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  1. Li J, Wang Y, Hu S, Zhou R, Yu X, Wang B, et al. The monoamine oxidase B gene exhibits significant association to ADHD. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. 2008;147:370-4 pubmed
    ..20E-6) and haplotype-based TDT analyses also found distorted transmission. In conclusion, this study provides the strongest evidence for the involvement of MAOB gene in the etiology of ADHD to date, at least in Han Chinese population. ..
  2. Zhou L, Yuan Q, Yang M. A functional germline variant in the P53 polyadenylation signal and risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Gene. 2012;506:295-7 pubmed publisher
    ..22 (95% CI=1.71-6.33, P=1.34×10(-4)). These results suggest that this functional uncommon P53 rs78378222 variant is associated with ESCC risk in the current Han Chinese population. ..
  3. Liu J, Yuan X, Liu J, Tian L, Quan J, Liu J, et al. Validation of the association between PSMA6 -8 C/G polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Chinese Dongxiang and Han populations. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2012;98:295-301 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Our investigation suggests that -8 C/G variant of PSMA6 gene may be associated with T2DM and diabetes-related metabolic traits in Chinese Dongxiang and Han populations. ..
  4. Li H, Ni W, Xiong Z, Xu J, Wu Z. PRRT2 c.649dupC mutation derived from de novo in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia. CNS Neurosci Ther. 2013;19:61-5 pubmed publisher
    ..No mutations were identified in the remaining six patients. These findings demonstrate the heterogeneity of PKD, and the de novo mutagenesis of PRRT2 gene might indicate the genetic instability of this region. ..
  5. Zhou L, Fu G, Wei J, Shi J, Pan W, Ren Y, et al. The identification of two regulatory ESCC susceptibility genetic variants in the TERT-CLPTM1L loci. Oncotarget. 2016;7:5495-506 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data also support the involvement of CLPTM1L in ESCC susceptibility. ..
  6. Qu F, Qiao Q, Wang N, Ji G, Zhao H, He L, et al. Genetic polymorphisms in circadian negative feedback regulation genes predict overall survival and response to chemotherapy in gastric cancer patients. Sci Rep. 2016;6:22424 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study presents that SNPs in the CNFL genes may be associated with GC prognosis, and provides the guidance in selecting potential GC patients most likely responsive to ACT. ..
  7. Hong X, Hsu Y, Terwedow H, Tang G, Liu X, Jiang S, et al. Association of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism and fracture risk in Chinese postmenopausal women. Bone. 2007;40:737-42 pubmed
    ..Further study on the mechanistic role that this polymorphism plays in the development of fractures may lead to better understanding of the etiology of osteoporotic fracture. ..
  8. Sun Z, Miao L, Zhang Y, Ming L. Association between the -1562 C/T polymorphism of matrix metalloproteinase-9 gene and lumbar disc disease in the young adult population in North China. Connect Tissue Res. 2009;50:181-5 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicated that the -1562C/T polymorphism of the MMP-9 gene is associated with a high risk of degenerative disc disease in the young adult population in North China...
  9. Chen Q, Huang C, Hu X, Li S, Zhang X. Functional CLOCK gene rs1554483 G/C polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease in the Chinese population. J Int Med Res. 2013;41:340-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Among APOE ?4 noncarriers, but not APOE ?4 carriers, the CLOCK rs1554483 G allele was associated with increased susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease. ..

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  1. Wang J, Nong L, Wei Y, Qin S, Zhou Y, Tang Y. Association of interleukin-12 polymorphisms and serum IL-12p40 levels with osteosarcoma risk. DNA Cell Biol. 2013;32:605-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that the serum IL-12p40 levels associate with the risk of osteosarcoma and are regulated by IL-12B rs3212227 polymorphism. The IL-12A rs568408 and IL-12B rs3212227 may confer the susceptibility to osteosarcoma risk. ..
  2. Yin X, Pang S, Huang J, Cui Y, Yan B. Genetic and Functional Sequence Variants of the SIRT3 Gene Promoter in Myocardial Infarction. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0153815 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, these DSVs identified in MI patients may change SIRT3 level by affecting the transcriptional activity of SIRT3 gene promoter, contributing to the MI development as a risk factor. ..
