Experts and Doctors on amygdala in Taiwan


Locale: Taiwan
Topic: amygdala

Top Publications

  1. Chen P, Hsieh C, Su K, Hou Y, Chiang H, Lin I, et al. The antidepressant effect of Gastrodia elata Bl. on the forced-swimming test in rats. Am J Chin Med. 2008;36:95-106 pubmed
    ..01) and DA turnover (p < 0.05) in striatum compared to the control. The results of this study show that Gastrodia elata Bl. extract modulates the turnover of DA in rats, and thus probably possesses antidepressant effect in rats...
  2. Chiou R, Kuo C, Liang K, Yen C. State-dependent amygdala stimulation-induced cardiovascular effects in rats. Chin J Physiol. 2009;52:432-40 pubmed
    ..We conclude, that the cardiovascular influence of the amygdala is state-dependent in the rat...
  3. Cheng S, Chen C, Yang H, Chang Y, Bai S, Chen C, et al. Role of extracellular signal-regulated kinase in synaptic transmission and plasticity of a nociceptive input on capsular central amygdaloid neurons in normal and acid-induced muscle pain mice. J Neurosci. 2011;31:2258-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Since the CeAC plays an important role in the emotionality of pain, enhanced synaptic function of nociceptive (PBA) inputs onto CeAC neurons might partially account for the supraspinal mechanisms underlying central sensitization. ..
  4. Yi P, Chen Y, Lin C, Chang F. Occurrence of epilepsy at different zeitgeber times alters sleep homeostasis differently in rats. Sleep. 2012;35:1651-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Yi PL; Chen YJ; Lin CT; Chang FC. Occurrence of epilepsy at different zeitgeber times alters sleep homeostasis differently in rats. SLEEP 2012;35(12):1651-1665. ..
  5. Wang C, Lin H, Chan Y, Gean P, Yang Y, Chen P. 5-HT1A-receptor agonist modified amygdala activity and amygdala-associated social behavior in a valproate-induced rat autism model. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2013;16:2027-39 pubmed publisher
    ..The serotonergic projections that modulate the amygdala function might play a certain role in the development and treatment of behavioral symptoms exhibited in individuals with ASD. ..
  6. Huang T, Chuang H, Chou W, Chen C, Wang H, Chou S, et al. Tbr1 haploinsufficiency impairs amygdalar axonal projections and results in cognitive abnormality. Nat Neurosci. 2014;17:240-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study suggests that TBR1 is important in the regulation of amygdalar axonal connections and cognition. ..