Experts and Doctors on serotyping in Changchun, Jilin Sheng, China


Locale: Changchun, Jilin Sheng, China
Topic: serotyping

Top Publications

  1. Li Z, Li Y, Chang S, Ding Z, Mu L, Cong Y. Antigenic variation between Newcastle disease viruses of goose and chicken origin. Arch Virol. 2010;155:499-505 pubmed publisher
    ..This might provide clues to the evolution of the goose NDV...
  2. Kong L, Guo X, Wang Z, Gao Y, Jia B, Liu S, et al. Whole genome sequencing of an ExPEC that caused fatal pneumonia at a pig farm in Changchun, China. BMC Vet Res. 2017;13:169 pubmed publisher
    ..We found a CPS in the SLPE strain genomes for the first time, and this CPS is closely related to the CPS from Klebsiella pneumoniae. ..