Experts and Doctors on plant proteins in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Locale: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Topic: plant proteins

Top Publications

  1. Li C, Wu K, Fu G, Li Y, Zhong Y, Lin X, et al. Regulation of oleosin expression in developing peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) embryos through nucleosome loss and histone modifications. J Exp Bot. 2009;60:4371-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the basal expression of oleosins in early maturation embryos is accompanied by the increase of histone H3 acetylation and decrease of histone H3K9me2. ..
  2. Peng L, Jiang Y, Yang S, Pan S. [Accelerated senescence of fresh-cut Chinese water chestnut tissues in relation to hydrogen peroxide accumulation]. Zhi Wu Sheng Li Yu Fen Zi Sheng Wu Xue Xue Bao. 2005;31:527-32 pubmed
    ..5). AOS production rate and activities of SOD, CAT and APX changed little while no obvious hydrogen peroxide accumulation was observed, in intact CWC during storage...
  3. Jiang B, Xie D, Liu W, Peng Q, He X. De novo assembly and characterization of the transcriptome, and development of SSR markers in wax gourd (Benicasa hispida). PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e71054 pubmed publisher
  4. Zhang E, Chen X, Liang X. Resolubilization of TCA precipitated plant proteins for 2-D electrophoresis. Electrophoresis. 2011;32:696-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The blocking of -SH groups at Cys residues can greatly improve the solubility of TCA-precipitated proteins and obtain more high-quality protein spots in the 2-DE gel. This protocol is compatible with silver stain and MS identification. ..
  5. Wang L, Xu X, Lin F, Pan Q. Characterization of rice blast resistance genes in the Pik cluster and fine mapping of the Pik-p locus. Phytopathology. 2009;99:900-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Four nucleotide-binding site leucine-rich repeat-type resistance genes are present in this interval, and these represent good candidates for Pik-p. ..
  6. Zhang D, Li S, Xiong Q, Jiang C, Lai X. Extraction, characterization and biological activities of polysaccharides from Amomum villosum. Carbohydr Polym. 2013;95:114-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, ASP had strong free radical scavenging activities in vitro and significantly prevented the formation of malondialdehyde and enhanced the activities of antioxidant enzymes in CCl4-induced liver injury mice...
  7. Liu X, Liu S, Wu J, Zhang B, Li X, Yan Y, et al. Overexpression of Arachis hypogaea NAC3 in tobacco enhances dehydration and drought tolerance by increasing superoxide scavenging. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2013;70:354-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that AhNAC3 is a dehydration-induced transcription factor that improves water stress tolerance by increasing superoxide scavenging and promoting the accumulation of various protective molecules. ..
  8. Zhao M, Wang J, Shan W, Fan J, Kuang J, Wu K, et al. Induction of jasmonate signalling regulators MaMYC2s and their physical interactions with MaICE1 in methyl jasmonate-induced chilling tolerance in banana fruit. Plant Cell Environ. 2013;36:30-51 pubmed publisher
  9. Yang E, Yi S, Bai F, Niu D, Zhong J, Wu Q, et al. Cloning, Characterization and Expression Pattern Analysis of a Cytosolic Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase (SaCSD1) in a Highly Salt Tolerant Mangrove (Sonneratia alba). Int J Mol Sci. 2015;17: pubmed publisher
    ..Under 0.25 M and 0.5 M salt stress, the expression of SaCSD1 was down-regulated in roots, but up-regulated in leaves. ..

More Information


  1. Sun A, Nie S, Xing D. Nitric oxide-mediated maintenance of redox homeostasis contributes to NPR1-dependent plant innate immunity triggered by lipopolysaccharides. Plant Physiol. 2012;160:1081-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, NPR1 plays an important role in LPS-triggered plant innate immunity. ..
  2. Li D, Wang J, Peng S, Zhu G, Lü F. Molecular cloning and characterization of two novel NAC genes from Mikania micrantha (Asteraceae). Genet Mol Res. 2012;11:4383-401 pubmed publisher
    ..micrantha adaptation to C. campestris infection and abiotic stresses, also integrated signals derived from both C. campestris infection and abiotic stresses. ..
