution between horses that underwent surgery and other healthy horses. ..
  24. Abe T, Nakamura K, Tojo T, Yuasa N. Gizzard erosion in broiler chicks by group I avian adenovirus. Avian Dis. 2001;45:234-9 pubmed
    ..In addition, the degeneration and depletion of gizzard glands secreting koilin substances, by adenovirus, may induce a reduction of koilin substances, which may then cause gizzard erosion (focal loss of the koilin layer)...
  25. Yoshihara A, Sugita N, Yamamoto K, Kobayashi T, Miyazaki H, Yoshi H. Analysis of vitamin D and Fcgamma receptor polymorphisms in Japanese patients with generalized early-onset periodontitis. J Dent Res. 2001;80:2051-4 pubmed
    ..09, p = 0.009; G-EOP vs. HC - OR = 5.93, p = 0.004). In conclusion, no correlation was found between the VDR genotype and G-EOP. However, the VDR and Fc-gammaRIIIb genotype combination may be associated with susceptibility to G-EOP. ..
  26. Kubota M, Yoshida S, Ikeda M, Okada Y, Arai H, Miyamoto K, et al. Association between two types of vitamin d receptor gene polymorphism and bone status in premenopausal Japanese women. Calcif Tissue Int. 2001;68:16-22 pubmed
    ..Therefore, the M polymorphism of the VDR gene is a stronger genetic indicator of osteoporosis than the B polymorphism in premenopausal Japanese woman. ..
  27. Murase Y, Yagi K, Katsuda Y, Asano A, Koizumi J, Mabuchi H. An LMNA variant is associated with dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in the Japanese. Metabolism. 2002;51:1017-21 pubmed
    ..These results suggest the LMNA 1908C/T single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is not associated with the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, although it may be a factor predisposing to insulin resistance and dyslipidemia in some Japanese. ..
  28. Tonouchi A, Nishizaki Y, Tohyama H, Takeda K. Cloning of a gene encoding acetate kinase from Methanosarcina mazei 2-P isolated from a Japanese paddy field soil. Curr Microbiol. 2002;45:390-3 pubmed
    ..The deduced amino acid sequence of the acetate kinase is 86.5% identical to that of the Methanosarcina thermophila acetate kinase. The activity of the His(6)-tagged acetate kinase purified from E. coli JM109 was optimal at 35 degrees C. ..
  29. Furukawa Y, Kubota R, Eiraku N, Nakagawa M, Usuku K, Izumo S, et al. Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I)-related clinical and laboratory findings for HTLV-I-infected blood donors. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2003;32:328-34 pubmed
    ..5; 95% CI, 1.7-53.5) in HTLV-I tax A-infected donors (3 [50%] of 6 donors) than in HTLV-I tax B-infected donors (10 [9.5%] of 105 donors), suggesting different risks of HTLV-I-related symptoms according to the virus genotype...
  30. Hegab A, Sakamoto T, Saitoh W, Massoud H, Massoud H, Hassanein K, et al. Polymorphisms of IL4, IL13, and ADRB2 genes in COPD. Chest. 2004;126:1832-9 pubmed
    ..033 and 0.001, respectively] showed significant differences between the COPD and the control groups. The ADRB2 + 79 C/G polymorphism and the haplotypes shown in this study may be involved in the pathogenesis of COPD. ..
  31. Xie C, Yokota A. Pleomorphomonas oryzae gen. nov., sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing bacterium isolated from paddy soil of Oryza sativa. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2005;55:1233-7 pubmed
    ..nov., sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is F-7(T) (=IAM 15079(T) = ATCC BAA-940(T) = DSM 16300(T)). ..
  32. Kanegane H, Taneichi H, Nomura K, Futatani T, Miyawaki T. Severe neutropenia in Japanese patients with x-linked agammaglobulinemia. J Clin Immunol. 2005;25:491-5 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that, in some cases, severe bacterial infections in XLA patients might be caused not only by antibody deficiencies but also by neutropenia. ..
  33. Fukuoka H, Kanda Y, Ohta S, Usami S. Mutations in the WFS1 gene are a frequent cause of autosomal dominant nonsyndromic low-frequency hearing loss in Japanese. J Hum Genet. 2007;52:510-5 pubmed
  34. Honjo S, Ando J, Tsukioka T, Morikubo H, Ichimura M, Sunagawa M, et al. Relative and combined performance of mammography and ultrasonography for breast cancer screening in the general population: a pilot study in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Jpn J Clin Oncol. 2007;37:715-20 pubmed
    ..Combined screening with mammography and ultrasonography may be feasible. A larger study is required to evaluate relative performance of mammography and ultrasonography in detail by characteristics of examinees and their breasts. ..
