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  1. Bernard V, Somogyi P, Bolam J. Cellular, subcellular, and subsynaptic distribution of AMPA-type glutamate receptor subunits in the neostriatum of the rat. J Neurosci. 1997;17:819-33 pubmed
  2. Steel M, Moss J, Clark K, Kearns I, Davies C, Morris R, et al. Gene-trapping to identify and analyze genes expressed in the mouse hippocampus. Hippocampus. 1998;8:444-57 pubmed
    ..hpk mice displayed an increase in hippocampal CA1 long-term potentiation (LTP), suggesting a role for this receptor in synaptic plasticity. ..
  3. McGivan J, Nicholson B. Regulation of high-affinity glutamate transport by amino acid deprivation and hyperosmotic stress. Am J Physiol. 1999;277:F498-500 pubmed
    ..Indirect evidence suggests that the increase in EAAC1 activity in the latter case may be due to the synthesis of an activator protein in response to decreased intracellular glutamate concentrations...
  4. Isaacs A, Oliver P, Jones E, Jeans A, Potter A, Hovik B, et al. A mutation in Af4 is predicted to cause cerebellar ataxia and cataracts in the robotic mouse. J Neurosci. 2003;23:1631-7 pubmed
    ..This function was not identified through knock-out studies, highlighting the power of phenotype-driven mutagenesis in the mouse to identify new pathways involved in neurological disease. ..
  5. Niemann C, Unden A, Lyle S, Zouboulis C, Toftgard R, Watt F. Indian hedgehog and beta-catenin signaling: role in the sebaceous lineage of normal and neoplastic mammalian epidermis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100 Suppl 1:11873-80 pubmed
    ..We present a model of the interactions between beta-catenin and hedgehog signaling in the epidermis in which SHH promotes proliferation of progenitors of the hair lineages whereas IHH stimulates proliferation of sebocyte precursors. ..
  6. Dode L, Andersen J, Leslie N, Dhitavat J, Vilsen B, Hovnanian A. Dissection of the functional differences between sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA) 1 and 2 isoforms and characterization of Darier disease (SERCA2) mutants by steady-state and transient kinetic analyses. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:47877-89 pubmed
    ..In this case, the disease may be a consequence of the low expression level and/or reduction of Ca2+ affinity and sensitivity to inhibition by lumenal Ca2+. ..
  7. Kashiwagi M, Enghild J, Gendron C, Hughes C, Caterson B, Itoh Y, et al. Altered proteolytic activities of ADAMTS-4 expressed by C-terminal processing. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:10109-19 pubmed
    ..Finding of ADAMTS-4 in the interleukin-1alpha-treated porcine articular cartilage primarily as a 46-kDa form suggests that it exhibits a broader substrate spectrum in the tissue than originally considered. ..
  8. Townsley A, Dutia B, Nash A. The m4 gene of murine gammaherpesvirus modulates productive and latent infection in vivo. J Virol. 2004;78:758-67 pubmed
    ..M4 expression in vivo was detectable during productive infection in the lung and during the establishment of latency in the spleen, but in general M4 was not detectable during long-term latency (day 100 postinfection). ..
  9. Vali L, Pearce M, Wisely K, Hamouda A, Knight H, Smith A, et al. Comparison of diversities of Escherichia coli O157 shed from a cohort of spring-born beef calves at pasture and in housing. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2005;71:1648-52 pubmed
    ..Despite this, there was a difference in the pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and phage types of isolates shed by cattle at pasture compared with those shed by the same cattle when weaned and housed. ..

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  1. Marler K, Kozma R, Ahmed S, Dong J, Hall C, Lim L. Outgrowth of neurites from NIE-115 neuroblastoma cells is prevented on repulsive substrates through the action of PAK. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:5226-41 pubmed
    ..Thus, while neurite outgrowth can be promoted by RhoA inhibition, overcoming the accompanying repulsive guidance response will require modulation of PAK activity. These results have therapeutic implications for CNS repair processes. ..
