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  1. Moody T, Zia F, Venugopal R, Korman L, Goldstein A, Fagarasan M. Corticotropin-releasing factor stimulates cyclic AMP, arachidonic acid release, and growth of lung cancer cells. Peptides. 1994;15:281-5 pubmed
    ..Also, CRF stimulated the clonal growth of NCI-H345 and H720 cells and the growth increase caused by CRF was reversed by alpha-helical CRF(9-41). These data suggest that CRF may be a regulatory peptide in lung cancer. ..
  2. Ringel M. Management of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in the intensive care unit. Crit Care Clin. 2001;17:59-74 pubmed
    ..Thus, rapid recognition with early institution of therapy may be life saving. It is always important to search diligently to determine the underlying cause of the decompensation and to treat that aggressively...
  3. Krivak T, McBroom J, Sundborg M, Crothers B, Parker M. Large cell neuroendocrine cervical carcinoma: a report of two cases and review of the literature. Gynecol Oncol. 2001;82:187-91 pubmed
    ..These tumors appear to mimic the aggressive behavior of small cell neuroendocrine tumors. Metastasis and recurrent disease are common. Due to the low incidence of these tumors, optimal therapy has not been delineated...
  4. Alim T, Graves E, Mellman T, Aigbogun N, Gray E, Lawson W, et al. Trauma exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in an African-American primary care population. J Natl Med Assoc. 2006;98:1630-6 pubmed
    ..Rates of MDE comorbid with PTSD were comparable to other studies. These findings suggest the importance of screening African Americans for PTSD, in addition to depression, in the primary care setting. ..
  5. Knerr I, Gibson K, Jakobs C, Pearl P. Neuropsychiatric morbidity in adolescent and adult succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency patients. CNS Spectr. 2008;13:598-605 pubmed
    ..While neurological manifestations, such as developmental delay, are typical during infancy, limited data are available on adolescent and adult symptomatology...
  6. van den Anker J, Pokorna P, Kinzig Schippers M, Martinkova J, De Groot R, Drusano G, et al. Meropenem pharmacokinetics in the newborn. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2009;53:3871-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Treating clinicians need to balance dose choices for optimizing target attainment against potential toxicity. These findings require validation in clinical circumstances. ..
  7. Christensen C, Platz E, Andreotti G, Blair A, Hoppin J, Koutros S, et al. Coumaphos exposure and incident cancer among male participants in the Agricultural Health Study (AHS). Environ Health Perspect. 2010;118:92-6 pubmed publisher
    ..In men with a family history of disease, there was evidence of an association between coumaphos and prostate cancer, possibly due to genetic susceptibility; however, other explanations, including chance, are plausible. ..
  8. Mark T, Levit K, Vandivort Warren R, Buck J, Coffey R. Changes In US spending on Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment, 1986-2005, and implications for policy. Health Aff (Millwood). 2011;30:284-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Our spending estimates provide an important context for evaluating the effect of those policies. ..
  9. Sims R, Whitfield K, Ayotte B, Gamaldo A, Edwards C, Allaire J. Subjective memory in older African Americans. Exp Aging Res. 2011;37:220-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Results suggest that subjective memory is influenced by aspects of psychological well-being but is unrelated to objective memory in older African Americans. ..

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  1. Hotez P, Mistry N, Rubinstein J, Sachs J. Integrating neglected tropical diseases into AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria control. N Engl J Med. 2011;364:2086-9 pubmed publisher
  2. Bergin P, Doppelt J, Kephart C, Benke M, Graeter J, Holmes A, et al. Comparison of minimally invasive direct anterior versus posterior total hip arthroplasty based on inflammation and muscle damage markers. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2011;93:1392-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Objective measurement of muscle damage and inflammation markers provides an unbiased way of determining the immediate effects of surgical intervention in patients treated with total hip arthroplasty. ..