  3. Ji C, Li H, Chen L, Xie M, Wang F, Chen Y, et al. A novel rice bHLH transcription factor, DTD, acts coordinately with TDR in controlling tapetum function and pollen development. Mol Plant. 2013;6:1715-8 pubmed publisher
  4. Wang H, Qian Z, Ma S, Zhou Y, Patrick J, Duan X, et al. Energy status of ripening and postharvest senescent fruit of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.). BMC Plant Biol. 2013;13:55 pubmed publisher
    ..A surge of LcAtpB expression marked the beginning of fruit senescence. The findings may provide a new strategy to extend fruit shelf life by regulating its energy level. ..
  5. Wei J, Li A, Li Y, Wang J, Liu X, Liu L, et al. Cloning and characterization of an RNase-related protein gene preferentially expressed in rice stems. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2006;70:1041-5 pubmed
    ..OsRRP is preferentially expressed in stems of wild-type rice and is significantly down-regulated in an increased tillering dwarf mutant ext37. ..
  6. Lu S, Su W, Li H, Guo Z. Abscisic acid improves drought tolerance of triploid bermudagrass and involves H2O2- and NO-induced antioxidant enzyme activities. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2009;47:132-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The results revealed that ABA-induced SOD and CAT activities were mediated sequentially by H(2)O(2) and NO, and NO acted downstream of H(2)O(2). ..
  7. Wang T, Zhang E, Chen X, Li L, Liang X. Identification of seed proteins associated with resistance to pre-harvested aflatoxin contamination in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L). BMC Plant Biol. 2010;10:267 pubmed publisher
  8. Yuan L, Yang S, Liu B, Zhang M, Wu K. Molecular characterization of a rice metal tolerance protein, OsMTP1. Plant Cell Rep. 2012;31:67-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our results show that OsMTP1 is a bivalent cation transporter localized in the cell membrane, which is necessary for efficient translocation of Zn, Cd and other heavy metals, and maintain ion homeostasis in plant...
  9. Wu Y, Pan L, Yu S, Li H. Cloning, microbial expression and structure-activity relationship of polyphenol oxidases from Camellia sinensis. J Biotechnol. 2010;145:66-72 pubmed publisher
    ..A 3.1-fold increase in PPO activity over non-recombinant controls was obtained by expressing the PPO fragment without signal sequences and the CuC domain in E. coli BL21 (DE3) using the pET30c vector...
  10. Guo W, Zhao J, Li X, Qin L, Yan X, Liao H. A soybean ?-expansin gene GmEXPB2 intrinsically involved in root system architecture responses to abiotic stresses. Plant J. 2011;66:541-52 pubmed publisher
    ..This finding has great agricultural potential for improving crop P uptake on both low-P and P-fertilized soils. ..
  11. Li Y, Zhang Z, Nie Y, Zhang L, Wang Z. Proteomic analysis of salicylic acid-induced resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in susceptible and resistant rice. Proteomics. 2012;12:2340-54 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, our results indicate that SA also coordinates other cellular activities such as photosynthesis and metabolism to facilitate defense response and recovery, highlighting the complexity of SA-induced resistance mechanisms. ..
  12. Zhu X, Li X, Chen W, Chen J, Lu W, Chen L, et al. Evaluation of new reference genes in papaya for accurate transcript normalization under different experimental conditions. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e44405 pubmed publisher
    ..This work provides the first systematic analysis for the selection of superior reference genes for accurate transcript normalization in papaya under different experimental conditions. ..
  13. Yang R, Feng L, Yang X, Yin L, Xu X, Zeng Q. Quantitative transcript profiling reveals down-regulation of A sterol pathway relevant gene and overexpression of artemisinin biogenetic genes in transgenic Artemisia annua plants. Planta Med. 2008;74:1510-6 pubmed publisher
  14. Chen J, Xiong Y, Deng M. [Study on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of different types of leaves of Aquilaria sinensis]. Zhong Yao Cai. 2011;34:1664-6 pubmed
    ..Growth activity sequence of different types of Aquilaria sinensis is as follows: lobular type > large-leaved type, transitional leaf type > elliptical leaf type. ..
  15. He H, Su J, Shu S, Zhang Y, Ao Y, Liu B, et al. Two homologous putative protein tyrosine phosphatases, OsPFA-DSP2 and AtPFA-DSP4, negatively regulate the pathogen response in transgenic plants. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e34995 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that OsPFA-DSP2 and AtPFA-DSP4 act as negative regulators of the pathogen response in transgenic plants. ..
