Experts and Doctors on plant proteins in Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Locale: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Topic: plant proteins

Top Publications

  1. El kereamy A, Bi Y, Ranathunge K, Beatty P, Good A, Rothstein S. The rice R2R3-MYB transcription factor OsMYB55 is involved in the tolerance to high temperature and modulates amino acid metabolism. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e52030 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, overexpression of OsMYB55 improves rice plant tolerance to high temperature, and this high tolerance is associated with enhanced amino acid metabolism through transcription activation. ..
  2. Wijekoon C, Goodwin P, Valliani M, Hsiang T. The role of a putative peroxisomal-targeted epoxide hydrolase of Nicotiana benthamiana in interactions with Colletotrichum destructivum, C. orbiculare or Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci. Plant Sci. 2011;181:177-87 pubmed publisher
    ..These results differed from that of a previously reported EH1 gene of N. benthamiana for these interactions, demonstrating specialization among EH genes in basal resistance. ..
  3. Robb J, Lee B, Nazar R. Gene suppression in a tolerant tomato-vascular pathogen interaction. Planta. 2007;226:299-309 pubmed
  4. Mithila J, McLean M, Chen S, Christopher Hall J. Development of near-isogenic lines and identification of markers linked to auxinic herbicide resistance in wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis L.). Pest Manag Sci. 2012;68:548-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Availability of near-isogenic lines (NILs) of wild mustard with auxinic herbicide resistance (R) and herbicide susceptibility (S) will help to study the fitness penalty as well as the precise characterization of this gene...
  5. Rahman L, McKay F, Giuliani M, Quirk A, Moffatt B, Harauz G, et al. Interactions of Thellungiella salsuginea dehydrins TsDHN-1 and TsDHN-2 with membranes at cold and ambient temperatures-surface morphology and single-molecule force measurements show phase separation, and reveal tertiary and quaternary associations. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013;1828:967-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Single-molecule force spectroscopy of both proteins pulled from supported lipid bilayers indicated the induced formation of tertiary conformations in both proteins, and potentially a dimeric association for TsDHN-2. ..
  6. Clark S, Di Leo R, Van Cauwenberghe O, Mullen R, Shelp B. Subcellular localization and expression of multiple tomato gamma-aminobutyrate transaminases that utilize both pyruvate and glyoxylate. J Exp Bot. 2009;60:3255-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, these findings, together with recent information about rice and pepper GABA-Ts, indicate that the subcellular distribution of GABA-T in the plant kingdom is highly variable...
  7. Senatore A, Trobacher C, Greenwood J. Ricinosomes predict programmed cell death leading to anther dehiscence in tomato. Plant Physiol. 2009;149:775-90 pubmed publisher
    ..It is suggested that the accumulation of SlCysEP and the appearance of ricinosomes act as very early predictors of cell death in the tomato anther...
  8. Liu F, Ahmed Z, Lee E, Donner E, Liu Q, Ahmed R, et al. Allelic variants of the amylose extender mutation of maize demonstrate phenotypic variation in starch structure resulting from modified protein-protein interactions. J Exp Bot. 2012;63:1167-83 pubmed publisher
    ..2 starch. The data strongly support the hypothesis that the complement of heteromeric complexes of proteins involved in amylopectin synthesis contributes to the fine structure and architecture of the starch granule. ..
  9. Liu F, Romanova N, Lee E, Ahmed R, Evans M, Gilbert E, et al. Glucan affinity of starch synthase IIa determines binding of starch synthase I and starch-branching enzyme IIb to starch granules. Biochem J. 2012;448:373-87 pubmed publisher

More Information


  1. Abdel Aal E, Hucl P, Patterson C, Gray D. Fractionation of hairless canary seed (Phalaris canariensis) into starch, protein, and oil. J Agric Food Chem. 2010;58:7046-50 pubmed publisher
    ..The EAW extraction process seems to be more promising in canary seed fractionation based on recovery and purity of components...
  2. Soliman S, Trobacher C, Tsao R, Greenwood J, Raizada M. A fungal endophyte induces transcription of genes encoding a redundant fungicide pathway in its host plant. BMC Plant Biol. 2013;13:93 pubmed publisher
    ..As Taxol is a fungicide, and the endophyte is resistant to Taxol, we discuss how this endophyte strategy may be to prevent colonization by its fungal competitors but at minimal metabolic cost to itself. ..
