Experts and Doctors on phylogeny in Jingzhou, Hubei, China


Locale: Jingzhou, Hubei, China
Topic: phylogeny

Top Publications

  1. Xu F, Cheng H, Cai R, Li L, Chang J, Zhu J, et al. Molecular cloning and function analysis of an anthocyanidin synthase gene from Ginkgo biloba, and its expression in abiotic stress responses. Mol Cells. 2008;26:536-47 pubmed
  2. Cheng S, Wang X, Xu F, Chen Q, Tao T, Lei J, et al. Cloning, Expression Profiling and Functional Analysis of CnHMGS, a Gene Encoding 3-hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Synthase from Chamaemelum nobile. Molecules. 2016;21:316 pubmed publisher
    ..nobile at the molecular level and also provides molecular wealth for the biotechnological improvement of this important medicinal plant. ..
  3. Li C, Liu L, Chen X, Zhang T, Gan F, Cheng B. Identification of a vasa homologue gene in grass carp and its expression pattern in tissues and during embryogenesis. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2010;157:159-66 pubmed publisher
    ..The predicted protein sequence, localization and conserved pattern of gene expression suggest that Civasa plays an important role in the germ cell determinant and development in grass carp as proposed for other teleost species. ..
  4. Li C, Chen X, Zhang Y, Ye H, Liu T. Molecular and expression characterization of growth hormone/prolactin family genes in the Prenant's schizothoracin. Mol Biol Rep. 2011;38:4595-602 pubmed publisher
    ..SpGH was expressed in nearly all tissues detected with the highest expression level in the pituitary. ..
  5. Su Y, Kong S, Wang L, Chen L, Fang R. Complete mitochondrial genome of Philometra carassii (Nematoda: Philometridae). Mitochondrial DNA A DNA Mapp Seq Anal. 2016;27:1397-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The complete mitogenome sequence information of P. carassii can provides useful data for further studies on phylogenetics, stock evaluation and conservation genetics. ..
  6. Feng Y, Feng H, Fang Y, Su Y. Characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Khawia sinensis belongs among platyhelminths, cestodes. Exp Parasitol. 2017;177:35-39 pubmed publisher
    ..This complete mt genome of K. sinensis will enrich the mitochondrial genome databases of tapeworms and provide important molecular markers for ecology, diagnostics, population variation and evolution of K. sinensis and other species. ..