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  1. Tomas T, Gralewicz S. A comparison of changes in spontaneous (EEG) and evoked brain activity induced by chlorphenvinphos and physostigmine in rats and rabbits. Pol J Occup Med Environ Health. 1992;5:55-69 pubmed
    ..The data do not confirm the suggestion that brain electrical activity is the most sensitive index of neurotoxicity resulting from exposure to organophosphate ChE inhibitors. ..
  2. Borowicz K, Czuczwar S. Effect of some convulsants on the protective activity of loreclezole and its combinations with valproate or clonazepam in amygdala-kindled rats. Pol J Pharmacol. 2003;55:727-33 pubmed
    ..The results support the hypothesis that the protective activity of loreclezole and its combinations with other antiepileptics may involve potentiation of GABAergic neurotransmission and blockade of L-type of calcium channels. ..
  3. Namiecinski M, Pulaski L, Kochman A, Skolimowski J, Bartosz G, Metodiewa D. Cytotoxicity, cytoprotection and neurotoxicity of novel deprenyl-related propargylamines, stable nitroxide free radicals, in vitro and in vivo. In Vivo. 2004;18:171-80 pubmed
    ..Taken together, it can be concluded with great certainty that novel deprenyl-related JSAKs might be especially good candidates for further anticancer investigations in vitro and in vivo and future pharmacological applications...
  4. Bełzecki G, Miltko R, Michałowski T. Why does the establishment of the starch preferring Entodinium caudatum in the rumen decrease the numbers of the fibrolytic ciliate Eudiplodinium maggii?. Folia Microbiol (Praha). 2004;49:139-42 pubmed
    ..It is suggested that competition for starch between the two ciliate species was responsible for the drop in the numbers of E. maggii. This could result from a too low concentration of small particles of hay in the rumen fluid...
  5. Zabielski P, Baranowski M, Zendzian Piotrowska M, Blachnio A, Gorski J. Partial hepatectomy activates production of the pro-mitotic intermediates of the sphingomyelin signal transduction pathway in the rat liver. Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 2007;83:277-84 pubmed
    ..It is concluded that partial hepatectomy induces production of the pro-mitogenic intermediates of sphingomyelin signaling pathway during the first 12h of liver regeneration in rat. ..
  6. Chmiel Perzyńska I, Perzynski A, Wielosz M, Urbanska E. Hyperglycemia enhances the inhibitory effect of mitochondrial toxins and D,L-homocysteine on the brain production of kynurenic acid. Pharmacol Rep. 2007;59:268-73 pubmed
  7. Najgebauer D, Grega T, Sady M, Tomasik P. Polymeric complexes of cornstarch and waxy cornstarch phosphates with milk casein and their performance as biodegradable materials. Molecules. 2004;9:550-67 pubmed
    ..Because of their insolubility in 7 M aqueous urea solution they might also be considered as complexes in which the components were chemically bound. Enzymatic studies showed that they are biodegradable materials. ..
  8. Trejter M, Guidolin D, Nowak M, Macchi V, Majchrzak M, De Caro R, et al. Neuromedin U enhances proliferation of ACTH-stimulated adrenocortical cells in the rat. Int J Mol Med. 2009;23:99-104 pubmed
    ..Thus, our findings demonstrate that exogenous NMU may stimulate proliferation primarily of the cortical ZG cells in rats administered with ACTH, although at high doses of exogenous corticotropin an opposite effect occurred. ..
  9. Rokicka M, Lumme J, Zietara M. Two new Antarctic Gyrodactylus species (Monogenoidea): description and phylogenetic characterization. J Parasitol. 2009;95:1112-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The observations suggest an evolutionary continuum of the marine Gyrodactylus spp. fauna in the northern and southern hemispheres, which indicates the marine origin of some freshwater Gyrodactylus species. ..

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  1. Kasacka I. Quantitative distribution and localization of calcitonin gene-related peptide-like cells in the stomach of two kidney, one clip rats. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2009;60:35-9 pubmed
    ..The changes induced by hypertension in the neuroendocrine cells containing CGRP of the rats are discussed. ..
