Gene Symbol: zfBLP1
Description: bcl2-like 1
Alias: bcl2l, blp1, cb1021, zfBLP1, bcl-2-like protein 1, Bcl-xL-like protein 1, bcl-XL
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Langenau D, Jette C, Berghmans S, Palomero T, Kanki J, Kutok J, et al. Suppression of apoptosis by bcl-2 overexpression in lymphoid cells of transgenic zebrafish. Blood. 2005;105:3278-85 pubmed
  2. Kratz E, Eimon P, Mukhyala K, Stern H, Zha J, Strasser A, et al. Functional characterization of the Bcl-2 gene family in the zebrafish. Cell Death Differ. 2006;13:1631-40 pubmed
    ..These data indicate substantial functional similarity between zebrafish and mammalian Bcl-2 family members, and establish the zebrafish as a relevant model for studying the intrinsic apoptosis pathway. ..
  3. Sidi S, Sanda T, Kennedy R, Hagen A, Jette C, Hoffmans R, et al. Chk1 suppresses a caspase-2 apoptotic response to DNA damage that bypasses p53, Bcl-2, and caspase-3. Cell. 2008;133:864-77 pubmed publisher
    ..The evolutionarily conserved "Chk1-suppressed" pathway defines a novel apoptotic process, whose responsiveness to Chk1 inhibitors and insensitivity to p53 and BCL2 alterations have important implications for cancer therapy. ..
  4. Chiu C, Wu J, Her G, Chou Y, Hong J. Aquatic birnavirus capsid protein, VP3, induces apoptosis via the Bad-mediated mitochondria pathway in fish and mouse cells. Apoptosis. 2010;15:653-68 pubmed publisher
  5. Costa S, Monteiro M, da Silva Júnior F, Sandrini J. Methylene blue toxicity in zebrafish cell line is dependent on light exposure. Cell Biol Int. 2016;40:895-905 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the pathways leading to apoptosis in this model appear to be dependent on the type of MB exposure (in the presence or absence of PAR). ..
  6. Harrold I, Carbonneau S, Moore B, Nguyen G, Anderson N, Saini A, et al. Efficient transgenesis mediated by pigmentation rescue in zebrafish. Biotechniques. 2016;60:13-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, this approach is ideal for generating transgenic fish for large-scale screens. ..
  7. Schlueter P, Sang X, Duan C, Wood A. Insulin-like growth factor receptor 1b is required for zebrafish primordial germ cell migration and survival. Dev Biol. 2007;305:377-87 pubmed
    ..mismigrated PGCs in IGF1Rb-deficient embryos are eliminated by apoptosis; overexpression of an antiapoptotic gene (Bcl2l) rescues ectopic PGCs from apoptosis but fails to rescue migration defects...
  8. Chen J, Ng S, Chang C, Zhang Z, Bourdon J, Lane D, et al. p53 isoform delta113p53 is a p53 target gene that antagonizes p53 apoptotic activity via BclxL activation in zebrafish. Genes Dev. 2009;23:278-90 pubmed publisher
    ..More importantly, we show that Delta113p53 functions to antagonize p53-induced apoptosis via activating bcl2L (closest to human Bcl-x(L)), and knockdown of Delta113p53 enhances p53-mediated apoptosis under stress conditions...
  9. Her G, Cheng C, Hong J, Sundaram G, Wu J. Imbalance in liver homeostasis leading to hyperplasia by overexpressing either one of the Bcl-2-related genes, zfBLP1 and zfMcl-1a. Dev Dyn. 2006;235:515-23 pubmed
    ..In previous studies, we identified two novel proteins, zfBLP1 and zfMcl-1a, which are similar to those of the Bcl-2 family as a group of evolutionarily conserved proteins that ..

More Information


  1. Lin H, Lee S, Wu J, Duann Y, Chen J. Development of Cre-loxP technology in zebrafish to study the regulation of fish reproduction. Fish Physiol Biochem. 2013;39:1525-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Accordingly, this transgenic zebrafish model system provides a method to produce infertile fish and may be useful for application to genetically modified fish...
  2. Sorrells S, Carbonneau S, Harrington E, Chen A, Hast B, Milash B, et al. Ccdc94 protects cells from ionizing radiation by inhibiting the expression of p53. PLoS Genet. 2012;8:e1002922 pubmed publisher
    ..Future studies in human cancer cells will determine whether pharmacological inactivation of CCDC94 reduces the threshold of the cancer cell apoptotic response. ..
  3. Wang W, Hong J, Lin G, Liu W, Gong H, Lu M, et al. Stage-specific expression of TNF? regulates bad/bid-mediated apoptosis and RIP1/ROS-mediated secondary necrosis in Birnavirus-infected fish cells. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e16740 pubmed publisher
    ..i.). Taken together, our results indicate that IPNV triggers two death pathways via up-stream induction of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF?, and these results may provide new insights into the pathogenesis of RNA viruses. ..