  3. Kant S, Bi Y, Zhu T, Rothstein S. SAUR39, a small auxin-up RNA gene, acts as a negative regulator of auxin synthesis and transport in rice. Plant Physiol. 2009;151:691-701 pubmed publisher
    ..The lower growth and yield of overexpresser plants was largely recovered by exogenous auxin application. Taken together, the results suggest that SAUR39 acts as a negative regulator for auxin synthesis and transport. ..
  4. Trobacher C, Zarei A, Liu J, Clark S, Bozzo G, Shelp B. Calmodulin-dependent and calmodulin-independent glutamate decarboxylases in apple fruit. BMC Plant Biol. 2013;13:144 pubmed publisher
    ..In the present study, apple fruit were found to contain two CaM-dependent GADs, as well as a novel CaM-independent GAD that does not possess a C-terminal autoinhibitory domain. ..
  5. Levy Booth D, Gulden R, Campbell R, Powell J, Klironomos J, Pauls K, et al. Roundup Ready soybean gene concentrations in field soil aggregate size classes. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2009;291:175-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The >2000 mum fraction contained between 66.62% and 99.18% of total gene copies, although it only accounted for about 30.00% of the sampled soil. Aggregate formation may facilitate persistence of recombinant DNA. ..
  6. Jones A, Saxena P. Inhibition of phenylpropanoid biosynthesis in Artemisia annua L.: a novel approach to reduce oxidative browning in plant tissue culture. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e76802 pubmed publisher
    ..Additional experiments with Ulmus americana and Acer saccharum indicate this approach is effective in many species and it could have a wide application in systems where oxidative browning restricts the development of biotechnologies. ..
  7. Allan W, Simpson J, Clark S, Shelp B. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate accumulation in Arabidopsis and tobacco plants is a general response to abiotic stress: putative regulation by redox balance and glyoxylate reductase isoforms. J Exp Bot. 2008;59:2555-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, GHB accumulation in plants is a general response to abiotic stress and appears to be regulated by both biochemical and transcriptional processes. ..
  8. Xiao H, Tattersall E, Siddiqua M, Cramer G, Nassuth A. CBF4 is a unique member of the CBF transcription factor family of Vitis vinifera and Vitis riparia. Plant Cell Environ. 2008;31:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results suggest that CBF4 represents a second type of CBF in grape that might be more important for the over-wintering of grape plants...
  9. Wong A, Colasanti J. Maize floral regulator protein INDETERMINATE1 is localized to developing leaves and is not altered by light or the sink/source transition. J Exp Bot. 2007;58:403-14 pubmed
    ..The finding that ID1 expression is developmentally regulated and is unperturbed by external stimuli such as photoperiod supports the supposition that ID1 acts through the autonomous floral inductive pathway in maize. ..
  10. Colasanti J, Tremblay R, Wong A, Coneva V, Kozaki A, Mable B. The maize INDETERMINATE1 flowering time regulator defines a highly conserved zinc finger protein family in higher plants. BMC Genomics. 2006;7:158 pubmed
    ..These similarities between ID1 and closely related genes in other grasses point to possible similarities in function. ..
  11. Xiao H, Nassuth A. Stress- and development-induced expression of spliced and unspliced transcripts from two highly similar dehydrin 1 genes in V. riparia and V. vinifera. Plant Cell Rep. 2006;25:968-77 pubmed publisher
    ..The possible relation of these results with the difference in freezing stress tolerance between V. riparia and V. vinifera is discussed...
  12. Avila L, Cerrudo D, Swanton C, Lukens L. Brevis plant1, a putative inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase, is required for internode elongation in maize. J Exp Bot. 2016;67:1577-88 pubmed publisher
    ..These attributes suggest that breeding could utilize bv1 alleles to increase crop grain yields. ..
  13. Prigoda N, Nassuth A, Mable B. Phenotypic and genotypic expression of self-incompatibility haplotypes in Arabidopsis lyrata suggests unique origin of alleles in different dominance classes. Mol Biol Evol. 2005;22:1609-20 pubmed
    ..The possibility that interlocus gene conversion might have contributed to allelic diversity is discussed. ..
  14. Sherif S, Shukla M, Murch S, Bernier L, Saxena P. Simultaneous induction of jasmonic acid and disease-responsive genes signifies tolerance of American elm to Dutch elm disease. Sci Rep. 2016;6:21934 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study not only provides better understanding of tolerance mechanisms to DED, but also represents a first, verified template for examining simultaneous transcriptomic changes during American elm-fungus interactions...