  3. Summers J. Information transfer in auditoria and room-acoustical quality. J Acoust Soc Am. 2013;133:EL242-8 pubmed publisher
  4. Tilan J, Kitlinska J. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) in tumor growth and progression: Lessons learned from pediatric oncology. Neuropeptides. 2016;55:55-66 pubmed publisher
  5. Baglivio M, Wolff K, Piquero A, Bilchik S, Jackowski K, Greenwald M, et al. Maltreatment, Child Welfare, and Recidivism in a Sample of Deep-End Crossover Youth. J Youth Adolesc. 2016;45:625-54 pubmed publisher
  6. Díaz J, Cárcamo M, Seoane M, Pidal P, Cavada G, Puentes R, et al. Prevalence of meningococcal carriage in children and adolescents aged 10-19 years in Chile in 2013. J Infect Public Health. 2016;9:506-15 pubmed publisher
    ..non-carriers: 37%; p=0.008) were determined to favor carriage. Statistical modeling showed that meningococcal carriage was associated with older age (OR: 1.077, p-value: 0.002) and cohabitation with children (OR: 1.182, p-value: 0.02). ..
  7. Gopalan S, Das A, Howard N. Maternal and neonatal service usage and determinants in fragile and conflict-affected situations: a systematic review of Asia and the Middle-East. BMC Womens Health. 2017;17:20 pubmed publisher
    ..FCS require additional resources and policy attention to address the barriers to appropriate MNH care. Authors discuss the 'targeted policy approach for vulnerable groups' as a means of addressing MNH service usage inequities. ..
  8. Kawakita T, Iqbal S, Huang C, Reddy U. Nonmedically indicated induction in morbidly obese women is not associated with an increased risk of cesarean delivery. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2017;217:451.e1-451.e8 pubmed publisher
    ..6%; adjusted odds ratio, 0.10; 95% confidence interval, <.01-0.89) at full term. In morbidly obese women without other comorbidity, nonmedically indicated induction was not associated with an increased risk of cesarean delivery. ..
  9. Hu V, Heikka D. Radiolabeling revisited: metabolic labeling with (35)S-methionine inhibits cell cycle progression, proliferation, and survival. FASEB J. 2000;14:448-54 pubmed
  10. Liu H, Sugiura M, Nava V, Edsall L, Kono K, Poulton S, et al. Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a novel mammalian sphingosine kinase type 2 isoform. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:19513-20 pubmed
    ..Triton X-100 inhibited SPHK2 and stimulated SPHK1, whereas phosphatidylserine stimulated both type 1 and type 2 SPHK. Thus, SPHK2 is another member of a growing class of sphingolipid kinases that may have novel functions. ..
  11. Preuss H, Marcusen C, Regan J, Klimberg I, Welebir T, Jones W. Randomized trial of a combination of natural products (cernitin, saw palmetto, B-sitosterol, vitamin E) on symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Int Urol Nephrol. 2001;33:217-25 pubmed
    ..The combination of natural products caused no significant adverse side effects. ..
  12. Thompson L, Heffess C. Subacute (de Quervain's) thyroiditis. Ear Nose Throat J. 2002;81:623 pubmed
  13. Stamou S, Bafi A, Kapetanakis E, Lowery R, Pfister A, Dullum M, et al. Beating heart surgery in a patient with dextrocardia and complete situs inversus. J Card Surg. 2003;18:170-2 pubmed
    ..Only 12 similar cases of myocardial revascularization in patients with dextrocardia have been reported so far, and this is one of the first procedures, in patients with dextrocardia, performed off pump. ..
  14. Shrier D. Psychosocial aspects of women's lives: work, family, and life cycle issues. Psychiatr Clin North Am. 2003;26:741-57, viii pubmed
  15. Shulse C, Steiner N, Hurley C. Allelic diversity in KIR2DL4 in a bone marrow transplant population: description of three novel alleles. Tissue Antigens. 2007;70:157-9 pubmed
    ..Eight known alleles were observed. Three new alleles, KIR2DL4*00203, *00502, *0080104, which differ from known alleles at the nucleotide but not at the protein sequence level, were also identified. ..
  16. Ricciardi R, Deuster P, Talbot L. Effects of gender and body adiposity on physiological responses to physical work while wearing body armor. Mil Med. 2007;172:743-8 pubmed
    ..Fourteen subjects were not able to complete treadmill testing while wearing body armor because of volitional fatigue and/or limiting dyspnea. Body fat was the best single predictor of treadmill test completion. ..
  17. Subramaniam R, Chen C, Crump K, DeVoney D, Fox J, Portier C, et al. Uncertainties in biologically-based modeling of formaldehyde-induced respiratory cancer risk: identification of key issues. Risk Anal. 2008;28:907-23 pubmed publisher
    ..The authors of the CIIT modeling endeavor characterized their human risk estimates as "conservative in the face of modeling uncertainties." The uncertainties discussed in this article indicate that such a claim is premature...