  16. Hou M, Tang X, Zhang W, Liao L, Wan H. Degradation of pentachlorophenol by potato polyphenol oxidase. J Agric Food Chem. 2011;59:11456-60 pubmed publisher
    ..0 units/mL potato PPO at pH 5.0 and 298 K. Pentachlorophenol can be degraded through dechlorination and ring-opening by potato PPO. The work demonstrates that pentachlorophenol can be effectively eliminated by crude potato PPO. ..
  17. Shan W, Kuang J, Chen L, Xie H, Peng H, Xiao Y, et al. Molecular characterization of banana NAC transcription factors and their interactions with ethylene signalling component EIL during fruit ripening. J Exp Bot. 2012;63:5171-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that MaNACs such as MaNAC1/MaNAC2, may be involved in banana fruit ripening via interaction with ethylene signalling components...
  18. Zhang M, Liu B. Identification of a rice metal tolerance protein OsMTP11 as a manganese transporter. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0174987 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicated that OsMTP11 might play vital roles in Mn and other heavy metal transportation in rice. ..
  19. Luo M, Liu X, Singh P, Cui Y, Zimmerli L, Wu K. Chromatin modifications and remodeling in plant abiotic stress responses. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1819:129-36 pubmed publisher
    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Plant gene regulation in response to abiotic stress. ..
  20. Zhang D, Liu B, Feng D, He Y, Wang S, Wang H, et al. Significance of conservative asparagine residues in the thermal hysteresis activity of carrot antifreeze protein. Biochem J. 2004;377:589-95 pubmed
    ..We also found that its thermal hysteresis activity is directly correlated with the length of its asparagine-rich binding site, and hence with the size of its ice-binding face. ..
  21. Li A, Yu B, Chen F, Gan H, Yuan J, Qiu R, et al. Characterization of the Sesbania rostrata phytochelatin synthase gene: alternative splicing and function of four isoforms. Int J Mol Sci. 2009;10:3269-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggested that SrPCS1 and SrPCS3 have potential applications in genetic engineering of plants for enhancing heavy metal tolerance and phytoremediation of contaminated soils. ..
  22. Sun Q, Ding L, He L, Sun Y, Shao J, Luo M, et al. Culture of Escherichia coli in SOC medium improves the cloning efficiency of toxic protein genes. Anal Biochem. 2009;394:144-6 pubmed publisher
  23. Zhang Y, Tan J, Guo Z, Lu S, He S, Shu W, et al. Increased abscisic acid levels in transgenic tobacco over-expressing 9 cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase influence H2O2 and NO production and antioxidant defences. Plant Cell Environ. 2009;32:509-19 pubmed publisher
  24. Long Y, Zhao L, Niu B, Su J, Wu H, Chen Y, et al. Hybrid male sterility in rice controlled by interaction between divergent alleles of two adjacent genes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:18871-6 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose a two-gene/three-component interaction model for this hybrid male sterility system. The findings have implications for overcoming male sterility in inter-subspecific hybrid rice breeding. ..
  25. Wang Z, Zou Y, Li X, Zhang Q, Chen L, Wu H, et al. Cytoplasmic male sterility of rice with boro II cytoplasm is caused by a cytotoxic peptide and is restored by two related PPR motif genes via distinct modes of mRNA silencing. Plant Cell. 2006;18:676-87 pubmed
    ..In the presence of both restorers, RF1A was epistatic over RF1B in the mRNA processing. We have also shown that RF1A plays an additional role in promoting the editing of atp6 mRNAs, independent of its cleavage function. ..
  26. Xia K, Wang R, Ou X, Fang Z, Tian C, Duan J, et al. OsTIR1 and OsAFB2 downregulation via OsmiR393 overexpression leads to more tillers, early flowering and less tolerance to salt and drought in rice. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e30039 pubmed publisher
    ..The positive phenotypes (increased tillers and early flowering) and negative phenotypes (reduced tolerance to salt and hyposensitivity to auxin) of OsmiR393-overexpressing rice present a dilemma for molecular breeding. ..
