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  1. Lu Y, O Dowd B, Orrego H, Israel Y. Cloning and nucleotide sequence of human liver cDNA encoding for cystathionine gamma-lyase. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1992;189:749-58 pubmed
    ..The two forms of human cystathionase deduced from the two cDNA clones may be derived from two different genes or may be splice variants. ..
  2. Zhang Q, Domenicucci C, Goldberg H, Wrana J, Sodek J. Characterization of fetal porcine bone sialoproteins, secreted phosphoprotein I (SPPI, osteopontin), bone sialoprotein, and a 23-kDa glycoprotein. Demonstration that the 23-kDa glycoprotein is derived from the carboxyl terminus of SPPI. J Biol Chem. 1990;265:7583-9 pubmed
    ..The rapid generation of the 23-kDa glycoprotein and its presence in different bone tissues at different developmental stages indicate that the fragmentation of SPPI is important in bone formation and remodeling. ..
  3. Mutus B, Palmer E, MacManus J. Disulfide-linked dimer of oncomodulin: comparison to calmodulin. Biochemistry. 1988;27:5615-22 pubmed
  4. Wallace V, Kondo S, Kono T, Xing Z, Timms E, Furlonger C, et al. A role for CD4+ T cells in the pathogenesis of skin fibrosis in tight skin mice. Eur J Immunol. 1994;24:1463-6 pubmed
    ..These data show that only some of the pathological effects of the Tsk mutation are T cell dependent and that different T cell subsets affect different parameters in this multi-organ model of fibrotic disease. ..
  5. Zastawny R, George S, Nguyen T, Cheng R, Tsatsos J, Briones Urbina R, et al. Cloning, characterization, and distribution of a mu-opioid receptor in rat brain. J Neurochem. 1994;62:2099-105 pubmed
  6. Copeland J, Nasiadka A, Dietrich B, Krause H. Patterning of the Drosophila embryo by a homeodomain-deleted Ftz polypeptide. Nature. 1996;379:162-5 pubmed
    ..Ftz delta HD bound directly to Prd in vitro and required Prd to repress wingless in vivo. These results emphasize the pivotal importance of protein-protein interactions in homeodomain protein function. ..
  7. Mann M, Latham K, Varmuza S. Identification of genes showing altered expression in preimplantation and early postimplantation parthenogenetic embryos. Dev Genet. 1995;17:223-32 pubmed
  8. Karges W, Pietropaolo M, Ackerley C, Dosch H. Gene expression of islet cell antigen p69 in human, mouse, and rat. Diabetes. 1996;45:513-21 pubmed
    ..The subcellular localization of ICAp69 to endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, and vesicles by immune electron microscopy suggests a role of this neuroendocrine molecule in cellular protein traffic and ..
  9. Prelusky D, Rotter B, Thompson B, Trenholm H. Effect of the appetite stimulant cyproheptadine on deoxynivalenol-induced reductions in feed consumption and weight gain in the mouse. J Environ Sci Health B. 1997;32:429-48 pubmed
    ..Both agents were administered concurrently thereafter for a 12-day period. Dosing levels included various combinations of the two compounds, ranging from 0-16 ppm DON and 0-20 ppm CYP. ..

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  1. Sawzdargo M, George S, Nguyen T, Xu S, Kolakowski L, O Dowd B. A cluster of four novel human G protein-coupled receptor genes occurring in close proximity to CD22 gene on chromosome 19q13.1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1997;239:543-7 pubmed
    ..1. The four putative novel human genes encode new members of the GPCR family and share little homology with GALR. ..
  2. Boruk M, Savory J, Hache R. AF-2-dependent potentiation of CCAAT enhancer binding protein beta-mediated transcriptional activation by glucocorticoid receptor. Mol Endocrinol. 1998;12:1749-63 pubmed
    ..Thus, the potentiation of C/EBP beta-mediated transcription by GR would appear to require the presence of an intermediary factor. ..
  3. Manjeshwar S, Rao P, Rajalakshmi S, Sarma D. The regulation of ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase by the tumor promoter orotic acid in normal rat liver in vivo. Mol Carcinog. 1999;24:188-96 pubmed
  4. Geishauser T, Querengässer K. Investigations on teat canal length in teats with milk flow disturbances. J Dairy Sci. 2000;83:1976-80 pubmed
    ..Thus, it is concluded that Medl's test may be useful in differentiating causes of milk flow disturbances. However, a more accurate diagnosis may be made by teat endoscopy. ..