  2. Akai J, Halley P, Storey K. FGF-dependent Notch signaling maintains the spinal cord stem zone. Genes Dev. 2005;19:2877-87 pubmed
  3. Jawad M, Seedhouse C, Russell N, Plumb M. Polymorphisms in human homeobox HLX1 and DNA repair RAD51 genes increase the risk of therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia. Blood. 2006;108:3916-8 pubmed
  4. Coldwell M, Morley S. Specific isoforms of translation initiation factor 4GI show differences in translational activity. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:8448-60 pubmed
  5. Schmidt K, Hughes C, Chudek J, Goodyear S, Aspden R, Talbot R, et al. Cholesterol metabolism: the main pathway acting downstream of cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase in skeletal development of the limb. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:2716-29 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, cellular POR-dependent cholesterol synthesis is essential during limb and skeletal development. Modulation of P450 activity could contribute to susceptibility of the embryo and developing organs to teratogenesis. ..
  6. Holm L, Moody P, Howarth M. Electrophilic affibodies forming covalent bonds to protein targets. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:32906-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus electrophilic affibodies combined good specificity with improved detection of protein targets. ..
  7. Reimer M, Kuscha V, Wyatt C, Sörensen I, Frank R, Knuwer M, et al. Sonic hedgehog is a polarized signal for motor neuron regeneration in adult zebrafish. J Neurosci. 2009;29:15073-82 pubmed publisher
  8. Filippov A, Simon J, Barnard E, Brown D. The scaffold protein NHERF2 determines the coupling of P2Y1 nucleotide and mGluR5 glutamate receptor to different ion channels in neurons. J Neurosci. 2010;30:11068-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Differential distribution of NHERF2 in neurons may therefore determine coupling of mGluR5 receptors and P2Y1 receptors to calcium channels. ..
  9. Abu Amara M, Yang S, Quaglia A, Rowley P, Tapuria N, Seifalian A, et al. Effect of remote ischemic preconditioning on liver ischemia/reperfusion injury using a new mouse model. Liver Transpl. 2011;17:70-82 pubmed publisher
    ..With the availability of transgenic mice strains, this model should prove useful in unraveling the mechanisms of protection of hindlimb RIPC. ..
  10. Mohamed T, Oceandy D, Zi M, Prehar S, Alatwi N, Wang Y, et al. Plasma membrane calcium pump (PMCA4)-neuronal nitric-oxide synthase complex regulates cardiac contractility through modulation of a compartmentalized cyclic nucleotide microdomain. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:41520-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This has profound consequences for the regulation of local cyclic nucleotide and hence cardiac ?-adrenergic signaling. ..
  11. Hogg K, Young J, Oliver E, Souza C, McNeilly A, Duncan W. Enhanced thecal androgen production is prenatally programmed in an ovine model of polycystic ovary syndrome. Endocrinology. 2012;153:450-61 pubmed publisher
    ..05), HSD3B1 (P < 0.01), CYP17 (P < 0.05), and LHR (P < 0.05). This provides the first evidence of increased thecal androgenic capacity in the absence of a PCOS phenotype, suggesting a thecal defect induced during fetal life. ..
  12. Rupp A, Cunningham M, Yao D, Furukawa K, Willison H. The effects of age and ganglioside composition on the rate of motor nerve terminal regeneration following antibody-mediated injury in mice. Synapse. 2013;67:382-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, the rate of mNT regeneration following anti-ganglioside antibody and complement-mediated injury does not differ majorly between young adult and aged mice irrespective of the expression of particular gangliosides...
  13. Wilfert L, Jiggins F. The dynamics of reciprocal selective sweeps of host resistance and a parasite counter-adaptation in Drosophila. Evolution. 2013;67:761-73 pubmed publisher
    ..This well-understood natural system illustrates how the outcome of host-parasite coevolution is determined by different population genetic parameters in the field. ..
  14. Miller A, Gilchrist D, Nijjar J, Araldi E, Ramírez C, Lavery C, et al. MiR-155 has a protective role in the development of non-alcoholic hepatosteatosis in mice. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e72324 pubmed publisher
    ..Together these data indicate that miR-155 plays a pivotal role regulating lipid metabolism in liver and that its deregulation may lead to hepatic steatosis in patients with diabetes. ..
  15. Meehan L, Taylor S, Labens R, Cillán García E. Magnetic resonance imaging assisted management in five cases of suspected quittor. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2016;29:75-82 pubmed publisher
    ..We believe that the use of preoperative MRI facilitated accurate determination of the structures involved in cases of quittor, guiding the management, surgical approach and postoperative therapy. ..