  3. Wang Y, Ma T, Zhu Y, Chu X, Yao S, Wang H, et al. The KSR2-rs7973260 Polymorphism is Associated with Metabolic Phenotypes, but Not Psychological Phenotypes, in Chinese Elders. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers. 2017;21:416-421 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the KSR2-rs7973260?A allele exhibited pleiotropic effects on some metabolic phenotypes in Chinese elders. These effects should be validated in future studies. ..
  4. Cai G, Zhang X, Weng W, Shi G, Xue S, Zhang B. Associations between PPARG polymorphisms and the risk of essential hypertension. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181644 pubmed publisher
    ..719, 95% CI: 0.537-0.963, P = 0.027; for dominant model, OR = 0.653, 95% CI: 0.439-0.972, P = 0.036). Our meta-analysis suggested that the PPARG polymorphisms might be associated with the risk of EH. ..
  5. Li L, Kang X, Ran X, Wang Y, Wang C, Huang L, et al. Associations between 45T/G polymorphism of the adiponectin gene and plasma adiponectin levels with type 2 diabetes. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 2007;34:1287-90 pubmed
    ..05). 4. Adiponectin SNP 45 is positively correlated with the prevalence of T2DM in Uygurs of Xinjiang. The G allele carriers who have reduced plasma concentrations of adiponectin may have associated insulin resistance. ..
  6. Zhang Y, Yang L, Shao H, Li K, Sun C, Shi L. ABCB1 polymorphisms may have a minor effect on ciclosporin blood concentrations in myasthenia gravis patients. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2008;66:240-6 pubmed publisher
    ..007). ABCB1 polymorphisms in both genotype and haplotype may have a minor effect on the CsA blood concentrations. ..
  7. Lu P, Tang Y, Li C, Shen W, Ji L, Guo Y, et al. [Meta-analysis of association of tumor necrosis factor alpha-308 gene promoter polymorphism with gastric cancer]. Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2010;44:209-14 pubmed
    ..90 (95%CI: 0.79 - 1.02, P = 0.10) and 1.08 (95%CI: 0.62 - 1.88, P = 0.79). TNF-alpha-308 A allele and AA genotype were associated with a statistically significant increased risk of gastric cancer in western people. ..
  8. Song W, Chen Y, Huang R, Chen K, Pan P, Li J, et al. Analysis of the genotype of diacylglycerol kinase delta single-nucleotide polymorphisms in Parkinson disease in the Han Chinese population. Neurol India. 2012;60:82-5 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study is the first to report on the lack of association of DGKD SNPs with PD in the Han Chinese population. More related studies involving larger numbers of participants are necessary to confirm the present finding. ..
  9. Chen X, Xue A, Chen W, Ding Y, Yan D, Peng J, et al. Assessment of exonic single nucleotide polymorphisms in the adenosine A2A receptor gene to high myopia susceptibility in Chinese subjects. Mol Vis. 2011;17:486-91 pubmed
    ..The reduced frequency of the heterozygote rs5751876 genotype in subjects suggests a possible association of A(2A)R with high myopia in a Chinese population. ..
  10. Yang Y, Guo S, Yang Z, Zhang T, Cao H, Wang R. [Association between 1019C/T polymorphism of Connexin 37 gene and restenosis after coronary stenting]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi. 2013;30:456-60 pubmed publisher
    ..655). The C allele of 1019C/T polymorphism in the CX37 gene is associated with susceptibility to CAD as well as restenosis after coronary stenting in male patients from Wuxi. ..
  11. Wang B, Li G, Sun F, Dong N, Sun Z, Jiang D. Association Between WRN Cys1367Arg (T>C) and Cancer Risk: A Meta-analysis. Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2016;15:20-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study suggests that WRN Cys1367Arg (T>C) polymorphism is not associated with overall cancer risk, although subgroup analyses suggested an association with breast cancer and overall cancer specifically in European populations. ..
  12. Song Y, Li B, Wang C, Wang P, Gao X, Liu G. Association between 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Ischemic Stroke: A Meta-analysis. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2016;25:679-87 pubmed publisher
    ..29, 95% CI: 1.18-1.42). The meta-analysis suggests that MTHFR C677T genetic polymorphism is significantly associated with susceptibility to IS, which provides evidence supporting hyperhomocysteinemia as a risk factor for stroke. ..
  13. Tian D, Wei W, Dong Y. Influence of COL1A2 gene variants on the incidence of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage in a Chinese population. Genet Mol Res. 2016;15: pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our study suggests that the COL1A2 rs42524 polymorphism is associated with the development of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage, particularly in conjunction with tobacco use and alcohol consumption. ..
