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Locale: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Topic: molecular sequence data

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  1. Hua Y, Chen X, Xiong J, Zhang Y, Zhu Y. [Isolation and analysis of isolation of differentially-methylated fragment CIDM7 in rice induced by cold stress]. Yi Chuan. 2005;27:595-600 pubmed
    ..CIDM7 is demethylated induced by cold stress. Northern blot analysis confirms that CIDM7 gene expression is up-regulated by cold stress. CIDM7 is single copy and lacated on the Nipponbare chromosome 10 (12.56 Mb-12.57 Mb). ..
  2. Wang S, Zhang J, Zhang Z, Zhou Y, Yang R, Chen J, et al. Construction of single chain variable fragment (ScFv) and BiscFv-alkaline phosphatase fusion protein for detection of Bacillus anthracis. Anal Chem. 2006;78:997-1004 pubmed
    ..The fusion protein (biscFv-6w10-EAP) chip could detect 10 pg of PA and 500-1000 bacterial cells in approximately 2 h, while the sensitivity of Cy3-labeled protein chip reached 1 pg of PA and 50-100 cells within 2 h. ..
  3. Zhang Q, Su X, Gong S, Zeng Q, Zhu B, Wu Z, et al. Comparative genomic analysis of two strains of human adenovirus type 3 isolated from children with acute respiratory infection in southern China. J Gen Virol. 2006;87:1531-41 pubmed
    ..Strain GZ1 infection produced a typical cytopathic effect, whereas strain GZ2 did not; non-synonymous substitutions in proteins of GZ2 may be responsible for this difference. ..
  4. Li G, Xie P, Fu J, Hao L, Xiong Q, Li H. Microcystin-induced variations in transcription of GSTs in an omnivorous freshwater fish, goldfish. Aquat Toxicol. 2008;88:75-80 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggested that the transcription of GST isoforms varied in different ways within an organ and among organs of goldfish exposed to MCs. ..
  5. Li X, He J, Hu W, Yin Z. The essential role of endogenous ghrelin in growth hormone expression during zebrafish adenohypophysis development. Endocrinology. 2009;150:2767-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Our research here has demonstrated that zebrafish is a unique model for functional studies of endogenous ghrelin, especially during embryonic development. ..
  6. Xu Q, Chang M, Xiao F, Huang B, Nie P. The gene and virus-induced expression of IRF-5 in grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2010;134:269-78 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression of gcIRF-5 was observed in all organs examined. The analysis of real-time quantitative RT-PCR revealed that grass carp reovirus (GCRV) induced the expression of gcIRF-5 in spleen and head kidney. ..
  7. Guo K, Wang X, Gao G, Huang C, Elmslie K, Peterson B. Amino acid substitutions in the FXYD motif enhance phospholemman-induced modulation of cardiac L-type calcium channels. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2010;299:C1203-11 pubmed publisher
  8. Xie W, Wang F, Guo L, Chen Z, Sievert S, Meng J, et al. Comparative metagenomics of microbial communities inhabiting deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimneys with contrasting chemistries. ISME J. 2011;5:414-26 pubmed publisher
  9. Dong C, Zheng X, Li G, Pan C, Zhou M, Hu Z. Cloning and expression of one chloroplastic ascorbate peroxidase gene from Nelumbo nucifera. Biochem Genet. 2011;49:656-64 pubmed publisher
    ..The APX mRNA was expressed in young leaves, roots, terminal buds, and leafstalks. Synergistic expression of N. nucifera APX and MnSOD mRNA was indicated in the short-term response to mechanical wounding. ..

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  1. Huang G, Gong S, Xu W, Li P, Zhang D, Qin L, et al. GhHyPRP4, a cotton gene encoding putative hybrid proline-rich protein, is preferentially expressed in leaves and involved in plant response to cold stress. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2011;43:519-27 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggested that GhHyPRP4 may be involved in plant response to cold stress during seedling development of cotton. ..
  2. Ge X, Li J, Peng C, Wu L, Yang X, Wu Y, et al. Genetic diversity of novel circular ssDNA viruses in bats in China. J Gen Virol. 2011;92:2646-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Detailed analysis indicated that these sequences are distantly related to known circovirus/cyclovirus genomes and may represent 22 novel species that belong to the family Circoviridae. ..
