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  1. Zhang Y, Bhavnani B. Glutamate-induced apoptosis in primary cortical neurons is inhibited by equine estrogens via down-regulation of caspase-3 and prevention of mitochondrial cytochrome c release. BMC Neurosci. 2005;6:13 pubmed
    ..To our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate that equine estrogens can prevent glutamate-induced translocation of cytochrome c from mitochondria to cytosol in rat primary cortical cells. ..
  2. Zhang Y, Soboloff J, Zhu Z, Berger S. Inhibition of Ca2+ influx is required for mitochondrial reactive oxygen species-induced endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ depletion and cell death in leukemia cells. Mol Pharmacol. 2006;70:1424-34 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results demonstrate that combined mitochondrial ROS generation and Ca2+ influx blockade by Ec is required for cell death. ..
  3. Yu Y, Niapour M, Zhang Y, Berger S. Mitochondrial regulation by c-Myc and hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha controls sensitivity to econazole. Mol Cancer Ther. 2008;7:483-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results show that c-myc and HIF-1alpha regulate sensitivity to econazole by modulating the ability of the drug to generate mitochondrial ROS. ..
  4. Tonkikh A, Carlen P. Impaired presynaptic cytosolic and mitochondrial calcium dynamics in aged compared to young adult hippocampal CA1 synapses ameliorated by calcium chelation. Neuroscience. 2009;159:1300-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These results support the hypothesis that increasing intracellular calcium neuronal buffering in aged rats ameliorates age-related impaired presynaptic Ca regulation. ..
  5. Cameron J, Levandovskiy V, Mackay N, Utgikar R, Ackerley C, Chiasson D, et al. Identification of a novel mutation in GYS1 (muscle-specific glycogen synthase) resulting in sudden cardiac death, that is diagnosable from skin fibroblasts. Mol Genet Metab. 2009;98:378-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Children with abnormal cardiac responses to increased workloads as well as those with defined myocardial disease should therefore be tested for GYS1 deficiency. ..
  6. Zolkipli Z, Pedersen C, Lamhonwah A, Gregersen N, Tein I. Vulnerability to oxidative stress in vitro in pathophysiology of mitochondrial short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency: response to antioxidants. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e17534 pubmed publisher
    ..We recommend rigorous temperature control in SCADD patients during acute illness. Antioxidants and Bezafibrate may also prove instrumental in their management. ..
  7. Skrtic M, Sriskanthadevan S, Jhas B, Gebbia M, Wang X, Wang Z, et al. Inhibition of mitochondrial translation as a therapeutic strategy for human acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Cell. 2011;20:674-88 pubmed publisher
  8. Haindrich A, Boudová M, Vancova M, Diaz P, Horakova E, Lukes J. The intermembrane space protein Erv1 of Trypanosoma brucei is essential for mitochondrial Fe-S cluster assembly and operates alone. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2017;214:47-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, TbErv1 seems to have a role in the mitochondrial translocation and Fe-S cluster assembly in the organelle. ..
  9. Suzuki S, Suzuki N, Mirtsos C, Horacek T, Lye E, Noh S, et al. Nur77 as a survival factor in tumor necrosis factor signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:8276-80 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that Nur77 is a survival effector protein in the context of TNF-mediated signaling. ..

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  1. Sheehan T, Kumar P, Hood D. Tissue-specific regulation of cytochrome c oxidase subunit expression by thyroid hormone. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2004;286:E968-74 pubmed
    ..The nature of this regulation differs between tissues possessing a high mitochondrial content, like liver and heart. ..
  2. Kislinger T, Cox B, Kannan A, Chung C, Hu P, Ignatchenko A, et al. Global survey of organ and organelle protein expression in mouse: combined proteomic and transcriptomic profiling. Cell. 2006;125:173-86 pubmed
    ..This molecular compendium, fully accessible via a searchable web-browser interface, serves as a reliable reference of the expressed tissue and organelle proteomes of a leading model mammal. ..
  3. Fadda E, Yu C, Pomès R. Electrostatic control of proton pumping in cytochrome c oxidase. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2008;1777:277-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Continuum electrostatic calculations support the proposed mechanism and suggest an electrostatic origin for the decoupled and inactive phenotypes of ionic mutants in the principal proton-uptake pathway. ..