  16. Beever L, Kulendra E, Meeson R. Short and long-term outcome following surgical stabilization of tarsocrural instability in dogs. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2016;29:142-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Complications are common; however many are external fixator related. Prosthetic ligaments are significantly associated with major complications. Regardless of technique, a degree of ongoing lameness is likely. ..
  17. Tsiamoulos Z, Sibbons P, Morris S, Hancock C, Saunders B. A novel multimodality endoscopic device for colonic submucosal dissection using a combination of bipolar radiofrequency and microwave modalities. Endoscopy. 2016;48:271-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Histology confirmed adequate healing in all postmortem defects. In this preclinical evaluation, the novel multimodality endoscopic device facilitated rapid and safe en bloc resection of colonic pseudopolyps. ..
  18. Oikonomidis L, Santangelo A, Shiba Y, Clarke F, Robbins T, Roberts A. A dimensional approach to modeling symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders in the marmoset monkey. Dev Neurobiol. 2017;77:328-353 pubmed publisher
    ..2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Develop Neurobiol 77: 328-353, 2017. ..
  19. Smith G, Altman M, Andresen B, Baker J, Brubaker J, Chen H, et al. Identification of quinazoline based inhibitors of IRAK4 for the treatment of inflammation. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2017;27:2721-2726 pubmed publisher
    ..These highly selective IRAK4 compounds show activity in vivo via oral dosing in a TLR7 driven model of inflammation. ..
  20. Everett C, Glenister P, Taylor D, Lyon M, Kratochvilova Loester J, Favor J. Mapping of six dominant cataract genes in the mouse. Genomics. 1994;20:429-34 pubmed
    ..A third mutant, provisionally designated Npp, mapped to Chromosome 5, 1.3 +/- 0.9 cM from the locus of W, and thus probably has a homologue on human Chromosome 4. ..
  21. Fischer P, Karlsson G, Dwek R, Platt F. N-butyldeoxynojirimycin-mediated inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus entry correlates with impaired gp120 shedding and gp41 exposure. J Virol. 1996;70:7153-60 pubmed
  22. Coulson P, Wilson R. Recruitment of lymphocytes to the lung through vaccination enhances the immunity of mice exposed to irradiated schistosomes. Infect Immun. 1997;65:42-8 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the presence of specific T cells in the lungs at the time of challenge confers a significant advantage, permitting a more effective recall response than in animals lacking such resident cells. ..
  23. Matthews H, Cornwall M, Crouch R. Prolongation of actions of Ca2+ early in phototransduction by 9-demethylretinal. J Gen Physiol. 2001;118:377-90 pubmed
  24. Forge A, Becker D, Casalotti S, Edwards J, Marziano N, Nevill G. Gap junctions in the inner ear: comparison of distribution patterns in different vertebrates and assessement of connexin composition in mammals. J Comp Neurol. 2003;467:207-31 pubmed
    ..Heteromeric cx26/cx30 connexons may be unique to the inner ear, which could be one factor underlying the non-syndromic character of the deafness caused by mutations in cx26. ..
  25. Shiels B, McKellar S, Katzer F, Lyons K, Kinnaird J, Ward C, et al. A Theileria annulata DNA binding protein localized to the host cell nucleus alters the phenotype of a bovine macrophage cell line. Eukaryot Cell. 2004;3:495-505 pubmed
    ..Our findings indicate that Theileria parasite molecules that are transported to the leukocyte nucleus have the potential to modulate the phenotype of infected cells...
  26. Valentijn A, Gilmore A. Translocation of full-length Bid to mitochondria during anoikis. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:32848-57 pubmed
    ..Our data indicate that Bid is important for regulating apoptosis via the intrinsic pathway and has implications for how Bid may fulfill that role. ..
  27. Hamada F, Bienz M. The APC tumor suppressor binds to C-terminal binding protein to divert nuclear beta-catenin from TCF. Dev Cell. 2004;7:677-85 pubmed
    ..Our evidence indicates that APC is an adaptor between beta-catenin and CtBP and that CtBP lowers the availability of free nuclear beta-catenin for binding to TCF by sequestering APC/beta-catenin complexes. ..
  28. Fang X, Djouhri L, McMullan S, Berry C, Okuse K, Waxman S, et al. trkA is expressed in nociceptive neurons and influences electrophysiological properties via Nav1.8 expression in rapidly conducting nociceptors. J Neurosci. 2005;25:4868-78 pubmed
    ..8 are related to, and perhaps limited by, expression levels of trkA. This view is supported by a positive correlation between immuno-intensities of trkA and Nav1.8 in A-fiber, but not C-fiber, nociceptors. ..