  3. Wang F, Wang Y, Peng J, Zhou X, Tang L, Kobayashi N, et al. Genetic characterization of Human astrovirus infection in Wuhan, People's Republic of China, 2007-2008. Can J Microbiol. 2011;57:964-8 pubmed publisher
  4. Xu W, Bolduc F, Hong N, Perreault J. The use of a combination of computer-assisted structure prediction and SHAPE probing to elucidate the secondary structures of five viroids. Mol Plant Pathol. 2012;13:666-76 pubmed publisher
    ..More importantly, this approach is novel in the study of viroids, and should be of significant aid in the determination of the structures of other RNA species. ..
  5. Zhao Q, Jiang M, Dong H, Nie P. Diversification of Schistosoma japonicum in Mainland China revealed by mitochondrial DNA. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012;6:e1503 pubmed publisher
    ..S. japonicum in mainland China exhibits a high degree of genetic diversity, with a similar pattern of genetic diversity as observed in the intermediate host snails in the same region in China. ..
  6. Sheng P, Huang S, Wang Q, Wang A, Zhang H. Isolation, screening, and optimization of the fermentation conditions of highly cellulolytic bacteria from the hindgut of Holotrichia parallela larvae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2012;167:270-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, from the present study, the bacterium can be added up to the database of cellulolytic bacteria. ..
  7. Tao P, Wang J. Characterization of the variable 3' UTR and expression of the two intron-containing KIN transcripts from Capsella bursa-pastoris. Gene. 2012;507:99-105 pubmed publisher
    ..CbKIN1-U and CbKIN2-U share similar gene expression profiles in development and in response to exposure to different stresses, suggesting that they probably play similar biological roles in C. bursa-pastoris...
  8. Chai J, Liu L, Xiong Q, Chen C, Peng Y, Jin W, et al. Molecular cloning, tissue expression, and analysis with genome DNA methylation of porcine LSD1 gene. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2013;169:134-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Cloning, expression pattern, and analysis with genome DNA methylation of porcine LSD1 gene laid a foundation to clarify the molecular mechanisms of porcine growth and development and also for further work on animal breeding. ..
  9. Sun H, Li Y, Feng S, Zou W, Guo K, Fan C, et al. Analysis of five rice 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase enzyme activity and stress response for potential roles in lignin and flavonoid biosynthesis in rice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013;430:1151-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, bioinformatics analysis showed that the existence of valine residue at the substrate-binding pocket may mainly affect rice 4CL activities toward sinapic acid. ..
  10. Zhang S, Chen L, Zhang G, Yan Q, Yang X, Ding B, et al. An amino acid of human parainfluenza virus type 3 nucleoprotein is critical for template function and cytoplasmic inclusion body formation. J Virol. 2013;87:12457-70 pubmed publisher
  11. Ma R, Zhang W, Tang K, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Li D, et al. Switch of glycolysis to gluconeogenesis by dexamethasone for treatment of hepatocarcinoma. Nat Commun. 2013;4:2508 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings clarify the molecular basis of malignant hepatocyte loss of gluconeogenesis and suggest new therapeutic strategies. ..
  12. Liu H, Yang Q, Zhang L, Zhuo R, Jiang X. Synthesis of carboxymethyl chitin in aqueous solution and its thermo- and pH-sensitive behaviors. Carbohydr Polym. 2016;137:600-607 pubmed publisher
    ..The nontoxic thermo-sensitive polymer systems gel at body temperature (37 °C) in physiological condition, which is very useful as injectable hydrogels for drug delivery and tissue engineering. ..
  13. Zhang Y, Leibowitz M. Folding of the group I intron ribozyme from the 26S rRNA gene of Candida albicans. Nucleic Acids Res. 2001;29:2644-53 pubmed
    ..LSU. However, it appears that the role cations play in the multiple folding pathways leading to the catalytically active form may differ between folding of these two group I introns. ..
  14. Cheng J, Jiang D, Fu Y, Li G, Peng Y, Ghabrial S. Molecular characterization of a dsRNA totivirus infecting the sclerotial parasite Coniothyrium minitans. Virus Res. 2003;93:41-50 pubmed
    ..The role of CmRV in the abnormal phenotype associated with a variant of C. minitans is discussed...
