Gene Symbol: prickle2b
Description: prickle homolog 2b
Alias: cb886, im:7138215, pk2, prickle2, prickle-like protein 2, prickle homolog 2, prickle-like 2
Species: zebrafish
Products:     prickle2b

Top Publications

  1. Veeman M, Slusarski D, Kaykas A, Louie S, Moon R. Zebrafish prickle, a modulator of noncanonical Wnt/Fz signaling, regulates gastrulation movements. Curr Biol. 2003;13:680-5 pubmed
    ..Our results support the idea that a vertebrate PCP pathway regulates gastrulation movements and suggest that there is overlap between the PCP and Wnt/calcium pathways. ..
  2. Skouloudaki K, Puetz M, Simons M, Courbard J, Boehlke C, Hartleben B, et al. Scribble participates in Hippo signaling and is required for normal zebrafish pronephros development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:8579-84 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesize that Hippo signaling is required for normal pronephros development in zebrafish and that Scribble is a candidate link between Fat and the Hippo signaling cascade in vertebrates. ..
  3. Bassuk A, Wallace R, Buhr A, Buller A, Afawi Z, Shimojo M, et al. A homozygous mutation in human PRICKLE1 causes an autosomal-recessive progressive myoclonus epilepsy-ataxia syndrome. Am J Hum Genet. 2008;83:572-81 pubmed publisher
    ..PRICKLE1 is expressed in brain regions implicated in epilepsy and ataxia in mice and humans, and, to our knowledge, is the first molecule in the noncanonical WNT signaling pathway to be directly implicated in human epilepsy...
  4. Cui S, Capecci L, Matthews R. Disruption of planar cell polarity activity leads to developmental biliary defects. Dev Biol. 2011;351:229-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that PCP plays an important role in vertebrate biliary development, interacting with other factors known to be involved in biliary morphogenesis. ..
  5. Tao H, Manak J, Sowers L, Mei X, Kiyonari H, Abe T, et al. Mutations in prickle orthologs cause seizures in flies, mice, and humans. Am J Hum Genet. 2011;88:138-49 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified human epilepsy patients with heterozygous mutations in either PRICKLE1 or PRICKLE2. In overexpression assays in zebrafish, prickle mutations resulted in aberrant prickle function...
  6. Mei X, Westfall T, Zhang Q, Sheffield V, Bassuk A, Slusarski D. Functional characterization of Prickle2 and BBS7 identify overlapping phenotypes yet distinct mechanisms. Dev Biol. 2014;392:245-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we examine interactions between a core PCP component, Prickle2 (Pk2), and a central BBS gene, Bbs7, using gene knockdown in the zebrafish...
  7. Reeves W, Wu Y, Harder M, Veeman M. Functional and evolutionary insights from the Ciona notochord transcriptome. Development. 2017;144:3375-3387 pubmed publisher