  18. El Mohandes A, Kiely M, Joseph J, SUBRAMANIAN S, Johnson A, Blake S, et al. An intervention to improve postpartum outcomes in African-American mothers: a randomized controlled trial. Obstet Gynecol. 2008;112:611-20 pubmed publisher
    ..15-2.22, number needed to treat=9, 95% CI 6-29). An integrated multiple risk factor intervention addressing psychosocial and behavioral risks delivered mainly during pregnancy can have beneficial effects in risk reduction postpartum. ..
  19. Brook I. Pericarditis caused by anaerobic bacteria. Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2009;33:297-300 pubmed publisher
    ..Identification of pathogens and determination of their antimicrobial susceptibility and beta-lactamase production are essential for adequate selection of antibiotic therapy effective against these organisms...
  20. Mathews C, Guttmacher S, Flisher A, Mtshizana Y, Nelson T, McCarthy J, et al. The quality of HIV testing services for adolescents in Cape Town, South Africa: do adolescent-friendly services make a difference?. J Adolesc Health. 2009;44:188-190 pubmed publisher
    ..We found improved accessibility to HIV testing, but no impact on adolescent's experience of negative attitudes from health workers and confidentiality breaches. ..
  21. Bonello L, de Labriolle A, Roy P, Steinberg D, Pinto Slottow T, Xue Z, et al. Head-to-head comparison of bivalirudin versus heparin without glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors in patients with acute myocardial infarction undergoing primary angioplasty. Cardiovasc Revasc Med. 2009;10:156-61 pubmed publisher
    ..1% bivalirudin vs. 4.2% heparin, P=.92). This study suggests that bivalirudin and heparin present similar safety and efficacy profiles when used without GP IIb/IIIa inhibitor infusion during primary angioplasty. ..
  22. Moore H, Peters M, Franz M, Karasik P, Singh S, Fletcher R. Intrathoracic impedance preceding ventricular tachyarrhythmia episodes. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2010;33:960-6 pubmed publisher
    ..01). (1) Averaged daily impedance declined preceding 64% of VT/VF episodes, but the overall decline was of small magnitude; (2) a novel measure, DeltaTI, was negative preceding 66% of VT/VF episodes, and significantly below zero. ..
  23. Henkin R, Velicu I, Schmidt L. Relative resistance to oral theophylline treatment in patients with hyposmia manifested by decreased secretion of nasal mucus cyclic nucleotides. Am J Med Sci. 2011;341:17-22 pubmed publisher
    ..This result may offer a mechanism of response lack among some patients whose smell function did not improve after oral theophylline treatment although other factors may influence their response lack. ..
  24. Furusato E, Shen D, Cao X, Furusato B, Nussenblatt R, Rushing E, et al. Inflammatory cytokine and chemokine expression in sympathetic ophthalmia: a pilot study. Histol Histopathol. 2011;26:1145-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data indicate for the first time that M1 macrophages are the predominant inflammatory cells within granulomas and DFN of SO. We further observed high levels of IL-17 within granulomas and the presence of Th1 and M1 cells. ..
  25. Chien N, East P. The younger siblings of childbearing adolescents: parenting influences on their academic and social-emotional adjustment. J Youth Adolesc. 2012;41:1280-93 pubmed publisher
    ..For girls, however, the relationship was mediated through mothers' monitoring only. Findings elucidate the within-family processes that contribute to the problematic outcomes of youth living with childbearing adolescent older sisters. ..
  26. Jackson E, Dowd C. Inhibition of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase (Dxr): a review of the synthesis and biological evaluation of recent inhibitors. Curr Top Med Chem. 2012;12:706-28 pubmed
    ..Also discussed are non-fosmidomycin-like inhibitors, the aryl phosphonates, and lipophilic prodrugs of fosmidomycin and FR900098 designed to increase cell penetration. A comprehensive SAR of inhibitors is presented. ..
  27. Wong C, Preston I, Hill N, Suzuki Y. Iron chelation inhibits the development of pulmonary vascular remodeling. Free Radic Biol Med. 2012;53:1738-47 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that iron plays an important role in the ROS-dependent mechanism underlying the development of pulmonary hypertension. ..