  2. Gren A. Effects of Iscador preparations on the reactivity of mouse immune system. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2009;30:530-4 pubmed
    ..Moreover, decrease of the total protein content, protein fractions globulins alpha2, beta, gamma and neutrophil, monocyte count in mouse serum was observed. ..
  3. Librowski T, Pytka K, Szaleniec M. Antihistaminic activity of carane derivatives in isolated guinea pig ileum. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:1211-5 pubmed
  4. Dzwonkowska B, Włodarski K. Peripheral blood and lymphatic organs in BALB/c mice during the progressive and regressive phases of Moloney sarcoma development. Folia Biol (Krakow). 2010;58:9-13 pubmed
    ..This was a long-lasting, although declining event, extending beyond tumor regression. ..
  5. Herman A, Tomaszewska Zaremba D. Effect of endotoxin on the expression of GnRH and GnRHR genes in the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland of anestrous ewes. Anim Reprod Sci. 2010;120:105-11 pubmed publisher
    ..This phenomenon could play an important role in the physiology of GnRH neurons. Our data demonstrate that immune stress could be important inhibitor of this process...
  6. Zabielski P, Baranowski M, Błachnio Zabielska A, Zendzian Piotrowska M, Gorski J. The effect of high-fat diet on the sphingolipid pathway of signal transduction in regenerating rat liver. Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 2010;93:75-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Shingosine-1-phosphate to ceramide ratio was higher in rats fed HFD. It is concluded that HFD stimulates the pro-mitotic action of the sphingolipid signaling in regenerating rat liver. ..
  7. Kramkowski K, Mogielnicki A, Leszczynska A, Buczko W. Angiotensin-(1-9), the product of angiotensin I conversion in platelets, enhances arterial thrombosis in rats. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2010;61:317-24 pubmed
    ..We concluded that Ang-(1-9) exerts an Ang II-like prothrombotic effect due to the conversion to Ang II in the circulatory system of rats and that platelets are involved in this process. ..
  8. Talarek S, Listos J, Fidecka S. Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on benzodiazepine withdrawal in mice and rats. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:680-9 pubmed
    ..Moreover, a clear propensity of L-NOARG to protect benzodiazepine-dependent rats against audiogenic seizures was observed. These findings suggest that the cGMP/NO system may participate in causing the signs of benzodiazepine withdrawal. ..
  9. Kolasa A, Misiakiewicz K, Marchlewicz M, Wiszniewska B. The generation of spermatogonial stem cells and spermatogonia in mammals. Reprod Biol. 2012;12:5-23 pubmed
    ..In this review, we describe the origin of SSCs and other spermatogonia populations and summarize the knowledge concerning their markers...
  10. Bruzdziak P, Rakowska P, Stangret J. Chemometric method of spectra analysis leading to isolation of lysozyme and CtDNA spectra affected by osmolytes. Appl Spectrosc. 2012;66:1302-10 pubmed publisher
    ..It can be easily adapted to various chemical and biochemical problems where vibrational or ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy is used. ..
  11. Mazur Bialy A, Pochec E, Plytycz B. Immunomodulatory effect of riboflavin deficiency and enrichment - reversible pathological response versus silencing of inflammatory activation. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2015;66:793-802 pubmed
    ..We conclude that short-term riboflavin deficiency significantly impairs the ability of macrophages to induce proper immune response, while riboflavin enrichment decreases the proinflammatory activation of macrophages. ..
  12. Bialuk I, Winnicka M. Facilitatory effect of AM281 on recognition memory in rats. Pharmacol Rep. 2016;68:301-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first evidence that AM281 exerts facilitatory effect on recognition memory in rats. This effect seems to be memory specific because no alterations in animals' psychomotor activity and anxiety were observed. ..
  13. Metodiewa D, Kochman A, Gebicka L, Skolimowski J. Evidence for peroxidative oxidation of substituted piperidine nitroxides, acting as apoptosis inducers in Yoshida Sarcoma cells in vivo. Anticancer Res. 2000;20:2421-6 pubmed
  14. Trejter M, Brelinska R, Warchol J, Butowska W, Neri G, Rebuffat P, et al. Effects of galanin on proliferation and apoptosis of immature rat thymocytes. Int J Mol Med. 2002;10:183-6 pubmed
  15. Błasiak J, Gloc E, Młynarski W, Drzewoski J, Skorski T. Amifostine differentially modulates DNA damage evoked by idarubicin in normal and leukemic cells. Leuk Res. 2002;26:1093-6 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that the reaction of the cell to DNA damage may contribute to its diverse response to amifostine combined with anticancer drugs and that p53 and fusion tyrosine kinases may be involved in this diversity. ..