  15. Qiu H, Zhao S, Yu M, Fan B, Liu B. Expression patterns and subcellular localization of porcine (Sus Scrofa) lectin, galactose-binding, soluble 1 gene. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2008;40:85-90 pubmed
    ..Genomic sequences and analysis predicted a promoter region at approximately 1.279-1.529 kb, but dual-luciferase reporter assay indicated that it has little promoter activity. ..
  16. Wang Y, Wang Q, Lu X, Zhang C, Fan X, Pan Z, et al. 12-nt insertion in 3' untranslated region leads to attenuation of classic swine fever virus and protects host against lethal challenge. Virology. 2008;374:390-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These data demonstrate that the 12-nt insertion in 3' UTR is sufficient for the attenuation of CSFV. Taken together, a novel attenuation mechanism of CSFV is found and may pave a way to further research for new attenuated vaccine...
  17. Long M, Yu Z, Xu X. A novel beta-agarase with high pH stability from marine Agarivorans sp. LQ48. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2010;12:62-9 pubmed publisher
    ..It is the first agarase identified to have so wide a pH range stability. This favorable property could make AgaA to be attractive to the food, cosmetic, and medical industrial applications. ..
  18. Zhong C, Song S, Fang N, Liang X, Zhu H, Tang X, et al. Improvement of low-temperature caseinolytic activity of a thermophilic subtilase by directed evolution and site-directed mutagenesis. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2009;104:862-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study may provide valuable information needed to develop enzymes coupling high stability and high low-temperature activity, which are highly desired for industrial use. ..
  19. Xu L, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Chen Z, Deng H, Ma Z, et al. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) from raccoon dog can serve as an efficient receptor for the spike protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. J Gen Virol. 2009;90:2695-703 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides useful data to elucidate the role of raccoon dog in SARS outbreaks...
  20. Yu X, Li B, Fu Y, Jiang D, Ghabrial S, Li G, et al. A geminivirus-related DNA mycovirus that confers hypovirulence to a plant pathogenic fungus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:8387-92 pubmed publisher
    ..The discovery of an ssDNA mycovirus enhances the potential of exploring fungal viruses as valuable tools for molecular manipulation of fungi and for plant disease control and expands our knowledge of global virus ecology and evolution...
  21. Wu M, Zhang L, Li G, Jiang D, Ghabrial S. Genome characterization of a debilitation-associated mitovirus infecting the phytopathogenic fungus Botrytis cinerea. Virology. 2010;406:117-26 pubmed publisher
    ..BcMV1-S was found to suppress the replication of BcMV1 and to be co-transmissible with BcMV1 through hyphal anastomosis. Its presence, however, did not alleviate the BcMV1-associated debilitation phenotypes of B. cinerea...
  22. Ke F, He L, Pei C, Zhang Q. Turbot reovirus (SMReV) genome encoding a FAST protein with a non-AUG start site. BMC Genomics. 2011;12:323 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the complete characterization and analysis of the genome of this novel aquareovirus will facilitate further understanding of the taxonomic distribution of aquareovirus species and the molecular mechanism of its pathogenesis...
  23. Wang R, Li Z, Wang Y, Gui J. An Apo-14 promoter-driven transgenic zebrafish that marks liver organogenesis. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22555 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, the current study provides a transgenic zebrafish line that marks the through liver organogenesis. ..
  24. Wang X, Fan J, Liu D, Fu S, Ingvarsson S, Chen H. Spreading of Alu methylation to the promoter of the MLH1 gene in gastrointestinal cancer. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e25913 pubmed publisher
    ..MLH1 promoter methylation may spread from Alu elements that are located in intron 1 of the MLH1 gene. The trans-acting elements binding to the mutation sites could play a role in the methylation spreading. ..
  25. Liu J, Liu D, Chen W, Li J, Luo F, Li Q, et al. Genetic analysis of hantaviruses and their rodent hosts in central-south China. Virus Res. 2012;163:439-47 pubmed publisher
    ..It suggests that SEOV may cause spillover infections to A. agrarius naturally. The abundance of the phylogenetic lineages of SEOV suggested that central-south China was a radiation center for SEOVs. ..
  26. Li S, Sun F, Zhang Y, Gui J, Zhang Q. Identification of DreI as an antiviral factor regulated by RLR signaling pathway. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e32427 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that DreI is an antiviral protein, which is regulated by RLR signaling pathway. ..