  27. Qin L, Zhao J, Tian J, Chen L, Sun Z, Guo Y, et al. The high-affinity phosphate transporter GmPT5 regulates phosphate transport to nodules and nodulation in soybean. Plant Physiol. 2012;159:1634-43 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the high-affinity Pi transporter, GmPT5, controls Pi entry from roots to nodules, is critical for maintaining Pi homeostasis in nodules, and subsequently regulates soybean nodulation and growth performance...
  28. Lu W, Wang Y, Jiang Y, Li J, Liu H, Duan X, et al. Differential expression of litchi XET genes in relation to fruit growth. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2006;44:707-13 pubmed
    ..Thus, LcXET1 is more likely to play a role in reducing litchi fruit cracking than LcXET2 and LcXET3...
  29. Fang Z, Xia K, Yang X, Grotemeyer M, Meier S, Rentsch D, et al. Altered expression of the PTR/NRT1 homologue OsPTR9 affects nitrogen utilization efficiency, growth and grain yield in rice. Plant Biotechnol J. 2013;11:446-58 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that OsPTR9 might hold potential for improving nitrogen utilization efficiency and grain yield in rice breeding. ..
  30. Ma J, He Y, Hu Z, Xu W, Xia J, Guo C, et al. Characterization and expression analysis of AcSERK2, a somatic embryogenesis and stress resistance related gene in pineapple. Gene. 2012;500:115-23 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression pattern of AcSERK2 during SE differed from that of AcSERK1, and this indicated that the SERK genes may be non-redundant in somatic embryogenesis. ..
  31. Zhang R, Zhu H, Zhao H, Yao Q. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculation increases phenolic synthesis in clover roots via hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and nitric oxide signaling pathways. J Plant Physiol. 2013;170:74-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggested that AMF increased the phenolic synthesis in roots probably via signaling pathways of H(2)O(2), SA and NO in a signaling cascade. ..
  32. Xia K, Liu T, Ouyang J, Wang R, Fan T, Zhang M. Genome-wide identification, classification, and expression analysis of autophagy-associated gene homologues in rice (Oryza sativa L.). DNA Res. 2011;18:363-77 pubmed publisher
    ..The identification of OsATG homologues showing constitutive expression or responses to environmental stimuli provides new insights for in-depth characterization of selected genes of importance in rice. ..
  33. Wang Z, Ding L, Ge Z, Wang Z, Wang F, Li N, et al. Purification and characterization of native and recombinant SaPIN2a, a plant sieve element-localized proteinase inhibitor. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2007;45:757-66 pubmed
    ..In addition, native SaPIN2a can effectively inhibit midgut trypsin-like activities from Trichoplusia ni and Spodoptera litura larvae, suggesting a potential for the production of insect-resistant transgenic plants...
  34. Yin F, Pajak A, Chapman R, Sharpe A, Huang S, Marsolais F. Analysis of common bean expressed sequence tags identifies sulfur metabolic pathways active in seed and sulfur-rich proteins highly expressed in the absence of phaseolin and major lectins. BMC Genomics. 2011;12:268 pubmed publisher
    ..Identification of sulfur-rich proteins whose levels are elevated in seed lacking phaseolin and phytohemagglutinin and sulfur metabolic genes may assist the improvement of protein quality...
  35. Wang F, Wu Q, Zhang Z, Chen S, Zhou R. Cloning, expression, and characterization of iron superoxide dismutase in Sonneratia alba, a highly salt tolerant mangrove tree. Protein J. 2013;32:259-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Quantitative real-time PCR experiments demonstrated that SaFeSOD was expressed in leaf, stem, flower, fruit and root tissues with the highest expression in leaf tissues...
  36. Li X, Guo B. [Effect of protein and anthraquinone glucosides from cassia seed on serum lipid of hyperlipidemia rats]. Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi. 2002;27:374-6 pubmed
    ..To study the effect of protein and anthraquinone glucosides from cassia seed on serum lipid of hyperlipidemia rats...
  37. Wang Y, Liu A, Li W, Jiang Y, Song S, Li Y, et al. Comparative proteomic analysis of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) heterostylous pistil development. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0179018 pubmed publisher
  38. Xiao Y, Chen J, Kuang J, Shan W, Xie H, Jiang Y, et al. Banana ethylene response factors are involved in fruit ripening through their interactions with ethylene biosynthesis genes. J Exp Bot. 2013;64:2499-510 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that MaERFs are involved in banana fruit ripening via transcriptional regulation of or interaction with ethylene biosynthesis genes. ..
