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  1. Bird I, Millican D, Magness R. Specific pregnancy-induced angiotensin II type-1 receptor expression in ovine uterine artery does not involve formation of alternate splice variants or alternate promoter usage. Biol Reprod. 1998;59:219-24 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the pregnancy-induced increase in AT1-R expression unique to UAEC during pregnancy is not mediated by splicing of a unique transcript or unique promoter usage. ..
  2. Nichols W, Epstein B. Actions of selected cardiovascular hormones on arterial stiffness and wave reflections. Curr Pharm Des. 2009;15:304-20 pubmed
    ..This decrease in amplitude and increase in travel time (or delay) of the reflected wave causes a generalized decrease in systolic BP, arterial wall stress, wasted LV energy and TTI. ..
  3. McConnaughey M, Iams S. Sex hormones change adrenoceptors in blood vessels of the spontaneously hypertensive rat. Clin Exp Hypertens. 1993;15:153-70 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that sex hormones (androgens) modulate numbers of alpha 1 adrenoceptors in the cardiovascular system of the male SHR. ..
  4. Thibeault D, Truog W, Ekekezie I. Acinar arterial changes with chronic lung disease of prematurity in the surfactant era. Pediatr Pulmonol. 2003;36:482-9 pubmed
    ..We conclude that PH is a real possibility in severe CLD infants after discharge at 36 weeks. Grading the severity of CLD at discharge, and echocardiographic studies, may guide subsequent oxygen therapy. ..
  5. Jiang Z, Nuttall A, Zhao H, Dai C, Guan B, Si J, et al. Electrical coupling and release of K+ from endothelial cells co-mediate ACh-induced smooth muscle hyperpolarization in guinea-pig inner ear artery. J Physiol. 2005;564:475-87 pubmed
    ..The role ratio of K(ir) and pump current activation is at 8 : 1 or less. ..
  6. Bhuiyan A, Chen W, Srinivasan S, Azevedo M, Berenson G. Relationship of low birth weight to pulsatile arterial function in asymptomatic younger adults: the Bogalusa Heart Study. Am J Hypertens. 2010;23:168-73 pubmed publisher
    ..067, P = 0.033). The observed deleterious association of low birth weight on arterial wall dynamics in asymptomatic younger adults may account in part for the adverse CV risk in the Bogalusa sample. ..
  7. Coutinho T, Rooke T, Kullo I. Arterial dysfunction and functional performance in patients with peripheral artery disease: a review. Vasc Med. 2011;16:203-11 pubmed publisher
  8. Nenadic I, Urban M, Bernal M, Greenleaf J. Phase velocities and attenuations of shear, Lamb, and Rayleigh waves in plate-like tissues submerged in a fluid (L). J Acoust Soc Am. 2011;130:3549-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Results of numerical simulations in the frequency range 0-500 Hz are presented. ..
  9. Dolan J, Kolega J, Meng H. High wall shear stress and spatial gradients in vascular pathology: a review. Ann Biomed Eng. 2013;41:1411-27 pubmed publisher

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  1. Park S, Ives S, Gifford J, Andtbacka R, Hyngstrom J, Reese V, et al. Impact of age on the vasodilatory function of human skeletal muscle feed arteries. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2016;310:H217-25 pubmed publisher
  2. Krowka M, Mandell M, Ramsay M, Kawut S, Fallon M, Manzarbeitia C, et al. Hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension: a report of the multicenter liver transplant database. Liver Transpl. 2004;10:174-82 pubmed
    ..For patients who subsequently underwent OLT, transplant hospitalization mortality remained significant for both those with HPS (16%) and PortoPH (36%). ..
  3. Alizad A, Fatemi M, Whaley D, Greenleaf J. Application of vibro-acoustography for detection of calcified arteries in breast tissue. J Ultrasound Med. 2004;23:267-73 pubmed
    ..Vibro-acoustography can be used to detect calcified arteries in excised breast tissue. This method may eventually play a role in identifying individuals with an increased risk of coronary artery disease. ..
