Gene Symbol: map1lc3b
Description: microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 beta
Alias: Map1lc3, wu:fb60g11, zgc:56434, microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain 3B, Lc3
Species: zebrafish
Products:     map1lc3b

Top Publications

  1. He C, Klionsky D. Analyzing autophagy in zebrafish. Autophagy. 2010;6:642-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Cloning of zebrafish lc3 and generation of a transgenic GFP-Lc3 fish line provide excellent tools to monitor autophagy in this organism...
  2. Cui J, Sim T, Gong Z, Shen H. Generation of transgenic zebrafish with liver-specific expression of EGFP-Lc3: a new in vivo model for investigation of liver autophagy. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2012;422:268-73 pubmed publisher
    Transgenic expression of GFP-Lc3 is a useful tool for an in vivo model to monitor the formation of autophagosomes during the autophagy process...
  3. Boglev Y, Badrock A, Trotter A, Du Q, Richardson E, Parslow A, et al. Autophagy induction is a Tor- and Tp53-independent cell survival response in a zebrafish model of disrupted ribosome biogenesis. PLoS Genet. 2013;9:e1003279 pubmed publisher
    ..This response may be of relevance to therapeutic strategies aimed at killing cancer cells by targeting ribosome biogenesis. In certain contexts, these treatments may promote autophagy and contribute to cancer cells evading cell death. ..
  4. He C, Bartholomew C, Zhou W, Klionsky D. Assaying autophagic activity in transgenic GFP-Lc3 and GFP-Gabarap zebrafish embryos. Autophagy. 2009;5:520-6 pubmed
    ..To study autophagy in zebrafish, we identified two zebrafish Atg8 homologs, lc3 and gabarap, and generated two transgenic zebrafish lines expressing GFP-tagged versions of the corresponding ..
  5. Slade L, Cowie A, Martyniuk C, Kienesberger P, Pulinilkunnil T. Dieldrin Augments mTOR Signaling and Regulates Genes Associated with Cardiovascular Disease in the Adult Zebrafish Heart (Danio rerio). J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2017;361:375-385 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data demonstrate that dieldrin induces genes associated with cardiovascular dysfunction and compromised lysosomal physiology, thereby identifying a novel mechanism for pesticide-induced cardiotoxicity. ..
  6. Espin Palazon R, Martínez López A, Roca F, López Muñoz A, Tyrkalska S, Candel S, et al. TNF? Impairs Rhabdoviral Clearance by Inhibiting the Host Autophagic Antiviral Response. PLoS Pathog. 2016;12:e1005699 pubmed publisher
    ..This mechanism of action provides new therapeutic targets for the treatment of SVCV-infected fish, and advances our understanding of the previously enigmatic deleterious role of TNF? in certain viral infections. ..
  7. Miccoli A, Gioacchini G, Maradonna F, Benato F, Skobo T, Carnevali O. Beneficial bacteria affect Danio rerio development by the modulation of maternal factors involved in autophagic, apoptotic and dorsalizing processes. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2015;35:1706-18 pubmed publisher
    ..The maternal autophagy-regulating genes herein investigated--ambra1a, ambra1b, beclin, lc3-, as well as those involved in the apoptotic process--caspase3, bcl2, bax--were modulated in disfavor and favor of ..
  8. Mazon Moya M, Colucci Guyon E, Mostowy S. Use of Shigella flexneri to study autophagy-cytoskeleton interactions. J Vis Exp. 2014;:e51601 pubmed publisher
    ..These protocols enable investigation of intracellular mechanisms that control bacterial dissemination at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism level. ..
  9. Ganesan S, Moussavi Nik S, Newman M, Lardelli M. Identification and expression analysis of the zebrafish orthologues of the mammalian MAP1LC3 gene family. Exp Cell Res. 2014;328:228-37 pubmed publisher
    ..We report the identification of the zebrafish orthologues of mammalian genes MAP1LC3A (map1lc3a) and MAP1LC3B (map1lc3b) by phylogenetic and conserved synteny analysis and we examine their expression during embryonic ..

