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  1. Pribová M, Gregorova J, Drsata J. Inhibition of aromatic amino acid decarboxylase by a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Pharmacol Res. 1992;25:271-7 pubmed
    ..The in vitro inhibition of AAD by the compounds studied is probably not strong enough to contribute to their in vivo anti-inflammatory effects. ..
  2. Holecek M. Effect of starvation on branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase activity in rat heart and skeletal muscle. Physiol Res. 2001;50:19-24 pubmed
    ..The increased activity of BCKAD on the 6th day of starvation indicates activated oxidation of BCAA and accelerated protein breakdown. ..
  3. Splino M, Patocka J, Prymula R, Chlibek R. Anthrax vaccines. Ann Saudi Med. 2005;25:143-9 pubmed
    ..Serious adverse reactions occur in about 1% of vaccinations. New second-generation vaccines in current research programs include recombinant live vaccines and recombinant sub-unit vaccines. ..
  4. Simunek T, Boer C, Bouwman R, Vlasblom R, Versteilen A, Sterba M, et al. SIH--a novel lipophilic iron chelator--protects H9c2 cardiomyoblasts from oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial injury and cell death. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2005;39:345-54 pubmed
    ..Thus, in this study, we present iron chelation as a very powerful tool by which oxidative stress-induced myocardial damage can be prevented. ..
  5. Nachtigal P, Pospisilova N, Jamborova G, Pospechova K, Solichova D, Andrys C, et al. Endothelial expression of endoglin in normocholesterolemic and hypercholesterolemic C57BL/6J mice before and after atorvastatin treatment. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2007;85:767-73 pubmed
  6. Popelova O, Sterba M, Simunek T, Mazurova Y, Guncová I, Hroch M, et al. Deferiprone does not protect against chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity in vivo. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008;326:259-69 pubmed publisher
  7. Kassa J, Karasova J, Musilek K, Kuca K, Jung Y. A comparison of the therapeutic and reactivating efficacy of newly developed oximes (K117, K127) and currently available oximes (obidoxime, trimedoxime, HI-6) in tabun-poisoned rats and mice. Drug Chem Toxicol. 2008;31:371-81 pubmed
  8. Karbanova J, Missol Kolka E, Fonseca A, Lorra C, Janich P, Hollerová H, et al. The stem cell marker CD133 (Prominin-1) is expressed in various human glandular epithelia. J Histochem Cytochem. 2008;56:977-93 pubmed publisher
    ..This manuscript contains online supplemental material at Please visit this article online to view these materials...
  9. Kassa J, Karasova J, Caisberger F, Bajgar J. The influence of combinations of oximes on the reactivating and therapeutic efficacy of antidotal treatment of soman poisoning in rats and mice. Toxicol Mech Methods. 2009;19:547-51 pubmed publisher

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  1. Bajgar J, Karasova J, Kassa J, Cabal J, Fusek J, Blaha V, et al. Tabun-inhibited rat tissue and blood cholinesterases and their reactivation with the combination of trimedoxime and HI-6 in vivo. Chem Biol Interact. 2010;187:287-90 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations suggest that the action of combination of oximes in vivo is different from that observed in vitro. ..
  2. Cabal J, Bajgar J, Kassa J. Evaluation of flow injection analysis for determination of cholinesterase activities in biological material. Chem Biol Interact. 2010;187:225-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The method is simple and not expensive, allowing automatic determination of AChE activity in discrete or continual samples in vitro or in vivo. It will be evaluated for further research of cholinesterase inhibitors. ..
  3. Adamcova M, Potacova A, Popelova O, Sterba M, Mazurova Y, Aupperle H, et al. Cardiac remodeling and MMPs on the model of chronic daunorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy in rabbits. Physiol Res. 2010;59:831-6 pubmed
    ..Thus, this study has revealed specific alterations in the collagen network in chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity in relationship to the expression and activity of major MMPs. ..