  4. Menzies K, Robinson B, Hood D. Effect of thyroid hormone on mitochondrial properties and oxidative stress in cells from patients with mtDNA defects. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2009;296:C355-62 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that T(3) acts to reduce cellular oxidative stress, which may help attenuate ROS-mediated damage, along with improving mitochondrial function and energy status in cells with mtDNA defects. ..
  5. Carneiro L, Travassos L, Soares F, Tattoli I, Magalhaes J, Bozza M, et al. Shigella induces mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death in nonmyleoid cells. Cell Host Microbe. 2009;5:123-36 pubmed publisher
  6. Chabi B, Adhihetty P, O Leary M, Menzies K, Hood D. Relationship between Sirt1 expression and mitochondrial proteins during conditions of chronic muscle use and disuse. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2009;107:1730-5 pubmed publisher
  7. Lu H, Koshkin V, Allister E, Gyulkhandanyan A, Wheeler M. Molecular and metabolic evidence for mitochondrial defects associated with beta-cell dysfunction in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes. 2010;59:448-59 pubmed publisher
    ..CONCLUSIONS We provide novel evidence for a critical role of defective mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and morphology in the pathology of insulin resistance-induced beta-cell failure. ..
  8. Cairns R, Bennewith K, Graves E, Giaccia A, Chang D, Denko N. Pharmacologically increased tumor hypoxia can be measured by 18F-Fluoroazomycin arabinoside positron emission tomography and enhances tumor response to hypoxic cytotoxin PR-104. Clin Cancer Res. 2009;15:7170-4 pubmed publisher
    ..This approach transiently increases tumor hypoxia and represents an important method to improve antitumor efficacy of hypoxia-targeted agents, without increasing toxicity to oxygenated normal tissue. ..
  9. Cvetkovska M, Vanlerberghe G. Coordination of a mitochondrial superoxide burst during the hypersensitive response to bacterial pathogen in Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Cell Environ. 2012;35:1121-36 pubmed publisher
  10. Wang Y, Nartiss Y, Steipe B, McQuibban G, Kim P. ROS-induced mitochondrial depolarization initiates PARK2/PARKIN-dependent mitochondrial degradation by autophagy. Autophagy. 2012;8:1462-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results suggest that ROS-induced mitochondrial damage may be an important upstream activator of mitophagy. ..
  11. Perry C, Kane D, Lanza I, Neufer P. Methods for assessing mitochondrial function in diabetes. Diabetes. 2013;62:1041-53 pubmed publisher
    ..The continuing rapid evolution of these technologies offers new and exciting opportunities for deciphering the potential role of mitochondrial function in the etiology and treatment of diabetes. ..
  12. Zhang Y, Iqbal S, O Leary M, Menzies K, Saleem A, Ding S, et al. Altered mitochondrial morphology and defective protein import reveal novel roles for Bax and/or Bak in skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2013;305:C502-11 pubmed publisher
  13. Uchime O, Dai Z, Biris N, Lee D, Sidhu S, Li S, et al. Synthetic Antibodies Inhibit Bcl-2-associated X Protein (BAX) through Blockade of the N-terminal Activation Site. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:89-102 pubmed publisher
    ..The synthetic Fabs reported here reveal, as probes, novel mechanistic insights into BAX inhibition and provide a blueprint for developing inhibitors of BAX activation. ..
  14. Stokman G, Kors L, Bakker P, Rampanelli E, Claessen N, Teske G, et al. NLRX1 dampens oxidative stress and apoptosis in tissue injury via control of mitochondrial activity. J Exp Med. 2017;214:2405-2420 pubmed publisher
    ..Although first implicated in immune regulation, we propose that NLRX1 function extends to the control of mitochondrial activity and prevention of oxidative stress and apoptosis in tissue injury. ..
  15. Mnaimneh S, Davierwala A, Haynes J, Moffat J, Peng W, Zhang W, et al. Exploration of essential gene functions via titratable promoter alleles. Cell. 2004;118:31-44 pubmed
    ..We furthermore show that these strains are compatible with automated genetic analysis. This study underscores the importance of analyzing mutant phenotypes and provides a resource to complement the yeast knockout collection. ..
  16. Da Sylva T, Connor A, Mburu Y, Keystone E, Wu G. Somatic mutations in the mitochondria of rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes. Arthritis Res Ther. 2005;7:R844-51 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, some of these changes had resulted in potential non-self MHC peptide epitopes. These results provide evidence for a new role for somatic mutations in mtDNA in RA and predict a role in other diseases. ..
