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Topic: inositol

Top Publications

  1. Klezovitch O, Brandenburger Y, Geindre M, Deshusses J. Characterization of reactions catalysed by yeast phosphatidylinositol synthase. FEBS Lett. 1993;320:256-60 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that CMP-stimulated exchange and CMP-dependent reverse reactions are distinct processes catalysed by the same enzyme, phosphatidylinositol synthase. ..
  2. Wild R, Gerasimaite R, Jung J, Truffault V, Pavlovic I, Schmidt A, et al. Control of eukaryotic phosphate homeostasis by inositol polyphosphate sensor domains. Science. 2016;352:986-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that InsPs communicate cytosolic P(i) levels to SPX domains and enable them to interact with a multitude of proteins to regulate P(i) uptake, transport, and storage in fungi, plants, and animals. ..
  3. Schönbächler M, Horvath A, Fassler J, Riezman H. The yeast spt14 gene is homologous to the human PIG-A gene and is required for GPI anchor synthesis. EMBO J. 1995;14:1637-45 pubmed
    ..The spt14 mutant causes several other abnormalities including transcriptional defects and a downregulation of inositolphosphoceramide synthesis. We suggest that these defects are indirect results of the loss of GPI anchoring. ..
  4. Sutterlin C, Horvath A, Gerold P, Schwarz R, Wang Y, Dreyfuss M, et al. Identification of a species-specific inhibitor of glycosylphosphatidylinositol synthesis. EMBO J. 1997;16:6374-83 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that despite the conserved core structure, the GPI biosynthetic machinery may be different enough between mammalian and protozoa to represent a target for anti-protozoan chemotherapy. ..
  5. Niederberger C, Gräub R, Schweingruber A, Fankhauser H, Rusu M, Poitelea M, et al. Exogenous inositol and genes responsible for inositol transport are required for mating and sporulation in Shizosaccharomyces pombe. Curr Genet. 1998;33:255-61 pubmed
    ..Mutant IM49 is also complemented by a multicopy suppressor gene (itr1) which codes for a putative hexose transporter with unknown substrate specifity. ..
  6. Gräub R, Hilti N, Niederberger C, Schweingruber M. Ksg1, a homologue of the phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1, controls cell wall integrity in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. J Basic Microbiol. 2003;43:473-82 pubmed
    ..They further suggest that Ksg1p acts in a pathway with Pck1p, possibly upstream and through direct interaction. ..
  7. Ghugtyal V, Vionnet C, Roubaty C, Conzelmann A. CWH43 is required for the introduction of ceramides into GPI anchors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Microbiol. 2007;65:1493-502 pubmed
    ..Ceramide remodelling is not required for the normal integration of GPI proteins into the cell wall. All remodelling reactions are dependent on prior removal of the inositol-linked fatty acid by Bst1p. ..
  8. Hamburger D, Egerton M, Riezman H. Yeast Gaa1p is required for attachment of a completed GPI anchor onto proteins. J Cell Biol. 1995;129:629-39 pubmed
    ..Therefore, Gaa1p is required for a terminal step of GPI anchor attachment and could be part of the putative GPI:protein transamidase. ..
  9. das Neves Duarte J, Kulak A, Gholam Razaee M, Cuenod M, Gruetter R, Do K. N-acetylcysteine normalizes neurochemical changes in the glutathione-deficient schizophrenia mouse model during development. Biol Psychiatry. 2012;71:1006-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the data demonstrate the translational value of magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study brain disease in preclinical models. ..

More Information


  1. Corcoba A, Gruetter R, Do K, Duarte J. Social isolation stress and chronic glutathione deficiency have a common effect on the glutamine-to-glutamate ratio and myo-inositol concentration in the mouse frontal cortex. J Neurochem. 2017;142:767-775 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that social isolation caused neurochemical alterations that may add to those associated to impaired glutathione synthesis. ..