  35. Iida R, Koketsu Y. Climatic factors associated with abortion occurrences in Japanese commercial pig herds. Anim Reprod Sci. 2015;157:78-86 pubmed publisher
    ..4% of non-aborting females. In conclusion, producers should closely monitor females at greater risk of aborting and apply more advanced cooling systems. ..
  36. Mizuno M, Kajimoto K, Sato N, Yumino D, Minami Y, Murai K, et al. Clinical profile, management, and mortality in very-elderly patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure: An analysis from the ATTEND registry. Eur J Intern Med. 2016;27:80-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Despite a higher rate of preserved systolic function in very-elderly individuals aged ≥85 years, in-hospital mortality was higher, suggesting that more suitable treatments for the elderly might be needed. ..
  37. Matsuoka R, Nakamuro M, Inui T. Emerging inequality in effort: A longitudinal investigation of parental involvement and early elementary school-aged children's learning time in Japan. Soc Sci Res. 2015;54:159-76 pubmed publisher
  38. Iino K, Higuchi T, Ogawa M, Yamauchi Y, Misaki N, Tanaka K, et al. Blood pressure during pregnancy is a useful predictive maker for hypertension and dyslipidemia later in life, a population-based, cross-sectional study. Maturitas. 2016;87:84-8 pubmed publisher
    ..70- and 1.55-fold increase in the risk of hypertension and dyslipidemia, respectively, in later life. Blood pressure levels during pregnancy may be associated with CVD risk and could therefore be a useful predictive marker. ..
  39. Higaki S, Kurihara Y, Yoshida H, Takahashi Y, Shinohara N. Discovery of non-spherical heterogeneous radiocesium-bearing particles not derived from Unit 1 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, in residences five years after the accident. J Environ Radioact. 2017;177:65-70 pubmed publisher
    ..The main elemental composition was similar to particles already reported in other studies. However, this is the first time that such particles had a clearly heterogeneous distribution. ..
  40. Kwon Y, Kim J, Yun S, Yu J, Yoon K, Lee K, et al. Male-specific association of the FCGR2A His167Arg polymorphism with Kawasaki disease. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0184248 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study demonstrates that p.His167Arg, a KD-associated FCGR2A variant, acts as a susceptibility gene in males only. Overall, the gender differences associated with FCGR2A in KD provide a new insight into KD susceptibility. ..
  41. Yoshimura S, Uchida K, Daimon T, Takashima R, Kimura K, Morimoto T. Randomized Controlled Trial of Early Versus Delayed Statin Therapy in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke: ASSORT Trial (Administration of Statin on Acute Ischemic Stroke Patient). Stroke. 2017;48:3057-3063 pubmed publisher
    ..URL: Unique identifier: NCT02549846. ..
  42. Adachi K, Kitame F, Sugawara K, Nishimura H, Nakamura K. Antigenic and genetic characterization of three influenza C strains isolated in the Kinki district of Japan in 1982-1983. Virology. 1989;172:125-33 pubmed
  43. Yamauchi K, Miura T. An application of an optical disk filing system to the management of medical records. Jpn Hosp. 1990;9:43-7 pubmed
    ..We developed discharge summary management system by inputting into the optical disks the discharge summary written freely by doctors and the discharge abstract automatically formed by computer. ..
  44. Date H, Nagahiro I, Aoe M, Sano Y, Andou A, Shimizu N. Referrals for lung transplantation in Japan. Unique indications and necessity of living-donor lobar lung transplantation. Jpn J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2000;48:335-8 pubmed
    ..Indications for lung transplant are quite distinct in Japan, and primary pulmonary hypertension is the most frequent indication. Living-donor lobar lung transplantation is a realistic option for properly selected candidates. ..
  45. Akamizu T, Sale M, Rich S, Hiratani H, Noh J, Kanamoto N, et al. Association of autoimmune thyroid disease with microsatellite markers for the thyrotropin receptor gene and CTLA-4 in Japanese patients. Thyroid. 2000;10:851-8 pubmed
  46. Takahashi M, Nogami S, Misumi H, Maruyama S, Shiibashi T, Yamamoto Y, et al. Mange caused by Sarcoptes scabiei (Acari: Sarcoptidae) in wild raccoon dogs, Nyctereutes procyonoides, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. J Vet Med Sci. 2001;63:457-60 pubmed
    ..The enzootic dermatitis of wild raccoon dogs in recent years was clearly demonstrated to be caused by S. scabiei in the present study. ..