  17. Omelon S, Grynpas M. Relationships between polyphosphate chemistry, biochemistry and apatite biomineralization. Chem Rev. 2008;108:4694-715 pubmed publisher
  18. Johnson J, Glynn S, Gibbs J, Nalls M, Sabatelli M, Restagno G, et al. Mutations in the CHCHD10 gene are a common cause of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Brain. 2014;137:e311 pubmed publisher
  19. Yousif L, Stewart K, Horton K, Kelley S. Mitochondria-penetrating peptides: sequence effects and model cargo transport. Chembiochem. 2009;10:2081-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The results reported demonstrate that these peptide sequences are versatile transporters that will have a range of biological applications. ..
  20. Xu F, Addis J, Cameron J, Robinson B. LRPPRC mutation suppresses cytochrome oxidase activity by altering mitochondrial RNA transcript stability in a mouse model. Biochem J. 2012;441:275-83 pubmed publisher
    ..These data strongly suggest that LRPPRC is involved in the maturation of COX, and is involved in stabilizing of mitochondrial mRNAs encoding COX transcripts. ..
  21. Leung R, Gwozdz A, Wang H, Bang K, Packham M, Freedman J, et al. Persistence of procoagulant surface expression on activated human platelets: involvement of apoptosis and aminophospholipid translocase activity. J Thromb Haemost. 2007;5:560-70 pubmed
    ..APLT activity was very low in the PS-expressing platelet subpopulation for up to 4 h after activation, indicating that the persistence of a procoagulant surface may be attributed, at least in part, to this reduced APLT activity. ..
  22. Mills E, Truong K. Engineering Ca2+/calmodulin-mediated modulation of protein translocation by overlapping binding and signaling peptide sequences. Cell Calcium. 2010;47:369-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Our work demonstrates the feasibility of engineering Ca2+/calmodulin-mediated modulation of protein translocation and suggests that more natural analogs may exist. ..
  23. Park M, Youn B, Zheng X, Wu D, Xu A, Sweeney G. Globular adiponectin, acting via AdipoR1/APPL1, protects H9c2 cells from hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced apoptosis. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e19143 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, H/R-induced ROS generation and activation of the intrinsic apoptotic pathway was prevented by adiponectin via AdipoR1/APPL1 signaling and increased anti-oxidant potential. ..
  24. Feeney C, Pennefather P, Gyulkhandanyan A. A cuvette-based fluorometric analysis of mitochondrial membrane potential measured in cultured astrocyte monolayers. J Neurosci Methods. 2003;125:13-25 pubmed
    ..The merits and pitfalls of these different potentiometric dyes for monitoring Deltapsi(M) are discussed. ..
  25. Frantseva M, Carlen P, Perez Velazquez J. Dynamics of intracellular calcium and free radical production during ischemia in pyramidal neurons. Free Radic Biol Med. 2001;31:1216-27 pubmed
    ..These observations suggest that a major determinant of ischemic FR generation in pyramidal neurons is the uncoupling of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, which may be associated with the mitochondrial permeability transition. ..
  26. Huertas I, Colman B, Espie G. Mitochondrial-driven bicarbonate transport supports photosynthesis in a marine microalga. Plant Physiol. 2002;130:284-91 pubmed
    ..This is the first report of a direct role for mitochondria in the energization and functioning of the CCM in a photosynthetic organism. ..
  27. Gyulkhandanyan A, Pennefather P. Shift in the localization of sites of hydrogen peroxide production in brain mitochondria by mitochondrial stress. J Neurochem. 2004;90:405-21 pubmed
  28. Klose M, Boulianne G, Robertson R, Atwood H. Role of ATP-dependent calcium regulation in modulation of Drosophila synaptic thermotolerance. J Neurophysiol. 2009;102:901-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus the thermal limit of synaptic transmission may be directly linked to the stability of ATP-dependent mechanisms that regulate intracellular ion concentrations in the nerve terminal. ..
  29. Patel B, Safdar A, Raha S, Tarnopolsky M, Hamadeh M. Caloric restriction shortens lifespan through an increase in lipid peroxidation, inflammation and apoptosis in the G93A mouse, an animal model of ALS. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e9386 pubmed publisher
    ..Catalase, Bcl-2 and caspases did not differ. We conclude that CR increases lipid peroxidation, inflammation and apoptosis, while decreasing mitochondrial bioenergetic efficiency, protein oxidation and stress response in G93A mice. ..