  16. Chadzinska M, Scislowska Czarnecka A, Pierzchala Koziec K, Plytycz B. Inflammation-induced alternations in local and central Met-enkephalin in mice. Pol J Pharmacol. 2003;55:467-70 pubmed
  17. Zakrzewska M, Krowarsch D, Wiedlocha A, Olsnes S, Otlewski J. Highly stable mutants of human fibroblast growth factor-1 exhibit prolonged biological action. J Mol Biol. 2005;352:860-75 pubmed
    ..Our results show that engineered stable growth factor variants exhibit enhanced and prolonged activity, which can be advantageous in terms of the potential therapeutic applications of FGF-1. ..
  18. Klimek Tomczak K, Mikula M, Dzwonek A, Paziewska A, Wyrwicz L, Hennig E, et al. Mitochondria-associated satellite I RNA binds to hnRNP K protein. Acta Biochim Pol. 2006;53:169-78 pubmed
    ..The role of satellite I RNA in mitochondria remains to be elucidated. ..
  19. Mogielnicki A, Kramkowski K, Pietrzak L, Buczko W. N-methylnicotinamide inhibits arterial thrombosis in hypertensive rats. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2007;58:515-27 pubmed
    ..The antithrombotic effect of N-methylnicotinamide is accompanied by platelet inhibition and enhanced fibrinolysis, due to the decrease production of plasminogen activator inhibitor - 1. ..
  20. Larska M, Rola J. Molecular epizootiology of equine arteritis virus isolates from Poland. Vet Microbiol. 2008;127:392-8 pubmed
    ..The analysis of genetic diversity within the ORF5 sequences enabled a retrospective epizootic investigation. This study suggested that some of the EAV shedding stallions were probably infected before they were moved to Poland. ..
  21. Konturek S, Konturek P, Brzozowski T, Bubenik G. Role of melatonin in upper gastrointestinal tract. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2007;58 Suppl 6:23-52 pubmed
    ..This review concentrates on the generation and pathophysiological implication of melatonin in upper GIT...
  22. Jurynczyk M, Jurewicz A, Raine C, Selmaj K. Notch3 inhibition in myelin-reactive T cells down-regulates protein kinase C theta and attenuates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. J Immunol. 2008;180:2634-40 pubmed
    ..Thus, selective inhibition of the Notch3 receptor may have important effects on peripheral T cell responses and may offer a new attractive target in treating autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. ..
  23. Halatek T, Lutz P, Krajnow A, Stetkiewicz J, Domeradzka K, Swiercz R, et al. Assessment of neurobehavioral and biochemical effects in rats exposed to copper smelter dusts. J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng. 2011;46:230-41 pubmed publisher
    ..The low-grade inflammation resulted in induction of neurobehavioral effects probably by changes in "cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway" in which acetylcholine modulates neurotransmission. ..
  24. Boczek T, Kozaczuk A, Ferenc B, Kosiorek M, Pikula S, Zylinska L. Gene expression pattern in PC12 cells with reduced PMCA2 or PMCA3 isoform: selective up-regulation of calmodulin and neuromodulin. Mol Cell Biochem. 2012;360:89-102 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report showing function of PMCA2 and PMCA3 isoforms in the regulation of signaling pathways in PC12 cells. ..
  25. Filipiak E, Walczak Jedrzejowska R, Krupiński M, Oszukowska E, Marchlewska K, Długoński J, et al. Di(n-butyl) phthalate has no effect on the rat prepubertal testis despite its estrogenic activity in vitro. Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2011;49:685-9 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, exposure of a rat to DBP in doses 100 or 1,000-fold higher than a Tolerable Daily Intake for humans had no effect on its testicular development. ..
  26. Kaminski T, Smolinska N. Expression of orexin receptors in the pituitary. Vitam Horm. 2012;89:61-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Those hormones may also serve as a signal linking metabolic status with endocrine control of sleep, arousal, and reproduction processes. ..
