Experts and Doctors on bacteriophage p2 in Sweden


Locale: Sweden
Topic: bacteriophage p2

Top Publications

  1. Massad T, Skaar K, Nilsson H, Damberg P, Henriksson Peltola P, Haggård Ljungquist E, et al. Crystal structure of the P2 C-repressor: a binder of non-palindromic direct DNA repeats. Nucleic Acids Res. 2010;38:7778-90 pubmed publisher
    ..The structure provides insight into the mechanisms behind the mutants of P2 C causing dimer disruption, temperature sensitivity and insensitivity to the P4 antirepressor. ..
  2. Henriksson Peltola P, Sehlén W, Haggård Ljungquist E. Determination of the DNA-binding kinetics of three related but heteroimmune bacteriophage repressors using EMSA and SPR analysis. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35:3181-91 pubmed
    ..Thus, the kinetics of complex formation and the nature of the complexes formed differ extensively between these very closely related phages. ..
  3. Frumerie C, M Eriksson J, Dugast M, Haggård Ljungquist E. Dimerization of bacteriophage P2 integrase is not required for binding to its DNA target but for its biological activity. Gene. 2005;344:221-31 pubmed
    ..The dimerization deficient mutants were unaffected in binding to its phage attachment site (attP) substrate, but had a reduced ability to complement an int-defective prophage...
  4. Nilsson A, Haggård Ljungquist E. Evolution of P2-like phages and their impact on bacterial evolution. Res Microbiol. 2007;158:311-7 pubmed
    ..Taken together, this suggests that P2-like phages and their hosts are coevolving...
  5. Liu T, Renberg S, Haggård Ljungquist E. The E protein of satellite phage P4 acts as an anti-repressor by binding to the C protein of helper phage P2. Mol Microbiol. 1998;30:1041-50 pubmed
  6. Liu T, Hagg rd Ljungquist E. The transcriptional switch of bacteriophage WPhi, a P2-related but heteroimmune coliphage. J Virol. 1999;73:9816-26 pubmed
    ..However, in contrast to P2 Cox, WPhi Cox is unable to activate the P4 Pll promoter...
  7. Frumerie C, Sylwan L, Ahlgren Berg A, Haggård Ljungquist E. Cooperative interactions between bacteriophage P2 integrase and its accessory factors IHF and Cox. Virology. 2005;332:284-94 pubmed
    ..The Int and Cox proteins also bind cooperatively to attP...
  8. Odegrip R, Nilsson A, Haggård Ljungquist E. Identification of a gene encoding a functional reverse transcriptase within a highly variable locus in the P2-like coliphages. J Bacteriol. 2006;188:1643-7 pubmed
    ..The product of one of them exhibits reverse transcriptase activity and blocks infection of phage T5...
  9. Karlsson J, Cardoso Palacios C, Nilsson A, Haggård Ljungquist E. Evolution of immunity and host chromosome integration site of P2-like coliphages. J Bacteriol. 2006;188:3923-35 pubmed
    ..The evolution of immunity and integration sites is complex, since it involves interactions both between the phages themselves and between phages and hosts, and often, both regulatory proteins and target DNA must change...

More Information


  1. Odegrip R, Schoen S, Haggård Ljungquist E, Park K, Chattoraj D. The interaction of bacteriophage P2 B protein with Escherichia coli DnaB helicase. J Virol. 2000;74:4057-63 pubmed
  2. Eriksson J, Haggård Ljungquist E. The multifunctional bacteriophage P2 cox protein requires oligomerization for biological activity. J Bacteriol. 2000;182:6714-23 pubmed
    ..Furthermore we show that oligomerization is necessary for the biological activity by characterizing different cox mutants and that oligomerization is mediated by the C-terminal region...
  3. Nilsson A, Hagg rd Ljungquist E. Detection of homologous recombination among bacteriophage P2 relatives. Mol Phylogenet Evol. 2001;21:259-69 pubmed publisher
    ..The applicability of different methods used for detection of recombination breakpoints and estimation of rates of recombination in bacteriophages is discussed...
  4. Renberg Eriksson S, Ahlgren Berg A, DeGrooth J, Haggård Ljungquist E. Characterization of the developmental switch region of bacteriophage P2 Hy dis. Virology. 2001;290:199-210 pubmed
    ..The P4 E protein was shown to derepress the developmental switch of P2 Hy dis in a plasmid-based derepression assay...
  5. Hagg rd Ljungquist E, Jacobsen E, Rishovd S, Six E, Nilssen O, Sunshine M, et al. Bacteriophage P2: genes involved in baseplate assembly. Virology. 1995;213:109-21 pubmed
    ..P4 mutations that partially compensate for this defect of gene V lie in the P4 capsid size determination gene, sid...
  6. Ahlgren Berg A, Henriksson Peltola P, Sehlén W, Haggård Ljungquist E. A comparison of the DNA binding and bending capacities and the oligomeric states of the immunity repressors of heteroimmune coliphages P2 and WPhi. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35:3167-80 pubmed
    ..However, the protein-DNA complexes formed differ, as determined by electrophoretic mobility shift experiments. A difference in spontaneous phage production is observed in isogenic lysogens...
  7. Liu T, Renberg S, Haggård Ljungquist E. Derepression of prophage P2 by satellite phage P4: cloning of the P4 epsilon gene and identification of its product. J Virol. 1997;71:4502-8 pubmed
    ..The ash9 mutation, which is located upstream of the epsilon gene, enhances the E-mediated derepression of the Pe promoter. The purified E protein shows no specific DNA binding activity, and the implications of this are discussed...
  8. Sylwan L, Frumerie C, Haggård Ljungquist E. Identification of bases required for P2 integrase core binding and recombination. Virology. 2010;404:240-5 pubmed publisher
    ..We have analyzed single nucleotides in attB and find that sequence homology within a non-centrally located quadruplet in the hypothetical overlap region is essential for efficient recombination in vivo. ..
  9. Liu Y, Haggård Ljungquist E. Studies of bacteriophage P2 DNA replication: localization of the cleavage site of the A protein. Nucleic Acids Res. 1994;22:5204-10 pubmed