Experts and Doctors on thiamine triphosphate in Liège, Wallonia, Belgium


Locale: Liège, Wallonia, Belgium
Topic: thiamine triphosphate

Top Publications

  1. Makarchikov A, Lakaye B, Gulyai I, Czerniecki J, Coumans B, Wins P, et al. Thiamine triphosphate and thiamine triphosphatase activities: from bacteria to mammals. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2003;60:1477-88 pubmed
    ..The occurrence of ThTP from prokaryotes to mammals suggests that it may have a basic role in cell metabolism or cell signaling. A decreased content may contribute to the symptoms observed during thiamine deficiency. ..
  2. Makarchikov A, Brans A, Bettendorff L. Thiamine diphosphate adenylyl transferase from E. coli: functional characterization of the enzyme synthesizing adenosine thiamine triphosphate. BMC Biochem. 2007;8:17 pubmed
    ..The existence of a mechanism for the enzymatic synthesis of this compound is in agreement with the hypothesis of a non-cofactor role for thiamine derivatives in living cells. ..
  3. Gigliobianco T, Lakaye B, Makarchikov A, Wins P, Bettendorff L. Adenylate kinase-independent thiamine triphosphate accumulation under severe energy stress in Escherichia coli. BMC Microbiol. 2008;8:16 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, they show that E. coli accumulate large amounts of ThTP under severe energy stress when ATP levels are very low, an observation not in favor of an ATP-dependent mechanisms for ThTP synthesis. ..
  4. Gigliobianco T, Lakaye B, Wins P, El Moualij B, Zorzi W, Bettendorff L. Adenosine thiamine triphosphate accumulates in Escherichia coli cells in response to specific conditions of metabolic stress. BMC Microbiol. 2010;10:148 pubmed publisher
    ..Both conditions prevent bacterial growth. There is no obvious link with the stringent response or catabolite repression. ..