More Information


  1. Sasaki T, Lian S, Qi J, Bayliss P, Carr C, Johnson J, et al. Aberrant autolysosomal regulation is linked to the induction of embryonic senescence: differential roles of Beclin 1 and p53 in vertebrate Spns1 deficiency. PLoS Genet. 2014;10:e1004409 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, these results provide evidence that Spns1 operates during autophagy and senescence differentially with Beclin 1 and p53. ..
  2. Meng X, Chen B, Zhang J. Intracellular Insulin and Impaired Autophagy in a Zebrafish model and a Cell Model of Type 2 diabetes. Int J Biol Sci. 2017;13:985-995 pubmed publisher
  3. Brothers K, Gratacap R, Barker S, Newman Z, Norum A, Wheeler R. NADPH oxidase-driven phagocyte recruitment controls Candida albicans filamentous growth and prevents mortality. PLoS Pathog. 2013;9:e1003634 pubmed publisher
    ..These novel links between ROS-driven chemotaxis and fungal dimorphism expand our view of a key host defense mechanism and have important implications for pathogenesis. ..
  4. Hu Z, Chen B, Zhang J, Ma Y. Up-regulation of autophagy-related gene 5 (ATG5) protects dopaminergic neurons in a zebrafish model of Parkinson's disease. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:18062-18074 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings reveal that ATG5 has a role in neuroprotection, and up-regulation of ATG5 may serve as a goal in the development of drugs for PD prevention and management. ..
  5. Seiliez I, Médale F, Aguirre P, Larquier M, Lanneretonne L, Alami Durante H, et al. Postprandial regulation of growth- and metabolism-related factors in zebrafish. Zebrafish. 2013;10:237-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results highlight some specificity of the zebrafish metabolism and demonstrate the interest and the limits of this species as a model organism for nutritional physiology studies. ..
  6. Yabu T, Imamura S, Mizusawa N, Touhata K, Yamashita M. Induction of autophagy by amino acid starvation in fish cells. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2012;14:491-501 pubmed publisher
  7. Ding Y, Sun X, Huang W, Hoage T, REDFIELD M, Kushwaha S, et al. Haploinsufficiency of target of rapamycin attenuates cardiomyopathies in adult zebrafish. Circ Res. 2011;109:658-69 pubmed publisher
  8. Hosseini R, Lamers G, Hodzic Z, Meijer A, Schaaf M, Spaink H. Correlative light and electron microscopy imaging of autophagy in a zebrafish infection model. Autophagy. 2014;10:1844-57 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that mycobacteria during the progress of infection are frequently associated with GFP-Lc3-positive vesicles, and that 2 types of GFP-Lc3-positive vesicles were observed...
  9. Holland P, Knævelsrud H, Søreng K, Mathai B, Lystad A, Pankiv S, et al. HS1BP3 negatively regulates autophagy by modulation of phosphatidic acid levels. Nat Commun. 2016;7:13889 pubmed publisher
    ..HS1BP3 depletion increased the formation of LC3-positive autophagosomes and degradation of cargo both in human cell culture and in zebrafish...
  10. Lee E, Wei Y, Zou Z, Tucker K, Rakheja D, Levine B, et al. Genetic inhibition of autophagy promotes p53 loss-of-heterozygosity and tumorigenesis. Oncotarget. 2016;7:67919-67933 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our data indicate that genetic inhibition of autophagy promotes tumorigenesis in tp53 mutant zebrafish, and suggest a possible role for autophagy in the regulation of genome stability during oncogenesis. ..
  11. George A, Hayden S, Stanton G, Brockerhoff S. Arf6 and the 5'phosphatase of synaptojanin 1 regulate autophagy in cone photoreceptors. Bioessays. 2016;38 Suppl 1:S119-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study describes a specific role for SynJ1 in autophagosomal and endosomal trafficking and provides evidence that PI(4,5)P2 participates in autophagy in a neuronal cell type. ..
  12. George A, Hayden S, Stanton G, Brockerhoff S. Arf6 and the 5'phosphatase of Synaptojanin 1 regulate autophagy in cone photoreceptors. Inside Cell. 2016;1:117-133 pubmed
    ..Our study describes a specific role for SynJ1 in autophagosomal and endosomal trafficking and provides evidence that PI(4,5)P2 participates in autophagy in a neuronal cell type. ..