  47. Nakamura K, Ohyama T, Saito A, Yamada M, Imada T, Mase M. Gizzard nematodiasis in Japanese mountain hawk eagle (Spizaetus nipalensis). Avian Dis. 2001;45:751-4 pubmed
    ..The morphology suggests that the parasites may be nematodes, but the species of nematode could not be confirmed. The bird may have died from malabsorption and respiratory damage as a result of the gizzard and lung lesions...
  48. Kogawa K, Kudoh J, Nagafuchi S, Ohga S, Katsuta H, Ishibashi H, et al. Distinct clinical phenotype and immunoreactivity in Japanese siblings with autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type 1 (APS-1) associated with compound heterozygous novel AIRE gene mutations. Clin Immunol. 2002;103:277-83 pubmed
    ..The same AIRE gene mutations can thus be associated with characteristic and noncharacteristic phenotypes of APS-1, and HLA may possibly influence the phenotype of APS-1...
  49. Noguchi E, Iwama A, Takeda K, Takeda T, Kamioka M, Ichikawa K, et al. The promoter polymorphism in the eosinophil cationic protein gene and its influence on the serum eosinophil cationic protein level. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2003;167:180-4 pubmed
    ..Although ECP polymorphisms are not likely to be involved in the development of asthma, measurement of ECP levels for the assessment of asthma activity may be improved when done in combination with genotyping of the -393C/T polymorphism. ..
  50. Kayashima T, Yamasaki K, Yamada T, Sakai H, Miwa N, Ohta T, et al. The novel imprinted carboxypeptidase A4 gene ( CPA4) in the 7q32 imprinting domain. Hum Genet. 2003;112:220-6 pubmed
    ..However, analysis of ten SRS patients revealed no mutations in CPA4. ..
  51. Park C, Kurobe T, Hirono I, Aoki T. Cloning and characterization of cDNAs for two distinct tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily genes from Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus. Dev Comp Immunol. 2003;27:365-75 pubmed
    ..35 microg/ml) for 3 h. The different expression patterns of the two distinct TNFR homologues may be critical in determining whether binding with TNF-alpha or TNF-beta have activating, proliferative, or apoptotic effects on target cells. ..
  52. Ota T, Takamura T, Nagai Y, Bando Y, Usuda R. Significance of IA-2 antibody in Japanese type 1 diabetes: its association with GAD antibody. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2005;67:63-9 pubmed
    ..Measuring IA-2A in combination with GADA is useful for the diagnosis and prognosis of type 1 diabetes in Japanese. ..
  53. Wang F, Tahara T, Arisawa T, Shibata T, Nakamura M, Fujita H, et al. Genetic polymorphisms of CD14 and Toll-like receptor-2 (TLR2) in patients with ulcerative colitis. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2007;22:925-9 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, polymorphism of TLR2 may be related to an increased risk of intensive types such as steroid-dependent patients. ..
  54. Hizawa N, Makita H, Nasuhara Y, Betsuyaku T, Itoh Y, Nagai K, et al. Beta2-adrenergic receptor genetic polymorphisms and short-term bronchodilator responses in patients with COPD. Chest. 2007;132:1485-92 pubmed
    ..01). The genetic effects of ADRB2 gene polymorphisms may explain some of the variability in response to therapeutic doses of a short-acting beta2-agonists in patients with COPD. ..
  55. Suzuki T, Shindo M, Soma K, Minehara H, Nakamura K, Uchino M, et al. Long-term functional outcome after unstable pelvic ring fracture. J Trauma. 2007;63:884-8 pubmed
    ..The purpose of our study was to evaluate the long-term functional outcome of patients with unstable pelvic ring fractures and correlate it with various other factors...
  56. Fujita M, Ueno K, Hata A. Association of gamma-glutamyltransferase with incidence of type 2 diabetes in Japan. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2010;235:335-41 pubmed publisher
    ..The association between GGT and DM in non-drinkers was significantly stronger than that in drinkers. Furthermore, in women, obesity is no longer a risk factor for DM when GGT level is low. ..
  57. Kubo K, Azuma A, Kanazawa M, Kameda H, Kusumoto M, Genma A, et al. Consensus statement for the diagnosis and treatment of drug-induced lung injuries. Respir Investig. 2013;51:260-77 pubmed publisher
  58. Matsuo M, Takeshima Y, Nishio H. Contributions of Japanese patients to development of antisense therapy for DMD. Brain Dev. 2016;38:4-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We greatly appreciate the important contributions of Japanese patients to development of the exon skipping therapy for DMD. ..