  14. Liu D, Liu Q, Guan L, Jiang X, Zhou D, Beghetti M, et al. BMPR2 mutation is a potential predisposing genetic risk factor for congenital heart disease associated pulmonary vascular disease. Int J Cardiol. 2016;211:132-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Genetic predisposing factor may be an important component in the process of development of PVD in CHD patients. Female, repaired patients are more likely to be detected with genetic mutations. ..
  15. Liu S, Xiong Y, Li T, Li Y, Gu S, Wang Y, et al. Interleukin-17A and -17F Gene Polymorphisms in Chinese Population with Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia. Ann Clin Lab Sci. 2016;46:291-7 pubmed
    ..33, 95% CI 1.11-4.89; AG: OR=2.03, 95% CI 1.14-3.61). Our results suggest that SNPs in IL-17F A7488G but not IL-17A are associated with the development of chronic ITP in China. ..
  16. Wang Z, Liu P, Liu X, Manfredsson F, Sandoval I, Yu S, et al. Delta-Secretase Phosphorylation by SRPK2 Enhances Its Enzymatic Activity, Provoking Pathogenesis in Alzheimer's Disease. Mol Cell. 2017;67:812-825.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings support that delta-secretase phosphorylation by SRPK2 plays a critical role in aggravating AD pathogenesis. ..
  17. Wang A, Sun C, Li L, Huang J, Chen Q, Xu D. Genetic susceptibility and environmental factors of esophageal cancer in Xi'an. World J Gastroenterol. 2004;10:940-4 pubmed
    ..CYP1A1 Val/Val and GSTM1 deletion genotypes are genetic susceptibility biomarkers for EC. There are synergic interactions between genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. ..
  18. Fei B, Xia B, Deng C, Xia X, Xie M, Crusius J, et al. Association of tumor necrosis factor genetic polymorphism with chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric adenocarcinoma in Chinese Han population. World J Gastroenterol. 2004;10:1256-61 pubmed
    ..TNF-beta Ncol*1/2 and d2/d6 genotypes are associated with the susceptibility to gastric adenocarcinoma, whereas TNFa6b5c1 haplotype homozygote may contribute to the resistance against gastric adenocarcinoma. ..
  19. Leung K, Yip S, Wong W, Yiu L, Chan K, Lai W, et al. Sex- and age-dependent association of SLC11A1 polymorphisms with tuberculosis in Chinese: a case control study. BMC Infect Dis. 2007;7:19 pubmed
    ..This study confirmed the association between SLC11A1 and TB susceptibility and demonstrated for the first time that the association was restricted to females and the young age group. ..
  20. Shao J, Gu M, Xu Z, Hu Q, Qian L. Polymorphisms of the DNA gene XPD and risk of bladder cancer in a Southeastern Chinese population. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2007;177:30-6 pubmed
    ..These two XPD polymorphisms may play an important role in the etiology of bladder cancer in the southeastern Chinese population. ..
  21. Xu H, Cheng J, Andreotti G, Gao Y, Rashid A, Wang B, et al. Cholesterol metabolism gene polymorphisms and the risk of biliary tract cancers and stones: a population-based case-control study in Shanghai, China. Carcinogenesis. 2011;32:58-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that ABCG8 rs11887534, identified as a gallstone risk single-nucleotide polymorphism by whole genome scan, is also associated with an increased risk of biliary tract cancer...
  22. Chen H, Zheng Z, Yuan B, Liu Z, Jing J, Wang S. The effect of galectin-3 genetic variants on the susceptibility and prognosis of gliomas in a Chinese population. Neurosci Lett. 2012;518:1-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of this study suggest the SNPs at +292 A>C, not SNPs at +191 A>C, of galectin-3 gene were associated with the tumor grade and prognosis of gliomas. ..
  23. Bao L, Niu J, Song H, Wang Y, Ma R, Ren X, et al. Association between the GSTP1 codon 105 polymorphism and gastric cancer risk: an updated meta-analysis. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2012;13:3687-93 pubmed
    ..Since potential confounders could not be ruled out completely, further studies are needed to confirm these results. ..