  5. Lee D, George S, Evans J, Lynch K, O Dowd B. Orphan G protein-coupled receptors in the CNS. Curr Opin Pharmacol. 2001;1:31-9 pubmed
    ..Similar successful strategies are required to characterize the physiological and pathological importance of the remaining orphan receptors to facilitate the discovery of novel drugs for these systems. ..
  6. Shin E, Estall J, Izzo A, Drucker D, Brubaker P. Mucosal adaptation to enteral nutrients is dependent on the physiologic actions of glucagon-like peptide-2 in mice. Gastroenterology. 2005;128:1340-53 pubmed
    ..GLP-2 is therefore a physiologic regulator of the dynamic adaptation of the gut mucosal epithelium in response to luminal nutrients. ..
  7. Gorczynski R. Thymocyte/splenocyte-derived CD4+CD25+Treg stimulated by anti-CD200R2 derived dendritic cells suppress mixed leukocyte cultures and skin graft rejection. Transplantation. 2006;81:1027-34 pubmed
    ..We conclude that CD200 triggering of bone-marrow DCs in the absence of CD200R1 engagement induces CD4(+)CD25(+) Treg, and these cloned antigen-specific Treg may have clinical utility. ..
  8. Zhang Y, Williams D. Assembly of MHC class I molecules within the endoplasmic reticulum. Immunol Res. 2006;35:151-62 pubmed
    ..This review describes our contributions to elucidating the functions of these proteins; the combined effort of many dedicated students and postdoctoral fellows. ..
  9. Lee C, Hodgins D, Calvert J, Welch S, Jolie R, Yoo D. The nuclear localization signal of the PRRS virus nucleocapsid protein viral replication in vitro and antibody response in vivo. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2006;581:145-8 pubmed
  10. Fritz J, Le Bourhis L, Sellge G, Magalhaes J, Fsihi H, Kufer T, et al. Nod1-mediated innate immune recognition of peptidoglycan contributes to the onset of adaptive immunity. Immunity. 2007;26:445-59 pubmed
    ..These findings highlight Nod1 as a key innate immune trigger in the local tissue microenvironment that drives the development of adaptive immunity. ..
  11. Gomaa M, Yoo D, Ojkic D, Barta J. Use of recombinant S1 spike polypeptide to develop a TCoV-specific antibody ELISA. Vet Microbiol. 2009;138:281-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Although there was significant positive correlation with a TCoV-N protein-based ELISA, there was little to no correlation with the whole IBV antigen-based ELISA when field sera were tested for antibodies against TCoV. ..
  12. Boily G, He X, Pearce B, Jardine K, McBurney M. SirT1-null mice develop tumors at normal rates but are poorly protected by resveratrol. Oncogene. 2009;28:2882-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our results suggest that SirT1 does not behave like a classical tumor-suppressor gene but the antitumor activity of resveratrol is mediated at least in part by SirT1. ..
  13. Venderova K, Kabbach G, Abdel Messih E, Zhang Y, Parks R, Imai Y, et al. Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase 2 interacts with Parkin, DJ-1 and PINK-1 in a Drosophila melanogaster model of Parkinson's disease. Hum Mol Genet. 2009;18:4390-404 pubmed publisher
    ..This evidence suggests a genetic interaction between these PD-relevant genes. ..
  14. Choi D, Radziszewska A, Schroer S, Liadis N, Liu Y, Zhang Y, et al. Deletion of Fas in the pancreatic beta-cells leads to enhanced insulin secretion. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2009;297:E1304-12 pubmed publisher
    ..However, beta-cell Fas is critical in the regulation of glucose homeostasis through regulation of the exocytosis machinery. ..
  15. Yogi A, Callera G, Hipólito U, Silva C, Touyz R, Tirapelli C. Ethanol-induced vasoconstriction is mediated via redox-sensitive cyclo-oxygenase-dependent mechanisms. Clin Sci (Lond). 2010;118:657-68 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings identify putative molecular mechanisms whereby ethanol, at high concentrations, influences vascular reactivity. Whether similar phenomena occur in vivo at lower concentrations of ethanol remains unclear. ..