  59. Ibuka Y, Ohkusa Y, Sugawara T, Chapman G, Yamin D, Atkins K, et al. Social contacts, vaccination decisions and influenza in Japan. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2016;70:162-7 pubmed publisher
  60. Yamamoto H, Tomita N, Inomata M, Furuhata T, Miyake Y, Noura S, et al. OSNA-Assisted Molecular Staging in Colorectal Cancer: A Prospective Multicenter Trial in Japan. Ann Surg Oncol. 2016;23:391-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study on colorectal cancer provided fundamental data regarding OSNA-assisted pathology of lymph node metastasis in Japan. ..
  61. Miyazu M, Kikuchi H, Hamada A, Fukushima S, Ouchi K, Bosch Castells V, et al. A Japanese study to assess immunogenicity and safety of a typhoid Vi polysaccharide vaccine. Vaccine. 2015;33:6697-702 pubmed publisher
    ..Most of these reactions were mild in intensity and resolved within 7 days. A single dose of typhoid Vi polysaccharide vaccine, Typhim Vi(®), demonstrated good safety and immunogenicity profile in a Japanese population. ..
  62. Ushigome H, Nakao T, Harada S, Nakamura T, Koshino K, Suzuki T, et al. Elderly Living Donor Liver Transplant Recipients Over 60 Years Old at a Japanese Single Center. Transplant Proc. 2016;48:1115-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Even if elderly patients are approved for transplantation, very careful management is needed. ..
  63. Hayashida K, Suzuki M, Yonemoto N, Hori S, Tamura T, Sakurai A, et al. Early Lactate Clearance Is Associated With Improved Outcomes in Patients With Postcardiac Arrest Syndrome: A Prospective, Multicenter Observational Study (SOS-KANTO 2012 Study). Crit Care Med. 2017;45:e559-e566 pubmed publisher
    ..Effective lactate reduction over the first 6 hours of postcardiac arrest care was associated with survival and good neurologic outcome independently of the initial lactate level. ..
  64. Izawa K, Shibata A, Ishii K, Miyawaki R, Oka K. Associations of low-intensity light physical activity with physical performance in community-dwelling elderly Japanese: A cross-sectional study. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0178654 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study findings provide novel epidemiological evidence for the potential benefits of HLPA in women and also reinforce the potential benefits of MPA in both sexes, which is the mainstay of public health recommendations. ..
  65. Aramaki S, Yoshida I, Yoshino M, Kondo M, Sato Y, Noda K, et al. Carbonic anhydrase II deficiency in three unrelated Japanese patients. J Inherit Metab Dis. 1993;16:982-90 pubmed
    ..Their parents exhibited approximately 50% normal levels of CAII activity and protein. This is the first report of patients with CAII deficiency in the Japanese population. ..
  66. Shirakawa H, Ishibashi K, Ogawa T. A comparison of the epidemiology of bovine ephemeral fever in South Korea and south-western Japan. Aust Vet J. 1994;71:50-2 pubmed
    ..The BEF epidemics of Fukuoka Prefecture may have originated from infected vectors carried on the low-level jet stream...
  67. Fujii T, Hayashi T, Furuya T, Taira N. A consideration on the relationship between worm age and mortality of Setaria marshalli recovered from the peritoneal cavity of calves born in Tottori prefecture, Japan. J Vet Med Sci. 1996;58:171-2 pubmed
    ..It is speculated that this is a normal fate of this parasite at the end of its life, and therefore, the life span of S. marshalli would be approximately one year after prenatal infection...
  68. Kato N, Sugiyama T, Morita H, Nabika T, Kurihara H, Yamori Y, et al. Lack of evidence for association between the endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene and hypertension. Hypertension. 1999;33:933-6 pubmed
    ..Taken together, our results do not support the previous observation that the molecular variant of the eNOS gene may confer principal susceptibility for essential hypertension but rather suggest the existence of sampling variation. ..
  69. Murai Y. Malignant mesothelioma in Japan: analysis of registered autopsy cases. Arch Environ Health. 2001;56:84-8 pubmed
    ..Researchers expect that cases of asbestos-related mesothelioma will increase in Japan in the future. Tumor sites and histological cell types of mesothelioma with asbestosis did not differ from those in individuals without asbestosis. ..
  70. Yamaguchi K, Arai Y, Kanda Y, Akagi K. Germline mutation of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenese gene among a Japanese population in relation to toxicity to 5-Fluorouracil. Jpn J Cancer Res. 2001;92:337-42 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate that a very small percentage, about 0.2%, of the Japanese population seems to carry homozygous mutations in DPYD gene, mutations which possibly indicate genetically increased toxicity of 5FU-based chemotherapy. ..
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    ..Herein, we show the merits of separate cable installation. ..
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