Gene Symbol: robo2
Description: roundabout, axon guidance receptor, homolog 2 (Drosophila)
Alias: sb:eu937, unp1881, roundabout homolog 2, ast, astray, zmp:0000000549
Species: zebrafish
Products:     robo2

Top Publications

  1. Karlstrom R, Trowe T, Klostermann S, Baier H, Brand M, Crawford A, et al. Zebrafish mutations affecting retinotectal axon pathfinding. Development. 1996;123:427-38 pubmed
    ..Finally, Class V mutant larvae (bashful, grumpy, sleepy, cyclops, astray) have anterior-posterior axon trajectory defects at or after the midline...
  2. Yeo S, Miyashita T, Fricke C, Little M, Yamada T, Kuwada J, et al. Involvement of Islet-2 in the Slit signaling for axonal branching and defasciculation of the sensory neurons in embryonic zebrafish. Mech Dev. 2004;121:315-24 pubmed
    ..The central projection was restored by either functional repression or mutation of Robo2, supporting its role as a receptor mediating the Slit signaling in vertebrate neurons...
  3. Barresi M, Hutson L, Chien C, Karlstrom R. Hedgehog regulated Slit expression determines commissure and glial cell position in the zebrafish forebrain. Development. 2005;132:3643-56 pubmed
    ..This analysis shows that Hh signaling helps to pattern the expression of Slit guidance molecules that then help to regulate glial cell position and axon guidance across the midline of the forebrain. ..
  4. Campbell D, Stringham S, Timm A, Xiao T, Law M, Baier H, et al. Slit1a inhibits retinal ganglion cell arborization and synaptogenesis via Robo2-dependent and -independent pathways. Neuron. 2007;55:231-45 pubmed
    ..ast (robo2) mutant and slit1a morphant arbors had more branch tips and greater arbor area and complexity compared to wild-..
  5. Challa A, McWhorter M, Wang C, Seeger M, Beattie C. Robo3 isoforms have distinct roles during zebrafish development. Mech Dev. 2005;122:1073-86 pubmed
    ..This study reveals a novel function for Robo receptors in specifying ventral cell fates during vertebrate development. ..
  6. Wyatt C, Ebert A, Reimer M, Rasband K, Hardy M, Chien C, et al. Analysis of the astray/robo2 zebrafish mutant reveals that degenerating tracts do not provide strong guidance cues for regenerating optic axons. J Neurosci. 2010;30:13838-49 pubmed publisher
    During formation of the optic projection in astray/robo2 mutant zebrafish, optic axons exhibit rostrocaudal pathfinding errors, ectopic midline crossing and increased terminal arbor size...
  7. Kastenhuber E, Kern U, Bonkowsky J, Chien C, Driever W, Schweitzer J. Netrin-DCC, Robo-Slit, and heparan sulfate proteoglycans coordinate lateral positioning of longitudinal dopaminergic diencephalospinal axons. J Neurosci. 2009;29:8914-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Repulsive Robo2/Slit signaling keeps longitudinal DA axons away from the midline...
  8. Chalasani S, Sabol A, Xu H, Gyda M, Rasband K, Granato M, et al. Stromal cell-derived factor-1 antagonizes slit/robo signaling in vivo. J Neurosci. 2007;27:973-80 pubmed
    ..retinal axon pathfinding errors in zebrafish mutants that have a partial functional loss of the slit receptor robo2. In contrast, reducing SDF1 signaling in animals that completely lack the robo2 receptor does not rescue retinal ..
  9. Pan Y, Choy M, Prober D, Schier A. Robo2 determines subtype-specific axonal projections of trigeminal sensory neurons. Development. 2012;139:591-600 pubmed publisher
    ..The subtype-specific morphogenesis of Isl1SS neurons depends on the guidance receptor Robo2. robo2 is preferentially expressed in the Isl1SS subset and inhibits branch growth and synaptogenesis...

More Information


  1. Devine C, Key B. Robo-Slit interactions regulate longitudinal axon pathfinding in the embryonic vertebrate brain. Dev Biol. 2008;313:371-83 pubmed
    ..b>Robo2 acted initially to split the TPOC into discrete fascicles upon entering a broad domain of Slit1a expression in the ..
  2. Leong W, Lim Z, Korzh V, Pietri T, Goh E. Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 (Mecp2) Regulates Sensory Function Through Sema5b and Robo2. Front Cell Neurosci. 2015;9:481 pubmed publisher
    ..These defects were demonstrated to be dependent on the expression of Sema5b and Robo2. The expression of both proteins together could better overcome the defects caused by Mecp2 deficiency as compared ..