  27. Salaga M, Storr M, Martemyanov K, Fichna J. RGS proteins as targets in the treatment of intestinal inflammation and visceral pain: New insights and future perspectives. Bioessays. 2016;38:344-54 pubmed publisher
    ..The ideas introduced in this review set a novel conceptual framework for the utilization of RGS proteins in the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation, a growing major concern worldwide. ..
  28. Åšlusarczyk J, Trojan E, Chwastek J, GÅ‚ombik K, Basta Kaim A. A Potential Contribution of Chemokine Network Dysfunction to the Depressive Disorders. Curr Neuropharmacol. 2016;14:705-20 pubmed
    ..It summarizes the most important data from experimental and clinical studies. ..
  29. Barszcz K, Kupczynska M, Polguj M, Klećkowska Nawrot J, Janeczek M, Goździewska Harłajczuk K, et al. Morphometry of the coronary ostia and the structure of coronary arteries in the shorthair domestic cat. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0186177 pubmed publisher
    ..These results can be useful in defining the optimal strategies in the endovascular procedures involving the coronary arteries or the aortic valve in the domestic shorthair cat. ..
  30. Mazerska Z, Lukowicz J, Konopa J. Antitumor activity of 1-nitro-9-aminoacridines including nitracrine against some ascitic experimental tumors. Arzneimittelforschung. 1990;40:472-7 pubmed
  31. Bucko Justyna M, Lipinski L, Burgering B, Trzeciak L. Characterization of testis-specific serine-threonine kinase 3 and its activation by phosphoinositide-dependent kinase-1-dependent signalling. FEBS J. 2005;272:6310-23 pubmed
    ..Analysis of peptide sequences identifies the peptide sequence RRSSSY containing Ser5 that is a target for TSSK3 phosphorylation, as an efficient and specific substrate for TSSK3. ..
  32. Brzozowska I, Ptak Belowska A, Pawlik M, Pajdo R, Drozdowicz D, Konturek S, et al. Mucosal strengthening activity of central and peripheral melatonin in the mechanism of gastric defense. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2009;60 Suppl 7:47-56 pubmed
  33. Pekala J, Patkowska Sokoła B, Bodkowski R, Jamroz D, Nowakowski P, Lochyński S, et al. L-carnitine--metabolic functions and meaning in humans life. Curr Drug Metab. 2011;12:667-78 pubmed
  34. Piechota A, Polańczyk A, Goraca A. Protective effects of endothelin-A receptor antagonist BQ123 against LPS-induced oxidative stress in lungs. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:494-500 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the dose of 0.5 mg/kg of the antagonist showed to be more effective in decreasing free radical generation and lung edema in endotoxemic rats. ..
  35. Niderla Bielinska J, Moskalewski S. Involucrin, but not filaggrin and Kdap mRNA, expression is downregulated in 3-D cultures of intact rat hair bulbs after calcium stimulation. Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2011;49:335-43 pubmed
    ..The observation that downregulation of involucrin expression under Ca(2+) influence occurs both in hair bulb and midsegments could simplify future experiments, since their separation does not seem to be necessary. ..
  36. Luszczki J, Andres Mach M, Barcicka Klosowska B, Florek Luszczki M, Haratym Maj A, Czuczwar S. Effects of WIN 55,212-2 mesylate (a synthetic cannabinoid) on the protective action of clonazepam, ethosuximide, phenobarbital and valproate against pentylenetetrazole-induced clonic seizures in mice. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2011;35:1870-6 pubmed publisher
    ..However, WIN combined with CZP, ETS, PB and VPA impaired motor coordination and long-term memory as well as reduced skeletal muscular strength in the experimental animals. ..
  37. Filip M, Zaniewska M, Frankowska M, Wydra K, Fuxe K. The importance of the adenosine A(2A) receptor-dopamine D(2) receptor interaction in drug addiction. Curr Med Chem. 2012;19:317-55 pubmed
    ..Taken together, a significant amount of experimental analyses provide evidence that targeting A(2A) receptors may offer innovative translational strategies for combating drug addiction. ..