  16. Perry S, Capaldo A. The autonomic nervous system and chromaffin tissue: neuroendocrine regulation of catecholamine secretion in non-mammalian vertebrates. Auton Neurosci. 2011;165:54-66 pubmed publisher
  17. Xi Y, Dhaliwal J, Ceizar M, Vaculik M, Kumar K, Lagace D. Knockout of Atg5 delays the maturation and reduces the survival of adult-generated neurons in the hippocampus. Cell Death Dis. 2016;7:e2127 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings highlight the cell-autonomous requirement of Atg5 in the survival of adult-generated neurons. ..
  18. Manoukian A, Krause H, Larsen E. Modifiers of bx1 alter the distribution of Ubx proteins in haltere imaginal discs of Drosophila. Dev Biol. 1992;151:611-6 pubmed
    ..In contrast, mutations in the suppressor of sable (su(s)) gene enhance the bx1 phenotype. A correlation was observed between patterns of Ubx protein expression and the phenotypic transformations observed. ..
  19. Van Tol H, Bunzow J, Guan H, Sunahara R, Seeman P, Niznik H, et al. Cloning of the gene for a human dopamine D4 receptor with high affinity for the antipsychotic clozapine. Nature. 1991;350:610-4 pubmed
    ..Recognition and characterization of this clozapine neuroleptic site may prove useful in the design of new types of drugs. ..
  20. Opas M, Dziak E, Fliegel L, Michalak M. Regulation of expression and intracellular distribution of calreticulin, a major calcium binding protein of nonmuscle cells. J Cell Physiol. 1991;149:160-71 pubmed
    ..Because of its widespread distribution in nonmuscle tissues, we postulate that calreticulin is a multifunctional protein that plays an important role in Ca(2+) sequestering and thus that it is the nonmuscle analog of calsequestrin. ..
  21. Langille B, Bendeck M. Arterial responses to compromised blood flow. Toxicol Pathol. 1990;18:618-22 pubmed
    ..All of these assessments yielded negative results. It appears, therefore, that a novel vasoactive substance initiates the adaptive response of arteries to reduced blood flow. ..
  22. Lytton J, Zarain Herzberg A, Periasamy M, MacLennan D. Molecular cloning of the mammalian smooth muscle sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:7059-65 pubmed
    ..The expression of the smooth/non-muscle isoform in every tissue tested supports the hypothesis that this molecule represents the "housekeeping" endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase. ..
  23. Valdivieso Garcia A, Rosendal S, Serebrin S. Adherence of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides to cultured endothelial cells. Zentralbl Bakteriol. 1989;272:210-5 pubmed
    ..Difference in cytoadherence was observed between strains of the LC-type. The interaction between the most adherent LC-type strain and caprine endothelial cells was examined by transmission and scanning electron microscopy...
  24. Wang R, Liew C. The human BAT3 ortholog in rodents is predominantly and developmentally expressed in testis. Mol Cell Biochem. 1994;136:49-57 pubmed
    ..This finding may also provide a clue to study the function of other genes localized in this area of the MCHIII region. ..
  25. Perry M, Aujame L, Shtang S, Moran L. Structure and expression of an inducible HSP70-encoding gene from Mus musculus. Gene. 1994;146:273-8 pubmed
    ..We show that this upstream region is sufficient to direct heat-inducible expression of a hsp70A1::cat hybrid gene in mouse and human cells. ..
  26. Duttaroy A, Meidinger R, Kirby K, Carmichael S, Hilliker A, Phillips J. A manganese superoxide dismutase-encoding cDNA from Drosophila melanogaster. Gene. 1994;143:223-5 pubmed
    ..This 805-bp complete cDNA carries a single open reading frame which specifies a deduced 217-amino-acid (aa) protein with an average identity of 60.8% with deduced MnSOD aa sequences from Caenorabditis elegans and humans. ..
  27. Hudson J, Golding G, Crerar M. Evolution of allosteric control in glycogen phosphorylase. J Mol Biol. 1993;234:700-21 pubmed
  28. Tsui F, Tsui H, Mok S, Mlinaric I, Copeland N, Gilbert D, et al. Molecular characterization and mapping of murine genes encoding three members of the stefin family of cysteine proteinase inhibitors. Genomics. 1993;15:507-14 pubmed
  29. Chook Y, Gish G, Kay C, Pai E, Pawson T. The Grb2-mSos1 complex binds phosphopeptides with higher affinity than Grb2. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:30472-8 pubmed
  30. Mrosovsky N, Hampton R. Spatial responses to light in mice with severe retinal degeneration. Neurosci Lett. 1997;222:204-6 pubmed
    ..This was true of mutant mice over a year old, when retinal degeneration is very severe, and also of a transgenic strain of mice whose rods are destroyed as they begin to develop in the first few weeks after birth. ..
