Experts and Doctors on viral dna in Leuven, Flanders, Belgium


Locale: Leuven, Flanders, Belgium
Topic: viral dna

Top Publications

  1. Pourkarim M, Amini Bavil Olyaee S, Verbeeck J, Lemey P, Zeller M, Rahman M, et al. Molecular evolutionary analysis and mutational pattern of full-length genomes of hepatitis B virus isolated from Belgian patients with different clinical manifestations. J Med Virol. 2010;82:379-89 pubmed publisher
    ..The highest degree of genetic diversity was detected in HBV genotype D. In addition, this study reveals the circulation of exotic HBV genotypes B, C, and E in Belgium. J. Med. Virol. 82:379-389, 2010. (c) 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc. ..
  2. Neyts J, De Clercq E. Efficacy of 2-amino-7-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-propoxymethyl)purine for treatment of vaccinia virus (orthopoxvirus) infections in mice. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2001;45:84-7 pubmed
    ..Compound S2242 and its oral prodrug H961 could be useful in treatment of orthopoxvirus infections. ..
  3. Neyts J, Verbeken E, De Clercq E. Effect of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine on vaccinia virus (orthopoxvirus) infections in mice. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2002;46:2842-7 pubmed
    ..Even when the start of treatment with IDU (in intraperitoneally VV-infected mice) was postponed until 2 or 4 days after infection, an important delay in virus-induced mortality was noted. ..
  4. Lammertyn E, Vande Voorde J, Meyen E, Maes L, Mast J, Anne J. Evidence for the presence of Legionella bacteriophages in environmental water samples. Microb Ecol. 2008;56:191-7 pubmed
  5. Van Assche G, Van Ranst M, Sciot R, Dubois B, Vermeire S, Noman M, et al. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy after natalizumab therapy for Crohn's disease. N Engl J Med. 2005;353:362-8 pubmed
    ..There was staining of the brain lesion for polyomavirus. This case report, along with two others, suggests that anti-alpha4-integrin therapy can result in JC virus-induced PML. ..
  6. van Brussel M, Salemi M, Liu H, Goubau P, Desmyter J, Vandamme A. The discovery of two new divergent STLVs has implications for the evolution and epidemiology of HTLVs. Rev Med Virol. 1999;9:155-70 pubmed
    ..Considering the growing interest in xenotransplantations, more epidemiological and biological knowledge of simian and human T-lymphotropic viruses is necessary to estimate the risk of interspecies transmissions...
  7. Roucourt B, Lecoutere E, Chibeu A, Hertveldt K, Volckaert G, Lavigne R. A procedure for systematic identification of bacteriophage-host interactions of P. aeruginosa phages. Virology. 2009;387:50-8 pubmed publisher
    ..This methodology allows systematic analysis of phage proteins and is applicable as an interaction analysis tool for P. aeruginosa. ..
  8. Lavigne R, Villegas A, Kropinksi A. In silico characterization of DNA motifs with particular reference to promoters and terminators. Methods Mol Biol. 2009;502:113-29 pubmed publisher
    ..Combining the available web-resources and literature data optimizes these predictions and can thus aid in a more directed experimental identification of these regulatory elements. ..
  9. Ceyssens P, Hertveldt K, Ackermann H, Noben J, Demeke M, Volckaert G, et al. The intron-containing genome of the lytic Pseudomonas phage LUZ24 resembles the temperate phage PaP3. Virology. 2008;377:233-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The lytic characteristics of LUZ24 are evaluated against its genomic content, which displays an overall 71% sequence similarity to the temperate phage PaP3...

More Information


  1. Hombrouck A, De Rijck J, Hendrix J, Vandekerckhove L, Voet A, De Maeyer M, et al. Virus evolution reveals an exclusive role for LEDGF/p75 in chromosomal tethering of HIV. PLoS Pathog. 2007;3:e47 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the role of LEDGF/p75 in targeting integration will stimulate research on strategies to direct gene therapy vectors into safe landing sites. ..
  2. Ying C, De Clercq E, Nicholson W, Furman P, Neyts J. Inhibition of the replication of the DNA polymerase M550V mutation variant of human hepatitis B virus by adefovir, tenofovir, L-FMAU, DAPD, penciclovir and lobucavir. J Viral Hepat. 2000;7:161-5 pubmed
    ..All compounds were found to be almost equally effective at inhibiting HBV replication in HepAD38 cells (as in HepG2 2.2.15 cells), except for penciclovir, which was clearly less effective in HepAD38 cells. ..
  3. van Brussel M, Goubau P, Rousseau R, Desmyter J, Vandamme A. Complete nucleotide sequence of the new simian T-lymphotropic virus, STLV-PH969 from a Hamadryas baboon, and unusual features of its long terminal repeat. J Virol. 1997;71:5464-72 pubmed
    ..We conclude that STLV-PH969 has all the genes and genomic regions to suggest a replication cycle comparable to that of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2...
  4. Rector A, Mostmans S, Van Doorslaer K, McKnight C, Maes R, Wise A, et al. Genetic characterization of the first chiropteran papillomavirus, isolated from a basosquamous carcinoma in an Egyptian fruit bat: the Rousettus aegyptiacus papillomavirus type 1. Vet Microbiol. 2006;117:267-75 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first time a papillomavirus has been isolated and characterized from a member of the Chiroptera order...
  5. Zlateva K, Maes P, Rahman M, Van Ranst M. Chromatography paper strip sampling of enteric adenoviruses type 40 and 41 positive stool specimens. Virol J. 2005;2:6 pubmed
  6. Rector A, Tachezy R, Van Doorslaer K, MacNamara T, Burk R, Sundberg J, et al. Isolation and cloning of a papillomavirus from a North American porcupine by using multiply primed rolling-circle amplification: the Erethizon dorsatum papillomavirus type 1. Virology. 2005;331:449-56 pubmed publisher
    ..EdPV-1 is only distantly related to other benign cutaneous papillomavirus sequences and is the first member of the novel Sigma papillomavirus genus...
  7. De Clercq E. Cidofovir in the treatment of poxvirus infections. Antiviral Res. 2002;55:1-13 pubmed
  8. Van Doorslaer K, Sidi A, Zanier K, Rybin V, Deryck re F, Rector A, et al. Identification of unusual E6 and E7 proteins within avian papillomaviruses: cellular localization, biophysical characterization, and phylogenetic analysis. J Virol. 2009;83:8759-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Both constructs were highly soluble and well folded, according to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy measurements...
  9. Ceyssens P, Miroshnikov K, Mattheus W, Krylov V, Robben J, Noben J, et al. Comparative analysis of the widespread and conserved PB1-like viruses infecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Environ Microbiol. 2009;11:2874-83 pubmed publisher
    ..These PB1-like viruses constitute a new genus of environmentally very widespread phages within the Myoviridae...