  24. Li S, Li W, Wang J, Zhang H, Li W, Zhang P, et al. Association of the genes for tumor necrosis factor-? and myelin basic protein with delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning. Genet Mol Res. 2012;11:4479-86 pubmed publisher
    ..DEACMP may be the result of interaction of environmental and genetic factors...
  25. Li X, Li X, Hu F, Shen H, Cao J, Li Z, et al. Association between paraoxonase 2 gene polymorphisms and noise-induced hearing loss in the Chinese population. J Occup Health. 2013;55:56-65 pubmed
    ..36, 95% CI, 1.07-1.71) and rs7786401 GT + TT genotype (OR=1.33, 95% CI, 1.05-1.68) were risk factors for NIHL. PON2 gene polymorphisms may be associated with susceptibility to NIHL in the Chinese population ..
  26. Jiang H, Hu Y, Shang L, Li Y, Yang L, Chen Y. Association between MUC5B polymorphism and susceptibility and severity of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:14953-8 pubmed
    ..0294). This study demonstrated that the MUC5B polymorphism rs35705950 is associated with increased risk of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis susceptibility, severity, and the decreased overall survival. ..
  27. Dang R, Guo Y, Cai H, Yang R, Liang D, Lv C, et al. Effects of prolonged antipsychotic administration on neuregulin-1/ErbB signaling in rat prefrontal cortex and myocardium: implications for the therapeutic action and cardiac adverse effect. J Toxicol Sci. 2016;41:303-9 pubmed publisher
  28. Mak J, Leung H, Ho S, Law B, Ho A, Lam W, et al. Analysis of TGF-beta(1) gene polymorphisms in Hong Kong Chinese patients with asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006;117:92-6 pubmed
  29. Hu Z, Xu L, Shao M, Yuan J, Wang Y, Wang F, et al. Polymorphisms in the two helicases ERCC2/XPD and ERCC3/XPB of the transcription factor IIH complex and risk of lung cancer: a case-control analysis in a Chinese population. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2006;15:1336-40 pubmed
  30. Jia H, Wang B, Yu L, Jiang Z. Association of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene insertion/deletion polymorphism with polycystic ovary syndrome: a meta-analysis. J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst. 2013;14:255-62 pubmed publisher
    ..However, considering that the conclusions were based on a relatively small sample size, larger studies involving various ethnic populations should be warranted in future studies to validate our findings. ..
  31. Ma Y, Yuan B, Yi J, Zhuang R, Wang J, Zhang Y, et al. The genetic polymorphisms of HLA are strongly correlated with the disease severity after Hantaan virus infection in the Chinese Han population. Clin Dev Immunol. 2012;2012:308237 pubmed publisher
  32. Wei B, Zhou Y, Xu Z, Ruan J, Cheng H, Zhu M, et al. GSTP1 Ile105Val polymorphism and prostate cancer risk: evidence from a meta-analysis. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e71640 pubmed publisher
    ..This meta-analysis showed that GSTP1 Ile105Val polymorphism might not be significantly associated with overall prostate cancer risk. Further stratified analyses showed a significant association with low-stage prostate cancer. ..
  33. Wang J, Li H, Wang J, Gao X. Association between ERAP1 gene polymorphisms and ankylosing spondylitis susceptibility in Han population. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:11641-6 pubmed
    ..005), which indicated that A-C might be the susceptible haplotype to AS. ERAP1 gene rs27434 and rs7711564 polymorphisms may increase the risk of AS. ..
  34. Wan X, Li X, Yang J, Lv W, Wang Q, Chen Y, et al. Genetic association between PIK3CA gene and oral squamous cell carcinoma: a case control study conducted in Chongqing, China. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:13360-6 pubmed
    ..The expression of PIK3CA was increased in OSCC tumors; however, none of the nine tested SNPs of PIK3CA was associated with susceptibility to OSCC in the studied population. ..
  35. Meng L, Gu Y, Du X, Shao M, Zhang L, Zhang G, et al. Two novel ATP2C1 mutations in patients with Hailey-Hailey disease and a literature review of sequence variants reported in the Chinese population. Genet Mol Res. 2015;14:19349-59 pubmed publisher
    ..It is of note that some reported "novel" mutations were in fact found to be recurrent. Our findings expand the range of known ATP2C1 sequence variants in this disease. ..