  31. Tepass U. Epithelial differentiation in Drosophila. Bioessays. 1997;19:673-82 pubmed
    ..The combination of embryological and genetic/molecular tools in Drosophila will help us to elucidate the complex events that determine epithelial cell structure and how they relate to morphogenesis and other developmental processes. ..
  32. Yu G, Nishimura M, Arawaka S, Levitan D, Zhang L, Tandon A, et al. Nicastrin modulates presenilin-mediated notch/glp-1 signal transduction and betaAPP processing. Nature. 2000;407:48-54 pubmed
    ..Nicastrin and presenilins are therefore likely to be functional components of a multimeric complex necessary for the intramembranous proteolysis of proteins such as Notch/GLP-1 and betaAPP. ..
  33. Locke M, Atance J. The myocardial heat shock response following sodium salicylate treatment. Cell Stress Chaperones. 2000;5:359-68 pubmed
    ..These results support the role for Hsp72 as a protective protein and suggest that neither salicylate treatment alone nor salicylate in combination with a mild heat stress potentiates the myocardial Hsp72 response. ..
  34. Asa S. Transgenic and knockout mouse models clarify pituitary development, function and disease. Brain Pathol. 2001;11:371-84 pubmed
    ..These models may also be used in the future to examine novel therapeutic strategies for the management of patients with pituitary disorders. ..
  35. Vuksan V, Sievenpiper J, Xu Z, Wong E, Jenkins A, Beljan Zdravkovic U, et al. Konjac-Mannan and American ginsing: emerging alternative therapies for type 2 diabetes mellitus. J Am Coll Nutr. 2001;20:370S-380S; discussion 381S-383S pubmed
    ..A determination of the active ingredients in AG, and the rheology-biology relationship of KJM are also warranted. ..
  36. Gill J, Pacan J, Carson M, Leslie K, Griffiths M, Sabour P. Efficacy and pharmacokinetics of bacteriophage therapy in treatment of subclinical Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in lactating dairy cattle. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2006;50:2912-8 pubmed
    ..The phage concentration in the milk suggested that there was significant degradation or inactivation of the infused phage within the gland...
  37. Gill N, Deacon P, Lichty B, Mossman K, Ashkar A. Induction of innate immunity against herpes simplex virus type 2 infection via local delivery of Toll-like receptor ligands correlates with beta interferon production. J Virol. 2006;80:9943-50 pubmed
    ..Results from these in vivo studies clearly suggest a strong correlation between IFN-beta production and innate antiviral immunity against HSV-2. ..
  38. López Castel A, Cleary J, Pearson C. Repeat instability as the basis for human diseases and as a potential target for therapy. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2010;11:165-70 pubmed publisher
  39. Gusinjac A, Gagnon A, Sorisky A. Effect of collagen I and aortic carboxypeptidase-like protein on 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation. Metabolism. 2011;60:782-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that ACLP inhibits certain aspects of 3T3-L1 adipogenesis in a collagen I-rich environment. ..
  40. Otsu K, Phillips M, Khanna V, de Leon S, MacLennan D. Refinement of diagnostic assays for a probable causal mutation for porcine and human malignant hyperthermia. Genomics. 1992;13:835-7 pubmed
    ..As a result, these PCR-amplified sequences contain constant internal controls for the reliable differentiation by restriction endonuclease digestion of normal, heterozygous, and MH genotypes. ..
  41. Sharp C, Hilliker A. Segregation ratios within Segregation Distorter lines of Drosophila melanogaster conform to a beta-binomial distribution. Genet Res. 1990;55:165-70 pubmed
    ..The demonstration that the prior distribution of segregation ratios of SD lines can generally be approximated with a beta distribution is crucial for the biometrical analysis of segregation distortion. ..
  42. Nagy E, Derbyshire J, Dobos P, Krell P. Cloning and expression of NDV hemagglutinin-neuraminidase cDNA in a baculovirus expression vector system. Virology. 1990;176:426-38 pubmed
    ..HN was copurified with extracellular virus (ECV) from the extracellular medium and was used to immunize chickens. The anti recHN serum was specific to NDV in both ELISA and Western blot analysis. ..