  39. Kuang Q, Zhang S, Wu P, Chen Y, Li M, Jiang H, et al. Global gene expression analysis of the response of physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) to medium- and long-term nitrogen deficiency. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182700 pubmed publisher
    ..Our discoveries may offer clues to the molecular mechanisms that regulate N reallocation and reutilization so as to maintain or increase plant performance even under adverse environmental conditions. ..
  40. Chen C, Chen G, Hao X, Cao B, Chen Q, Liu S, et al. CaMF2, an anther-specific lipid transfer protein (LTP) gene, affects pollen development in Capsicum annuum L. Plant Sci. 2011;181:439-48 pubmed publisher
    ..All these evidence showed that CaMF2 had a vital role in pollen development of C. annuum...
  41. Chen X, Li H, Pandey M, Yang Q, Wang X, Garg V, et al. Draft genome of the peanut A-genome progenitor (Arachis duranensis) provides insights into geocarpy, oil biosynthesis, and allergens. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:6785-90 pubmed publisher
  42. Guo P, Baum M, Grando S, Ceccarelli S, Bai G, Li R, et al. Differentially expressed genes between drought-tolerant and drought-sensitive barley genotypes in response to drought stress during the reproductive stage. J Exp Bot. 2009;60:3531-44 pubmed publisher
    ..These results could provide new insights into further understanding of drought-tolerance mechanisms in barley. ..
  43. Niu B, He F, He M, Ren D, Chen L, Liu Y. The ATP-binding cassette transporter OsABCG15 is required for anther development and pollen fertility in rice. J Integr Plant Biol. 2013;55:710-20 pubmed publisher
    ..This work is helpful to understand the regulatory network in rice anther development. ..
  44. Tian Y, Liu W, Cai J, Zhang L, Wong K, Feddermann N, et al. The nodulation factor hydrolase of Medicago truncatula: characterization of an enzyme specifically cleaving rhizobial nodulation signals. Plant Physiol. 2013;163:1179-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Silencing of MtNFH1 by RNA interference resulted in reduced NF degradation in the rhizosphere of M. truncatula. In conclusion, we have found a novel legume hydrolase that specifically inactivates NFs. ..
  45. Mao G, Yan Y, Chen Y, Wang B, Xu F, Zhang Z, et al. Family of Ricinus communis Monosaccharide Transporters and RcSTP1 in Promoting the Uptake of a Glucose-Fipronil Conjugate. J Agric Food Chem. 2017;65:6169-6178 pubmed publisher
    ..The long-distance root-to-shoot transport of GTF was enhanced in a transgenic soybean chimera constitutively expressing RcSTP1. ..
  46. Chu P, Chen H, Zhou Y, Li Y, Ding Y, Jiang L, et al. Proteomic and functional analyses of Nelumbo nucifera annexins involved in seed thermotolerance and germination vigor. Planta. 2012;235:1271-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results indicate that NnANN1 plays an important role in seed thermotolerance and germination vigor. ..
  47. Zeng X, Qiu R, Ying R, Tang Y, Tang L, Fang X. The differentially-expressed proteome in Zn/Cd hyperaccumulator Arabis paniculata Franch. in response to Zn and Cd. Chemosphere. 2011;82:321-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In the case of Cd, plants adopted antioxidative/xenobiotic defense and cellular metabolism to keep cellular redox homeostasis and metal-transportation under Cd stress...
  48. Zhu Q, Xie X, Lin H, Sui S, Shen R, Yang Z, et al. Isolation and Functional Characterization of a Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase Gene (SsPAL1) from Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides (L.) Codd). Molecules. 2015;20:16833-51 pubmed publisher
    ..This study enables us to further understand the role of SsPAL1 in the phenylpropanoid (flavonoids, anthocyanins) biosynthesis in Coleus at the molecular level. ..
  49. Li M, Li Y, Li H, Wu G. Improvement of paper mulberry tolerance to abiotic stresses by ectopic expression of tall fescue FaDREB1. Tree Physiol. 2012;32:104-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, improved tolerance to multiple environmental stresses in paper mulberry might be achieved via genetic engineering through the ectopic expression of an FaDREB1 gene...