  29. Maywood E, Reddy A, Wong G, O Neill J, O Brien J, McMahon D, et al. Synchronization and maintenance of timekeeping in suprachiasmatic circadian clock cells by neuropeptidergic signaling. Curr Biol. 2006;16:599-605 pubmed
    ..Hence, neuropeptidergic interneuronal signaling confers a canonical property upon the SCN: spontaneous synchronization of the intracellular molecular clockworks of individual neurons. ..
  30. Hopper N. The adaptor protein soc-1/Gab1 modifies growth factor receptor output in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 2006;173:163-75 pubmed
    ..Thus, the recruitment of soc-1/Gab1, and its effectors, into the RTK-signaling complex modifies the cellular response by enhancing Ras/Map kinase signaling while inhibiting PI3K and PLCgamma-mediated signaling. ..
  31. Parida S, Fleming L, Oh Y, Mahapatra M, Hamblin P, Gloster J, et al. Reduction of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) virus load in nasal excretions, saliva and exhaled air of vaccinated pigs following direct contact challenge. Vaccine. 2007;25:7806-17 pubmed
    ..RNA copies, but no live virus was detected from the pharyngeal and soft palate tissues of a minority of vaccinated and infected pigs beyond the acute stage of the infection...
  32. Kleinjan D, Lettice L. Long-range gene control and genetic disease. Adv Genet. 2008;61:339-88 pubmed publisher
  33. Williams G, Wood A, Williams E, Gao Y, Mercado M, Katz A, et al. Ganglioside inhibition of neurite outgrowth requires Nogo receptor function: identification of interaction sites and development of novel antagonists. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:16641-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the results point to a rational strategy for developing novel ganglioside antagonists. ..
  34. Turner A, Singh N, Millard L. Bioaccessibility and bioavailability of Cu and Zn in sediment contaminated by antifouling paint residues. Environ Sci Technol. 2008;42:8740-6 pubmed
    ..The findings of this study have important implications regarding the cycling of trace metals in coastal waters impacted by boating activities. ..
  35. Rigby S, Huang Y, Streubel B, Chott A, Du M, Turner S, et al. The lymphoma-associated fusion tyrosine kinase ITK-SYK requires pleckstrin homology domain-mediated membrane localization for activation and cellular transformation. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:26871-81 pubmed publisher
  36. McLelland D, Ahmed B, Bair W. Responses to static visual images in macaque lateral geniculate nucleus: implications for adaptation, negative afterimages, and visual fading. J Neurosci. 2009;29:8996-9001 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that faster-adapting mechanisms in cortex are likely to be required to account for the dynamics of perception during and after the viewing of prolonged static images. ..
  37. Zhang X, Shephard F, Kim H, Palmer I, McHarg S, Fowler G, et al. TILRR, a novel IL-1RI co-receptor, potentiates MyD88 recruitment to control Ras-dependent amplification of NF-kappaB. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:7222-32 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that TILRR is an IL-1RI co-receptor, which associates with the signaling receptor complex to enhance recruitment of MyD88 and control Ras-dependent amplification of NF-kappaB and inflammatory responses. ..
  38. Segref A, Cabello J, Clucas C, Schnabel R, Johnstone I. Fate specification and tissue-specific cell cycle control of the Caenorhabditis elegans intestine. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:725-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Concurrent with the destabilization of CDC-25.1, LIN-23 displays a spatially dynamic behavior in the embryo, periodically entering a nuclear compartment where CDC-25.1 is abundant. ..
  39. Eriksson B, Stollewerk A. Expression patterns of neural genes in Euperipatoides kanangrensis suggest divergent evolution of onychophoran and euarthropod neurogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:22576-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these data and additional evidence, we suggest an evolutionary sequence of arthropod neurogenesis that is in line with the Mandibulata hypothesis. ..
  40. McArthur S, Robinson I, Gillies G. Novel ontogenetic patterns of sexual differentiation in arcuate nucleus GHRH neurons revealed in GHRH-enhanced green fluorescent protein transgenic mice. Endocrinology. 2011;152:607-17 pubmed publisher
    ..This information adds to our knowledge of processes that underpin the emergence of sex-specific GH secretory dynamics and hence biological activity of this pleiotropic hormone. ..
