Gene Symbol: si:dkey-183i3.5
Description: si:dkey-183i3.5
Alias: fb15e04, wu:fb15e04, thread biopolymer filament subunit alpha, krtt2c21, thread keratin alpha
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Krushna Padhi B, Akimenko M, Ekker M. Independent expansion of the keratin gene family in teleostean fish and mammals: an insight from phylogenetic analysis and radiation hybrid mapping of keratin genes in zebrafish. Gene. 2006;368:37-45 pubmed
    ..This contrasts with other members of the keratin gene family, which diverged independently between fish and mammals. ..
  2. Schaffeld M, Schultess J. Genes coding for intermediate filament proteins closely related to the hagfish "thread keratins (TK)" alpha and gamma also exist in lamprey, teleosts and amphibians. Exp Cell Res. 2006;312:1447-62 pubmed
  3. Hunt P, Wilson M, von Schalburg K, Davidson W, Koop B. Expression and genomic organization of zonadhesin-like genes in three species of fish give insight into the evolutionary history of a mosaic protein. BMC Genomics. 2005;6:165 pubmed
    ..The expression patterns of fish zonadhesin and zonadhesin-like genes suggest that the reproductive role of zonadhesin evolved later in the mammalian lineage. ..