  28. Iniesta Arandia I, Ravera F, Buechler S, Díaz Reviriego I, Fernandez Gimenez M, Reed M, et al. A synthesis of convergent reflections, tensions and silences in linking gender and global environmental change research. Ambio. 2016;45:383-393 pubmed
    ..g. qualitative or mixed methods) and the methodological challenges that derive from intersectional perspectives. Finally, key messages for policy agendas and further research are drawn from the common reflection. ..
  29. de la Rosa R, Steinmaus C, Akers N, Conde L, Ferreccio C, Kalman D, et al. Associations between arsenic (+3 oxidation state) methyltransferase (AS3MT) and N-6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 1 (N6AMT1) polymorphisms, arsenic metabolism, and cancer risk in a chilean population. Environ Mol Mutagen. 2017;58:411-422 pubmed publisher
    ..This research could help identify subpopulations that are particularly vulnerable to arsenic-related disease. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 58:411-422, 2017. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  30. Manson J, Aragaki A, Rossouw J, Anderson G, Prentice R, LaCroix A, et al. Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Long-term All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality: The Women's Health Initiative Randomized Trials. JAMA. 2017;318:927-938 pubmed publisher
    ..Health outcomes from the Women's Health Initiative Estrogen Plus Progestin and Estrogen-Alone Trials have been reported, but previous publications have generally not focused on all-cause and cause-specific mortality...
  31. Pollack M, Ruttimann U, Getson P. Pediatric risk of mortality (PRISM) score. Crit Care Med. 1988;16:1110-6 pubmed
    ..25), respiratory disease patients (chi 2(5) = 5.82; p greater than .25), and neurologic disease patients (chi 2(5) = 7.15; p greater than .10). ROC analysis also demonstrated excellent predictor performance (area index = 0.92 +/- 0.02). ..
  32. Loffredo C, Wilson P, Ferencz C. Maternal diabetes: an independent risk factor for major cardiovascular malformations with increased mortality of affected infants. Teratology. 2001;64:98-106 pubmed
    ..The evidence of diabetes-induced major cardiac defects is of urgent clinical significance. The effectiveness of early preconceptional care in the prevention of congenital anomalies has been demonstrated repeatedly. ..
  33. Zhan B, Li T, Xiao S, Zheng F, Hawdon J. Species-specific identification of human hookworms by PCR of the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I gene. J Parasitol. 2001;87:1227-9 pubmed
    ..The technique is rapid, technically simple, and sensitive and will permit the accurate identification of human hookworms in epidemiological field studies...
  34. Hwang J, Marshall J, Rizvi N. Combined inhibition of topoisomerases: a phase I. Study of irinotecan and epirubicin. Oncology (Williston Park). 2003;17:46-51 pubmed
    ..Other toxicities were acceptable and non-dose-limiting. Accrual of patients continues, at level 3A (irinotecan at 75 mg/m2, epirubicin at 25 mg/m2). ..
  35. Riggins R, Zwart A, Nehra R, Clarke R. The nuclear factor kappa B inhibitor parthenolide restores ICI 182,780 (Faslodex; fulvestrant)-induced apoptosis in antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells. Mol Cancer Ther. 2005;4:33-41 pubmed
  36. Hoddinott J, Behrman J, Martorell R. Labor force activities and income among young Guatemalan adults. Food Nutr Bull. 2005;26:S98-109 pubmed
    ..For both men and women, agriculture now appears to be very much a secondary activity. ..
  37. Sarabi K, Khachemoune A. Hidrocystomas--a brief review. MedGenMed. 2006;8:57 pubmed
    ..We also review the effectiveness of experimental treatment methods and present information about associated syndromes and differential diagnosis, focusing especially on hidrocystomas' resemblance to basal cell carcinoma...
  38. Guzzo C, Yang D. Systematic analysis of fusion and affinity tags using human aspartyl-tRNA synthetase expressed in E. coli. Protein Expr Purif. 2007;54:166-75 pubmed
    ..coli. In comparison to previous expressions of hDRS as a GST fusion, ubiquitin, and SUMO fusions provided higher yields and easier purification and cleavage. ..
  39. Devdhar M, Ousman Y, Burman K. Hypothyroidism. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am. 2007;36:595-615, v pubmed
    ..We emphasize some of the more recent issues, such as combination thyroid hormone therapy, management of hypothyroidism during pregnancy, and the management of subclinical hypothyroidism. ..
