Gene Symbol: urp2
Description: urotensin II-related peptide
Alias: uncharacterized protein LOC100001008, prepro-urotensin II-related peptide, urotensin )II related )peptide 2
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Parmentier C, Hameury E, Dubessy C, Quan F, Habert D, Calas A, et al. Occurrence of two distinct urotensin II-related peptides in zebrafish provides new insight into the evolutionary history of the urotensin II gene family. Endocrinology. 2011;152:2330-41 pubmed publisher
    ..We report here the occurrence of two distinct URP genes in teleosts, which we have named URP1 and URP2. Synteny analysis revealed that teleost URP1 and URP2 genes and tetrapod URP genes represent three distinct paralog ..
  2. Quan F, Bougerol M, Rigour F, Kenigfest N, Tostivint H. Characterization of the true ortholog of the urotensin II-related peptide (URP) gene in teleosts. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2012;177:205-12 pubmed publisher
    ..distinct paralogs in bony vertebrates, namely UII, and the three UII-related peptides (URPs) called URP, URP1 and URP2. These four peptides are encoded by genes which arose from the two rounds of tetraploidization (2R) which took ..
  3. Arnold C, Lamont R, Walker J, Spice P, Chan C, Ho C, et al. Comparative analysis of genes regulated by Dzip1/iguana and hedgehog in zebrafish. Dev Dyn. 2015;244:211-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Through comparing gene expression changes in a genetic model of vascular instability with a chemical inhibition of Hh signaling, we identified a set of 40 differentially expressed genes with potential roles in vascular stabilization. ..
  4. Quan F, Dubessy C, Galant S, Kenigfest N, Djenoune L, Leprince J, et al. Comparative distribution and in vitro activities of the urotensin II-related peptides URP1 and URP2 in zebrafish: evidence for their colocalization in spinal cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0119290 pubmed publisher
    ..peptides (URPs), such that the UII family is now known to include four paralogue genes called UII, URP, URP1 and URP2. These genes probably arose through the two rounds of whole genome duplication that occurred during early ..