  38. Kwiecien S, Konturek P, Sliwowski Z, Mitis Musiol M, Pawlik M, Brzozowski B, et al. Interaction between selective cyclooxygenase inhibitors and capsaicin-sensitive afferent sensory nerves in pathogenesis of stress-induced gastric lesions. Role of oxidative stress. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2012;63:143-51 pubmed
  39. Dzierzbicka K, Januchta W, Skladanowski A. Novel approaches in the synthesis of batracylin and its analogs: rebirth of an old player?. Curr Med Chem. 2012;19:4475-87 pubmed
    ..This paper reviews the most important approaches in batracylin synthesis and its analogs and presents structure-reactivity relationships for these compounds. ..
  40. Tomecki R, Sikorski P, Zakrzewska Placzek M. Comparison of preribosomal RNA processing pathways in yeast, plant and human cells - focus on coordinated action of endo- and exoribonucleases. FEBS Lett. 2017;591:1801-1850 pubmed publisher
  41. Niedzwiecka A, Darzynkiewicz E, Stolarski R. Thermodynamics of mRNA 5' cap binding by eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E. Biochemistry. 2004;43:13305-17 pubmed
  42. Pelczynska M, Wietrzyk J, Jaroszewicz I, Nevozhay D, Switalska M, Kutner A, et al. Correlation between VDR expression and antiproliferative activity of vitamin D3 compounds in combination with cytostatics. Anticancer Res. 2005;25:2235-40 pubmed
    ..The synergistic effect was positively correlated with nVDR expression. ..
  43. Haduch A, Ogórka T, Boksa J, Daniel W. Interactions between neuroleptics and CYP2C6 in rat liver--in vitro and ex vivo study. Pharmacol Rep. 2005;57:872-7 pubmed
  44. Młyniec K, Budziszewska B, Reczyński W, Sowa Kucma M, Nowak G. The role of the GPR39 receptor in zinc deficient-animal model of depression. Behav Brain Res. 2013;238:30-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study provides evidence that the GPR39 Zn(2+)-sensing receptor may be responsible for lowering the BDNF protein level and in consequence may be involved in the pathogenesis of depression. ..
  45. Wójciak K, Solska E. Evolution of free amino acids, biogenic amines and n-nitrosoamines throughout ageing in organic fermented beef. Acta Sci Pol Technol Aliment. 2016;15:191-200 pubmed publisher
    ..aureus, OLD) toxicants in fermented beef marinated with acid whey. The aim of this study was to determine the selected pathogenic bacteria, biogenic amines, N-nitrosamines contents in fermented beef subjected to extended ageing...
  46. Swierczynski J, Bereznowski Z, Makarewicz W. Phosphate-dependent glutaminase of rat skeletal muscle. Some properties and possible role in glutamine metabolism. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1993;1157:55-62 pubmed
    ..While the kidney enzyme increases during acidosis, the skeletal muscle glutaminase activity does not. A possible role of glutaminase in the glutamine metabolism in rat skeletal muscle is discussed. ..
  47. Wielgus Kutrowska B, Kulikowska E, Wierzchowski J, Bzowska A, Shugar D. Nicotinamide riboside, an unusual, non-typical, substrate of purified purine-nucleoside phosphorylases. Eur J Biochem. 1997;243:408-14 pubmed
  48. Majsterek I, Blasiak J, Mlynarski W, Hoser G, Skorski T. Does the bcr/abl-mediated increase in the efficacy of DNA repair play a role in the drug resistance of cancer cells?. Cell Biol Int. 2002;26:363-70 pubmed
    ..We hypothesize that this observed increase in the efficacy of repair in BCR/ABL- positive cells is involved in their resistance to idarubicin. ..
  49. Urbański P, Kurył J. New SNPs in the coding and 5' flanking regions of porcine MYOD1 (MYF3) and MYF5 genes. J Appl Genet. 2004;45:325-9 pubmed
    ..However, Duroc pigs were monomorphic at all the SNPs presented in this study. These SNPs might be analyzed in a further study as probably influencing carcass meatiness. ..
  50. Zubrzycka M, Janecka A. Effects of centrally administered vasopressin on orofacial pain perception in rats. Brain Res. 2005;1051:112-6 pubmed
    ..V1 vasopressin receptor, but not V2 vasopressin receptor, is involved in this activity in the CNS. The antinociception of AVP seems to be mediated by opioid and serotonergic pathways. ..