  13. Duan Y, Chen N. Hybrid wide-field and scanning microscopy for high-speed 3D imaging. Opt Lett. 2015;40:5251-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The performance was demonstrated by proof-of-concept imaging experiments with fluorescent beads and zebrafish liver. ..
  14. Papp D, Kovács T, Billes V, Varga M, Tarnóci A, Hackler L, et al. AUTEN-67, an autophagy-enhancing drug candidate with potent antiaging and neuroprotective effects. Autophagy. 2016;12:273-86 pubmed publisher
    ..It also restores nesting behavior in a murine model of Alzheimer disease, without apparent side effects. Thus, AUTEN-67 is a potent drug candidate for treating autophagy-related diseases. ..
  15. van der Vaart M, Korbee C, Lamers G, Tengeler A, Hosseini R, Haks M, et al. The DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator DRAM1 links mycobacterial recognition via TLR-MYD88 to autophagic defense [corrected]. Cell Host Microbe. 2014;15:753-67 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that DRAM1 mediates autophagic defense against a broader range of intracellular pathogens, since DRAM1 expression was also induced by the common bacterial endotoxin lipopolysaccharide. ..
  16. George A, Hayden S, Holzhausen L, Ma E, Suzuki S, Brockerhoff S. Synaptojanin 1 is required for endolysosomal trafficking of synaptic proteins in cone photoreceptor inner segments. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e84394 pubmed publisher
    ..This last pathway also appears exacerbated by darkness. Taken altogether, these findings show that SynJ1 is required in cones for normal endolysosomal trafficking of synaptic proteins. ..
  17. Mostowy S, Boucontet L, Mazon Moya M, Sirianni A, Boudinot P, Hollinshead M, et al. The zebrafish as a new model for the in vivo study of Shigella flexneri interaction with phagocytes and bacterial autophagy. PLoS Pathog. 2013;9:e1003588 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show the zebrafish larva as a new model for the study of S. flexneri interaction with phagocytes, and the manipulation of autophagy for anti-bacterial therapy in vivo. ..
  18. Li M, Andersson Lendahl M, Sejersen T, Arner A. Knockdown of fast skeletal myosin-binding protein C in zebrafish results in a severe skeletal myopathy. J Gen Physiol. 2016;147:309-22 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, lack of MyBPC-2 results in a severe skeletal myopathy with structural changes and muscle weakness. ..
  19. Saera Vila A, Kish P, Louie K, Grzegorski S, Klionsky D, Kahana A. Autophagy regulates cytoplasmic remodeling during cell reprogramming in a zebrafish model of muscle regeneration. Autophagy. 2016;12:1864-1875 pubmed
    ..We conclude that autophagy plays a critical role in cell reprogramming by regulating cytoplasmic remodeling, facilitating the transition to a less differentiated cell identity. ..
  20. Lee E, Koo Y, Ng A, Wei Y, Luby Phelps K, Juraszek A, et al. Autophagy is essential for cardiac morphogenesis during vertebrate development. Autophagy. 2014;10:572-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Using zebrafish that transgenically express the fluorescent autophagy reporter protein, GFP-LC3, we found that autophagy is active in multiple tissues, including the heart, during the embryonic period...
  21. Thakur P, Davison J, Stuckenholz C, Lu L, Bahary N. Dysregulated phosphatidylinositol signaling promotes endoplasmic-reticulum-stress-mediated intestinal mucosal injury and inflammation in zebrafish. Dis Model Mech. 2014;7:93-106 pubmed publisher
    ..The zebrafish cdipt mutants provide a powerful tool for dissecting the fundamental mechanisms of ER-stress-mediated human GI diseases and a platform to develop molecularly targeted therapies. ..
  22. Biga P, Latimer M, Froehlich J, Gabillard J, Seiliez I. Distribution of H3K27me3, H3K9me3, and H3K4me3 along autophagy-related genes highly expressed in starved zebrafish myotubes. Biol Open. 2017;6:1720-1725 pubmed publisher
    ..These data support epigenetic regulation of autophagy in response to starvation that suggests a level of regulation that can be sustained for chronic conditions via chromatin modification. ..