  4. Kassa J, Karasova J, Pavlikova R, Musilek K, Kuca K, Bajgar J, et al. A comparison of reactivating and therapeutic efficacy of bispyridinium acetylcholinesterase reactivator KR-22934 with the oxime K203 and commonly used oximes (obidoxime, trimedoxime, HI-6) in tabun-poisoned rats and mice. Toxicol Mech Methods. 2011;21:241-5 pubmed publisher
  5. Sterba M, Popelova O, Lenco J, Fucikova A, Brcakova E, Mazurova Y, et al. Proteomic insights into chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2011;50:849-62 pubmed publisher
  6. Kovarik M, Muthny T, Sispera L, Holecek M. The dose-dependent effects of endotoxin on protein metabolism in two types of rat skeletal muscle. J Physiol Biochem. 2012;68:385-95 pubmed publisher
  7. Zarybnicka L, Vavrova J, Havelek R, Tichy A, Pejchal J, Sinkorova Z. Lymphocyte subsets and their H2AX phosphorylation in response to in vivo irradiation in rats. Int J Radiat Biol. 2013;89:110-7 pubmed publisher
  8. Bartosova L, Bajgar J. Transdermal drug delivery in vitro using diffusion cells. Curr Med Chem. 2012;19:4671-7 pubmed
    ..In this review, we have summarized in vitro testing of skin absorption using static Franz-type diffusion cells. ..
  9. Zdarova Karasova J, Zemek F, Kunes M, Kvetina J, Chladek J, Jun D, et al. Intravenous application of HI-6 salts (dichloride and dimethansulphonate) in pigs: comparison with pharmacokinetics profile after intramuscular administration. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2013;34 Suppl 2:74-8 pubmed
    ..The main advantage is in maintenance of an effective therapeutic plasma concentration, a more easily achievable effective therapeutic concentration, and fewer local adverse reactions. ..
  10. Mezera V, Kucera O, Moravcová A, Peterová E, Rousar T, Rychtrmoc D, et al. Comparison of acetaminophen toxicity in primary hepatocytes isolated from transgenic mice with different appolipoprotein E alleles. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2015;66:863-73 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, transgenic mice with ApoE4 and ApoE3 alleles displayed higher susceptibility to acute APAP toxicity in vitro than wild-type mice. Of the two transgenic genotypes tested, ApoE3 allele carriers were more prone to injury. ..
  11. De Simone A, Bartolini M, Baschieri A, Apperley K, Chen H, Guardigni M, et al. Hydroxy-substituted trans-cinnamoyl derivatives as multifunctional tools in the context of Alzheimer's disease. Eur J Med Chem. 2017;139:378-389 pubmed publisher
  12. Kassa J, Koupilová M, Herink J, Vachek J. The long-term influence of low-level sarin exposure on behavioral and neurophysiological functions in rats. Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 2001;44:21-7 pubmed
  13. Filip S, Mokry J, Karbanova J, Vavrova J, English D. Local environmental factors determine hematopoietic differentiation of neural stem cells. Stem Cells Dev. 2004;13:113-20 pubmed
    ..We also conclude that the bone marrow does not provide an environment supportive of hematopoietic differentiation by neural stem cells. ..
  14. Kuca K, Patocka J. Reactivation of cyclosarin-inhibited rat brain acetylcholinesterase by pyridinium--oximes. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2004;19:39-43 pubmed
  15. Stetinova V, Herout V, Kvetina J. In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activity of ambroxol. Clin Exp Med. 2004;4:152-8 pubmed
    ..Inhibition of the number of antral lesions reached 27% and the total area of the gastric damage was even larger (the ulcer index reached -5%)...
  16. Kassa J, Kuca K, Cabal J. A comparison of the potency of trimedoxime and other currently available oximes to reactivate tabun-inhibited acetylcholinesterase and eliminate acute toxic effects of tabun. Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2005;149:419-23 pubmed
    ..The oxime HI-6, so efficacious against soman, does not seem to be sufficiently effective oxime to reactivate tabun-inhibited acetylcholinesterase and to counteract acute lethal effects of tabun...
  17. Sinkorova Z, Capkova J, Niederlová J, Stepankova R, Sinkora J. Commensal intestinal bacterial strains trigger ankylosing enthesopathy of the ankle in inbred B10.BR (H-2(k)) male mice. Hum Immunol. 2008;69:845-50 pubmed publisher
    ..In colonized mice the ANKENT was triggered by luminal anaerobic bacteria, which are common components of intestinal microflora. ..