  3. Zhang Y, Bonilla S, Chong L, Leung Y. Irx7, a Smarca4-regulated gene for retinal differentiation, regulates other genes controlled by Smarca4 in zebrafish retinas. Gene Expr Patterns. 2013;13:177-82 pubmed publisher
    ..of irx7 on 13 genes including aanat2, barhl2, bhlhe22, cdh11, ckmt1, gnat1, irx4a, ndrg1a, nme2l, pbx1a, rcv1, robo2 and tfap2a...
  4. Zhang C, Gao J, Zhang H, Sun L, Peng G. Robo2--slit and Dcc--netrin1 coordinate neuron axonal pathfinding within the embryonic axon tracts. J Neurosci. 2012;32:12589-602 pubmed publisher
    ..Next, we determined that the guidance receptors roundabout2 (Robo2) and deleted in colorectal cancer (Dcc) were differentially expressed in the ADt neurons...
  5. Wong G, Baudet M, Norden C, Leung L, Harris W. Slit1b-Robo3 signaling and N-cadherin regulate apical process retraction in developing retinal ganglion cells. J Neurosci. 2012;32:223-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that Slit-Robo signaling downregulates N-cadherin activity to allow apical retraction in newly generated RGCs. ..
  6. Xu H, Leinwand S, Dell A, Fried Cassorla E, Raper J. The calmodulin-stimulated adenylate cyclase ADCY8 sets the sensitivity of zebrafish retinal axons to midline repellents and is required for normal midline crossing. J Neurosci. 2010;30:7423-33 pubmed publisher
    ..They support a model in which ADCY8 is an essential component of a signaling pathway that opposes repellent signaling. Finally, they demonstrate that ADCY8 helps regulate retinal sensitivity to midline guidance cues...
  7. Miyasaka N, Sato Y, Yeo S, Hutson L, Chien C, Okamoto H, et al. Robo2 is required for establishment of a precise glomerular map in the zebrafish olfactory system. Development. 2005;132:1283-93 pubmed
    ..In the robo2 mutant, astray (ast), early growing olfactory axons misroute ventromedially or posteriorly, and often penetrate into the ..
  8. Miyasaka N, Wanner A, Li J, Mack Bucher J, Genoud C, Yoshihara Y, et al. Functional development of the olfactory system in zebrafish. Mech Dev. 2013;130:336-46 pubmed publisher
  9. Bonner J, Letko M, Nikolaus O, Krug L, Cooper A, Chadwick B, et al. Midline crossing is not required for subsequent pathfinding decisions in commissural neurons. Neural Dev. 2012;7:18 pubmed publisher
    ..We provide evidence that CoPA expresses the known axon guidance receptors dcc, robo3 and robo2. Using loss of function mutants and gene knockdown, we show that the functions of these genes are evolutionarily ..
  10. Madelaine R, Garric L, Blader P. Partially redundant proneural function reveals the importance of timing during zebrafish olfactory neurogenesis. Development. 2011;138:4753-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we show that expression of certain genes, such as robo2, is never detected in neurog1 mutant EONs...
  11. Odenthal J, van Eeden F, Haffter P, Ingham P, Nusslein Volhard C. Two distinct cell populations in the floor plate of the zebrafish are induced by different pathways. Dev Biol. 2000;219:350-63 pubmed
    ..The number of primary motor neurons is strongly reduced in cyc;syu double mutants, while almost normal in single mutants, suggesting that the two different pathways have overlapping functions in the induction of primary motor neurons. ..
  12. Rasband K, Hardy M, Chien C. Generating X: formation of the optic chiasm. Neuron. 2003;39:885-8 pubmed
    ..and Williams et al.). Surprisingly, this mechanism is conserved evolutionarily from frogs to mammals. ..
  13. Culverwell J, Karlstrom R. Making the connection: retinal axon guidance in the zebrafish. Semin Cell Dev Biol. 2002;13:497-506 pubmed
    ..The combination of zebrafish genetic and embryological approaches promises to greatly increase our understanding of how multiple guidance mechanisms establish the complex neural interconnectivity of the vertebrate brain. ..