  36. Cai F, Cui N, Ma H, Wang X, Qiao G, Liu D. Interleukin-10 -1082A/G polymorphism is associated with the development of acute pancreatitis in a Chinese population. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:15170-6 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, we suggest that IL-10-1082A/G gene polymorphisms contribute to the development of acute pancreatitis in codominant, dominant and recessive models. ..
  37. Ma S, Tang N, Lam L. Association of gene expression and methylation of UQCRC1 to the predisposition of Alzheimer's disease in a Chinese population. J Psychiatr Res. 2016;76:143-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study further suggested the role of methylation in gene regulation and the role in AD. ..
  38. Han C, Huang X, Hua R, Song S, Lyu L, Ta N, et al. The association between XPG polymorphisms and cancer susceptibility: Evidence from observational studies. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e7467 pubmed publisher
    ..Large studies are needed to validate our findings, especially in Caucasian and African population. ..
  39. Bian L, Yang J, Guo T, Sun Y, Duan S, Chen W, et al. Insulin-degrading enzyme and Alzheimer disease: a genetic association study in the Han Chinese. Neurology. 2004;63:241-5 pubmed
    ..These results suggest a possible synergic interaction between IDE and APOE epsilon4 in the risk to develop late-onset sporadic AD. IDE might modify the effect of the APOE epsilon4 risk factor in the Han Chinese population. ..
  40. Ip W, Chan K, Law H, Tso G, Kong E, Wong W, et al. Mannose-binding lectin in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection. J Infect Dis. 2005;191:1697-704 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that MBL contributes to the first-line host defense against SARS-CoV and that MBL deficiency is a susceptibility factor for acquisition of SARS. ..
  41. Zhang H, Zhong B, Zhu W, Xie S, Qiu L, Zhu L, et al. CD14 C-260T gene polymorphism and ischemic heart disease susceptibility: a HuGE review and meta-analysis. Genet Med. 2009;11:403-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies are warranted to assess these associations in greater details, especially in East Asian and Indian populations. ..
  42. Zheng J, Jiang L, Zhang L, Yang L, Deng J, You Y, et al. Functional genetic variations in the IL-23 receptor gene are associated with risk of breast, lung and nasopharyngeal cancer in Chinese populations. Carcinogenesis. 2012;33:2409-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings indicate that the IL-23R rs10889677A>C polymorphism may influence T-cell proliferation, resulting in changes in the levels of Tregs in vivo and modifying cancer susceptibility. ..
  43. Wang S, Ma F, Zhao J. Expressions of nuclear factor-kappa B p50 and p65 and their significance in the up-regulation of intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 mRNA in the nasal mucosa of allergic rhinitis patients. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2013;270:1329-34 pubmed publisher
    ..8995, P < 0.01; r = 0.7601, P < 0.01). In conclusion, NF-?B plays a key role in AR. Excessively activated NF-?B promotes the transcription of ICAM-1 mRNA. ICAM-1 is related to the pathogenesis and development of AR...
  44. Liu J, Zhang H. A comprehensive study indicates PRSS1 gene is significantly associated with pancreatitis. Int J Med Sci. 2013;10:981-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, PRSS1 gene was significantly associated with total pancreatitis disease, both totally and separately. ..
  45. Wu Y, Liu X, Hu L, Tao H, Guan X, Zhang K, et al. Copy number loss of variation_91720 in PIK3CA predicts risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:14479-85 pubmed
    ..0003) and increased with the copy number gain of Variation_91720. Our findings suggest that copy number loss of Variation_91720 in PIK3CA predicts risk of ESCC, which might serve as a biomarker that for early diagnosis of ESCC. ..
  46. Chen S, Wang Z, Zhang L, Lu G, Zhou C, Wang D, et al. CAMK4 gene variation is associated with hypertension in a Uygur population. Genet Mol Res. 2016;15: pubmed publisher
    ..200; 95% confidence interval = 1.473-3.285, P < 0.001). However, no significant correlation was found in the Han and Kazak groups. The T-allele of rs10491334 in CAMK4 was associated with hypertension in the Uygur group. ..
  47. Qian J, Song Z, Lv Y, Huang X, Mao B. Glutathione S-Transferase T1 Null Genotype is Associated with Susceptibility to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2017;41:2545-2552 pubmed publisher
    ..023) after adjusting for study heterogeneity. The GSTT1 null genotype is significantly associated with an increased susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease and is a risk factor for both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. ..