  27. Wang J, Kou Z, Duan M, Ma C, Zhou Y. Using amino acid factor scores to predict avian-to-human transmission of avian influenza viruses: a machine learning study. Protein Pept Lett. 2013;20:1115-21 pubmed
    ..Comparative analysis revealed the strengths and weaknesses of different machine learning methods, and the importance of different AAFactors to the prediction. ..
  28. Ding Z, Wu J, Su L, Zhou F, Zhao X, Deng W, et al. Expression of heat shock protein 90 genes during early development and infection in Megalobrama amblycephala and evidence for adaptive evolution in teleost. Dev Comp Immunol. 2013;41:683-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Branch-site model test showed that there were adaptively evolutionary evidences in the branches of Salmoniformes and Gasterosteiformes for Hsp90? gene, and in the branch of Salmoniformes for Hsp90? gene. ..
  29. Wei C, Wang H, Zhu Z, Sun Y. Transcriptional factors smad1 and smad9 act redundantly to mediate zebrafish ventral specification downstream of smad5. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:6604-18 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our study uncovers that smad1 and smad9 act redundantly to each other downstream of smad5 to mediate ventral specification and to regulate embryonic myelopoiesis. ..
  30. Zhang X, Qu X, Vijay I. STAT5a regulates the GlcNAc-1-phosphate transferase gene transcription and expression. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2003;13:85-92 pubmed
    ..This paper first reports that STAT5a is involved in the binding between -386 and -322 base pairs of the Dpagt2 gene promoter and stimulates the expression of the Dpagt2 gene transcription in the mouse lactating mammary gland. ..
  31. Wang X, Xiao F, Yang Q, Liang B, Tang Z, Jiang L, et al. A novel mutation in GDF5 causes autosomal dominant symphalangism in two Chinese families. Am J Med Genet A. 2006;140A:1846-53 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that defects in GDF5 can cause SYM1 in the Chinese population, and expand the spectrum of clinical phenotypes associated with mutant GDF5...
  32. Ye D, Lv D, Song P, Peng M, Chen Y, Guo M, et al. Cloning and characterization of a rice field eel vasa-like gene cDNA and its expression in gonads during natural sex transformation. Biochem Genet. 2007;45:211-24 pubmed
  33. Li S, Liu P, Xi L, Jiang X, Wu M, Deng D, et al. Expression of TMEM87B interacting with the human papillomavirus type 18 E6 oncogene in the Hela cDNA library by a yeast two-hybrid system. Oncol Rep. 2008;20:421-7 pubmed
    ..It was indicated that the yeast two-hybrid system is efficient for screening interacting proteins. The novel gene TMEM87B may interact with HPV18 E6 and may be a potential oncogenesis target according to the bioinformatics analysis. ..
  34. Zhou F, Zhao W, Zuo Z, Sheng Y, Zhou X, Hou Y, et al. Characterization of androgen receptor structure and nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of the rice field eel. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:37030-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that the primitive species conserves and especially acquires key novel domains, the nuclear export signal and LBD, for the eAR function in spite of a rapid sequence evolution...
  35. Wang S, Liu W, Sargent C, Zhao S, Liu H, Liu X, et al. Effects of the polymorphisms of Mx1, BAT2 and CXCL12 genes on immunological traits in pigs. Mol Biol Rep. 2012;39:2417-27 pubmed publisher
  36. Zhao L, Lu J, Nie P, Li A, Xiong B, Xie H. Roles of plasmid-encoded proteins, EseH, EseI and EscD in invasion, replication and virulence of Edwardsiella ictaluri. Vet Microbiol. 2013;166:233-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the role of these three genes in adherence, invasion and cellular replication was revealed from the pathogenic bacterium E. ictaluri. ..
  37. Cheng H, Ying M, Tian Y, Guo Y, McElreavey K, Zhou R. Transcriptional diversity of DMRT1 (dsx- and mab3-related transcription factor 1) in human testis. Cell Res. 2006;16:389-93 pubmed
    ..These new characteristics of DMRT1 would have an important impact on the evolution of sexual development mechanisms. ..
  38. Shi Z, Hu Z. A review of studies on animal reservoirs of the SARS coronavirus. Virus Res. 2008;133:74-87 pubmed
    ..Apart from masked palm civets and bats, 29 other animal species had been tested for the SARS-CoV, and the results are summarized in this paper...