  4. Martin J, Jenkins V, Hsieh H, Balkowiec A. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor in arterial baroreceptor pathways: implications for activity-dependent plasticity at baroafferent synapses. J Neurochem. 2009;108:450-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our study indicates that BDNF expressed by first-order baroreceptor neurons is a likely mediator of both developmental and post-developmental modifications at first-order synapses in arterial baroreceptor pathways. ..
  5. Box G, Kaplan A, Rodriguez E, Skarecky D, Osann K, Finley D, et al. Sacrifice of accessory pudendal arteries in normally potent men during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy does not impact potency. J Sex Med. 2010;7:298-303 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, after sacrificing all APAs, we found no correlation with potency return, time to return of potency, quality of erections, or mean IIEF-5 scores at 24 months. ..
  6. Dong Y, Stallmann Jorgensen I, Pollock N, Harris R, Keeton D, Huang Y, et al. A 16-week randomized clinical trial of 2000 international units daily vitamin D3 supplementation in black youth: 25-hydroxyvitamin D, adiposity, and arterial stiffness. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010;95:4584-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Plasma 25(OH)D concentrations in response to the 2000 IU/d supplementation are negatively modulated by adiposity. ..
  7. Marcus N, Philippi N, Bird C, Li Y, Schultz H, Morgan B. Effect of AT1 receptor blockade on intermittent hypoxia-induced endothelial dysfunction. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2012;183:67-74 pubmed publisher
    ..NORM, but this was unaffected by Los. These results indicate that the blood pressure elevation and endothelial dysfunction associated with CIH is dependent, at least in part, on RAS signaling. ..
  8. Askari B, Carroll M, Capparelli M, Kramer F, Gerrity R, Bornfeldt K. Oleate and linoleate enhance the growth-promoting effects of insulin-like growth factor-I through a phospholipase D-dependent pathway in arterial smooth muscle cells. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:36338-44 pubmed
  9. O Brien L, Gozal D. Potential usefulness of noninvasive autonomic monitoring in recognition of arousals in normal healthy children. J Clin Sleep Med. 2007;3:41-7 pubmed
  10. Heffernan K, Patvardhan E, Kapur N, Karas R, Kuvin J. Peripheral augmentation index as a biomarker of vascular aging: an invasive hemodynamics approach. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2012;112:2871-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Each parameter provides distinct insight into systemic vascular aging and target organ damage. ..
  11. Kramer J, Grist T. Peripheral MR Angiography. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 2012;20:761-76 pubmed publisher
    ..The drawbacks experienced at the introduction of MRA to clinical routine have largely been overcome or at least diminished, so that the benefits of MRA outbalance the limitations. ..
  12. Karon B, Donato L, Larsen C, Siebenaler L, Wells A, Wood Wentz C, et al. Accuracy of Capillary and Arterial Whole Blood Glucose Measurements Using a Glucose Meter in Patients under General Anesthesia in the Operating Room. Anesthesiology. 2017;127:466-474 pubmed publisher
    ..Whole blood glucose on the meter did not meet accuracy guidelines established specifically for more intensive (e.g., intravenous insulin) glycemic control in the acute care environment. ..
  13. Seki T, Hong K, Yun J, Kim S, Oh S. Isolation of a regulatory region of activin receptor-like kinase 1 gene sufficient for arterial endothelium-specific expression. Circ Res. 2004;94:e72-7 pubmed
    ..The full text of this article is available online at ..
  14. Zheng J, Bird I, Chen D, Magness R. Angiotensin II regulation of ovine fetoplacental artery endothelial functions: interactions with nitric oxide. J Physiol. 2005;565:59-69 pubmed
    ..The potential cellular mechanisms underlying the regulation of Ang II on endothelial growth and vasodilator production are discussed. ..