  15. Weng X, Gaur G, Neethirajan S. Rapid Detection of Food Allergens by Microfluidics ELISA-Based Optical Sensor. Biosensors (Basel). 2016;6:24 pubmed publisher
    ..The developed microfluidic biosensor demonstrates the potential for sensitive and less-expensive on-site determination for rapidly detecting food allergens in a complex sample system. ..
  16. Hwang Y, Pelitire S, Henderson M, Andrews D, Dyer J, Mullen R. Novel targeting signals mediate the sorting of different isoforms of the tail-anchored membrane protein cytochrome b5 to either endoplasmic reticulum or mitochondria. Plant Cell. 2004;16:3002-19 pubmed
    ..Collectively, the results presented provide significant insight into the early biogenetic events required for entry of tail-anchored proteins into either the ER or mitochondrial targeting pathways...
  17. Gaudin A, McClymont S, Soliman S, Raizada M. The effect of altered dosage of a mutant allele of Teosinte branched 1 (tb1-ref) on the root system of modern maize. BMC Genet. 2014;15:23 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss the potential implications of these findings for whole plant coordination of biomass accumulation and maize domestication. ..
  18. Eskandari M, Cober E, Rajcan I. Genetic control of soybean seed oil: II. QTL and genes that increase oil concentration without decreasing protein or with increased seed yield. Theor Appl Genet. 2013;126:1677-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternatively, selecting complementary parents with greater breeding values due to positive epistatic interactions could lead to the development of higher oil soybean cultivars. ..
  19. Coneva V, Guevara D, Rothstein S, Colasanti J. Transcript and metabolite signature of maize source leaves suggests a link between transitory starch to sucrose balance and the autonomous floral transition. J Exp Bot. 2012;63:5079-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data define a transcript and metabolite signature associated with the autonomous floral transition in temperate maize leaves...
  20. Robb J, Shittu H, Soman K, Kurosky A, Nazar R. Arsenal of elevated defense proteins fails to protect tomato against Verticillium dahliae. Planta. 2012;236:623-33 pubmed publisher
  21. Breitkreuz K, Allan W, Van Cauwenberghe O, Jakobs C, Talibi D, Andre B, et al. A novel gamma-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase: identification and expression of an Arabidopsis cDNA and potential role under oxygen deficiency. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:41552-6 pubmed
    ..It is proposed that GHBDH and SSADH activities in plants are regulated in a complementary fashion and that GHBDH and gamma-hydroxybutyrate function in oxidative stress tolerance. ..
  22. Bryksa B, Bhaumik P, Magracheva E, De Moura D, Kurylowicz M, Zdanov A, et al. Structure and mechanism of the saposin-like domain of a plant aspartic protease. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:28265-75 pubmed publisher
  23. Siddiqua M, Nassuth A. Vitis CBF1 and Vitis CBF4 differ in their effect on Arabidopsis abiotic stress tolerance, development and gene expression. Plant Cell Environ. 2011;34:1345-59 pubmed publisher
    ..The difference in gene induction by VrCBF1 compared with VrCBF4 suggests that these CBFs have different regulons. ..
  24. Rahman L, Bamm V, Voyer J, Smith G, Chen L, Yaish M, et al. Zinc induces disorder-to-order transitions in free and membrane-associated Thellungiella salsuginea dehydrins TsDHN-1 and TsDHN-2: a solution CD and solid-state ATR-FTIR study. Amino Acids. 2011;40:1485-502 pubmed publisher
  25. Rahman L, Chen L, Nazim S, Bamm V, Yaish M, Moffatt B, et al. Interactions of intrinsically disordered Thellungiella salsuginea dehydrins TsDHN-1 and TsDHN-2 with membranes - synergistic effects of lipid composition and temperature on secondary structure. Biochem Cell Biol. 2010;88:791-807 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, this induced folding is enhanced at low temperatures, lending credence to the hypothesis that dehydrins stabilize plant outer and organellar membranes in conditions of cold. ..
  26. Greenwood J, Helm M, Gietl C. Ricinosomes and endosperm transfer cell structure in programmed cell death of the nucellus during Ricinus seed development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:2238-43 pubmed
    ..Digestion products of the nucellar cells are presumed taken up by the outermost cells of the endosperm, which have labyrinthine ingrowths of the outer walls typical of transfer cells...