  4. Duan Z, Xing Y, Feng Z, Zhang H, Li C, Gong Z, et al. Hepatotoxicity of benzotriazole and its effect on the cadmium induced toxicity in zebrafish Danio rerio. Environ Pollut. 2017;224:706-713 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on the determination of Cd bioaccumulation in fish and the complexing stability constant (?) of Cd-BTR complex in solution, the detoxification mechanism of co-existing 1H-BTR on Cd to the zebrafish was discussed. ..
  5. Long Y, Li Q, Li J, Cui Z. Molecular analysis, developmental function and heavy metal-induced expression of ABCC5 in zebrafish. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2011;158:46-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, ABCC5 is likely to play an active role in embryonic development and heavy metal detoxification through the export of second messenger molecules and toxicants out of cells in zebrafish. ..
  6. Sabaawy H, Azuma M, Embree L, Tsai H, Starost M, Hickstein D. TEL-AML1 transgenic zebrafish model of precursor B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:15166-71 pubmed
  7. Hochgreb Hägele T, Koo D, Bronner M. Znf385C mediates a novel p53-dependent transcriptional switch to control timing of facial bone formation. Dev Biol. 2015;400:23-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, the results suggest that Znf385C acts as a developmental switch for p53 function that modulates cell cycle arrest of chondrocytes and regulates timing of jaw cartilage maturation and ossification. ..
  8. Khayrullin A, Smith L, Mistry D, Dukes A, Pan Y, Hamrick M. Chronic alcohol exposure induces muscle atrophy (myopathy) in zebrafish and alters the expression of microRNAs targeting the Notch pathway in skeletal muscle. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016;479:590-595 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, zebrafish may serve as a useful model for better understanding the role of microRNAs in alcohol-related tissue damage. ..
  9. Yin J, Shine L, Raycroft F, Deeti S, Reynolds A, Ackerman K, et al. Inhibition of the Pim1 oncogene results in diminished visual function. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e52177 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, we have identified that enhanced expression of Jak-Stat pathway genes correlates with maturation of visual function and that the Pim1 oncogene is required for normal visual function. ..
  10. Zhou Z, Sun L. Edwardsiella tarda-Induced Inhibition of Apoptosis: A Strategy for Intracellular Survival. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2016;6:76 pubmed publisher
    ..tarda prevents apoptosis in teleost as a strategy for intracellular survival, and that some putative apoptotic genes of teleost function in the apoptosis pathway probably in a manner similar to that in mammalian systems. ..
  11. Yuan H, Wen B, Liu X, Gao C, Yang R, Wang L, et al. CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein α is required for hepatic outgrowth via the p53 pathway in zebrafish. Sci Rep. 2015;5:15838 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our findings for the first time demonstrate a stage-specific role for C/ebpα during liver organogenesis. ..
  12. Porreca I, De Felice E, Fagman H, Di Lauro R, Sordino P. Zebrafish bcl2l is a survival factor in thyroid development. Dev Biol. 2012;366:142-52 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that the bcl2-like (bcl2l) gene is expressed in the zebrafish thyroid primordium...
  13. Cui Y, Liu W, Xie W, Yu W, Wang C, Chen H. Investigation of the Effects of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) on Apoptosis and Cell Cycle in a Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Liver Cell Line. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015;12:15673-82 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Cell cycle and cell proliferation were blocked in both the PFOA-IC(80) and PFOS-IC(80) groups, indicating that PFOA-IC(80) and PFOS-IC(50) enhanced apoptosis in ZFL cells. ..
  14. Prudent J, Gillet G, Popgeorgiev N. Nrz but not zBcl-xL antagonizes Bcl-wav pro-apoptotic activity in zebrafish. Commun Integr Biol. 2014;7:e28008 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally co-immunoprecipitation experiments in HeLa cells showed that Bcl-wav directly interacts with Nrz. Overall these results expand our current knowledge about Bcl-2 family proteins interactome during early zebrafish development. ..
  15. Langenau D, Feng H, Berghmans S, Kanki J, Kutok J, Look A. Cre/lox-regulated transgenic zebrafish model with conditional myc-induced T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:6068-73 pubmed
  16. Hu S, Lin P, Liao C, Gong H, Lin G, Kawakami K, et al. Nitroreductase-mediated gonadal dysgenesis for infertility control of genetically modified zebrafish. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2010;12:569-78 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show that oocyte-specific nitroreductase-mediated catalysis of metronidazole can cause reliable infertility in zebrafish and could potentially be used as a model for other aquaculture fish species. ..
  17. Hiolski E, Kendrick P, Frame E, Myers M, Bammler T, Beyer R, et al. Chronic low-level domoic acid exposure alters gene transcription and impairs mitochondrial function in the CNS. Aquat Toxicol. 2014;155:151-9 pubmed publisher
  18. Forrester A, Grabher C, McBride E, Boyd E, Vigerstad M, Edgar A, et al. NUP98-HOXA9-transgenic zebrafish develop a myeloproliferative neoplasm and provide new insight into mechanisms of myeloid leukaemogenesis. Br J Haematol. 2011;155:167-81 pubmed publisher
    ..This tool provides a unique opportunity for high-throughput in vivo chemical modifier screens to identify novel therapeutic agents in high risk AML. ..