  30. Gaidhu M, Frontini A, Hung S, Pistor K, Cinti S, Ceddia R. Chronic AMP-kinase activation with AICAR reduces adiposity by remodeling adipocyte metabolism and increasing leptin sensitivity. J Lipid Res. 2011;52:1702-11 pubmed publisher
    ..This led to significant reductions in VC and SC adiposity without inducing energy-sparing mechanisms that oppose long-term fat loss. ..
  31. Batt J, Ahmed S, Correa J, Bain A, Granton J. Skeletal muscle dysfunction in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2014;50:74-86 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that muscle dysfunction in PAH results from a combination of muscle atrophy and intrinsically impaired contractility. ..
  32. Simpson C, Mawji I, Anyiwe K, Williams M, Wang X, Venugopal A, et al. Inhibition of the sodium potassium adenosine triphosphatase pump sensitizes cancer cells to anoikis and prevents distant tumor formation. Cancer Res. 2009;69:2739-47 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest a potential mechanism for the observed clinical reduction in metastasis and relapse in breast cancer patients who have undergone treatments with cardiac glycosides. ..
  33. Pandi Perumal S, Bahammam A, Brown G, Spence D, Bharti V, Kaur C, et al. Melatonin antioxidative defense: therapeutical implications for aging and neurodegenerative processes. Neurotox Res. 2013;23:267-300 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinical trials employing melatonin doses in the range of 50-100 mg/day are warranted before its relative merits as a neuroprotective agent is definitively established. ..
  34. Hakem R, Hakem A, Duncan G, Henderson J, Woo M, Soengas M, et al. Differential requirement for caspase 9 in apoptotic pathways in vivo. Cell. 1998;94:339-52 pubmed
    ..Comparison of the requirement for Casp9 and Casp3 in different apoptotic settings indicates the existence of at least four different apoptotic pathways in mammalian cells. ..
  35. deSouza L, Shen Y, Bognar A. Disruption of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial folylpolyglutamate synthetase activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2000;376:299-312 pubmed
  36. Lakshman M, Subramaniam V, Wong S, Jothy S. CD44 promotes resistance to apoptosis in murine colonic epithelium. J Cell Physiol. 2005;203:583-8 pubmed
    ..This implicates CD44 in promoting cell transformation into a malignant phenotype, in conjunction with other anti-apoptotic factors. ..
  37. Crackower M, Sinasac D, Lee J, Herbrick J, Tsui L, Scherer S. Assignment of the SLC25A12 gene coding for the human calcium-binding mitochondrial solute carrier protein aralar to human chromosome 2q24. Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1999;87:197-8 pubmed
  38. Choong K, Clarke J, Cutz E, Pollit R, Olpin S. Lethal cardiac tachyarrhythmia in a patient with neonatal carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase deficiency. Pediatr Dev Pathol. 2001;4:573-9 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, we speculate that the choice of anti-arrhythmic agent in this patient may paradoxically have contributed to his death. ..
  39. Irrcher I, Hood D. Regulation of Egr-1, SRF, and Sp1 mRNA expression in contracting skeletal muscle cells. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2004;97:2207-13 pubmed
  40. Antonescu C, Diaz M, Femia G, Planas J, Klip A. Clathrin-dependent and independent endocytosis of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) in myoblasts: regulation by mitochondrial uncoupling. Traffic. 2008;9:1173-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Manipulating GLUT4 endocytosis to maintain surface GLUT4 may bypass insulin resistance. ..
  41. Suzuki T, Yamashita C, Zemans R, Briones N, Van Linden A, Downey G. Leukocyte elastase induces lung epithelial apoptosis via a PAR-1-, NF-kappaB-, and p53-dependent pathway. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2009;41:742-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, p53 contributes to elastase-induced apoptosis by both transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms. ..
  42. Shi G, Lee J, Grimes D, Racacho L, Ye D, Yang H, et al. Functional alteration of PARL contributes to mitochondrial dysregulation in Parkinson's disease. Hum Mol Genet. 2011;20:1966-74 pubmed publisher
    ..This PARL mutant is not sufficient to rescue PARKIN recruitment, suggesting that impaired mitophagy may be an underlying mechanism of disease pathogenesis in patients with PARL mutations. ..
  43. Hawrysh P, Miles A, Buck L. Phosphorylation of the mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel occurs independently of PKC? in turtle brain. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2016;200:44-53 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that PKC? does not play a role in the onset of mitochondrial depolarization and therefore glutamatergic channel arrest in turtle cerebral cortex. ..