  39. Liu H, Fu Y, Jiang D, Li G, Xie J, Peng Y, et al. A novel mycovirus that is related to the human pathogen hepatitis E virus and rubi-like viruses. J Virol. 2009;83:1981-91 pubmed publisher
  40. Zhou J, Feng X, Ban B, Liu J, Wang Z, Xiao W. Elongation factor ELL (Eleven-Nineteen Lysine-rich Leukemia) acts as a transcription factor for direct thrombospondin-1 regulation. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:19142-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the importance of TSP-1 as an anti-angiogenic protein, our findings may have important ramifications for better understanding cancer. ..
  41. Li X, Xu D, Wang X, Huang G, Luo J, Li D, et al. Three cotton genes preferentially expressed in flower tissues encode actin-depolymerizing factors which are involved in F-actin dynamics in cells. J Exp Bot. 2010;61:41-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Given all the above results together, it is proposed that the GhADF7 gene may play an important role in pollen development and germination...
  42. Chen Y, Gao W, Luo J, Tian R, Sun H, Zou S. Methyl-CpG binding protein MBD2 is implicated in methylation-mediated suppression of miR-373 in hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Oncol Rep. 2011;25:443-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that miR-373 is a methylation-mediated gene and the implication of MBD2 in methylation-mediated suppression of miR-373 plays an important role in tumourigenesis and development in hilar cholangiocarcinoma. ..
  43. Li H, Ma G, Gui D, Zhao S, Wang P, He K, et al. Characterization of the porcine p65 subunit of NF-?B and its association with virus antibody levels. Mol Immunol. 2011;48:914-23 pubmed publisher
  44. Lu Y, Teng H, Yang G, Mei Z. Three new steroidal glycosides from the roots of Cynanchum auriculatum. Molecules. 2011;16:1901-9 pubmed publisher
  45. Niu Y, Shen H, Chen J, Xie P, Yang X, Tao M, et al. Phytoplankton community succession shaping bacterioplankton community composition in Lake Taihu, China. Water Res. 2011;45:4169-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study showed insights into relationships between phytoplankton and bacterioplankton communities at species level, facilitating a better understanding of microbial loop and ecosystem functioning in the lake. ..
  46. Yang L, Peng X, Sun M. AtNG1 encodes a protein that is required for seed germination. Plant Sci. 2011;181:457-64 pubmed publisher
    ..This implies that the deficiency of mitochondrion function might be the reason for the failed seed germination. Thus, our finding confirmed that AtNG1 plays a critical role in the early process of seed germination. ..
  47. Jiang W, Yang Y, Zhao D, Liu X, Duan J, Xie S, et al. Effects of sexual steroids on the expression of foxl2 in Gobiocypris rarus. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2011;160:187-93 pubmed publisher
    ..rarus, foxl2 mRNA expression is regulated by downstream sex hormones, and foxl2 can be used as a molecular indicator monitoring the environmental endocrine disruptors. ..
  48. Cheng J, Khan M, Qiu W, Li J, Zhou H, Zhang Q, et al. Diversification of genes encoding granule-bound starch synthase in monocots and dicots is marked by multiple genome-wide duplication events. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e30088 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, diversification of GBSS genes is mainly associated with genome-wide duplication events throughout the evolutionary course of history of monocots and eudicots...
  49. Yan X, Zhang L, Chen B, Xiong Z, Chen C, Wang L, et al. Functional identification and characterization of the Brassica napus transcription factor gene BnAP2, the ortholog of Arabidopsis thaliana APETALA2. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e33890 pubmed publisher
  50. Cao M, Duan J, Cheng N, Zhong X, Wang Z, Hu W, et al. Sexually dimorphic and ontogenetic expression of dmrt1, cyp19a1a and cyp19a1b in Gobiocypris rarus. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 2012;162:303-9 pubmed publisher
    ..cyp19a1b is expressed coordinately with cyp19a1a until 15 days after hatching. These results show that dmrt1 and cyp19a1a play important roles in sex determination and sex differentiation in G. rarus. ..
  51. Zhou M, Yan J, Ma Z, Zhou Y, Abbood N, Liu J, et al. Comparative and evolutionary analysis of the HES/HEY gene family reveal exon/intron loss and teleost specific duplication events. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e40649 pubmed publisher
    ..This study shows a model of gene family analysis with gene structure evolution and duplication. ..
