Gene Symbol: mst1
Description: macrophage stimulating 1
Alias: cb981, hgfl1, hepatocyte growth factor-like protein, macrophage stimulating 1 (hepatocyte growth factor-like), macrophage-stimulating protein, msp
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Huitema L, Renn J, Logister I, Gray J, Waltz S, Flik G, et al. Macrophage-stimulating protein and calcium homeostasis in zebrafish. FASEB J. 2012;26:4092-101 pubmed publisher
    ..Positional cloning revealed a premature stop mutation in the macrophage-stimulating protein (msp) gene, predicted to result in a biologically inactive protein...
  2. Witte M, Huitema L, Nieuwenhuis E, Brugman S. Deficiency in macrophage-stimulating protein results in spontaneous intestinal inflammation and increased susceptibility toward epithelial damage in zebrafish. Zebrafish. 2014;11:542-50 pubmed publisher
    Several genome-wide association studies have identified the genes encoding for macrophage-stimulating protein (MSP) and its receptor RON (Recepteur d'Origine Nantais) as possible susceptibility factors in inflammatory bowel disease...
  3. Encinas P, Rodriguez Milla M, Novoa B, Estepa A, Figueras A, Coll J. Zebrafish fin immune responses during high mortality infections with viral haemorrhagic septicemia rhabdovirus. A proteomic and transcriptomic approach. BMC Genomics. 2010;11:518 pubmed publisher
  4. Xu C, Fan Z, Muller P, Fogley R, DiBiase A, Trompouki E, et al. Nanog-like regulates endoderm formation through the Mxtx2-Nodal pathway. Dev Cell. 2012;22:625-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study identifies a Nanog-like-Mxtx2-Nodal pathway and establishes a role for Nanog-like in regulating the formation of the extraembryonic tissue required for endoderm induction...