  40. Adler S, Wartofsky L. The nonthyroidal illness syndrome. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am. 2007;36:657-72, vi pubmed
  41. Adhikari S, Uren A, Roy R. N-terminal extension of N-methylpurine DNA glycosylase is required for turnover in hypoxanthine excision reaction. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:30078-84 pubmed
    ..The results from this study also affirm the need for reinvestigation of full-length MPG for its enzymatic and structural properties, which are currently available mostly for the truncated protein. ..
  42. Gupta G, Ogden J, Warner A. Moving forward on women's gender-related HIV vulnerability: the good news, the bad news and what to do about it. Glob Public Health. 2011;6 Suppl 3:S370-82 pubmed publisher
  43. Selby J, Beal A, Frank L. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) national priorities for research and initial research agenda. JAMA. 2012;307:1583-4 pubmed publisher
  44. Lu X, Parvathaneni S, Hara T, Lal A, Sharma S. Replication stress induces specific enrichment of RECQ1 at common fragile sites FRA3B and FRA16D. Mol Cancer. 2013;12:29 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide the first evidence of a crucial role for RECQ1 at naturally occurring fork stalling sites and implicate RECQ1 in mechanisms underlying common fragile site instability in cancer. ..
  45. Chen Y, Garvin L, Nickola T, Watson A, COLBERG POLEY A, Rose M. IL-1? induction of MUC5AC gene expression is mediated by CREB and NF-?B and repressed by dexamethasone. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2014;306:L797-807 pubmed publisher
    ..A further understanding of mechanisms mediating MUC5AC regulation should lead to a honing of therapeutic approaches for the treatment of mucus overproduction in inflammatory lung diseases. ..
  46. Vargas J, Manichaikul A, Wang X, Rich S, Rotter J, Post W, et al. Common genetic variants and subclinical atherosclerosis: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Atherosclerosis. 2016;245:230-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest some shared genetic architecture for sCVD across ethnic groups, while also underscoring the possibility of novel variants and/or pathways in risk of CVD in ethnically diverse populations. ..
  47. Allen S, Ruiz M, Jones J, Turner M. Legal space for syringe exchange programs in hot spots of injection drug use-related crime. Harm Reduct J. 2016;13:16 pubmed publisher
    ..Buffer zone policies that restrict SEP operational space negatively affect the provision of harm reduction services to PWID. ..
  48. Nicholson B, Bhatti R, Glassman L. Extranodal Lymphoma of the Breast. Radiol Clin North Am. 2016;54:711-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Treatment is different from that for breast cancer, in that surgery is not the mainstay. Patients with breast lymphoma are treated primarily with chemotherapy and radiation. ..
  49. Hurst F, Chianchiano D, Upchurch L, Fisher B, Flythe J, Castillo Lee C, et al. Stimulating Patient Engagement in Medical Device Development in Kidney Disease: A Report of a Kidney Health Initiative Workshop. Am J Kidney Dis. 2017;70:561-569 pubmed publisher
    ..Patients were engaged in the workshop discussion and interested in sharing their perspectives, but they recommended additional efforts around education, communication, and outreach in these areas. ..
  50. Mays D, Evans W. The Effects of Gain-, Loss-, and Balanced-Framed Messages for Preventing Indoor Tanning among Young Adult Women. J Health Commun. 2017;22:604-611 pubmed publisher
    ..g., mobile devices). ..
  51. Uncapher M, Lin L, Rosen L, Kirkorian H, Baron N, Bailey K, et al. Media Multitasking and Cognitive, Psychological, Neural, and Learning Differences. Pediatrics. 2017;140:S62-S66 pubmed publisher
  52. Brook I. Microbiology of acute sinusitis of odontogenic origin presenting with periorbital cellulitis in children. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2007;116:386-8 pubmed
    ..This study was undertaken to evaluate the aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of acute maxillary sinusitis of odontogenic origin presenting with periodontal infection in children...
  53. Curkendall S, Wang C, Johnson B, Cao Z, Preblick R, Torres A, et al. Potential health care cost savings associated with early treatment of multiple sclerosis using disease-modifying therapy. Clin Ther. 2011;33:914-25 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that the drug costs of early therapy were offset by savings in other medical expenditures. ..