  52. Lin X, Zhang Y, Kuang H, Chen J. Frequent loss of lineages and deficient duplications accounted for low copy number of disease resistance genes in Cucurbitaceae. BMC Genomics. 2013;14:335 pubmed publisher
    ..The sequenced genomes of cucumber, melon and watermelon have relatively few R-genes, with 70, 75 and 55 copies only, respectively. The mechanism for low copy number of R-genes in Cucurbitaceae genomes remains unknown...
  53. Liu J, Chen P, Zheng C, Huang Y. Characterization of maltocin P28, a novel phage tail-like bacteriocin from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2013;79:5593-600 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that maltocin P28 had bactericidal activity against 38 of 81 tested S. maltophilia strains. Therefore, maltocin P28 is a promising therapeutic substitute for antibiotics for S. maltophilia infections...
  54. Liu Q, Cai L, Shao Y, Zhou Y, Li M, Wang X, et al. Inactivation of the global regulator LaeA in Monascus ruber results in a species-dependent response in sporulation and secondary metabolism. Fungal Biol. 2016;120:297-305 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that MrLaeA regulates not only secondary metabolism, but also asexual and sexual differentiation in M. ruber, but some of its regulation appears to differ from other fungi. ..
  55. Liu Y, Dong W, Chen L, Zhang P, Qi Y. Characterization of Bcl10 as a potential transcriptional activator that interacts with general transcription factor TFIIB. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004;320:1-6 pubmed
    ..Together, these findings suggest that Bcl10 nuclear expression may modulate gene expression and Bcl10 is a potential transcriptional activator apart from its traditional roles that have been found. ..
  56. Ren W, Qu X, Li W, Han Z, Yu M, Zhou P, et al. Difference in receptor usage between severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus and SARS-like coronavirus of bat origin. J Virol. 2008;82:1899-907 pubmed
    ..The significance of these findings in relation to virus origin, virus recombination, and host switching is discussed...
  57. Zhang R, Lei T, Qi Y, Lei P, Chen Z, Chen X, et al. Molecular cloning, chromosomal localization and expression pattern of porcine ADP-ribosylation factor(Arf) gene family. Anim Sci J. 2010;81:425-31 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report of molecular characterization of the Arf gene family in pigs. ..
  58. Gong T, Liao Y, He F, Yang Y, Yang D, Chen X, et al. Control of polarized growth by the Rho family GTPase Rho4 in budding yeast: requirement of the N-terminal extension of Rho4 and regulation by the Rho GTPase-activating protein Bem2. Eukaryot Cell. 2013;12:368-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Overexpression of BEM2 aggravates the defects of rho3? rho4 mutants. These results suggest that Bem2 might be a novel GAP for Rho4. ..
  59. Chen X, IJkel W, Tarchini R, Sun X, Sandbrink H, Wang H, et al. The sequence of the Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus genome. J Gen Virol. 2001;82:241-57 pubmed
    ..Cluster alignment between group I and group II baculoviruses suggests that they have a common ancestor. ..
  60. Sun H, Zhao C, Tong X, Qi Y. A lectin with mycelia differentiation and antiphytovirus activities from the edible mushroom Agrocybe aegerita. J Biochem Mol Biol. 2003;36:214-22 pubmed
    ..These results suggested that AAL probably was a representative of a large protein family, which plays important physiological roles in mushroom. ..
  61. Zhang Y, Hu C, Zhang J, Huang G, Wei L, Zhang Q, et al. Molecular cloning and characterization of crucian carp (Carassius auratus L.) interferon regulatory factor 7. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2003;15:453-66 pubmed
    ..In addition, CaIRF7 expression was differentially increased by stimulation of the CAB cells with active GCHV, UV-inactivated GCHV or CAB IFN, indicating that the activation of CaIRF7 was directly regulated by IFN. ..