  15. White R, Krajcer Z, Johnson M, Williams D, Bacharach M, O Malley E. Results of a multicenter trial for the treatment of traumatic vascular injury with a covered stent. J Trauma. 2006;60:1189-95; discussion 1195-6 pubmed
    ..The Wallgraft Endoprosthesis for the treatment of traumatic arterial injuries offers a promising alternative to conventional operative repair with comparable patency and less major morbidity and mortality. ..
  16. Woodman C, Trott D, Laughlin M. Short-term increases in intraluminal pressure reverse age-related decrements in endothelium-dependent dilation in soleus muscle feed arteries. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2007;103:1172-9 pubmed
  17. Wharton W, Stein J, Korcarz C, Sachs J, Olson S, Zetterberg H, et al. The effects of ramipril in individuals at risk for Alzheimer's disease: results of a pilot clinical trial. J Alzheimers Dis. 2012;32:147-56 pubmed
  18. Crawford C, Terranova W. The role of intraarterial vasodilators in the treatment of inadvertent intraarterial injection injuries. Ann Plast Surg. 1990;25:279-82 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the use of intraarterial spasmolytic agents has no effect on the course of tissue necrosis after inadvertent intraarterial injections. ..
  19. Bowles D, Graier W, Sturek M. Hydrogen peroxide activates Na(+)-dependent Ca(2+) influx in coronary endothelial cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2001;287:1134-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, in coronary arterial endothelial cells, H(2)O(2) increases Ca(2+) influx in an extracellular Na(+)-dependent manner via an agonist-insensitive pathway. ..
  20. Wang K, Jiang Y, Chen D, Zheng J. Hypoxia enhances FGF2- and VEGF-stimulated human placental artery endothelial cell proliferation: roles of MEK1/2/ERK1/2 and PI3K/AKT1 pathways. Placenta. 2009;30:1045-51 pubmed publisher
    ..These results also indicate that hypoxia promotes FGF2- and VEGF-stimulated cell proliferation without further activation of the PI3K/AKT1 and MEK1/2/ERK1/2, respectively. ..
  21. Solares C, Luong A, Batra P. Technical feasibility of transnasal endoscopic anterior ethmoid artery ligation: assessment with intraoperative CT imaging. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2009;23:619-21 pubmed publisher
    ..The objective of this study was to evaluate the technical feasibility of endoscopic anterior ethmoid artery (AEA) ligation for acute control of epistaxis...
  22. Grimes A, Stadt H, Shepherd I, Kirby M. Solving an enigma: arterial pole development in the zebrafish heart. Dev Biol. 2006;290:265-76 pubmed
  23. Hickey E, Karamlou T, You X, Komanapalli C, Person T, Wehrley K, et al. Hawley H. Seiler Resident Award paper. The use of a miniaturized circuit and bloodless prime to avoid cerebral no-reflow after neonatal cardiopulmonary bypass. Ann Thorac Surg. 2007;83:895-901 pubmed
  24. Nalliah R, Phillips J, Gaier A, Gochenaur K, Bell D. Experimental in vitro arterial reactivity and tissue culture solutions alter the time-dependent stability of anthocyanins from elderberry, chokeberry, and bilberry extracts. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2009;60 Suppl 1:209-19 pubmed publisher
    ..Such conversion would probably contribute to the effects of anthocyanins on physiological functions in in vitro experiments and needs to be considered when evaluating effects of these compounds on physiological processes. ..
  25. Tahara S, Bezerra H, Baibars M, Kyono H, Wang W, Pokras S, et al. In vitro validation of new Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography. EuroIntervention. 2011;6:875-82 pubmed publisher
    ..FD-OCT was more accurate than IVUS and had similar high reproducibility to determine vascular dimensions in vitro. These results support the use of FD-OCT in the clinical setting. ..