  41. Ahmad S, Veyrat N, Gordon Weeks R, Zhang Y, Martin J, Smart L, et al. Benzoxazinoid metabolites regulate innate immunity against aphids and fungi in maize. Plant Physiol. 2011;157:317-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, DIMBOA functions as a defense regulatory signal in maize innate immunity, which acts in addition to its well-characterized activity as a biocidal defense metabolite. ..
  42. Griffiths H, Whitehouse I, Baybutt H, Brown D, Kellett K, Jackson C, et al. Prion protein interacts with BACE1 protein and differentially regulates its activity toward wild type and Swedish mutant amyloid precursor protein. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:33489-500 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, although PrP(C) exerts no control on cleavage of APP(Swe) by BACE1, it has a profound influence on the cleavage of APP(WT), suggesting that PrP(C) may be a key protective player against sporadic Alzheimer disease. ..
  43. Xue L, Barrow A, Fleming V, Hunter M, Ogg G, Klenerman P, et al. Leukotriene E4 activates human Th2 cells for exaggerated proinflammatory cytokine production in response to prostaglandin D2. J Immunol. 2012;188:694-702 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings reveal that cysLTs, in particular LTE(4), have a significant proinflammatory impact on T cells and demonstrate their effects on Th2 cells are mediated by a montelukast-sensitive receptor. ..
  44. Bombardieri M, Barone F, Lucchesi D, Nayar S, van den Berg W, Proctor G, et al. Inducible tertiary lymphoid structures, autoimmunity, and exocrine dysfunction in a novel model of salivary gland inflammation in C57BL/6 mice. J Immunol. 2012;189:3767-76 pubmed
    ..This novel model has the potential to unravel the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate ELS formation and their role in exocrine dysfunction and autoimmunity in SS. ..
  45. Thorley A, Tetley T. New perspectives in nanomedicine. Pharmacol Ther. 2013;140:176-85 pubmed publisher
    ..It is thus important to determine, and appreciate, the fine balance between the efficacy and toxicity of nanomedicine. ..
  46. Glukhova M, Streuli C. How integrins control breast biology. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2013;25:633-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we mention novel strategies for integrin-directed breast cancer treatment. ..
  47. Dean S, Gould M, Dewar C, SCHNAUFER A. Single point mutations in ATP synthase compensate for mitochondrial genome loss in trypanosomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:14741-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These results have important implications for drug discovery and our understanding of the evolution of these parasites. ..
  48. Pooley J, Flynn B, Grøntved L, Baek S, Guertin M, Kershaw Y, et al. Genome-Wide Identification of Basic Helix-Loop-Helix and NF-1 Motifs Underlying GR Binding Sites in Male Rat Hippocampus. Endocrinology. 2017;158:1486-1501 pubmed publisher
    ..Alterations in the expression or activity of NF-1/basic helix-loop-helix factors may play an as yet undetermined role in glucocorticoid-related disease susceptibility and outcome by altering GR access to hippocampal binding sites. ..
  49. Meek K, Fullwood N, Cooke P, Elliott G, Maurice D, Quantock A, et al. Synchrotron x-ray diffraction studies of the cornea, with implications for stromal hydration. Biophys J. 1991;60:467-74 pubmed
    ..In both cases, it is possible to postulate a second set or population of fibrils that are more widely and irregularly separated and therefore do not contribute significantly to the diffraction pattern. ..
  50. McCartney R, Rice J, Sanderson S, Bunik V, Lindsay H, Lindsay J. Subunit interactions in the mammalian alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex. Evidence for direct association of the alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase and dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase components. J Biol Chem. 1998;273:24158-64 pubmed
    ..Moreover, a high affinity interaction has been demonstrated between the homodimeric E1 and E3 components, which form a stable subcomplex comprising single copies of these two enzymes. ..
  51. Bester H, De Felipe C, Hunt S. The NK1 receptor is essential for the full expression of noxious inhibitory controls in the mouse. J Neurosci. 2001;21:1039-46 pubmed
    ..The present study demonstrates that the NK1 receptor is essential for the full development of noxiously evoked descending inhibition. ..
  52. Evans G, Wilkinson M, Graham M, Turner K, Chamberlain L, Burgoyne R, et al. Phosphorylation of cysteine string protein by protein kinase A. Implications for the modulation of exocytosis. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:47877-85 pubmed
    ..We propose that PKA phosphorylation of CSP could modulate the exocytotic machinery, by selectively altering its availability for protein-protein interactions. ..