  18. Bendova P, Mackova E, Haskova P, Vavrova A, Jirkovsky E, Sterba M, et al. Comparison of clinically used and experimental iron chelators for protection against oxidative stress-induced cellular injury. Chem Res Toxicol. 2010;23:1105-14 pubmed publisher
    ..This probably relates to the optimal lipophilicity of this latter agent and its ability to generate iron complexes that do not induce marked redox activity. ..
  19. Stejskalova L, Pavek P. The function of cytochrome P450 1A1 enzyme (CYP1A1) and aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in the placenta. Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2011;12:715-30 pubmed
    ..We summarize the recent findings related to toxicological consequences of AhR activation and CYP1A1 induction in the human placenta during pregnancy. ..
  20. Pohanka M. Cholinesterases, a target of pharmacology and toxicology. Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2011;155:219-29 pubmed publisher
    ..In pharmacology, this has relevance to the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. ..
  21. Adamcova M, Ruzickova S, Simko F. Multiplexed immunoassays for simultaneous quantification of cardiovascular biomarkers in the model of H(G)-nitro-L-arginine methylester (L-NAME) hypertensive rat. J Physiol Pharmacol. 2013;64:211-7 pubmed
    ..Importantly, to our best knowledge, this is the first study indicating that CVD rat panel may be a useful methodological tool in experimental cardiology. ..
  22. Vavrova A, Jansová H, Mackova E, Machacek M, Haskova P, Tichotová L, et al. Catalytic inhibitors of topoisomerase II differently modulate the toxicity of anthracyclines in cardiac and cancer cells. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e76676 pubmed publisher
    ..The differential expression and/or regulation of TOP2 isoforms in cardiac and cancer cells by catalytic inhibitors may be responsible for the selective modulation of anthracycline action observed. ..
  23. Zitko J, Servusová B, Paterová P, Mandíková J, Kubícek V, Kucera R, et al. Synthesis, antimycobacterial activity and in vitro cytotoxicity of 5-chloro-N-phenylpyrazine-2-carboxamides. Molecules. 2013;18:14807-25 pubmed publisher
    ..13 µg/mL M. tuberculosis) and was rated as non-toxic in two in vitro models (Chinese hamster ovary and renal cell adenocarcinoma cell lines; SI = 47 and 35, respectively). ..
  24. Kassa J, Bajgar J. [Comparison of the therapeutic effectiveness of selected cholinesterase reactivators with atropine in acute fosdrine poisoning in mice]. Ceska Slov Farm. 1996;45:31-4 pubmed
    ..In the therapy of intoxication 2 minutes after the exposure of experimental animals to fosdrine, the effect of the antidotal therapy was relatively low regardless of the selected oxime...
  25. Kassa J, Koupilová M. Neuroprotective effects of antidotes in soman-poisoned rats. Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 1999;42:127-31 pubmed
  26. Bartosova L, Kunesova G, Kuca K, Vachek J. Therapeutic efficacy of different antidotal mixtures against poisoning with GF-agent in mice. Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 2004;47:249-51 pubmed
    ..The present findings show that all four combinations of oxime with anticholinergic drug decrease the GF-agent toxicity more than twofold regardless of the time of treatment administration. ..
  27. Cibickova L, Hyspler R, Cibicek N, Cermakova E, Palicka V. Alendronate lowers cholesterol synthesis in the central nervous system of rats - a preliminary study. Physiol Res. 2009;58:455-8 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, this study brings the first experimental evidence of the inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis with alendronate in central nervous system. ..
  28. Pejchal J, Osterreicher J, Kuca K, Jun D, Bajgar J, Kassa J. The influence of acetylcholinesterase reactivators on selected hepatic functions in rats. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2008;103:119-23 pubmed publisher
    ..We found impaired hepatic transporter function after administration of HI-6, obidoxime and higher concentration of K027, which might be the underlying mechanism of acetylcholinesterase reactivators' hepatotoxicity...