  26. El Abbadi M, Pai A, Leaf E, Yang H, Bartley B, Quan K, et al. Phosphate feeding induces arterial medial calcification in uremic mice: role of serum phosphorus, fibroblast growth factor-23, and osteopontin. Kidney Int. 2009;75:1297-1307 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that phosphate loading and the severity of uremia play critical roles in controlling arterial medial calcification in mice. Further, FGF-23 and osteopontin may be markers and/or inducers of this process. ..
  27. Dempsey J, Amann M, Romer L, Miller J. Respiratory system determinants of peripheral fatigue and endurance performance. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2008;40:457-61 pubmed publisher
    ..We also address how a compromised O2 transport exacerbates the rate of development of peripheral muscle fatigue and, in turn, precipitates central fatigue and exercise limitation. ..
  28. Askegard Giesmann J, Caniano D, Kenney B. Rare but serious complications of central line insertion. Semin Pediatr Surg. 2009;18:73-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Careful insertion techniques, as well as continued vigilance in the correct position and function of central venous catheters, are imperative to help prevent serious complications. ..
  29. Nunes S, Rekapally H, Chang C, Hoying J. Vessel arterial-venous plasticity in adult neovascularization. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e27332 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we show that vessels of arterial identity also hold the potential to undergo sprouting angiogenesis. ..
  30. Yan L, Liu C, Smith R, Jog M, LANGHAM M, Krasileva K, et al. Assessing intracranial vascular compliance using dynamic arterial spin labeling. Neuroimage. 2016;124:433-441 pubmed publisher
    ..The proposed dynamic ASL method offers a promising approach for assessing intracranial VC in a range of cardiovascular diseases and dementia. ..
  31. Edwards D, Roy M, Prasad R. Wave reflection augments central systolic and pulse pressures during facial cooling. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2008;294:H2535-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Facial cooling and the resulting peripheral vasoconstriction are associated with an increase in wave reflection and augmentation of central systolic pressure, potentially explaining ischemia and cardiovascular events in the cold. ..
  32. Prisby R, Alwood J, Behnke B, Stabley J, McCullough D, Ghosh P, et al. Effects of hindlimb unloading and ionizing radiation on skeletal muscle resistance artery vasodilation and its relation to cancellous bone in mice. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2016;120:97-106 pubmed publisher
  33. Chen D, Zangl A, Zhao Q, Markley J, Zheng J, Bird I, et al. Ovine caveolin-1: cDNA cloning, E. coli expression, and association with endothelial nitric oxide synthase. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2001;175:41-56 pubmed
    ..Because dissociation of eNOS from Cav-1 is required for the activation of eNOS, eNOS association with Cav-1 in UAEC suggests an important role of Cav-1 in regulating UAEC production of NO and possibly NO-mediated uterine vasodilatation. ..
  34. Payne J, Alexander B, Khalil R. Reduced endothelial vascular relaxation in growth-restricted offspring of pregnant rats with reduced uterine perfusion. Hypertension. 2003;42:768-74 pubmed
  35. Lahvis G, Lindell S, Thomas R, McCuskey R, Murphy C, Glover E, et al. Portosystemic shunting and persistent fetal vascular structures in aryl hydrocarbon receptor-deficient mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000;97:10442-7 pubmed
  36. Jajamovich G, Huang W, Besa C, Li X, Afzal A, Dyvorne H, et al. DCE-MRI of hepatocellular carcinoma: perfusion quantification with Tofts model versus shutter-speed model--initial experience. MAGMA. 2016;29:49-58 pubmed publisher
    ..03). Our results show differences when computed between the TM and the SSM. However, these differences are smaller than parameter reproducibilities and may be of limited clinical significance. ..