  44. Ho A, Li Q, Hakem R, Mak T, Zacksenhaus E. Coupling of caspase-9 to Apaf1 in response to loss of pRb or cytotoxic drugs is cell-type-specific. EMBO J. 2004;23:460-72 pubmed
    ..Therefore, loss of pRb elicits apoptosome-dependent and apoptosome-independent cell death, and the requirement and coupling of caspase-9 to Apaf1 are both context-dependent. ..
  45. Gingrich J, Pelkey K, Fam S, Huang Y, Petralia R, Wenthold R, et al. Unique domain anchoring of Src to synaptic NMDA receptors via the mitochondrial protein NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:6237-42 pubmed
  46. Petit A, Kawarai T, Paitel E, Sanjo N, Maj M, Scheid M, et al. Wild-type PINK1 prevents basal and induced neuronal apoptosis, a protective effect abrogated by Parkinson disease-related mutations. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:34025-32 pubmed
    ..Loss of this protective function may therefore underlie the degeneration of nigral dopaminergic neurons in patients with PINK1 mutations. ..
  47. Cameron J, Levandovskiy V, Mackay N, Ackerley C, Chitayat D, Raiman J, et al. Complex V TMEM70 deficiency results in mitochondrial nucleoid disorganization. Mitochondrion. 2011;11:191-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This could explain the differential effects on the expression and assembly of complex V in different tissues. ..
  48. Singh K, Hood D. Effect of denervation-induced muscle disuse on mitochondrial protein import. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2011;300:C138-45 pubmed publisher
    ..e., increased ROS production and decreased respiration) during chronic disuse, which likely contribute to the activation of degradative pathways leading to muscle atrophy. ..
  49. Pereira M, Kelley S. Maximizing the therapeutic window of an antimicrobial drug by imparting mitochondrial sequestration in human cells. J Am Chem Soc. 2011;133:3260-3 pubmed publisher
    ..The results from this proof-of-principle study describe a novel methodology for augmenting the antibacterial efficacy of drugs amenable to peptide conjugation while simultaneously decreasing their toxicity to the host organism. ..
  50. Tang C, Koulajian K, Schuiki I, Zhang L, Desai T, Ivovic A, et al. Glucose-induced beta cell dysfunction in vivo in rats: link between oxidative stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress. Diabetologia. 2012;55:1366-79 pubmed publisher
  51. Mutlu A, Gyulkhandanyan A, Freedman J, Leytin V. Activation of caspases-9, -3 and -8 in human platelets triggered by BH3-only mimetic ABT-737 and calcium ionophore A23187: caspase-8 is activated via bypass of the death receptors. Br J Haematol. 2012;159:565-71 pubmed publisher
  52. O Leary M, Vainshtein A, Iqbal S, Ostojic O, Hood D. Adaptive plasticity of autophagic proteins to denervation in aging skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2013;304:C422-30 pubmed publisher
    ..This may contribute to an accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria in aged muscle...
  53. Shah A, Xia L, Goldberg H, Lee K, Quaggin S, Fantus I. Thioredoxin-interacting protein mediates high glucose-induced reactive oxygen species generation by mitochondria and the NADPH oxidase, Nox4, in mesangial cells. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:6835-48 pubmed publisher
    ..TxNIP is a critical component of the HG-ROS signaling pathway, required for the induction of mitochondrial and total cell ROS and the NADPH oxidase isoform, Nox4. TxNIP is a potential target to prevent DN. ..
  54. Lamhonwah A, Mahuran D, Gravel R. Human mitochondrial propionyl-CoA carboxylase: localization of the N-terminus of the pro- and mature alpha chains in the deduced primary sequence of a full-length cDNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 1989;17:4396 pubmed
  55. McNeil J, Flynn J, Tsao N, Monschau N, Stahmann K, Haynes R, et al. Glycine metabolism in Candida albicans: characterization of the serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHM1, SHM2) and threonine aldolase (GLY1) genes. Yeast. 2000;16:167-75 pubmed
    ..cerevisiae. GenBank Accession Nos of the C. albicans SHM1 and SHM2 are AF009965 and AF009966, respectively. Accession No. for C. albicans GLY1 is AF009967. ..