  53. Giuliano F, Mitchell J, Warner T. Sodium salicylate inhibits prostaglandin formation without affecting the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 by bacterial lipopolysaccharide in vivo. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2001;299:894-900 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, our results exclude mechanisms other than direct enzyme inhibition as responsible for the anti-COX effects of salicylate. ..
  54. Triantafilou K, Takada Y, Triantafilou M. Mechanisms of integrin-mediated virus attachment and internalization process. Crit Rev Immunol. 2001;21:311-22 pubmed
    ..This article will discuss the strategies devised by many viruses in their integrin-mediated attachment or cell entry. ..
  55. Johnston I, Allison S, Morton J, Schramm L, Scott P, White R. CK2 forms a stable complex with TFIIIB and activates RNA polymerase III transcription in human cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:3757-68 pubmed
    ..CK2 provides a rare example of an endogenous activity that operates on the PolIII system in both mammals and yeasts. Such evolutionary conservation suggests that this control may be of fundamental importance. ..
  56. Lobos E, Nutman T, Hothersall J, Moncada S. Elevated immunoglobulin E against recombinant Brugia malayi gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase in patients with bancroftian filariasis: association with tropical pulmonary eosinophilia or putative immunity. Infect Immun. 2003;71:747-53 pubmed
  57. Panic B, Perisic O, Veprintsev D, Williams R, Munro S. Structural basis for Arl1-dependent targeting of homodimeric GRIP domains to the Golgi apparatus. Mol Cell. 2003;12:863-74 pubmed
    ..Despite no conservation of sequence, topology, or even helical direction, several other effectors form similar interactions with small GTPases via a pair of alpha helices, suggesting a common structural basis for effector recognition. ..
  58. Abbott K, Egerton J. Eradication of footrot of lesser clinical severity (intermediate footrot). Aust Vet J. 2003;81:688-93 pubmed
    ..The use of parenteral antibiotics as an aid to the eradication of IFR is contraindicated. ..
  59. Richardson C, Leitch B. Phenotype of cerebellar glutamatergic neurons is altered in stargazer mutant mice lacking brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNA expression. J Comp Neurol. 2005;481:145-59 pubmed
    ..It is possible that at least some of theses changes in phenotype are directly attributable to the lack of BDNF in the cerebellum of the stg mutant. ..
  60. Seymour K, Roberts L, Fini M, Parmley L, Oustitch T, Wright R. Stress activation of mammary epithelial cell xanthine oxidoreductase is mediated by p38 MAPK and CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein-beta. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:8545-58 pubmed
    ..They identify an essential function of the C/EBPbeta transcription factor in mouse XOR expression and suggest a potential role for p38 MAPK activation of C/EBPbeta in mammary epithelial cells. ..
  61. Bannatyne B, Edgley S, Hammar I, Jankowska E, Maxwell D. Differential projections of excitatory and inhibitory dorsal horn interneurons relaying information from group II muscle afferents in the cat spinal cord. J Neurosci. 2006;26:2871-80 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate that these latter interneurons exercise widespread inhibitory control over a variety of cell types located on both sides of the spinal cord. ..
  62. Learmount J, Taylor M, Smith G, Morgan C. A computer model to simulate control of parasitic gastroenteritis in sheep on UK farms. Vet Parasitol. 2006;142:312-29 pubmed
    ..The model will be used to demonstrate the advantage, in terms of delaying resistance development, of current guidelines for anthelmintic use and management practices for worm control in sheep...
  63. Kalujnaia S, Wilson G, Feilen A, Cramb G. Guanylin-like peptides, guanylate cyclase and osmoregulation in the European eel (Anguilla anguilla). Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2009;161:103-14 pubmed publisher
    ..The results suggest that uroguanylin and GC-C1 are key components of a cGMP signalling system that may play an important role within intestinal enterocytes for the regulation of salt and water absorption in the SW-acclimated eel...
  64. Eöry L, Halligan D, Keightley P. Distributions of selectively constrained sites and deleterious mutation rates in the hominid and murid genomes. Mol Biol Evol. 2010;27:177-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Including coding and noncoding sites, we estimate that the genomic deleterious mutation rate U = 4.2. The mutational load predicted under a multiplicative model is therefore about 99% in hominids. ..