  51. Ziolkowska A, Spinazzi R, Albertin G, Nowak M, Malendowicz L, Tortorella C, et al. Orexins stimulate glucocorticoid secretion from cultured rat and human adrenocortical cells, exclusively acting via the OX1 receptor. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2005;96:423-9 pubmed
  52. Pelczynska M, Switalska M, Maciejewska M, Jaroszewicz I, Kutner A, Opolski A. Antiproliferative activity of vitamin D compounds in combination with cytostatics. Anticancer Res. 2006;26:2701-5 pubmed
  53. Grosicka Maciag E, Kurpios D, Czeczot H, Szumiło M, Skrzycki M, Suchocki P, et al. Changes in antioxidant defense systems induced by thiram in V79 Chinese hamster fibroblasts. Toxicol In Vitro. 2008;22:28-35 pubmed
    ..GSH(total)/GSSG ratio was restored to the control value. This study suggests that following the changes in antioxidant defense systems thiram can act through the production of free radicals...
  54. Misztal T, Wańkowska M, Górski K, Romanowicz K. Central estrogen-like effect of genistein on growth hormone secretion in the ewe. Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars). 2007;67:411-9 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, genistein as 17beta-estradiol, is an effective stimulator of GH secretion in ewes and may exert its effect at the level of the CNS. ..
  55. Madro A, Korolczuk A, Czechowska G, Celinski K, Słomka M, Prozorow Król B, et al. RAS inhibitors decrease apoptosis of acinar cells and increase elimination of pancreatic stellate cells after in the course of experimental chronic pancreatitis induced by dibutyltin dichloride. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2008;59 Suppl 2:239-49 pubmed
    ..This reaction was weak in groups of rat treated with DBTC and RAS inhibitors. Treatment of CP rats with RAS inhibitors alleviate apoptosis of pancreatic acinar cells and induces PSCs elimination. ..
  56. Robak T. Novel drugs for chronic lymphoid leukemias: mechanism of action and therapeutic activity. Curr Med Chem. 2009;16:2212-34 pubmed
    ..This review will focus on agents currently being explored in preclinical studies and in early clinical trials. ..
  57. Majewska M, Bryniarski K, Ptak M, Zajac K, Zemelka M, Lobo F, et al. Role of TLR ligands in epicutaneously induced contrasuppression. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:539-49 pubmed
    ..Our experiments suggest that reversal of EC-induced suppression by TLR-ligands may be a potential tool to increase the immunogenicity of weakly immunogenic antigens. ..
  58. Kupczyk P, Reich A, Szepietowski J. Cannabinoid system in the skin - a possible target for future therapies in dermatology. Exp Dermatol. 2009;18:669-79 pubmed publisher
    ..In our review, we summarized the current knowledge about the significant role of the cannabinoid system in the cutaneous physiology and pathology, pointing out possible future therapeutic targets. ..
  59. Szymańska M, Suska A, Budziszewska B, Jaworska Feil L, Basta Kaim A, Leśkiewicz M, et al. Prenatal stress decreases glycogen synthase kinase-3 phosphorylation in the rat frontal cortex. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:612-20 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the influence of stress and antidepressant drugs on GSK-3beta does not appear to impact the kinase activity of Akt. ..
  60. Bujalska M, Makulska Nowak H. Bradykinin receptor antagonists and cyclooxygenase inhibitors in vincristine- and streptozotocin-induced hyperalgesia. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:631-40 pubmed
    ..These observations may be clinically relevant. ..
  61. Nieoczym D, Socała K, Wlaz P. Lack of effect of sildenafil on cocaine-induced convulsions in mice. Pharmacol Rep. 2009;61:930-4 pubmed
    ..We conclude that sildenafil does not significantly increase the risk of seizures when co-administered with cocaine. ..
  62. Pluta K, Jeleń M, Morak Młodawska B, Zimecki M, Artym J, Kocieba M. Anticancer activity of newly synthesized azaphenothiazines from NCI's anticancer screening bank. Pharmacol Rep. 2010;62:319-32 pubmed
    ..To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of significant azaphenothiazine anticancer activity. ..