  37. Grummer M, Sullivan J, Magness R, Bird I. Vascular endothelial growth factor acts through novel, pregnancy-enhanced receptor signalling pathways to stimulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity in uterine artery endothelial cells. Biochem J. 2009;417:501-11 pubmed publisher
  38. Christian R, Harrington S, Edwards W, Oberg A, Fitzpatrick L. Estrogen status correlates with the calcium content of coronary atherosclerotic plaques in women. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2002;87:1062-7 pubmed
    ..Estrogen may modulate the calcium content of atherosclerotic plaques, as well as plaque area and may slow the progression of atherosclerosis in women. ..
  39. Akin E, Perkins E, Ross I. Surgical handling characteristics of an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer compared with N-butyl cyanoacrylate used for embolization of vessels in an arteriovenous malformation resection model in swine. J Neurosurg. 2003;98:366-70 pubmed
    ..Subjectively, the surgeon who performed the resections believed that Onyx was softer and handled better than NBCA. Onyx, which may offer endovascular advantages, also seems to provide benefits for the surgeon. ..
  40. Praveen C, Martin A. A rare case of fatal haemorrhage after tracheostomy. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2007;89:W6-8 pubmed
    ..A low tracheostomy below the third ring should be avoided. If there is bleeding, as a first-aid measure the cuff should be over inflated without removing the tracheostomy tube...
  41. Ferguson E, Dennis J, Vu J, Frykberg E. Redefining the role of arterial imaging in the management of penetrating zone 3 neck injuries. Vascular. 2005;13:158-63 pubmed
    ..Hard signs in stable patients should mandate AG because these vascular injuries may be amenable to endovascular therapy...
  42. Yi F, Bird I. Pregnancy-specific modulatory role of mitochondria on adenosine 5'-triphosphate-induced cytosolic [Ca2+] signaling in uterine artery endothelial cells. Endocrinology. 2005;146:4844-50 pubmed
    ..Moreover, our data revealed that P-UAEC is more resistant to the inhibitory effect of CCCP on [Ca2+]c than NP-UAEC. ..
  43. Dunn J, Kusnezov N, Schoenfeld A, Orr J, Cook P, Belmont P. Vascular Injuries in Combat-Specific Soldiers during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Ann Vasc Surg. 2016;35:30-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Uniformly equipping soldiers with battlefield tourniquets and educating them on their prehospital use might improve the survivorship of those servicemembers sustaining a compressible vascular injury. ..
  44. Hoffman R, Sinkey C, Dopp J, Phillips B. Systemic and local adrenergic regulation of muscle glucose utilization during hypoglycemia in healthy subjects. Diabetes. 2002;51:734-42 pubmed
    ..alpha-Adrenergic activation inhibits vasodilation and helps maintain brain glucose delivery. ..
  45. Scherer E, Herzog M, Wangemann P. Endothelin-1-induced vasospasms of spiral modiolar artery are mediated by rho-kinase-induced Ca(2+) sensitization of contractile apparatus and reversed by calcitonin gene-related Peptide. Stroke. 2002;33:2965-71 pubmed
  46. Nicholas J, D Agostino S, Patel S. Arterial compression of the retro-olivary sulcus of the ventrolateral medulla in essential hypertension and diabetes. Hypertension. 2005;46:982-5 pubmed
    ..However, in the diabetic population, the slight increase in the odds of arterial compression was not significant. ..
  47. Maksimowicz McKinnon K, Clark T, Hoffman G. Takayasu arteritis and giant cell arteritis: a spectrum within the same disease?. Medicine (Baltimore). 2009;88:221-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Differences in frequencies of manifestations may reflect a significant bias in how data are gathered for patients with each disease, as well as the influence of vascular and immunologic senescence. ..
  48. Haouzi P, Bell H, Van de Louw A. Hypoxia-induced arterial chemoreceptor stimulation and hydrogen sulfide: too much or too little?. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2011;179:97-102 pubmed publisher
    ..While the effects of the endogenous H(2)S on breathing remains to be established, the effects exogenous sulfide can be accounted for by its long established toxicity on cytochrome C oxidase. ..
