Experts and Doctors on atp translocases mitochondrial adp in Switzerland


Locale: Switzerland
Topic: atp translocases mitochondrial adp

Top Publications

  1. Hutter P, Karch F. Molecular analysis of a candidate gene for the reproductive isolation between sibling species of Drosophila. Experientia. 1994;50:749-62 pubmed
    ..Analysis of several cDNAs suggested that the rescue of hybrids may be dependent on mutations in the variable 3' end region of this gene, affecting the level and/or the stability of the largest messenger RNA. ..
  2. Haucke V, Schatz G. Reconstitution of the protein insertion machinery of the mitochondrial inner membrane. EMBO J. 1997;16:4560-7 pubmed
    ..The protein insertion machinery can thus operate independently of the energy-transducing Tim44p-mhsp70 complex. ..
  3. Koehler C, Jarosch E, Tokatlidis K, Schmid K, Schweyen R, Schatz G. Import of mitochondrial carriers mediated by essential proteins of the intermembrane space. Science. 1998;279:369-73 pubmed
    ..Neither protein was required for protein import into the other mitochondrial compartments. Both proteins may function as intermembrane space chaperones for the highly insoluble carrier proteins. ..