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Top Publications

  1. Kawamura M, Wright F, Declerck D, Freire M, Hu D, Honkala E, et al. An exploratory study on cultural variations in oral health attitudes, behaviour and values of freshman (first-year) dental students. Int Dent J. 2005;55:205-11 pubmed
    ..001). Grouping the countries into key cultural orientations and international clusters yielded plausible results, using the HU-DBI. ..
  2. Lyon A, Bossone E, Schneider B, Sechtem U, Citro R, Underwood S, et al. Current state of knowledge on Takotsubo syndrome: a Position Statement from the Taskforce on Takotsubo Syndrome of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology. Eur J Heart Fail. 2016;18:8-27 pubmed publisher
    ..The unmet needs and future directions for research in this syndrome are also discussed. ..
  3. Rauchensteiner F, Matsumura Y, Yamamoto Y, Yamaji S, Tani T. Analysis and comparison of Radix Glycyrrhizae (licorice) from Europe and China by capillary-zone electrophoresis (CZE). J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2005;38:594-600 pubmed
    ..inflata); (4) Glycyrrhiza species were also distinguished by applying PCA on the basis of CZE peak area data of GL, GLAB, GA, LQ and LC(A); and (5) liquiritin apioside was found in all samples. ..
  4. Teye K, Soejima M, Quaye I, Pang H, Tsuneoka M, Koda Y, et al. Haptoglobin gene promoter polymorphism and haplotypes are unique in different populations. Hum Biol. 2006;78:121-6 pubmed
    ..Six base substitutions at the promoter region were population specific. Only 3 out of 18 haplotypes were shared among the populations. A probable application of HP in human population genetics appears legitimate. ..
  5. Itoh K, Kano S. Comparison of international guidelines for regenerative medicine: Knee cartilage repair and replacement using human-derived cells and tissues. Biologicals. 2016;44:267-270 pubmed publisher
    ..This analytical framework is potentially expandable to other RM guidelines to identify gaps, leading to trigger discussion of global harmonization in RM regulations. ..
  6. Shimmoto M, Fukuhara Y, Itoh K, Oshima A, Sakuraba H, Suzuki Y. Protective protein gene mutations in galactosialidosis. J Clin Invest. 1993;91:2393-8 pubmed
    ..Pulse-chase analysis detected a small amount of the mature form, as well as the precursor, in the cells transfected with the Y249N cDNA. Only precursor proteins were detected, mature proteins not appearing for the other mutant cDNAs. ..
  7. Saito T, Lim W, Suzuki T, Suzuki Y, Kida H, Nishimura S, et al. Characterization of a human H9N2 influenza virus isolated in Hong Kong. Vaccine. 2001;20:125-33 pubmed
    ..Together with data so far available, the present study suggested that isolation of the H9 influenza viruses from humans requires precaution against the emergence of a novel human influenza. ..
  8. Kagawa S, Klein F, Corboz L, Moore J, Murayama O, Matsuda M. Demonstration of heterogeneous genotypes of Taylorella equigenitalis isolated from horses in six European countries by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. Vet Res Commun. 2001;25:565-75 pubmed
    ..Each of the six genotypes determined among the 17 isolates from these two countries had single phenotypes for resistance or susceptibility to STM...
  9. Eishi Y, Suga M, Ishige I, Kobayashi D, Yamada T, Takemura T, et al. Quantitative analysis of mycobacterial and propionibacterial DNA in lymph nodes of Japanese and European patients with sarcoidosis. J Clin Microbiol. 2002;40:198-204 pubmed
    ..Propionibacterium spp. are more likely than Mycobacteria spp. to be involved in the etiology of sarcoidosis, not only in Japanese but also in European patients with sarcoidosis. ..

More Information


  1. Hirota M, Nemoto K, Wada A, Igarashi Y, Aoyama M, Matsueda H, et al. Spatial and temporal variations of atmospheric 85Kr observed during 1995-2001 in Japan: estimation of atmospheric 85Kr inventory in the Northern Hemisphere. J Radiat Res. 2004;45:405-13 pubmed
    ..The global atmospheric inventory of 85Kr in December 2001 was also estimated to be approximately 5 EBq by using observed data in Tsukuba...
  2. Takamura H, Yamashita H. Clinicopathological analysis of malignant eyelid tumor cases at Yamagata university hospital: statistical comparison of tumor incidence in Japan and in other countries. Jpn J Ophthalmol. 2005;49:349-54 pubmed
    ..To report the clinical and histopathological features of malignant eyelid tumor cases treated in our clinic. We also compared the differences in the frequency of malignant eyelid tumor in various regions of Japan and worldwide...
  3. Terao C, Kawaguchi T, Dieude P, Varga J, Kuwana M, Hudson M, et al. Transethnic meta-analysis identifies GSDMA and PRDM1 as susceptibility genes to systemic sclerosis. Ann Rheum Dis. 2017;76:1150-1158 pubmed publisher
    ..Enrichment analysis suggested the importance of CD4-naïve primary T cell. GSDMA and PRDM1 are associated with SSc. These findings provide enhanced insight into the genetic and biological basis of SSc. ..