  54. Ghanotakis E, Miller L, Spensley A. Country adaptation of the 2010 World Health Organization recommendations for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Bull World Health Organ. 2012;90:921-31 pubmed publisher
    ..As future PMTCT guidelines are developed, WHO, implementing partners and other stakeholders can use the information in this paper to plan their support to ministries of health. ..
  55. Skinner C, Aziz M. New methods of dissecting the masticator space of the rhesus macaque ( Macaca mulatta). Primates. 2003;44:311-20 pubmed
    ..The implications of nerve branching in humans with reference to (1). evolution, (2). electromyography and (3). anesthetic control are discussed...
  56. Metheny Barlow L, Li L. The enigmatic role of angiopoietin-1 in tumor angiogenesis. Cell Res. 2003;13:309-17 pubmed
    ..This in turn may limit the otherwise continuous angiogenesis in the tumor, and consequently give rise to inhibition of tumor growth. We discuss the enigmatic role of Ang1 in tumor angiogenesis in this review. ..
  57. Williams S, Han M, Jones R, Andrawis R. Adenomatoid tumor of the testes. Urology. 2004;63:779-81 pubmed
    ..Because of the benign nature of this tumor, the treatment of choice is local excision. We describe a rare case of adenomatoid tumor of the testis treated by local excision...
  58. Halder R, Richards G. Topical agents used in the management of hyperpigmentation. Skin Therapy Lett. 2004;9:1-3 pubmed
    ..The non-phenolic agents, which include tretinoin, adapalene, topical corticosteroids, azelaic acid, arbutin, kojic acid, and licorice extract, are also used for hyperpigmentation disorders...
  59. Kumar P, Rodriguez French A, Thompson M, Tashima K, Averitt D, Wannamaker P, et al. A prospective, 96-week study of the impact of Trizivir, Combivir/nelfinavir, and lamivudine/stavudine/nelfinavir on lipids, metabolic parameters and efficacy in antiretroviral-naive patients: effect of sex and ethnicity. HIV Med. 2006;7:85-98 pubmed
    ..Over 96 weeks, TZV twice daily has significantly less effect on LDL cholesterol than COM/NFV or d4T/3TC/NFV twice daily, especially in women and black patients, and is associated with similar virological and CD4 responses. ..
  60. Chen Y, Huang H, Zhou J, Doumatey A, Lashley K, Chen G, et al. Polymorphism of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene is associated with diabetic retinopathy in a cohort of West Africans. Mol Vis. 2007;13:2142-7 pubmed
    ..We observed a significant association between the 4a/b polymorphism of the eNOS and DR in our West African cohort. ..
  61. Bassim C, Gibson G, Ward T, Paphides B, Denucci D. Modification of the risk of mortality from pneumonia with oral hygiene care. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2008;56:1601-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Oral hygiene nursing aide intervention may be an efficient risk factor modifier of mortality from nursing home-associated pneumonia. ..
  62. Eleftherianos I, Ffrench Constant R, Clarke D, Dowling A, Reynolds S. Dissecting the immune response to the entomopathogen Photorhabdus. Trends Microbiol. 2010;18:552-60 pubmed publisher
  63. Zook K, Saksvig B, Wu T, Young D. Physical activity trajectories and multilevel factors among adolescent girls. J Adolesc Health. 2014;54:74-80 pubmed publisher
    ..High physical self-concept and not being overweight/obese predicted adopters. Multilevel factors appear to predict behavior maintenance rather than actual change. ..
  64. Levy C, Alemi F, Williams A, Williams A, Wojtusiak J, Sutton B, et al. Shared Homes as an Alternative to Nursing Home Care: Impact of VA's Medical Foster Home Program on Hospitalization. Gerontologist. 2016;56:62-71 pubmed publisher
  65. Hendriks M, Rosendaal N, Wit F, Bolarinwa O, Kramer B, Brals D, et al. Sustained effect of health insurance and facility quality improvement on blood pressure in adults with hypertension in Nigeria: A population-based study. Int J Cardiol. 2016;202:477-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Access to improved quality healthcare through an insurance program in rural Nigeria was associated with a significant longer-term reduction in systolic BP in subjects with moderate or severe hypertension. ..
