Experts and Doctors on in vitro techniques in Japan


Locale: Japan
Topic: in vitro techniques

Top Publications

  1. Emori T, Hirata Y, Ohta K, Kanno K, Eguchi S, Imai T, et al. Cellular mechanism of endothelin-1 release by angiotensin and vasopressin. Hypertension. 1991;18:165-70 pubmed
  2. Hatake K, Kakishita E, Wakabayashi I, Sakiyama N, Hishida S. Effect of aging on endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation of isolated human basilar artery to thrombin and bradykinin. Stroke. 1990;21:1039-43 pubmed
    ..The decrease in relaxations in response to thrombin with increasing age might be due to a decrease in the number or sensitivity of thrombin receptors on endothelial cells. ..
  3. Yanagisawa M, Kurihara H, Kimura S, Goto K, Masaki T. A novel peptide vasoconstrictor, endothelin, is produced by vascular endothelium and modulates smooth muscle Ca2+ channels. J Hypertens Suppl. 1988;6:S188-91 pubmed
  4. Kikugawa K, Kojima T, Yamaki S, Kosugi H. Interpretation of the thiobarbituric acid reactivity of rat liver and brain homogenates in the presence of ferric ion and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Anal Biochem. 1992;202:249-55 pubmed
    ..Hence, the TBA reactivity of liver and brain homogenates at around pH 3 in the presence of t-BuOOH and ferric ion may be accounted for by alkadienals and malonaldehyde and that in the presence of EDTA by malonaldehyde. ..
  5. Zhao H, Matsuzaka T, Nakano Y, Motomura K, Tang N, Yokoo T, et al. Elovl6 Deficiency Improves Glycemic Control in Diabetic db/db Mice by Expanding β-Cell Mass and Increasing Insulin Secretory Capacity. Diabetes. 2017;66:1833-1846 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, Elovl6 is a fundamental factor linking dysregulated lipid metabolism to β-cell dysfunction, islet inflammation, and β-cell apoptosis in T2D, highlighting oleate as the potential culprit of β-cell lipotoxicity. ..
  6. Takeichi T, Torrelo A, Lee J, Ohno Y, Lozano M, Kihara A, et al. Biallelic Mutations in KDSR Disrupt Ceramide Synthesis and Result in a Spectrum of Keratinization Disorders Associated with Thrombocytopenia. J Invest Dermatol. 2017;137:2344-2353 pubmed publisher
    ..Mutations in KDSR cause defective ceramide biosynthesis, underscoring the importance of ceramide and sphingosine synthesis pathways in skin and platelet biology. ..
  7. Kozuka T, Chaya T, Tamalu F, Shimada M, Fujimaki Aoba K, Kuwahara R, et al. The TRPM1 Channel Is Required for Development of the Rod ON Bipolar Cell-AII Amacrine Cell Pathway in the Retinal Circuit. J Neurosci. 2017;37:9889-9900 pubmed publisher
    ..This study advances our understanding of neurotransmission-mediated retinal circuit refinement. ..
  8. Masaki Y, Kumano K, Endo T, Iwamura M, Koshiba K, Yokota K, et al. Protective effect of nicaraven against prolonged cold kidney preservation and reperfusion injury. Transplant Proc. 1998;30:3758-60 pubmed
  9. Iwase K, Tanaka M, Hirose K, Uyeda T, Honda H. Acceleration of the sliding movement of actin filaments with the use of a non-motile mutant myosin in in vitro motility assays driven by skeletal muscle heavy meromyosin. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181171 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that the velocity of actin filaments sliding on skeletal muscle myosin molecules increased in the presence of a non-motile G680V mutant myosin motor. ..