  43. Holowachuk E, Greer M, Martin D. The complete sequence of the MHC class II chain RT.1D alpha u of the diabetic BB rat: mRNA levels of RT1.D alpha in lymphocytes. Nucleic Acids Res. 1987;15:10551-67 pubmed
    ..The increased class II gene transcripts found in lymphocytes of young BB rats indicates that they possess a highly activated immune system. ..
  44. Li P, Law G, Green M, Chambers J, Coscina D, Warsh J. Serotonin depletion by 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine does not affect G protein subunit levels in rat cortex. Neurosci Lett. 1995;194:153-6 pubmed
  45. Locke M, Tanguay R. Diminished heat shock response in the aged myocardium. Cell Stress Chaperones. 1996;1:251-60 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that hearts from aged animals exhibit an impaired ability to produce the protective Hsps and thus, may explain, at least in part, the increased susceptibility of aged hearts to stress. ..
  46. Hill M, Asa S, Drucker D. Essential requirement for Pax6 in control of enteroendocrine proglucagon gene transcription. Mol Endocrinol. 1999;13:1474-86 pubmed
    ..These findings implicate an essential role for Pax6 in the development and function of glucagon-producing cells in both pancreatic and intestinal endodermal lineages. ..
  47. O Hare M, Hou S, Morris E, Cregan S, Xu Q, Slack R, et al. Induction and modulation of cerebellar granule neuron death by E2F-1. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:25358-64 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that E2F-1 expression is sufficient to promote neuronal apoptosis and that endogenous E2F-1 modulates the death of CGNs evoked by low K(+). ..
  48. Midha R, Nag S, Munro C, Ang L. Differential response of sensory and motor axons in nerve allografts after withdrawal of immunosuppressive therapy. J Neurosurg. 2001;94:102-10 pubmed
    ..The biological and molecular mechanisms that make some axons impervious to injury remain to be determined. ..
  49. Briet F, Jeejeebhoy K. Effect of hypoenergetic feeding and refeeding on muscle and mononuclear cell activities of mitochondrial complexes I--IV in enterally fed rats. Am J Clin Nutr. 2001;73:975-83 pubmed
    ..The activity of complex IV was generally not affected by nutritional manipulations. Malnutrition decreases activities of mitochondrial complexes, which are restored by protein but not glucose refeeding. ..
  50. Chu G, Tawadros P, Kulbatski I, Tator C. Death of rat sympathetic ganglion cells in vitro caused by neurite transection: effect of extracellular calcium. J Neurotrauma. 2001;18:699-710 pubmed
  51. Nielsen K, Gall D, Bermudez R, Renteria T, Moreno F, Corral A, et al. Field trial of the brucellosis fluorescence polarization assay. J Immunoassay Immunochem. 2002;23:307-16 pubmed
    ..1% and the relative specificity of the FPA(bld) was 99.6%. These results compared favourably with those obtained using the other serological tests. ..
  52. Schachter H. The role of the GlcNAc(beta)1,2Man(alpha)- moiety in mammalian development. Null mutations of the genes encoding UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:alpha-3-D-mannoside beta-1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I and UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:alpha-D-mannoside beta. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2002;1573:292-300 pubmed
    ..It can be concluded that the GlcNAc(beta)1,2Man(alpha)- moiety is important for mammalian development due to an essential role in two distinct biochemical pathways. ..
  53. Masszi A, Fan L, Rosivall L, McCulloch C, Rotstein O, Mucsi I, et al. Integrity of cell-cell contacts is a critical regulator of TGF-beta 1-induced epithelial-to-myofibroblast transition: role for beta-catenin. Am J Pathol. 2004;165:1955-67 pubmed
    ..These results suggest a beta-catenin-dependent two-hit mechanism in which both an initial epithelial injury and TGF-beta 1 are required for EMT. ..
  54. Vidric M, Suh W, Dianzani U, Mak T, Watts T. Cooperation between 4-1BB and ICOS in the immune response to influenza virus revealed by studies of CD28/ICOS-deficient mice. J Immunol. 2005;175:7288-96 pubmed
    ..These findings have implications for costimulation of human T cell responses in diseases such as AIDS or rheumatoid arthritis, in which CD28- T cells accumulate. ..
