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Locale: Leuven, Flanders, Belgium
Topic: genetic databases

Top Publications

  1. Dabrowski M, Aerts S, Van Hummelen P, Craessaerts K, De Moor B, Annaert W, et al. Gene profiling of hippocampal neuronal culture. J Neurochem. 2003;85:1279-88 pubmed
    ..Our results also demonstrate that a comparison across the two experimental platforms (cDNA microarrays and oligonucleotide chips) and across different biological paradigms is feasible...
  2. Lavigne R, Seto D, Mahadevan P, Ackermann H, Kropinski A. Unifying classical and molecular taxonomic classification: analysis of the Podoviridae using BLASTP-based tools. Res Microbiol. 2008;159:406-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results confirm and refine the ICTV phage classification, enable elimination of errors in public databases, and provide a straightforward tool for the molecular classification of new phage genomes...
  3. Van Hellemont R, Blomme T, Van de Peer Y, Marchal K. Divergence of regulatory sequences in duplicated fish genes. Genome Dyn. 2007;3:81-100 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study we used in silico motif detection to show how alterations in the composition of regulatory motifs between paralogous genes in zebrafish and Tetraodon might reflect the functional divergence of duplicates. ..
  4. Aerts S, Vilain S, Hu S, Tranchevent L, Barriot R, Yan J, et al. Integrating computational biology and forward genetics in Drosophila. PLoS Genet. 2009;5:e1000351 pubmed publisher
    ..A systems genetics approach that combines the power of computational predictions with in vivo genetic screens strongly enhances the process of gene function and gene-gene association discovery. ..
  5. Sun H, De Bie T, Storms V, Fu Q, Dhollander T, Lemmens K, et al. ModuleDigger: an itemset mining framework for the detection of cis-regulatory modules. BMC Bioinformatics. 2009;10 Suppl 1:S30 pubmed publisher
  6. Nitsch D, Tranchevent L, Thienpont B, Thorrez L, Van Esch H, Devriendt K, et al. Network analysis of differential expression for the identification of disease-causing genes. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e5526 pubmed publisher
    ..Through a randomization procedure, we rank candidates by p-values. We illustrate our approach on four monogenic diseases and successfully prioritize the known disease causing genes. ..
  7. Storms V, Claeys M, Sanchez A, De Moor B, Verstuyf A, Marchal K. The effect of orthology and coregulation on detecting regulatory motifs. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e8938 pubmed publisher
    ..Insights in this relation provide information useful to both developers and users. All benchmark datasets are available at ..

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