  49. Konofaos P, Ver Halen J. Nerve repair by means of tubulization: past, present, future. J Reconstr Microsurg. 2013;29:149-64 pubmed publisher
  50. Donato A, Walker A, Magerko K, Bramwell R, Black A, Henson G, et al. Life-long caloric restriction reduces oxidative stress and preserves nitric oxide bioavailability and function in arteries of old mice. Aging Cell. 2013;12:772-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Old AL). Lastly, CR normalized age-related changes in the critical nutrient-sensing pathways SIRT-1 and mTOR (P < 0.05 vs. Old AL). Our findings demonstrate that CR is an effective strategy for attenuation of arterial aging. ..
  51. Badawy S, Etman A, Singh M, Murphy K, Mayelli T, Philadelphia M. Uterine artery embolization: the role in obstetrics and gynecology. Clin Imaging. 2001;25:288-95 pubmed
  52. Jiang Z, Shi X, Zhao H, Si J, Nuttall A. Basal nitric oxide production contributes to membrane potential and vasotone regulation of guinea pig in vitro spiral modiolar artery. Hear Res. 2004;189:92-100 pubmed
    ..The basal release of NO also contributes to vasotone relaxation, but the K(ATP) activation appears to play little role in the relaxation of the in vitro SMA. ..
  53. Golder F, Mitchell G. Spinal synaptic enhancement with acute intermittent hypoxia improves respiratory function after chronic cervical spinal cord injury. J Neurosci. 2005;25:2925-32 pubmed
  54. Cury M, Greenberg R, Morales J, Mohabbat W, Hernandez A. Supra-aortic vessels aneurysms: diagnosis and prompt intervention. J Vasc Surg. 2009;49:4-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Aneurysms involving the supra-aortic vessels are rare but carry serious risk of embolization, thrombosis, and rupture. We describe our experience with the diagnosis, treatment strategies, and outcomes in patients with extended follow-up...
  55. Conrad K, Shroff S. Effects of relaxin on arterial dilation, remodeling, and mechanical properties. Curr Hypertens Rep. 2011;13:409-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the vasodilatory and arterial remodeling properties of relaxin, the hormone may have therapeutic potential in the settings of abnormal pregnancies, heart failure, and pathologies associated with stiffening of arteries. ..
  56. Li D, Zhang Y, Philips M, Sawamura T, Mehta J. Upregulation of endothelial receptor for oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LOX-1) in cultured human coronary artery endothelial cells by angiotensin II type 1 receptor activation. Circ Res. 1999;84:1043-9 pubmed
  57. Herzog M, Scherer E, Albrecht B, Rorabaugh B, Scofield M, Wangemann P. CGRP receptors in the gerbil spiral modiolar artery mediate a sustained vasodilation via a transient cAMP-mediated Ca2+-decrease. J Membr Biol. 2002;189:225-36 pubmed
  58. Byers M, Zangl A, Phernetton T, Lopez G, Chen D, Magness R. Endothelial vasodilator production by ovine uterine and systemic arteries: ovarian steroid and pregnancy control of ERalpha and ERbeta levels. J Physiol. 2005;565:85-99 pubmed
  59. Yuan H, Wong L, Bhattacharya M, Ma C, Zafarani M, Yao M, et al. The effects of second-hand smoke on biological processes important in atherogenesis. BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2007;7:1 pubmed
    ..The former potentially can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the latter to heart attacks. ..
  60. Tulsyan N, Kashyap V, Greenberg R, Sarac T, Clair D, Pierce G, et al. The endovascular management of visceral artery aneurysms and pseudoaneurysms. J Vasc Surg. 2007;45:276-83; discussion 283 pubmed
    ..Current catheter-based techniques extend our ability to exclude visceral artery aneurysms, but imaging artifact hampers postoperative CT surveillance. ..