  48. He X, Su J, Zhang Y, Huang X, Liu Y, Ding D, et al. Association between the p53 polymorphisms and breast cancer risk: meta-analysis based on case-control study. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2011;130:517-29 pubmed publisher
  49. Zhang Y, Wang B, Wan H, Zhou Q, Li T. Meta-analysis of the insulin degrading enzyme polymorphisms and susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease. Neurosci Lett. 2013;541:132-7 pubmed publisher
    ..However, larger scale association studies are necessary to further validate the association of IDE polymorphisms with sporadic AD risk and to define potential gene-gene interactions. ..
  50. Tang N, Yeung H, Hung V, Di Liao C, Lam T, Yeung H, et al. Genetic epidemiology and heritability of AIS: A study of 415 Chinese female patients. J Orthop Res. 2012;30:1464-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we provided a large-scale study for the genetic aggregation estimates in an Asian population for the first time. The finding also positioned AIS among other common disease or complex traits with a high heritability. ..
  51. Zhou F, Zhu H, Luo D, Wang M, Dong X, Hong Y, et al. A functional polymorphism in Pre-miR-146a is associated with susceptibility to gastric cancer in a Chinese population. DNA Cell Biol. 2012;31:1290-5 pubmed publisher
    ..51, 95% CI = 1.25-1.81) rather than in older subjects. Our results suggest that the rs2910164 polymorphism in the sequence of miR-146a precursor may influence the susceptibility to gastric cancer in our Chinese population. ..
  52. Jin C, Zhang F, Zhu J, Yuan J, Xia M, Xu Q, et al. Association of CYP46 gene polymorphism with sporadic Alzheimer's disease in Chinese Han populations: a meta-analysis. Int J Neurosci. 2013;123:226-32 pubmed publisher
    ..05 for each model). In conclusion, despite several limitations, this meta-analysis indicates that the CYP46 gene SNP rs754203 is not significantly associated with SAD susceptibility in Chinese Han populations. ..
  53. Wen J, Song C, Liu J, Chen J, Zhai X, Hu Z. Expression quantitative trait loci for TNFRSF10 influence both HBV infection and hepatocellular carcinoma development. J Med Virol. 2016;88:474-80 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that eQTL SNPs for TNFRSF10 may be susceptibility markers for HCC and chronic HBV infection. ..
  54. Pang J, Xiong H, Yang H, Ou Y, Xu Y, Huang Q, et al. Circulating miR-34a levels correlate with age-related hearing loss in mice and humans. Exp Gerontol. 2016;76:58-67 pubmed publisher
    ..However, SIRT1, Bcl-2, and E2F3 showed no correlation with AHL in humans. In summary, circulating miR-34a level may potentially serve as a useful biomarker for early detection of AHL. ..
  55. Nong L, Luo B, Zhang L, Nong H. Interleukin-18 gene promoter polymorphism and the risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in a Chinese population. DNA Cell Biol. 2009;28:507-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Consistent with the results of the genotyping analyses, the -137 C/-607 A haplotype was associated with a significantly increased risk of NPC as compared with the -137 G/-607 C haplotype (OR = 1.721; 95% CI, 1.262-2.349; p = 0.001). ..
  56. Huang Q, Shao F, Wang C, Qiu L, Hu Y, Yu J. Association between CTLA-4 exon-1 +49A>G polymorphism and primary biliary cirrhosis risk: a meta-analysis. Arch Med Res. 2011;42:235-8 pubmed publisher
    ..AA OR=1.432; 95% CI=1.078-1.902). This meta-analysis suggests that the CTLA-4 +49G>A polymorphism may be a risk factor for primary biliary cirrhosis in Asians. ..
  57. Zhang P, Wang J, Lu T, Wang X, Zheng Y, Guo S, et al. miR-449b rs10061133 and miR-4293 rs12220909 polymorphisms are associated with decreased esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in a Chinese population. Tumour Biol. 2015;36:8789-95 pubmed publisher
    ..77, 95% CI 0.61-0.96). This study provides the first evidence that miR-449b rs10061133 and miR-4293 rs12220909 are associated with ESCC risk in Chinese population. ..
  58. Ye N, Rao S, Du T, Hu H, Liu Z, Shen Y, et al. Intergenic variants may predispose to major depression disorder through regulation of long non-coding RNA expression. Gene. 2017;601:21-26 pubmed publisher
    ..001), so that its tag SNPs were genotyped and rs2272260 in LINC00998 was found to be associated with MDD (?2=26.39, P=2.8E-07). This work suggests that non-coding variants may play an important role in conferring risk of MDD. ..