  66. O Byrne M, Gillespie M, Shinohara R, Dori Y, Rome J, Glatz A. Cost comparison of Transcatheter and Operative Pulmonary Valve Replacement (from the Pediatric Health Information Systems Database). Am J Cardiol. 2016;117:121-6 pubmed publisher
    ..0001) were greater for S-PVR. Risks of both 7- and 30-day readmission were not significantly different. In conclusion, short-term costs of TC-PVR and S-PVR are not significantly different after adjustment. ..
  67. Srinivasa S, Suresh C, Mottla J, Hamarneh S, Irazoqui J, Frontera W, et al. FNDC5 relates to skeletal muscle IGF-I and mitochondrial function and gene expression in obese men with reduced growth hormone. Growth Horm IGF Res. 2016;26:36-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies are needed to clarify the relationship between the GH/IGF-I axis and irisin. ..
  68. Corriveau C, Danner R. Endotoxin as a therapeutic target in septic shock. Infect Agents Dis. 1993;2:35-43 pubmed
    ..Definitive proof of the pathogenic importance of endotoxin in human septic shock will depend upon demonstrating that a putative antiendotoxin therapy has clinical efficacy. ..
  69. Nair B. Final report on the safety assessment of Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf, and Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Water. Int J Toxicol. 2001;20 Suppl 3:61-73 pubmed
  70. Castro O, Sandler S, Houston Yu P, Rana S. Predicting the effect of transfusing only phenotype-matched RBCs to patients with sickle cell disease: theoretical and practical implications. Transfusion. 2002;42:684-90 pubmed
    ..8 percent of patients who formed alloantibodies. However, this would require phenotypes that are 22.7 times less prevalent among random blood donors and is therefore impractical for a long-term strategy. ..
  71. Xu J, Gao M, Fan S, Meng Q, Goldberg I, Abounader R, et al. Effect of Akt inhibition on scatter factor-regulated gene expression in DU-145 human prostate cancer cells. Oncogene. 2007;26:2925-38 pubmed
    ..A combination of three small interfering RNAs blocked most of the protection by SF in both DU-145 and T47D cells. These findings identify novel c-Akt-regulated genes, some of which contribute to SF-mediated cytoprotection. ..
  72. Degnan F. The US Food and Drug Administration and probiotics: regulatory categorization. Clin Infect Dis. 2008;46 Suppl 2:S133-6; discussion S144-51 pubmed publisher
    ..This article explains regulatory categorizations under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and their effects regarding the federal regulation of probiotic products. ..
  73. Janssen M, Ade K, Fu Z, Vicini S. Dopamine modulation of GABA tonic conductance in striatal output neurons. J Neurosci. 2009;29:5116-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that distinct phosphorylation of beta3-subunits may cause larger tonic current in D2+ striatopallidal MSNs, and proper intracellular conditions can reveal tonic current in D1+ cells. ..
  74. Cavalli L, Riggins R, Wang A, Clarke R, Haddad B. Frequent loss of heterozygosity at the interferon regulatory factor-1 gene locus in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010;121:227-31 pubmed publisher
    ..00; P = 0.003; n = 273 cases) and risk of death (OR = 4.18; P = 0.004; n = 191 cases). Our findings strongly imply a tumor suppressor role for the IRF1 gene in breast cancer. ..
  75. Hindle A, Edwards C, McCaffrey T, Fu S, Brody F. Reactivation of adiponectin expression in obese patients after bariatric surgery. Surg Endosc. 2010;24:1367-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The data suggest that reactivation of adiponectin expression may play a part in the resolution of type 2 diabetes after bariatric surgery. Therefore, targeting adiponectin may help to develop alternative treatments for diabetes. ..
  76. Piot B, Mukherjee A, Navin D, Krishnan N, Bhardwaj A, Sharma V, et al. Lot quality assurance sampling for monitoring coverage and quality of a targeted condom social marketing programme in traditional and non-traditional outlets in India. Sex Transm Infect. 2010;86 Suppl 1:i56-61 pubmed publisher
    ..With a relatively small sample size, easy data collection procedures and simple analytical methods, it was possible to inform decision-makers regularly on progress towards coverage targets. ..
  77. Racovan M, Walitt B, Collins C, Pettinger M, Parks C, Shikany J, et al. Calcium and vitamin D supplementation and incident rheumatoid arthritis: the Women's Health Initiative Calcium plus Vitamin D trial. Rheumatol Int. 2012;32:3823-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Further research is needed to fully explore the benefits and possible adverse effects of vitamin D supplementation on RA. ..
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