  61. McGuane J, Danielson L, Debrah J, Rubin J, Novak J, Conrad K. Angiogenic growth factors are new and essential players in the sustained relaxin vasodilatory pathway in rodents and humans. Hypertension. 2011;57:1151-60 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that there is concordance of relaxin vasodilatory mechanisms in rats, mice, and humans, and angiogenic growth factors are novel and essential intermediates. ..
  62. Hilgers R, Oparil S, Wouters W, Coelingh Bennink H. Vasorelaxing effects of estetrol in rat arteries. J Endocrinol. 2012;215:97-106 pubmed publisher
  63. Slavin R, Inada K. Segmental arterial mediolysis with accompanying venous angiopathy: a clinical pathologic review, report of 3 new cases, and comments on the role of endothelin-1 in its pathogenesis. Int J Surg Pathol. 2007;15:121-34 pubmed
    ..ET-1 may be indirectly play a role in SAM by cross-talking and potentiating the activities of other vasoconstrictors such as norepinephrine and by orchestrating its reparative phase. ..
  64. Adkisson E, Casey D, Beck D, Gurovich A, Martin J, Braith R. Central, peripheral and resistance arterial reactivity: fluctuates during the phases of the menstrual cycle. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2010;235:111-8 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Young premenopausal women experienced an overwhelming pattern of reduced BP and increased systemic vascular reactivity during the LF phase prior to ovulation. ..
  65. Helkin A, Stein J, Lin S, Siddiqui S, Maier K, Gahtan V. Dyslipidemia Part 1--Review of Lipid Metabolism and Vascular Cell Physiology. Vasc Endovascular Surg. 2016;50:107-18 pubmed publisher
  66. Batagini N, El Arousy H, Clair D, Kirksey L. Open versus Endovascular Treatment of Visceral Artery Aneurysms and Pseudoaneurysms. Ann Vasc Surg. 2016;35:1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Although longer-term follow-up is needed to access the durability of the endovascular treatment, initial successful outcomes and low reintervention rates make it a safe and feasible approach. ..
  67. Rhoton A. The cavernous sinus, the cavernous venous plexus, and the carotid collar. Neurosurgery. 2002;51:S375-410 pubmed
  68. Lohmeier T, Iliescu R, Dwyer T, Irwin E, Cates A, Rossing M. Sustained suppression of sympathetic activity and arterial pressure during chronic activation of the carotid baroreflex. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2010;299:H402-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, by providing evidence that baroreflexes have long-term effects on sympathetic activity and arterial pressure, they present a perspective that is opposite from studies of sinoaortic denervation. ..
  69. Goel S, Guo L, Liu B, Kent K. Mechanisms of post-intervention arterial remodelling. Cardiovasc Res. 2012;96:363-71 pubmed publisher
    ..The factors that contribute to this process are presented with an emphasis on potential therapeutic methods to enhance favourable remodelling and prevent restenosis. ..
  70. Morinelli T, Zhang L, Newman W, Meier K. Thromboxane A2/prostaglandin H2-stimulated mitogenesis of coronary artery smooth muscle cells involves activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase and S6 kinase. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:5693-8 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that I-BOP, a TXA2/PGH2 mimetic, produces growth of coronary artery vascular smooth muscle cells, which is preceded by activation of MAP kinase and S6 kinase. ..
  71. Parsons Wingerter P, Chandrasekharan U, McKay T, Radhakrishnan K, DiCorleto P, Albarran B, et al. A VEGF165-induced phenotypic switch from increased vessel density to increased vessel diameter and increased endothelial NOS activity. Microvasc Res. 2006;72:91-100 pubmed
    ..In summary, VEGF(165) induced a phenotypic switch from increased vessel density associated with low VEGF concentration, to increased vessel diameter and increased eNOS activity at high VEGF concentration...
  72. Sathyanarayana S, Carlier S, Li W, Thomas L. Characterisation of atherosclerotic plaque by spectral similarity of radiofrequency intravascular ultrasound signals. EuroIntervention. 2009;5:133-9 pubmed
    ..Promising results were demonstrated in a live animal model. This approach may have potential for accurate and reproducible plaque characterisation in vivo. ..