  29. Kassa J, Karasova J, Bajgar J, Kuca K, Musilek K, Kopelikova I. A comparison of the reactivating and therapeutic efficacy of newly developed bispyridinium oximes (K250, K251) with commonly used oximes against tabun in rats and mice. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2009;24:1040-4 pubmed publisher
  30. Kassa J, Kunesova G. The benefit of combination of oximes for the neuroprotective efficacy of antidotal treatment of sarin-poisoned rats. Toxicol Mech Methods. 2012;22:260-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, both tested combinations of oximes in combination with atropine bring a small benefit for the neuroprotective efficacy of antidotal treatment of acute sarin poisonings...
  31. Gradosova I, Zivna H, Palicka V, Hubena S, Svejkovska K, Zivny P. Protective effect of atorvastatin on bone tissue in orchidectomised male albino Wistar rats. Eur J Pharmacol. 2012;679:144-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that atorvastatin has a beneficial effect on bone metabolism in orchidectomised rats by decreasing bone turnover, with resulting improvement in bone mineral density and bone biomechanical properties. ..
  32. Nachtigal P, Zemankova Vecerova L, Rathouska J, Strasky Z. The role of endoglin in atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis. 2012;224:4-11 pubmed publisher
  33. Filip S, Mokry J, Vavrova J, Cizkova D, Sinkorova Z, Tosnerová V, et al. Homing of lin(-)/CD117(+) hematopoietic stem cells. Transfus Apher Sci. 2009;41:183-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation led not only to recovery of hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues but also facilitated recovery of the small intestinal mucosa, which was significantly damaged by ionizing radiation. ..
  34. Kopecky M, Semecky V, Nachtigal P. Vimentin expression during altered spermatogenesis in rats. Acta Histochem. 2005;107:279-89 pubmed
  35. Bajgar J, Fusek J, Bartosova L, Jun D, Kuca K. Evaluation of reactivation test in anaesthetized dogs with experimental intoxication with nerve agents. J Appl Toxicol. 2006;26:439-43 pubmed
    ..Thus, the reactivation efficacy of obidoxime during nerve agent intoxication indicates that its repeated administration could be easily monitored using the reactivation test...
  36. Pohanka M, Snopkova S, Havlickova K, Bostik P, Sinkorova Z, Fusek J, et al. Macrophage-assisted inflammation and pharmacological regulation of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. Curr Med Chem. 2011;18:539-51 pubmed
  37. Kassa J, Karasova J. A comparison of the potency of newly developed oximes (K074, K075) and commonly used oximes (obidoxime, HI-6) to counteract tabun-induced neurotoxicity in rats. Toxicology. 2007;229:136-44 pubmed
    ..Due to their neuroprotective effects, both newly developed oximes (especially K075) appear to be more suitable oximes for the antidotal treatment of acute tabun poisonings than the oxime HI-6. ..
  38. Krocova Z, Hartlova A, Souckova D, Zivna L, Kroca M, Rudolf E, et al. Interaction of B cells with intracellular pathogen Francisella tularensis. Microb Pathog. 2008;45:79-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Apoptosis was confirmed by Western blot using anti-PARP antibodies. Thus, this study demonstrates unique phenomenon - namely, the ability of the intracellular pathogen F. tularensis to invade and induce apoptosis in B cells. ..
  39. Kassa J, Kuca K, Karasova J, Musilek K. The development of new oximes and the evaluation of their reactivating, therapeutic and neuroprotective efficacy against tabun. Mini Rev Med Chem. 2008;8:1134-43 pubmed
    ..Due to their therapeutic, reactivating and neuroprotective efficacy, all newly synthesized oximes appear to be suitable oximes for the antidotal treatment of acute tabun poisonings. ..
  40. Dohnal V, Jezkova A, Jun D, Kuca K. Metabolic pathways of T-2 toxin. Curr Drug Metab. 2008;9:77-82 pubmed
    ..Ruminants have been more resistant to the adverse effects of T-2 toxin due to microbial degradation within rumen microorganisms. Some plant species are resistant to T-2 toxin, while others are capable of its intake and metabolisation. ..