  56. Chen Y, Alli Z, Ackerley C, Al Saud B, Abdelhaleem M. Altered distribution of heat shock protein 60 (Hsp60) with dysregulated expression of DHX32. Exp Mol Pathol. 2007;82:256-61 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that dysregulated expression of DHX32 might lead to as of yet unknown changes in mitochondrial homeostasis manifested by cytoplasmic redistribution of the molecular chaperon Hsp60. ..
  57. Brenner D, Mak T. Mitochondrial cell death effectors. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2009;21:871-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The growing evidence that the intrinsic pathway is crucial for tumourigenesis makes this an intriguing field. In particular, the finding that BCL-2 homologues are inhibited by BH3-only proteins may have future therapeutic applications. ..
  58. Bentov Y, Yavorska T, Esfandiari N, Jurisicova A, Casper R. The contribution of mitochondrial function to reproductive aging. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2011;28:773-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Although the factors responsible for diminished oocyte quality remain to be elucidated, the present review focuses on the potential role of impaired mitochondrial function. ..
  59. Chan E, McQuibban G. The mitochondrial rhomboid protease: its rise from obscurity to the pinnacle of disease-relevant genes. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013;1828:2916-25 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we will summarize the current knowledge and disease relevance of the mitochondrial-localized rhomboid protease. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Intramembrane Proteases. ..
  60. McNeil J, Bognar A, Pearlman R. In vivo analysis of folate coenzymes and their compartmentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics. 1996;142:371-81 pubmed
    ..Inactivation of SHM1, SHM2 and ADE3 is required to render yeast auxotrophic for TMP and methionine, suggesting that TMP synthesized in mitochondria may be available to the cytoplasmic compartment. ..
  61. Kish S, Mastrogiacomo F, Guttman M, Furukawa Y, Taanman J, Dozic S, et al. Decreased brain protein levels of cytochrome oxidase subunits in Alzheimer's disease and in hereditary spinocerebellar ataxia disorders: a nonspecific change?. J Neurochem. 1999;72:700-7 pubmed
  62. Zohar R, Zhu B, Liu P, Sodek J, McCulloch C. Increased cell death in osteopontin-deficient cardiac fibroblasts occurs by a caspase-3-independent pathway. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2004;287:H1730-9 pubmed
    ..We suggest that the increased expression of OPN in the myocardium after reperfusion may promote fibrosis by protecting cardiac fibroblasts from cell death. ..
  63. Lee A, Ho D, Zanassi P, Walsh G, Kaplan D, Miller F. Evidence that DeltaNp73 promotes neuronal survival by p53-dependent and p53-independent mechanisms. J Neurosci. 2004;24:9174-84 pubmed
    ..Thus, DeltaNp73 promotes neuronal survival via p53-dependent and -independent mechanisms, and it does so at multiple points, including some of the most proximal events that occur after NGF withdrawal. ..
  64. Suzuki T, Moraes T, Vachon E, Ginzberg H, Huang T, Matthay M, et al. Proteinase-activated receptor-1 mediates elastase-induced apoptosis of human lung epithelial cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2005;33:231-47 pubmed
  65. Yu W, Liu T, Fehlings T, Fehlings M. Involvement of mitochondrial signaling pathways in the mechanism of Fas-mediated apoptosis after spinal cord injury. Eur J Neurosci. 2009;29:114-31 pubmed publisher
    ..However, in lpr spinal cord cultures, FasL neutralization had no protective effects. In summary, these data provide direct evidence for the induction of intrinsic mitochondrial signaling pathways following Fas activation after SCI. ..
  66. Tateno T, Asa S, Zheng L, Mayr T, Ullrich A, Ezzat S. The FGFR4-G388R polymorphism promotes mitochondrial STAT3 serine phosphorylation to facilitate pituitary growth hormone cell tumorigenesis. PLoS Genet. 2011;7:e1002400 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings establish a new role for the FGFR4-G388R polymorphism in pituitary oncogenesis, providing a rationale for targeting Src and STAT3 in the personalized treatment of associated disorders. ..
  67. Chis R, Sharma P, Bousette N, Miyake T, Wilson A, Backx P, et al. ?-Crystallin B prevents apoptosis after H2O2 exposure in mouse neonatal cardiomyocytes. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2012;303:H967-78 pubmed publisher
  68. Joza N, Susin S, Daugas E, Stanford W, Cho S, Li C, et al. Essential role of the mitochondrial apoptosis-inducing factor in programmed cell death. Nature. 2001;410:549-54 pubmed
    ..Our data provide genetic evidence for a caspase-independent pathway of programmed cell death that controls early morphogenesis. ..