  73. Szmulowicz U, Gurland B, Garofalo T, Zutshi M. Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation: the experience of a single institution. J Gastrointest Surg. 2011;15:803-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Recurrences are more frequent during the learning curve. Patients with large, circumferential internal hemorrhoids should be counseled about a possible higher rate of recurrence. DG-HAL can be effectively repeated for recurrences. ..
  74. Grabowski G, Cornett C, Kang J. Esophageal and vertebral artery injuries during complex cervical spine surgery--avoidance and management. Orthop Clin North Am. 2012;43:63-74, viii pubmed publisher
    ..They can additionally be seen as a late complication of instrumentation usage and/or failure. Expedient diagnosis and management of these injuries minimize their impact and allow for optimal treatment outcome. ..
  75. Sholook M, Gilbert J, Sedeek M, Huang M, Hester R, Granger J. Systemic hemodynamic and regional blood flow changes in response to chronic reductions in uterine perfusion pressure in pregnant rats. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2007;293:H2080-4 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate that the RUPP model of pregnancy-induced hypertension has systemic hemodynamic and regional blood flow alterations that are strikingly similar to those observed in women with PE. ..
  76. Takx R, Partovi S, Ghoshhajra B. Imaging of atherosclerosis. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2016;32:5-12 pubmed publisher
    ..The integration of these techniques in clinical practice may allow for superior risk stratification and therapeutic planning as well as monitoring of interventional and medication based treatment strategies. ..
  77. Wang H, Chen Z, Anderson D. Molecular distinction and angiogenic interaction between embryonic arteries and veins revealed by ephrin-B2 and its receptor Eph-B4. Cell. 1998;93:741-53 pubmed
    ..These results provide evidence that differences between arteries and veins are in part genetically determined and suggest that reciprocal signaling between these two types of vessels is crucial for morphogenesis of the capillary beds. ..
  78. Prange H, Shoemaker J, Westen E, Horstkotte D, Pinshow B. Physiological consequences of oxygen-dependent chloride binding to hemoglobin. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2001;91:33-8 pubmed
  79. Rhoton A. The sellar region. Neurosurgery. 2002;51:S335-74 pubmed
  80. Lee W, Nelson P, Berceli S, Seeger J, Huber T. Outcome after hypogastric artery bypass and embolization during endovascular aneurysm repair. J Vasc Surg. 2006;44:1162-8; discussion 1168-9 pubmed
    ..Despite its increased complexity, hypogastric artery bypass is an excellent alternative to embolization in terms of patency and freedom from ischemic symptoms for patients with large common iliac artery aneurysms undergoing EVAR. ..
  81. Baumgartner F, Kalinowski A, Grant S. Endovascular repair of injury to a persistent sciatic artery. Tex Heart Inst J. 2009;36:61-4 pubmed
    ..In addition, we review the origin and significance of persistent sciatic artery, and we discuss the treatment of sequelae that are associated with this vascular anomaly. ..
  82. Carragher N, Levkau B, Ross R, Raines E. Degraded collagen fragments promote rapid disassembly of smooth muscle focal adhesions that correlates with cleavage of pp125(FAK), paxillin, and talin. J Cell Biol. 1999;147:619-30 pubmed
    ..Thus, collagen fragments induce distinct integrin signals that lead to initiation of calpain-mediated cleavage of pp125(FAK), paxillin, and talin and dissolution of the focal adhesion complex. ..
  83. Ratz P. Regulation of ERK phosphorylation in differentiated arterial muscle of rabbits. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2001;281:H114-23 pubmed
    ..A strong correlation between PE-induced force and ERK phosphorylation supports the hypothesis that ERK activation may reflect a signal "notifying" the cell of the degree of alpha(1)-adrenergic receptor-induced contraction...
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