  41. Pohanka M, Bandouchova H, Novotny L, Pavlis O, Treml F, Sedlackova J, et al. Assessment of low-molecular-weight antioxidants in Francisella tularensis infected hosts: comparison of two rodents with different susceptibility to tularemia. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2009;30 Suppl 1:186-91 pubmed
    ..The ability to compensate the LMWA losses and increase levels of antioxidants in common voles is probably responsible for its lower susceptibility to tularemia. ..
  42. Forstl M, Buchta V, Psohlavec J, Cermak P, Cermakova Z, Urban J, et al. [Diagnostics of larval toxocariasis]. Klin Mikrobiol Infekc Lek. 2004;10:181-5 pubmed
  43. Simunek T, Sterba M, Popelova O, Kaiserova H, Adamcova M, Hroch M, et al. Anthracycline toxicity to cardiomyocytes or cancer cells is differently affected by iron chelation with salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone. Br J Pharmacol. 2008;155:138-48 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition to cardioprotection, iron chelation may have considerable potential to improve the therapeutic action of anthracyclines by enhancing their anticancer efficiency and this potential warrants further investigation. ..
  44. Musilek K, Dolezal M, Gunn Moore F, Kuca K. Design, evaluation and structure-activity relationship studies of the AChE reactivators against organophosphorus pesticides. Med Res Rev. 2011;31:548-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Some of these are highlighted for their further testing of OPP exposure and, additionally, the main structure-activity relationship of AChE reactivators against OPP is discussed. ..
  45. Kucera O, Lotkova H, Staňková P, Podhola M, Rousar T, Mezera V, et al. Is rat liver affected by non-alcoholic steatosis more susceptible to the acute toxic effect of thioacetamide?. Int J Exp Pathol. 2011;92:281-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Liver affected by NAFLD, compared to non-steatotic liver, is more sensitive to toxic effect of TAA. ..
  46. Kratky M, Vinsova J. Antiviral activity of substituted salicylanilides--a review. Mini Rev Med Chem. 2011;11:956-67 pubmed
    ..In this review, we summarize the antiviral activity of structures containing salicylanilide and partly salicylamide moiety...
  47. Micuda S, Fuksa L, Mundlova L, Osterreicher J, Mokry J, Cermanova J, et al. Morphological and functional changes in p-glycoprotein during dexamethasone-induced hepatomegaly. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 2007;34:296-303 pubmed
    ..Expression of P-gp in the liver showed primary periportal zonation with differential changes during induction. Accompanying hepatomegaly may be explained by severe microvesicular steatosis selectively localized to the periportal areas...
  48. Kassa J, Karasova J. The evaluation of the neuroprotective effects of bispyridinium oximes in tabun-poisoned rats. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2007;70:1556-67 pubmed
    ..Due to its neuroprotective effects, trimedoxime may be considered to be more suitable oxime for the antidotal treatment of acute tabun exposure than currently used oximes (obidoxime, HI-6) and the newly synthesized oxime K075. ..
  49. Cervinkova Z, Krivakova P, Labajova A, Rousar T, Lotkova H, Kucera O, et al. Mechanisms participating in oxidative damage of isolated rat hepatocytes. Arch Toxicol. 2009;83:363-72 pubmed publisher
    ..In the presence of cyclosporine A and succinate, the membrane potential could be restored. Our data showed that the most sensitive indicators of the peroxidative damage are changes of cytosolic glutathione concentration and MMP. ..
  50. Kassa J. [The effect of pharmacologic prophylaxis with Panpal on acetylcholinesterase activity in the diaphragm and various parts of the brain in rats during treated and untreated Soman poisoning]. Cas Lek Cesk. 1998;137:299-302 pubmed
  51. Kassa J, Cabal J. A comparison of the efficacy of a new asymmetric bispyridinium oxime BI-6 with currently available oximes and H oximes against soman by in vitro and in vivo methods. Toxicology. 1999;132:111-8 pubmed
  52. Simunek T, Sterba M, Popelova O, Kaiserova H, Potacova A, Adamcova M, et al. Pyridoxal isonicotinoyl hydrazone (PIH) and its analogs as protectants against anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity. Hemoglobin. 2008;32:207-15 pubmed publisher
    ..However, when 2- to 2.5-fold higher doses of the chelators were used, they led to rather paradoxical and mostly negative results regarding both cardioprotection and overall mortality. ..