  63. Smietanka K, Fusaro A, Domanska Blicharz K, Salviato A, Monne I, Dundon W, et al. Full-length genome sequencing of the Polish HPAI H5N1 viruses suggests separate introductions in 2006 and 2007. Avian Dis. 2010;54:335-9 pubmed
    ..Overall, the results indicate that HPAI H5N1 in Poland in 2006-07 was caused by at least two separate incursions of genetically distinct viruses. ..
  64. Cholewiński G, Dzierzbicka K, Kołodziejczyk A. Natural and synthetic acridines/acridones as antitumor agents: their biological activities and methods of synthesis. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:305-36 pubmed
    ..In this article, we review natural and synthetic acridine/acridone analogs, their application as anticancer drugs and methods for their preparation. ..
  65. Czuczwar M, Czuczwar K, Cięszczyk J, Kiś J, Saran T, Łuszczki J, et al. Nefopam enhances the protective activity of antiepileptics against maximal electroshock-induced convulsions in mice. Pharmacol Rep. 2011;63:690-6 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, nefopam exerts an anticonvulsive effect when given alone and significantly enhances the protective activity of certain antiepileptic agents against electroconvulsions induced in mice. ..
  66. Salat K, Librowski T, Moniczewski A, Stanisz Wallis K, Wieckowski K, Malawska B. Analgesic, antioedematous and antioxidant activity of ?-butyrolactone derivatives in rodents. Behav Pharmacol. 2012;23:407-16 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of the present study suggest that BM138 and BM138A could be of interest for future investigations as antinociceptive and antioedematous agents with potential free radical-scavenging properties. ..
  67. Grzelczyk A, Gendaszewska Darmach E. Novel bioactive glycerol-based lysophospholipids: new data -- new insight into their function. Biochimie. 2013;95:667-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the present review is devoted to novel bioactive glycerol-based lysophospholipids and recent findings concerning their functions and possible signaling pathways regulating physiological and pathological processes. ..
  68. Olejnik A, Kowalska K, Kidoń M, Czapski J, Rychlik J, Olkowicz M, et al. Purple carrot anthocyanins suppress lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation in the co-culture of intestinal Caco-2 and macrophage RAW264.7 cells. Food Funct. 2016;7:557-64 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may provide preliminary justification for the use of PCA in further studies focused on the prevention and therapy supporting the conventional treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. ..
  69. Zagozdzon R, Giermasz A, Gołąb J, Stokłosa T, Jalili A, Jakobisiak M. The potentiated antileukemic effects of doxorubicin and interleukin-12 combination are not dependent on nitric oxide production. Cancer Lett. 1999;147:67-75 pubmed
    ..Therefore, further studies on the possible mechanisms of potentiated antileukemic activity of combination of IL-12 and DOX would be worth pursuing. ..
  70. Liberski P, Bratosiewicz J, Walis A, Kordek R, Jeffrey M, Brown P. A special report I. Prion protein (PrP)--amyloid plaques in the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, or prion diseases revisited. Folia Neuropathol. 2001;39:217-35 pubmed
    ..Occasional dystrophic neurites containing electron-dense inclusion bodies were seen within the plaque perimeter, which always remained PrP-negative. ..
  71. Kiec Kononowicz K, Szymanska E. Antimycobacterial activity of 5-arylidene derivatives of hydantoin. Farmaco. 2002;57:909-16 pubmed
    ..The most active structure, (5Z)-5-(1,1'-biphenyl-4-ylmethylene)-2-thioxoimidazolidin-4-one, showed MIC = 0.78 microg/ml. For all compounds log P and log D (pH 6.5) values were calculated. ..
  72. Mezyk Kopec R, Bzowska M, Potempa J, Bzowska M, Jura N, Sroka A, et al. Inactivation of membrane tumor necrosis factor alpha by gingipains from Porphyromonas gingivalis. Infect Immun. 2005;73:1506-14 pubmed
    ..Thus, gingipains are able not only to cleave soluble TNF-alpha but also to destroy the membrane form of the cytokine, which may additionally dysregulate the cytokine network. ..
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    ..The results suggest the potential of 1MeTIQ as a therapeutic agent in various neurodegenarative illnesses of the central nervous system...
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