  62. Tang Q, Liu H, Mayden R, Xiong B. Comparison of evolutionary rates in the mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene and control region and their implications for phylogeny of the Cobitoidea (Teleostei: Cypriniformes). Mol Phylogenet Evol. 2006;39:347-57 pubmed publisher
  63. Zhang Z, Wang H, Liu Z, Xiong G. [Whole sequence analysis of brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene in Asiatic Black Bear through faecal sampling]. Yi Chuan. 2006;28:665-71 pubmed
  64. Huang T, Xiong Y, Lei M, Xu D, Deng C. Identification of a differentially expressed gene PPP1CB between porcine Longissimus dorsi of Meishan and Large WhitexMeishan hybrids. Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 2006;38:450-6 pubmed
    ..The tissue expression analysis indicated that the swine PPP1CB gene is generally expressed in most tissues. The possible role of PPP1CB and its relation to porcine heterosis are discussed. ..
  65. Zhang Y, Jiang J, Chen Y, Zhu R, Shi Y, Zhang Q, et al. The innate immune response to grass carp hemorrhagic virus (GCHV) in cultured Carassius auratus blastulae (CAB) cells. Dev Comp Immunol. 2007;31:232-43 pubmed
    ..This study provides strong evidence for existence of IFN antiviral innate immune response in fish, and will assist in elucidating the origin and evolution of vertebrate IFN system...
  66. Wang H, Zhou L, Gui J. Identification of a putative oocyte-specific small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide C in gibel carp. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2007;146:47-52 pubmed
    ..RT-PCR and Western blot analysis further revealed its constant presence in the oocytes and in the embryos until hatching. The data suggested that the newly identified CagOSNRPC might be a nucleolar protein. ..
  67. Tang Y, Zhou G, Zhang L, Mao J, Luo X, Wang M, et al. Aeromicrobium flavum sp. nov., isolated from air. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2008;58:1860-3 pubmed publisher
    ..5 %. On the basis of the data from this study, the isolate represents a novel species, for which the name Aeromicrobium flavum sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is TYLN1 T (=CCTCC AB 206046T =DSM 19355T). ..
  68. Kang M, Zhou R, Liu L, Langford P, Chen H. Analysis of an Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae multi-resistance plasmid, pHB0503. Plasmid. 2009;61:135-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report of a complete sequence of the plasmid containing seven resistance genes from A. pleuropneumoniae...
  69. Wang D, Wu Q, Yao L, Wei M, Kou X, Zhang J. New target tissue for food-borne virus detection in oysters. Lett Appl Microbiol. 2008;47:405-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The research team hopes that the results of the study will be of help in sampling the appropriate tissues for the detection of food-borne viruses in commercial oysters. ..
  70. Tong C, Guo B, He S. Bead-probe complex capture a couple of SINE and LINE family from genomes of two closely related species of East Asian cyprinid directly using magnetic separation. BMC Genomics. 2009;10:83 pubmed publisher
  71. Li D, Tai F, Zhang Z, Li Y, Zheng Y, Wu Y, et al. A cotton gene encodes a tonoplast aquaporin that is involved in cell tolerance to cold stress. Gene. 2009;438:26-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Overexpression of GhTIP1;1 in yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) significantly enhanced the cell survival probability, suggesting that the GhTIP1;1 protein is involved in cell freezing-tolerance. ..
  72. Pan G, Fu Y, Zuo B, Ren Z, Xu D, Lei M, et al. Molecular characterization, expression profile and association analysis with fat deposition traits of the porcine APOM gene. Mol Biol Rep. 2010;37:1363-71 pubmed publisher
    ..05), backfat thickness at shoulder (P < 0.05), backfat thickness at thorax-waist (P < 0.05), backfat thickness at buttock (P < 0.01) and average backfat thickness over shoulder, thorax-waist and buttock (P < 0.01). ..
  73. Tang Y, Wang Y, Ji S, Zhang K, Dai J, Zhang L, et al. Pedobacter xinjiangensis sp. nov., from desert, Xinjiang. J Microbiol Biotechnol. 2010;20:397-402 pubmed
    ..nov., with strain 12157(T) (=CCTCC AB 208092(T)=NRRL B-51338(T)) as the type strain. ..
  74. Zhao X, Huang J, Yu H, Wang L, Xie W. Genomic survey, characterization and expression profile analysis of the peptide transporter family in rice (Oryza sativa L.). BMC Plant Biol. 2010;10:92 pubmed publisher
    ..These investigations add to our understanding of the importance of OsPTR family members and provide useful reference for selecting candidate genes for functional validation studies of this family in rice. ..
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