  19. Stewart R, Sanda T, Widlund H, Zhu S, Swanson K, Hurley A, et al. Phosphatase-dependent and -independent functions of Shp2 in neural crest cells underlie LEOPARD syndrome pathogenesis. Dev Cell. 2010;18:750-62 pubmed publisher
  20. Seehafer C, Kalweit A, Steger G, Graf S, Hammann C. From alpaca to zebrafish: hammerhead ribozymes wherever you look. RNA. 2011;17:21-6 pubmed publisher
  21. Zhang D, Golubkov V, Han W, Correa R, Zhou Y, Lee S, et al. Identification of Annexin A4 as a hepatopancreas factor involved in liver cell survival. Dev Biol. 2014;395:96-110 pubmed publisher
    ..A role for Anxa4 in cell survival may have implications for the mechanism of diabetic ß-cell apoptosis and cancer cell chemoresistance. ..
  22. Prykhozhij S. In the absence of Sonic hedgehog, p53 induces apoptosis and inhibits retinal cell proliferation, cell-cycle exit and differentiation in zebrafish. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e13549 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, Shh-mediated control of p53 activity is required for proliferation and cell cycle exit of retinal cells as well as differentiation of amacrine cells and photoreceptors. ..
  23. Huang H, Liu Y, Chen M, Wu J, Hong J. Zebrafish anti-apoptotic gene Bcl-xL can prevent aquatic birnavirus-induced cell death in fish cells without affecting expression of viral proteins. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2011;31:970-7 pubmed publisher
  24. Wu B, Yuan R, Lien H, Hung C, Hwang P, Chen R, et al. Multiple signaling factors and drugs alleviate neuronal death induced by expression of human and zebrafish tau proteins in vivo. J Biomed Sci. 2016;23:25 pubmed publisher
    ..This system may serve as an efficient in vivo imaging platform for the discovery of novel drugs against tauopathy. ..
  25. Chakraborty A, Uechi T, Higa S, Torihara H, Kenmochi N. Loss of ribosomal protein L11 affects zebrafish embryonic development through a p53-dependent apoptotic response. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e4152 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that ribosomal dysfunction due to the loss of L11 activates a p53-dependent checkpoint response to prevent improper embryonic development. ..
  26. Payne E, Bolli N, Rhodes J, Abdel Wahab O, Levine R, Hedvat C, et al. Ddx18 is essential for cell-cycle progression in zebrafish hematopoietic cells and is mutated in human AML. Blood. 2011;118:903-15 pubmed publisher
  27. Opitz R, Maquet E, Zoenen M, Dadhich R, Costagliola S. TSH receptor function is required for normal thyroid differentiation in zebrafish. Mol Endocrinol. 2011;25:1579-99 pubmed publisher
    ..A comparison of our results with phenotypes observed in mouse models of defective TSHR and cAMP signaling highlights the value of zebrafish as a model to enhance the understanding of functional differentiation in the vertebrate thyroid. ..
  28. Ou Z, Yin L, Chang C, Peng J, Chen J. Protein interaction between p53 and ?113p53 is required for the anti-apoptotic function of ?113p53. J Genet Genomics. 2014;41:53-62 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, the two ?113p53 mutants that failed to interact with p53 are also useful for the study of the mechanisms of other functions of ?113p53. ..
  29. Choi J, Kim S, Ahn J, Youn P, Kang J, Park K, et al. Induction of oxidative stress and apoptosis by silver nanoparticles in the liver of adult zebrafish. Aquat Toxicol. 2010;100:151-9 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, the p53-related pro-apoptotic genes Bax, Noxa, and p21 were upregulated after treatment with AgNPs. These data suggest that oxidative stress and apoptosis are associated with AgNP toxicity in the liver of adult zebrafish. ..
  30. Chen M, Gong H, Cheng C, Wang J, Hong J, Wu J. Cloning and characterization of zfBLP1, a Bcl-XL homologue from the zebrafish, Danio rerio. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2001;1519:127-33 pubmed
    ..We report here the cloning and characterization of a novel zebrafish Bcl-2 family protein, zfBLP1. The zfBLP1 cDNA is 1942 nucleotides long, encoding a polypeptide of 238 amino acids...
  31. Wu H, Chiu C, Wu J, Gong H, Chen M, Lu M, et al. Zebrafish anti-apoptotic protein zfBcl-xL can block betanodavirus protein alpha-induced mitochondria-mediated secondary necrosis cell death. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2008;24:436-49 pubmed publisher
    ..t. We conclude that RGNNV protein alpha induces apoptosis followed by secondary necrotic cell death through a mitochondria-mediated death pathway and activation of caspases-8 and -3. ..
  32. Feng C, Rise M. Characterization and expression analyses of anti-apoptotic Bcl-2-like genes NR-13, Mcl-1, Bcl-X1, and Bcl-X2 in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Mol Immunol. 2010;47:763-84 pubmed publisher
    ..g. putative NF-kappaB binding sites) that were found in the promoter regions of NR-13 and Mcl-1 may account for their transcriptional activation by pIC...