  69. Ljubicic V, Menzies K, Hood D. Mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with a pro-apoptotic cellular environment in senescent cardiac muscle. Mech Ageing Dev. 2010;131:79-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the specific compartmentalization of apoptogenic proteins implies that mitochondrially mediated cell death signaling is highly active in the aged myocardium, which may contribute to progressive cardiac pathophysiology...
  70. Saleem A, Carter H, Iqbal S, Hood D. Role of p53 within the regulatory network controlling muscle mitochondrial biogenesis. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2011;39:199-205 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding how p53 coordinates mitochondrial homeostasis will facilitate a better comprehension of how exercise could constitute as a therapy for cancer treatment. ..
  71. Fernandes R, Tsuda C, Perumalsamy A, Naranian T, Chong J, Acton B, et al. NLRP5 mediates mitochondrial function in mouse oocytes and embryos. Biol Reprod. 2012;86:138, 1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..We therefore conclude that lack of Nlrp5 in oocytes triggers premature activation of the mitochondrial pool, causing mitochondrial damage that cannot be rescued by inactivation of Bax. ..
  72. Cvetkovska M, Vanlerberghe G. Alternative oxidase impacts the plant response to biotic stress by influencing the mitochondrial generation of reactive oxygen species. Plant Cell Environ. 2013;36:721-32 pubmed publisher
    ..The similar mitochondrial response induced by pv. maculicola and AA suggests that electron transport is a target during HR-inducing biotic interactions. ..
  73. Sage T, Busch F, Johnson D, Friesen P, Stinson C, Stata M, et al. Initial events during the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in C3 species of Flaveria. Plant Physiol. 2013;163:1266-76 pubmed publisher
    ..This could have facilitated the formation of a glycine shuttle between mesophyll and BS cells that characterizes C2 photosynthesis. ..
  74. Zhang C, Shi Z, Zhang L, Zhou Z, Zheng X, Liu G, et al. Appoptosin interacts with mitochondrial outer-membrane fusion proteins and regulates mitochondrial morphology. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:994-1002 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results demonstrate that appoptosin can interact with mitochondrial outer-membrane fusion proteins and regulates mitochondrial morphology. ..
  75. Nylen K, Velazquez J, Sayed V, Gibson K, Burnham W, Snead O. The effects of a ketogenic diet on ATP concentrations and the number of hippocampal mitochondria in Aldh5a1(-/-) mice. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009;1790:208-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data suggest that the KD's actions on brain mitochondria may play a role in the diet's ability to treat murine SSADH deficiency. ..
  76. Carbone M, Robinson B. Expression and characterization of a human pyruvate carboxylase variant by retroviral gene transfer. Biochem J. 2003;370:275-82 pubmed
  77. Leytin V, Allen D, Mykhaylov S, Lyubimov E, Freedman J. Thrombin-triggered platelet apoptosis. J Thromb Haemost. 2006;4:2656-63 pubmed
  78. Simpson C, Anyiwe K, Schimmer A. Anoikis resistance and tumor metastasis. Cancer Lett. 2008;272:177-85 pubmed publisher
  79. Vafopoulou X. Ecdysteroid receptor (EcR) is associated with microtubules and with mitochondria in the cytoplasm of prothoracic gland cells of Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera). Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2009;72:249-62 pubmed publisher
    ..e., in non-genomic actions of ecdysone. These findings align EcR more closely with steroid hormone receptors in vertebrates. ..
  80. Cameron J, Janer A, Levandovskiy V, Mackay N, Rouault T, Tong W, et al. Mutations in iron-sulfur cluster scaffold genes NFU1 and BOLA3 cause a fatal deficiency of multiple respiratory chain and 2-oxoacid dehydrogenase enzymes. Am J Hum Genet. 2011;89:486-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that both play essential roles in the production of [Fe-S] centers for the normal maturation of lipoate-containing 2-oxoacid dehydrogenases, and for the assembly of the respiratory chain complexes. ..
  81. Miyake T, McDermott J, Gramolini A. A method for the direct identification of differentiating muscle cells by a fluorescent mitochondrial dye. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e28628 pubmed publisher
    ..MitoTracker staining provides a robust and simple detection strategy for living differentiating cells in culture without the need for fixation or biochemical processing...
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