  14. Dalkic E, Kuscu C, Sucularli C, Aydin I, Akcali K, Konu O. Alternatively spliced Robo2 isoforms in zebrafish and rat. Dev Genes Evol. 2006;216:555-63 pubmed
    b>Robo2, a member of the robo gene family, functions as a repulsive axon guidance receptor as well as a regulator of cell migration and tissue morphogenesis in different taxa...
  15. Wu T, Yang J, Yu F, Liu B. Cardiotoxicity of mycotoxin citrinin and involvement of microRNA-138 in zebrafish embryos. Toxicol Sci. 2013;136:402-12 pubmed publisher
    ..These results support the notion that CTN exposure has a severe impact on heart development, affecting heart morphogenesis through the dysregulation of miR-138, RA signaling, and tbx2a. ..
  16. Zecca A, Dyballa S, Voltes A, Bradley R, Pujades C. The Order and Place of Neuronal Differentiation Establish the Topography of Sensory Projections and the Entry Points within the Hindbrain. J Neurosci. 2015;35:7475-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Neural crest cells and repulsive slit1/robo2 signals then guide axons from later-differentiating neurons toward the neural tube...
  17. Oates A, Rohde L, Ho R. Generation of segment polarity in the paraxial mesoderm of the zebrafish through a T-box-dependent inductive event. Dev Biol. 2005;283:204-14 pubmed
  18. Peterson S, Zhang J, Weber G, Freeman J. Global gene expression analysis reveals dynamic and developmental stage-dependent enrichment of lead-induced neurological gene alterations. Environ Health Perspect. 2011;119:615-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we identified a number of novel targets for future exploration into their role in the genetic mechanisms underlying Pb-induced neurological alterations. ..
  19. Paulus J, Halloran M. Zebrafish bashful/laminin-alpha 1 mutants exhibit multiple axon guidance defects. Dev Dyn. 2006;235:213-24 pubmed
    ..In contrast to CNS axons, most peripheral axons appear normal in bal mutants. Our results, thus, reveal important and diverse functions for laminin-alpha1 in guiding developing axons in vivo. ..
  20. Takeuchi M, Yamaguchi S, Yonemura S, Kakiguchi K, Sato Y, Higashiyama T, et al. Type IV Collagen Controls the Axogenesis of Cerebellar Granule Cells by Regulating Basement Membrane Integrity in Zebrafish. PLoS Genet. 2015;11:e1005587 pubmed publisher
    ..These results collectively suggest that type IV collagen controls GC axon formation by regulating the integrity of the BM, which provides axons with the correct path to their targets. ..
  21. Zelina P, Blockus H, Zagar Y, Péres A, Friocourt F, Wu Z, et al. Signaling switch of the axon guidance receptor Robo3 during vertebrate evolution. Neuron. 2014;84:1258-72 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that Robo3 evolution was key to sculpting the mammalian brain by converting a receptor for Slit repulsion into one that both silences Slit repulsion and potentiates Netrin attraction. ..
  22. Samuel A, Rubinstein A, Azar T, Ben Moshe Livne Z, Kim S, Inbal A. Six3 regulates optic nerve development via multiple mechanisms. Sci Rep. 2016;6:20267 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the new zebrafish model for Six3 loss of function furthers our understanding of the mechanisms governing optic nerve development and Six3-mediated eye and forebrain malformations. ..
  23. Baier H, Klostermann S, Trowe T, Karlstrom R, Nusslein Volhard C, Bonhoeffer F. Genetic dissection of the retinotectal projection. Development. 1996;123:415-25 pubmed
    ..The results of this screen show that a large-scale genetic approach can be applied to relatively late and circumscribed developmental processes in the vertebrate brain. ..
  24. Schweitzer J, Löhr H, Bonkowsky J, Hübscher K, Driever W. Sim1a and Arnt2 contribute to hypothalamo-spinal axon guidance by regulating Robo2 activity via a Robo3-dependent mechanism. Development. 2013;140:93-106 pubmed publisher
    ..1 transcription by these factors. We further provide evidence that increased Robo3a.1 levels interfere with Robo2-mediated repulsive axon guidance. Finally, we show that the N-terminal domain unique to Robo3a...
  25. Campbell D, Okamoto H. Local caspase activation interacts with Slit-Robo signaling to restrict axonal arborization. J Cell Biol. 2013;203:657-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Genetic analysis showed that Caspase-3, Caspase-9, and p38 MAPK interacted with Slit1a-Robo2 signaling, suggesting that localized activation of caspases lie downstream of a ligand receptor system, acting as ..