  53. Cvilink V, Lamka J, Skalova L. Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and metabolism of anthelminthics in helminths. Drug Metab Rev. 2009;41:8-26 pubmed publisher
    ..This induction can represent an advantageous defense strategy of the parasites and may facilitate the drug-resistance development. ..
  54. Tacheci I, Kvetina J, Bures J, Osterreicher J, Kunes M, Pejchal J, et al. Wireless capsule endoscopy in enteropathy induced by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in pigs. Dig Dis Sci. 2010;55:2471-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Sensitivity and specificity of capsule endoscopy were 83.3% and 95.8%, respectively. Our results indicate that wireless capsule endoscopy is a highly accurate noninvasive method for evaluation of experimental NSAID-induced enteropathy. ..
  55. Kassa J, Sepsova V, Musilek K, Horova A. The evaluation of the reactivating and therapeutic efficacy of three novel bispyridinium oximes (K454, K456, K458) in comparison with the oxime K203 and trimedoxime in tabun-poisoned rats and mice. Toxicol Mech Methods. 2013;23:94-8 pubmed publisher
  56. Rychtrmoc D, Hubálková L, Viskova A, Libra A, Buncek M, Cervinkova Z. Transcriptome temporal and functional analysis of liver regeneration termination. Physiol Res. 2012;61 Suppl 2:S77-92 pubmed
    ..Investigation into the workings of suggested pathways might prove helpful in preventing and managing liver tumours. ..
  57. Kassa J, Krejèová G. Neuroprotective effects of currently used antidotes in tabun-poisoned rats. Pharmacol Toxicol. 2003;92:258-64 pubmed
  58. Kassa J, Bajgar J. [Comparison of the effect of selected anticholinergic agents on cholinergic and noncholinergic effects of GV substances during acute poisoning in rats]. Ceska Slov Farm. 1994;43:222-5 pubmed
    ..It means that the centrally acting cholinolytic agents benactyzine and G 3063 are more advantageous for the therapy of GV substance poisonings than the peripherally acting atropine. ..
  59. Kassa J, Bajgar J. The influence of pharmacological pretreatment on efficacy of HI-6 oxime in combination with benactyzine in soman poisoning in rats. Hum Exp Toxicol. 1996;15:383-8 pubmed
    ..4. These findings confirm that PANPAL prophylaxis can improve prognosis of soman poisoning especially by protection of cholinesterases. ..
  60. Lamka J, Suchy J, Staud F. [Effectiveness of oral administration of ivermectin on warble fly larvae (Hypoderma diana B.) in roe deer]. Vet Med (Praha). 1996;41:251-4 pubmed
    ..These results explicitly document the high efficacy of mass peroral ivermectin administration in the control of warble fly larvae. Ivermectin is the first drug suitable for the treatment of roe deer hypodermosis...
  61. Lamka J, Svobodova V, Slézková J. Anthelmintic efficacy of ivermectin against Syngamus trachea and Capillaria spp. in pheasant. Vet Med (Praha). 1997;42:157-60 pubmed
    ..The clinical signs of helmithoses were reduced only. IVM in tested doses is not possible to recommend as an effective drug of pheasant syngamosis and capillariosis...
  62. Kassa J. [Comparison of the effect of selected cholinesterase reactivators combined with atropine on soman and fosdrin toxicity in mice]. Sb Ved Pr Lek Fak Karlovy Univerzity Hradci Kralove Suppl. 1995;38:63-6 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that HI-6 has definite advantage over obidoxime as well as tetroxime in the treatment of poisoning with not only highly toxic organophosphates but also organophoshorus insecticides. ..
  63. Bartosova L, Kuca K, Jun D, Kunesova G. Bispyridinium oximes as antidotal treatment of cyclosarin poisoning-in vitro and in vivo testing. Int J Toxicol. 2005;24:399-402 pubmed
    ..The HI-6 oxime appeared to be the most effective oxime in vitro and in vivo...