  59. Zhu Y, Zhuang Y, Yang G, Qiang X, Yang L, Shen Y. [Polymorphisms of Fc?RIIA, Fc?RIIIA and Fc?RIIB in patients with immune thrombocytopenia and their clinical significance]. Zhongguo Shi Yan Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi. 2013;21:135-9 pubmed publisher
    ..It is concluded that the polymorphism of Fc?RIIIA-158V/F, but not Fc?RIIA-131H/R or Fc?RIIB-232T/I, correlates with the patient susceptibility and therapeutic response of ITP. ..
  60. Qian Y, Li D, Ma L, Zhang H, Gong M, Li S, et al. TPM1 polymorphisms and nonsyndromic orofacial clefts susceptibility in a Chinese Han population. Am J Med Genet A. 2016;170A:1208-15 pubmed publisher
    ..TPM1 polymorphisms might contribute to the etiology of NSOC, and more emphasis should be placed on TPM1 during craniofacial development. ..
  61. Min Pan -, Jiang M, Wei M, Liu Z, Jiang W, Geng H, et al. Association of angiotensin-converting enzyme gene 2350G>A polymorphism with myocardial infarction in a Chinese population. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. 2009;15:435-42 pubmed publisher
    ..05). These results suggest that ACE2350G>A polymorphism is associated with acute MI, and A allele carrier is an independent risk factor for acute MI in the Chinese Han population. ..
  62. Si F, Feng Y, Han M. Association between interleukin-17 gene polymorphisms and the risk of laryngeal cancer in a Chinese population. Genet Mol Res. 2017;16: pubmed publisher
    ..08-3.39, respectively). In conclusion, the rs2275913 IL-17A (197 G/A) is associated with the incidence and development of laryngeal cancer in the Chinese population, and the AA and GA+AA genotypes harbor a high laryngeal cancer risk. ..
  63. Yuan J, Jin C, Qin H, Wang J, Sha W, Wang M, et al. Replication study confirms link between TSPAN18 mutation and schizophrenia in Han Chinese. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e58785 pubmed publisher
    ..047-1.369) between risk for SCZ and this 'A' allele. These results confirm the significant association, in Han Chinese populations, of increased SCZ risk and the variant of the TSPAN18 gene containing the 'A' allele of SNP rs835784. ..
  64. Wang C, Lai Q, Zhang S, Hu J. Senile cataract and genetic polymorphisms of APE1, XRCC1 and OGG1. Int J Clin Exp Pathol. 2015;8:16036-45 pubmed
    ..In OGG1 Ser326Cys and XRCC1 Arg399Gln polymorphisms, there were no significant differences in frequencies of the variant homozygous in patients compared with controls. ..
  65. Xie G, Guo D, Li Y, Liang S, Wu Y. The impact of severity of hypertension on association of PGC-1alpha gene with blood pressure and risk of hypertension. BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2007;7:33 pubmed
    ..This finding suggested severe hypertension rather than regular hypertension should be used as the outcome in studies on association of genes with blood pressure or hypertension, in order to have a better power. ..
  66. Sun F, Sun Y, Zhang D, Zhang J, Song B, Zheng H. Association of interleukin-10 gene polymorphism with cachexia in Chinese patients with gastric cancer. Ann Clin Lab Sci. 2010;40:149-55 pubmed
    ..21; 95% CI, 1.14 - 4.30; p = 0.02). Our results suggest that genetic polymorphisms of IL-10 contribute to the susceptibility to cachexia in patients with gastric cancer in the Chinese population. ..
  67. Mayinu -, Chen X. Evaluation of LOXL1 polymorphisms in exfoliation syndrome in the Uygur population. Mol Vis. 2011;17:1734-44 pubmed
    ..The genotypic and allelic distributions of these SNPs are similar between XFS and XFG. ..
  68. Mao C, Pan H, Chen Q, Wang X, Ye D, Qiu L. Association between Fc receptor-like 3 C169T polymorphism and risk of systemic lupus erythematosus: a meta-analysis. Mol Biol Rep. 2010;37:191-6 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, this meta-analysis demonstrates that the FCRL3 169CC genotype (recessive effect) may confer susceptibility to SLE, especially in Asian-derived population. ..
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