  50. Wu B, Li Y, Wu J, Chen Q, Huang X, Chen Y, et al. Over-expression of mango (Mangifera indica L.) MiARF2 inhibits root and hypocotyl growth of Arabidopsis. Mol Biol Rep. 2011;38:3189-94 pubmed publisher
    ..This study also suggests that although MiARF2 only has a single DNA-binding domain (DBD), it can function as other ARF-like proteins containing complete DBD, middle region (MR) and carboxy-terminal dimerization domain (CTD). ..
  51. Xu C, Takáč T, Burbach C, Menzel D, Samaj J. Developmental localization and the role of hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins during somatic embryogenesis of banana (Musa spp. AAA). BMC Plant Biol. 2011;11:38 pubmed publisher
    ..Proper content and localization of hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins seem to be essential for the formation and regeneration of banana somatic embryos. ..
  52. Liu X, Luo M, Zhang W, Zhao J, Zhang J, Wu K, et al. Histone acetyltransferases in rice (Oryza sativa L.): phylogenetic analysis, subcellular localization and expression. BMC Plant Biol. 2012;12:145 pubmed publisher
    ..OsHATs were expressed constitutively in rice, and their expression was regulated by exogenous hormones and abiotic stresses, which suggested that OsHATs may play important roles in plant defense responses. ..
  53. Liang C, Pi eros M, Tian J, Yao Z, Sun L, Liu J, et al. Low pH, aluminum, and phosphorus coordinately regulate malate exudation through GmALMT1 to improve soybean adaptation to acid soils. Plant Physiol. 2013;161:1347-61 pubmed publisher
  54. Miao H, Qin Y, Ye Z, Hu G. Molecular characterization and expression analysis of ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 gene in Citrus reticulata. Gene. 2013;513:249-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Pollen germination frequency of 'Wuzishatangju' was significantly inhibited with increasing of CrUBE1 protein concentrations from 'Wuzishatangju'. ..
  55. Mu P, Feng D, Su J, Zhang Y, Dai J, Jin H, et al. Cu2+ triggers reversible aggregation of a disordered His-rich dehydrin MpDhn12 from Musa paradisiaca. J Biochem. 2011;150:491-9 pubmed publisher
    ..To the best of our knowledge, it is the first report that a dehydrin interchanged between disordered and aggregated state triggered by copper...
  56. Zhao Z, Hu G, Hu F, Wang H, Yang Z, Lai B. The UDP glucose: flavonoid-3-O-glucosyltransferase (UFGT) gene regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis in litchi (Litchi chinesis Sonn.) during fruit coloration. Mol Biol Rep. 2012;39:6409-15 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that UFGT might play an important role in anthocyanin biosynthesis in the pericarp of litchi. Thus, UFGT expression strongly influences fruit coloration in litchi...
  57. Yang Q, Wu J, Li C, Wei Y, Sheng O, Hu C, et al. Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals that antioxidation mechanisms contribute to cold tolerance in plantain (Musa paradisiaca L.; ABB Group) seedlings. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2012;11:1853-69 pubmed publisher
    ..To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a global investigation on molecular responses of plantain to cold stress by proteomic analysis...
  58. Liu B, Li J, Ao Y, Qu J, Li Z, Su J, et al. Lysin motif-containing proteins LYP4 and LYP6 play dual roles in peptidoglycan and chitin perception in rice innate immunity. Plant Cell. 2012;24:3406-19 pubmed
    ..Collectively, our data support the notion that LYP4 and LYP6 are promiscuous PRRs for PGN and chitin in rice innate immunity. ..
  59. Luo M, Wang Z, Li H, Xia K, Cai Y, Xu Z. Overexpression of a weed (Solanum americanum) proteinase inhibitor in transgenic tobacco results in increased glandular trichome density and enhanced resistance to Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera litura. Int J Mol Sci. 2009;10:1896-910 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, SaPIN2a could be used as an alternative proteinase inhibitor for the production of insect-resistant transgenic plants. ..
  60. Ye M, Luo S, Xie J, Li Y, Xu T, Liu Y, et al. silencing COI1 in rice increases susceptibility to chewing insects and impairs inducible defense. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e36214 pubmed publisher
  61. Rui X, Caiqin L, Wangjin L, Juan D, Zehuai W, Jianguo L. 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase 1 (HMG1) is highly associated with the cell division during the early stage of fruit development which determines the final fruit size in Litchi chinensis. Gene. 2012;498:28-35 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings provided new insights on the function of HMGR genes during fruit development...