  55. Prasad G, Vincent L, Hamilton R, Lim K. Minimal change disease in association with fire coral (Millepora species) exposure. Am J Kidney Dis. 2006;47:e15-6 pubmed
    ..Physicians, particularly those in scuba-diving areas, should consider minimal change disease in exposed patients with proteinuria because a prompt diagnostic and therapeutic approach may potentially limit complications. ..
  56. Odongo N, Alzahal O, Lindinger M, Duffield T, Valdes E, Terrell S, et al. Effects of mild heat stress and grain challenge on acid-base balance and rumen tissue histology in lambs. J Anim Sci. 2006;84:447-55 pubmed
    ..3 vs. 1.5; P < 0.05). These results suggest that under HS the acidifying effects of GC on acid-base balance in lambs were counteracted in the short-term through respiratory adaptation...
  57. Motomura Y, Wang H, Deng Y, El Sharkawy R, Verdu E, Khan W. Helminth antigen-based strategy to ameliorate inflammation in an experimental model of colitis. Clin Exp Immunol. 2009;155:88-95 pubmed publisher
    ..These results clearly show a beneficial role of local treatment with helminth antigens for experimental colitis and prompt consideration of helminth antigen-based therapy for IBD instead of infection with live parasites. ..
  58. Gareri J, Brien J, Reynolds J, Koren G. Potential role of the placenta in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Paediatr Drugs. 2009;11:26-9 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that the placenta may have a previously unappreciated role in mediating ethanol-induced fetal injury. ..
  59. Rodriguez Palacios A, Reid Smith R, Staempfli H, Daignault D, Janecko N, Avery B, et al. Possible seasonality of Clostridium difficile in retail meat, Canada. Emerg Infect Dis. 2009;15:802-5 pubmed publisher
    ..difficile in retail meats, using a broad Canadian sampling infrastructure and 3 culture methods. We found 6.1% prevalence and indications of possible seasonality (highest prevalence in winter). ..
  60. Zheng X, Suzuki M, Ichim T, Zhang X, Sun H, Zhu F, et al. Treatment of autoimmune arthritis using RNA interference-modulated dendritic cells. J Immunol. 2010;184:6457-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these data support the use of ex vivo gene manipulation in DCs using siRNA to generate tailor-made tolerogenic vaccines for treating autoimmunity. ..
  61. Heyland A, Vue Z, Voolstra C, Medina M, Moroz L. Developmental transcriptome of Aplysia californica. J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol. 2011;316B:113-34 pubmed publisher
  62. Tassew N, Charish J, Seidah N, Monnier P. SKI-1 and Furin generate multiple RGMa fragments that regulate axonal growth. Dev Cell. 2012;22:391-402 pubmed publisher
    ..RGMa is a tethered membrane-bound molecule, and proteolytic processing amplifies RGMa diversity by creating soluble versions with long-range effects as well. ..
  63. Yang J, Noyan Ashraf M, Meissner A, Voigtlaender Bolz J, Kroetsch J, Foltz W, et al. Proximal cerebral arteries develop myogenic responsiveness in heart failure via tumor necrosis factor-?-dependent activation of sphingosine-1-phosphate signaling. Circulation. 2012;126:196-206 pubmed publisher
    ..This signaling pathway may represent a potential therapeutic target to improve cognitive function in heart failure. ..
  64. Chou L, Chan W. Nanotoxicology. No signs of illness. Nat Nanotechnol. 2012;7:416-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Quantum dots that contain cadmium, selenium and zinc are not toxic to monkeys for periods of up to 90 days, but longer-term studies are needed to determine the ultimate fate of the heavy metals that accumulate in the organs. ..
  65. Pearlman R, Tsao N, Moens P. Synaptonemal complexes from DNase-treated rat pachytene chromosomes contain (GT)n and LINE/SINE sequences. Genetics. 1992;130:865-72 pubmed
    ..Their enrichment in synaptonemal complexes may be related to the synapsis and recombination functions of meiosis. ..
  66. Siddall M. Phylogeny of adeleid blood parasites with a partial systematic revision of the haemogregarine complex. J Eukaryot Microbiol. 1995;42:116-25 pubmed
  67. Pennycook J, Chang Y, Celler J, Phillips R, Wu G. High frequency of normal DJH joints in B cell progenitors in severe combined immunodeficiency mice. J Exp Med. 1993;178:1007-16 pubmed
    ..Moreover, 70% of the DJH structures were potentially productive, indicating that normal V(D)J recombinants should be arising continually. ..