  65. Tantra R, Tompkins J, Quincey P. Characterisation of the de-agglomeration effects of bovine serum albumin on nanoparticles in aqueous suspension. Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2010;75:275-81 pubmed publisher
    ..In the case of ZnO, the enhanced stability is limited to BSA concentrations below 0.5 wt.%. Steric and electrostatic repulsion are thought to be responsible for improved stability of the dispersion. ..
  66. Oke O, Burgess S, Forgacs E, Knight P, Sakamoto T, Sellers J, et al. Influence of lever structure on myosin 5a walking. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:2509-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Slow rates of ADP dissociation observed from lead heads of these molecules can be explained by the unfavorable equilibrium between the pre- and postpowerstroke conformations preceding ADP loss. ..
  67. Brown G, Ferry R, Meddis R. A computer model of auditory efferent suppression: implications for the recognition of speech in noise. J Acoust Soc Am. 2010;127:943-54 pubmed publisher
    ..The results obtained are consistent with the suggestion that efferent suppression causes a "release from adaptation" in the auditory-nerve response to noisy speech, which enhances its intelligibility. ..
  68. Wacker D, Wingfield J, Davis J, Meddle S. Seasonal changes in aromatase and androgen receptor, but not estrogen receptor mRNA expression in the brain of the free-living male song sparrow, Melospiza melodia morphna. J Comp Neurol. 2010;518:3819-35 pubmed publisher
    ..ERalpha and ERbeta mRNA expression did not vary seasonally in any brain region examined, suggesting that estrogen-dependent changes in behavior are mediated by differences in neural estrogen synthesis. ..
  69. Petrovskii S, Mashanova A, Jansen V. Variation in individual walking behavior creates the impression of a Levy flight. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:8704-7 pubmed publisher
  70. Urbé S, Liu H, Hayes S, Heride C, Rigden D, Clague M. Systematic survey of deubiquitinase localization identifies USP21 as a regulator of centrosome- and microtubule-associated functions. Mol Biol Cell. 2012;23:1095-103 pubmed publisher
  71. Rashid A, Housden J, Helm B, Draber P. Fc receptor-? subunits with both polar or non-polar amino acids at position of T22 are capable of restoring surface expression of the high-affinity IgE receptor and degranulation in ? subunit-deficient rat basophilic leukemia cells. Mol Immunol. 2013;53:270-3 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data indicate that substitution of FcR-? T22 with non-polar amino acid does not interfere with surface expression of the Fc?RI and its signaling capacity. ..
  72. Connolly F, Rae M, Bittner L, Hogg K, McNeilly A, Duncan W. Excess androgens in utero alters fetal testis development. Endocrinology. 2013;154:1921-33 pubmed publisher
    ..This supports the concept that gestational antecedents associated with polycystic ovary syndrome may have effects on the male fetus. ..
  73. Hamilton W, Kaji K, Kunath T. ERK2 suppresses self-renewal capacity of embryonic stem cells, but is not required for multi-lineage commitment. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e60907 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that ERK2 contributes to the destabilization of ES cell self-renewal by reducing expression of pluripotency genes, such as Nanog, but is not specifically required for the early stages of germ layer specification. ..
  74. Breitling R, Achcar F, Takano E. Modeling challenges in the synthetic biology of secondary metabolism. ACS Synth Biol. 2013;2:373-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We argue that an explicit quantitative consideration of the resulting uncertainty of metabolic models can lead to more informative predictions to guide the design of improved production hosts for bioactive secondary metabolites. ..
  75. Campbell S, Williams T, Yousuf A, Soanes D, Paszkiewicz K, Williams B. The genome of Spraguea lophii and the basis of host-microsporidian interactions. PLoS Genet. 2013;9:e1003676 pubmed publisher
  76. Zhou M, Zhang X, Yu C, Nan X, Chen X, Zhang X. Shape regulated anticancer activities and systematic toxicities of drug nanocrystals in vivo. Nanomedicine. 2016;12:181-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In this article, the authors investigated and compared the anticancer activities of hydroxycamptothecin nanorods and nanoparticles. The experimental data would provide a better understanding for future drug design. ..
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    ..Analysis of homozygous mice carrying insertions in LAR and PTP kappa showed that both genes were effectively disrupted, but neither was essential for normal embryonic development. ..
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