Experts and Doctors on base sequence in Hubei, China


Locale: Hubei, China
Topic: base sequence

Top Publications

  1. Huang C, Xie M, Liu W, Yang B, Yang F, Huang J, et al. A structured RNA in hepatitis B virus post-transcriptional regulatory element represses alternative splicing in a sequence-independent and position-dependent manner. FEBS J. 2011;278:1533-46 pubmed publisher
  2. Cheng L, Lin H, Fan X, Qiu S, Sun T, Li T, et al. A novel toxin-antitoxin operon talA/B from the Gram-positive bacterium Leifsonia xyli subsp. cynodontis. FEBS Lett. 2008;582:3211-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This represents a new mechanism of binding the promoter of a TA operon by the toxin and antitoxin complexes. ..
  3. Dai C, Ma Y, Zhao Z, Zhao R, Wang Q, Wu Y, et al. Mucroporin, the first cationic host defense peptide from the venom of Lychas mucronatus. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2008;52:3967-72 pubmed publisher
    ..These results showed that mucroporin could be considered a potential anti-infective drug, especially for treating antibiotic-resistant pathogens...
  4. Xu Y, Lei Y, Liu Q, Liu Y, Liu S, Cheng H, et al. Cloning, characterization and expression of zvep, a novel vitelline envelope-specific gene in the zebrafish ovary. Mol Reprod Dev. 2009;76:593-600 pubmed publisher
    ..This protein was named ZVEP (zebrafish vitelline envelope protein) and it did not have any homology with other known vitelline envelope genes. Thus, we found that zvep is a novel gene related to the vitelline envelope in zebrafish. ..
  5. Pan Z, Li J, Pan X, Chen S, Wang Z, Li F, et al. Methylation of the RASSF1A gene promoter in Uigur women with cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Tumori. 2009;95:76-80 pubmed
    ..To explore the relationship between methylation in promoter region 2 of the Ras association domain family 1A (RASSF1A) gene and cervical squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in Uigur women living in the Xinjiang province of China...
  6. Huang S, Chen J, Wang H, Sun B, Wang H, Zhang Z, et al. Influenza A virus matrix protein 1 interacts with hTFIIIC102-s, a short isoform of the polypeptide 3 subunit of human general transcription factor IIIC. Arch Virol. 2009;154:1101-10 pubmed publisher
  7. Xiang Y, Liao X, Yao A, Qin H, Fan L, Li J, et al. MRTF-A-miR-206-WDR1 form feedback loop to regulate breast cancer cell migration. Exp Cell Res. 2017;359:394-404 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data thus provide important and novel insights into MRTF-A-miR-206-WDR1 form feedback loop to regulate breast cancer cell migration. ..