  68. Attisano L, Wrana J. Signal transduction by members of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 1996;7:327-39 pubmed
    ..Recent advances, particularly in our understanding of the function of Mothers against dpp-related (MADR) proteins, are providing new insights into how the TGF beta superfamily signals its diverse biological activities. ..
  69. Mackinnon S, Durst T, Arnason J, Angerhofer C, Pezzuto J, Sanchez Vindas P, et al. Antimalarial activity of tropical Meliaceae extracts and gedunin derivatives. J Nat Prod. 1997;60:336-41 pubmed
    ..Only gedunin had better activity than chloroquine against the W2 clone. This active principle could be used to standardize a popular crude drug based on traditional use of A. indica in West Africa. ..
  70. Jiang Z, Zacksenhaus E, Gallie B, Phillips R. The retinoblastoma gene family is differentially expressed during embryogenesis. Oncogene. 1997;14:1789-97 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that members of RB1 gene family have distinct, but overlapping roles in embryogenesis, with p107 and RB1 possibly having redundant functions in the central nervous system and liver. ..
  71. Desser S, Bower S. Margolisiella kabatai gen. et sp. n. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae), a parasite of native littleneck clams, Protothaca staminea, from British Columbia, Canada, with a taxonomic revision of the coccidian parasites of bivalves (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Folia Parasitol (Praha). 1997;44:241-7 pubmed
    ..The 2 remaining possibly heteroxenous species (P. pelseneeri Léger and P. glomerata Léger et Duboscq) were retained in the genus Pseudoklossia Léger et Duboscq (family Aggregatidae Labbé, 1899)...
  72. Betschel S, Borgia S, Barg N, Low D, de Azavedo J. Reduced virulence of group A streptococcal Tn916 mutants that do not produce streptolysin S. Infect Immun. 1998;66:1671-9 pubmed
    ..This study demonstrates that SLS-deficient mutants of GAS, belonging to different M serotypes and containing identical Tn916 mutations, are markedly less virulent than their isogenic parents...
  73. Mitchell J, Griffiths M, McEwen S, McNab W, Yee A. Antimicrobial drug residues in milk and meat: causes, concerns, prevalence, regulations, tests, and test performance. J Food Prot. 1998;61:742-56 pubmed
    ..Therefore the use of a tiered or integrated system employing assays designated for screening and confirmation is necessary to ensure that foods containing violative residues are not introduced into the food chain. ..
  74. Snead O. Evidence for a G protein-coupled gamma-hydroxybutyric acid receptor. J Neurochem. 2000;75:1986-96 pubmed
    ..These data support the hypothesis that GHB induces a G protein-mediated decrease in adenylyl cyclase via a GHB-specific G protein-coupled presynaptic receptor that is different from the GABA(B)R. ..
  75. Chang W, KhosrowShahian F, Chang R, Crawford M. xPitx1 plays a role in specifying cement gland and head during early Xenopus development. Genesis. 2001;29:78-90 pubmed
    ..Ectopic expression of xPitx1 in ectodermal explants directly promotes cement gland development as there was no evidence that mesodermal or neural tissue was present in explants. ..
  76. Ward W, Yuan Y, Cheung A, Thompson L. Exposure to flaxseed and its purified lignan reduces bone strength in young but not older male rats. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2001;63:53-65 pubmed
  77. Wong F, Blendis L. New challenge of hepatorenal syndrome: prevention and treatment. Hepatology. 2001;34:1242-51 pubmed
    ..The challenge now is to use all this information to improve our management of cirrhotic patients to prevent occurrence of HRS in the future. ..
  78. Sokolowski M. NPY and the regulation of behavioral development. Neuron. 2003;39:6-8 pubmed
    ..In this issue of Neuron, Wu et al. show a dual role for the Drosophila NPY (dNPF) in the developmental regulation of larval foraging and social behaviors, demonstrating a conserved role for this peptide in complex behaviors. ..
  79. Baggio L, Huang Q, Brown T, Drucker D. Oxyntomodulin and glucagon-like peptide-1 differentially regulate murine food intake and energy expenditure. Gastroenterology. 2004;127:546-58 pubmed
    ..Hence ligand-specific activation of a common GLP-1R increases the complexity of gut-central nervous system pathways regulating energy homeostasis and metabolic expenditure. ..
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    ..Thus, Cdx2 is essential for segregation of the ICM and TE lineages at the blastocyst stage by ensuring repression of Oct4 and Nanog in the TE. ..
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