  64. Trejtnar F, Laznicek M, Laznickova A, Kopecky M, Petrik M, Behe M, et al. Biodistribution and elimination characteristics of two 111In-labeled CCK-2/gastrin receptor-specific peptides in rats. Anticancer Res. 2007;27:907-12 pubmed
    ..The first tracer, 111In-MG-0 is based on (D)Glu1-MG, while the second, 111In-MG-11, is its des-(Glu)5-derivative, expected to be less retained in renal tissue...
  65. Bajgar J, Bartosova L, Kuca K, Jun D, Fusek J. Changes of cholinesterase activities in the rat blood and brain after sarin intoxication pretreated with butyrylcholinesterase. Drug Chem Toxicol. 2007;30:351-9 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate protective effects of EqBuChE pretreatment in rats intoxicated with sublethal concentrations of sarin by inhalation. ..
  66. Bajgar J. Protective effect of reversible cholinesterase inhibitors (tacrine, pyridostigmine) and eqbuche against VX poisoning and brain acetylcholinesterase inhibition in rats. Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 2008;51:223-8 pubmed
    ..Tacrine alone or in other combinations has had no better prophylactic effect in comparison with these combinations containing pyridostigmine. Equine butyrylcholinesterase, also protected against VX poisoning very effectively. ..
  67. Kucera O, Garnol T, Lotkova H, Staňková P, Mazurova Y, Hroch M, et al. The effect of rat strain, diet composition and feeding period on the development of a nutritional model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats. Physiol Res. 2011;60:317-28 pubmed
    ..The present study showed that male Wistar and Sprague-Dawley rats fed by HFGD developed comparable simple steatosis without signs of progression to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis under our experimental conditions. ..
  68. Soukup O, Krusek J, Kaniaková M, Kumar U, Oz M, Jun D, et al. Oxime reactivators and their in vivo and in vitro effects on nicotinic receptors. Physiol Res. 2011;60:679-86 pubmed
    ..Taking together, the effects of tested oxime reactivators indicate an antagonism on both embryonic and adult form of the muscle nicotinic receptors...
  69. Tichy A, Salovska B, Rehulka P, Klimentova J, Vavrova J, Stulik J, et al. Phosphoproteomics: searching for a needle in a haystack. J Proteomics. 2011;74:2786-97 pubmed publisher
    ..It presents a description of contemporary enrichment techniques with references to particular studies and compares different approaches to characterization of phosphoproteome by mass spectrometry. ..
  70. Kassa J, Misik J, Karasova J. A comparison of the potency of a novel bispyridinium oxime K203 and currently available oximes (obidoxime, HI-6) to counteract the acute neurotoxicity of sarin in rats. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2012;111:333-8 pubmed publisher
  71. Jirkovsky E, Lenčová Popelová O, Hroch M, Adamcova M, Mazurova Y, Vavrova J, et al. Early and delayed cardioprotective intervention with dexrazoxane each show different potential for prevention of chronic anthracycline cardiotoxicity in rabbits. Toxicology. 2013;311:191-204 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the data suggests that currently recommended delayed intervention may not be able to take advantage of the full cardioprotective potential of the drug. ..
  72. Staud F, Cerveny L, Ahmadimoghaddam D, Ceckova M. Multidrug and toxin extrusion proteins (MATE/SLC47); role in pharmacokinetics. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2013;45:2007-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression and function of MATEs in tissues other than kidney and liver remain to be elucidated. ..
  73. Kassa J, Bajgar J. Therapeutic efficacy of obidoxime or HI-6 with atropine against intoxication with some nerve agents in mice. Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 1996;39:27-30 pubmed
    ..4 Higher doses of both oximes showed significantly more effective therapeutic efficacy against all nerve agents studied...
  74. Kassa J, Vachek J. [The effect of parasympatholytics on the therapeutic effectiveness of the oxime HI-6 against organophosphorus compounds (Soman, substance VX, Fosdrin) in mice]. Cas Lek Cesk. 1997;136:124-6 pubmed
    ..Oxime HI-6 is the most effective against highly toxic organophosphates and organophosphorus insecticides when combined with the centrally acting parasympatholytic benactyzine. ..
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