  27. Regand A, Goff H. Ice recrystallization inhibition in ice cream as affected by ice structuring proteins from winter wheat grass. J Dairy Sci. 2006;89:49-57 pubmed
    ..A remarkably smoother texture for ice creams containing ISP after heat-shock storage was evident by sensory evaluation. The efficiency of ISP from AWWE in controlling ice crystal growth in ice cream has been demonstrated. ..
  28. Coneva V, Zhu T, Colasanti J. Expression differences between normal and indeterminate1 maize suggest downstream targets of ID1, a floral transition regulator in maize. J Exp Bot. 2007;58:3679-93 pubmed
    ..Only a few genes showed expression differences, suggesting that ID1 acts in a novel autonomous floral induction pathway that is distinct from the photoperiod induction pathway. ..
  29. Chang A, Lim M, Lee S, Robb E, Nazar R. Tomato phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene family, highly redundant but strongly underutilized. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:33591-601 pubmed publisher
    ..Plant transformation analyses further demonstrate the presence of very active silencing, suggesting aggressive competition between PAL gene duplication and copy inactivation during PAL gene evolution. ..
  30. Kant P, Liu W, Pauls K. PDC1, a corn defensin peptide expressed in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris inhibits growth of Fusarium graminearum. Peptides. 2009;30:1593-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The data presented here suggest that the defensin PDC1 peptide of corn could be effectively used to restrict the disease caused by F. graminearum. ..
  31. Liu F, Makhmoudova A, Lee E, Wait R, Emes M, Tetlow I. The amylose extender mutant of maize conditions novel protein-protein interactions between starch biosynthetic enzymes in amyloplasts. J Exp Bot. 2009;60:4423-40 pubmed publisher
  32. Casaretto J, El kereamy A, Zeng B, Stiegelmeyer S, Chen X, Bi Y, et al. Expression of OsMYB55 in maize activates stress-responsive genes and enhances heat and drought tolerance. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:312 pubmed publisher
    ..Enhanced expression of stress-associated genes may be involved in OsMYB55-mediated stress tolerance. Possible implications for the improved tolerance to heat stress and drought of OsMYB55 transgenic maize are discussed. ..
  33. Hughes S, Schart V, Malcolmson J, Hogarth K, Martynowicz D, Tralman Baker E, et al. The importance of size and disorder in the cryoprotective effects of dehydrins. Plant Physiol. 2013;163:1376-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Lastly, we show that the cryoprotection by a dehydrin is not due to any antifreeze protein-like activity, as has been reported previously. ..
  34. Rahman L, Smith G, Bamm V, Voyer Grant J, Moffatt B, Dutcher J, et al. Phosphorylation of Thellungiella salsuginea dehydrins TsDHN-1 and TsDHN-2 facilitates cation-induced conformational changes and actin assembly. Biochemistry. 2011;50:9587-604 pubmed publisher
    ..These results support the hypothesis that dehydrins stabilize the cytoskeleton under stress conditions and further that phosphorylation may be an important feature of this stabilization. ..
  35. Hudson D, Guevara D, Hand A, Xu Z, Hao L, Chen X, et al. Rice cytokinin GATA transcription Factor1 regulates chloroplast development and plant architecture. Plant Physiol. 2013;162:132-44 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate a conserved mechanism by which Cga1 regulates chloroplast development in higher plants. ..
  36. Dhanoa P, Richardson L, Smith M, Gidda S, Henderson M, Andrews D, et al. Distinct pathways mediate the sorting of tail-anchored proteins to the plastid outer envelope. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e10098 pubmed publisher
  37. Reinprecht Y, Luk Labey S, Yu K, Poysa V, Rajcan I, Ablett G, et al. Molecular basis of seed lipoxygenase null traits in soybean line OX948. Theor Appl Genet. 2011;122:1247-64 pubmed publisher
    ..The seed lipoxygenase gene mutation-based molecular markers could be used to accelerate and simplify breeding efforts for soybean cultivars with improved flavor. ..
  38. Lazakis C, Coneva V, Colasanti J. ZCN8 encodes a potential orthologue of Arabidopsis FT florigen that integrates both endogenous and photoperiod flowering signals in maize. J Exp Bot. 2011;62:4833-42 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that ZCN8 may encode a florigen that integrates both endogenous and environmental signals in maize. ..