  62. Tang Y, Li M, Chen Y, Wu P, Wu G, Jiang H. Knockdown of OsPAO and OsRCCR1 cause different plant death phenotypes in rice. J Plant Physiol. 2011;168:1952-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that OsPAO and OsRCCR1 play key roles in senescence and are involved in wound responses. ..
  63. Wan X, Li L. Regulation of ABA level and water-stress tolerance of Arabidopsis by ectopic expression of a peanut 9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase gene. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006;347:1030-8 pubmed
  64. Zhong H, Chen J, Li C, Chen L, Wu J, Chen J, et al. Selection of reliable reference genes for expression studies by reverse transcription quantitative real-time PCR in litchi under different experimental conditions. Plant Cell Rep. 2011;30:641-53 pubmed publisher
    ..These results first provide guidelines for reference genes selection under different experimental conditions and also a foundation for more accurate and widespread use of RT-qPCR in litchi...
  65. Pan X, Yang X, Lin G, Zou R, Chen H, Samaj J, et al. Ultrastructural changes and the distribution of arabinogalactan proteins during somatic embryogenesis of banana (Musa spp. AAA cv. 'Yueyoukang 1'). Physiol Plant. 2011;142:372-89 pubmed publisher
    ..These results about developmental regulation of AGP epitopes along with developmental changes in the ultrastructure of cells are providing new insights into the somatic embryogenesis of banana...
  66. Yuan B, Zhai C, Wang W, Zeng X, Xu X, Hu H, et al. The Pik-p resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in rice is mediated by a pair of closely linked CC-NBS-LRR genes. Theor Appl Genet. 2011;122:1017-28 pubmed publisher
    ..Their sequence allowed Pik-p to be distinguished from Pik, Pik-s, Pik-m and Pik-h. Both Pikp-1 and Pikp-2 were constitutively expressed in cv. K60 and only marginally induced by blast infection...
  67. Song H, Wang X, Hu W, Yang X, Diao E, Shen T, et al. A cold-induced phytosulfokine peptide is related to the improvement of loquat fruit chilling tolerance. Food Chem. 2017;232:434-442 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrated that PSK1 improves chilling tolerance of loquat fruit by maintaining high energy status and cell integrity. Peptidomics analysis provides a promising tool to discover some key peptides. ..
  68. Tang C, Ten Z, Wang X, Yang X. Physicochemical and functional properties of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) protein isolate. J Agric Food Chem. 2006;54:8945-50 pubmed
  69. Wang Q, Li J, Hu L, Zhang T, Zhang G, Lou Y. OsMPK3 positively regulates the JA signaling pathway and plant resistance to a chewing herbivore in rice. Plant Cell Rep. 2013;32:1075-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that the gene OsMPK3 responds early in herbivore-induced defense and can be regulated by rice plants to activate a specific and appropriate defense response to different herbivores. ..
  70. Wang Y, Suo H, Zheng Y, Liu K, Zhuang C, Kahle K, et al. The soybean root-specific protein kinase GmWNK1 regulates stress-responsive ABA signaling on the root system architecture. Plant J. 2010;64:230-42 pubmed publisher
  71. Liu H, Dai J, Feng D, Liu B, Wang H, Wang J. Characterization of a novel plantain Asr gene, MpAsr, that is regulated in response to infection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense and abiotic stresses. J Integr Plant Biol. 2010;52:315-23 pubmed publisher
    ..oxysporum f. sp. cubense. These results suggest that MpAsr might be involved in plant responses to both abiotic stress and pathogen attack. ..
  72. Chen J, Liu D, Jiang Y, Zhao M, Shan W, Kuang J, et al. Molecular characterization of a strawberry FaASR gene in relation to fruit ripening. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e24649 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the effects of ABA, applied to two different developmental stages of strawberry, on fruit ripening and the expression of FaASR at transcriptional and translational levels were investigated...
  73. Liao M, Li Y, Wang Z. Identification of elicitor-responsive proteins in rice leaves by a proteomic approach. Proteomics. 2009;9:2809-19 pubmed publisher
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    ..Taken together, our results strongly suggested that PvPS2:1 positively regulated plant responses to P(i) starvation, and could be further targeted as a candidate gene to improve crop P efficiency...
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