Gene Symbol: lepr
Description: leptin receptor
Alias: obr, leptin receptor
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Rekha R, Amali A, Her G, Yeh Y, Gong H, Hu S, et al. Thioacetamide accelerates steatohepatitis, cirrhosis and HCC by expressing HCV core protein in transgenic zebrafish Danio rerio. Toxicology. 2008;243:11-22 pubmed
  2. Liu Q, Dalman M, Chen Y, Akhter M, Brahmandam S, Patel Y, et al. Knockdown of leptin A expression dramatically alters zebrafish development. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2012;178:562-72 pubmed publisher
    Using morpholino antisense oligonucleotide (MO) technology, we blocked leptin A or leptin receptor expression in embryonic zebrafish, and analyzed consequences of leptin A knock-down on fish development...
  3. Craig T, Zhang Y, McNulty M, Middha S, Ketha H, Singh R, et al. Research resource: whole transcriptome RNA sequencing detects multiple 1?,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3)-sensitive metabolic pathways in developing zebrafish. Mol Endocrinol. 2012;26:1630-42 pubmed publisher
  4. Levitas Djerbi T, Yelin Bekerman L, Lerer Goldshtein T, Appelbaum L. Hypothalamic leptin-neurotensin-hypocretin neuronal networks in zebrafish. J Comp Neurol. 2015;523:831-48 pubmed publisher
    ..In mammals, NTS-producing neurons that express leptin receptor (LepRb) regulate the function of hypocretin/orexin (HCRT) and dopamine neurons...
  5. Kang J, Hu J, Karra R, Dickson A, Tornini V, Nachtrab G, et al. Modulation of tissue repair by regeneration enhancer elements. Nature. 2016;532:201-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide evidence for 'tissue regeneration enhancer elements' (TREEs) that trigger gene expression in injury sites and can be engineered to modulate the regenerative potential of vertebrate organs. ..
  6. Schultz L, Solin S, Wierson W, Lovan J, Syrkin Nikolau J, Lincow D, et al. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A and Leptin Expression Associated with Ectopic Proliferation and Retinal Dysplasia in Zebrafish Optic Pathway Tumors. Zebrafish. 2017;14:343-356 pubmed publisher
    ..Further investigation of these signaling pathways may yield insight into potential mechanisms to control the proliferative response during regeneration in the nervous system. ..
  7. Mania M, Maruccio L, Russo F, Abbate F, Castaldo L, D ANGELO L, et al. Expression and distribution of leptin and its receptors in the digestive tract of DIO (diet-induced obese) zebrafish. Ann Anat. 2017;212:37-47 pubmed publisher
    ..were significantly higher in DIO zebrafish gut than in the control group (CTRL), and the lowest levels of leptin receptor mRNA appeared in DIO zebrafish gut...
  8. Prokop J, Duff R, Ball H, Copeland D, Londraville R. Leptin and leptin receptor: analysis of a structure to function relationship in interaction and evolution from humans to fish. Peptides. 2012;38:326-36 pubmed publisher
    Leptin is a circulating protein which regulates dietary intake through binding the leptin receptor. Numerous labs have used known structures and mutagenesis to study this binding process in common animal models (human, mouse and rat)...
  9. Zhao Y, Qin W, Zhang J, Hu Z, Tong J, Ding C, et al. HCV IRES-mediated core expression in zebrafish. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e56985 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings demonstrate the feasibility of the zebrafish model for screening of anti-HCV drugs targeting to HCV-IRES. The zebrafish system provides a novel evidence of using zebrafish as a HCV model organism. ..

More Information


  1. Marín Juez R, Jong Raadsen S, Yang S, Spaink H. Hyperinsulinemia induces insulin resistance and immune suppression via Ptpn6/Shp1 in zebrafish. J Endocrinol. 2014;222:229-41 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, our data will be very useful in further studies of the function of immunological determinants in a non-obese model system. ..
  2. Gupta A, Christensen R, Rayla A, Lakshmanan A, Stormo G, Wolfe S. An optimized two-finger archive for ZFN-mediated gene targeting. Nat Methods. 2012;9:588-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Using this archive, we introduced lesions at 9 of 11 target sites in the zebrafish genome. ..
  3. Dalman M, Liu Q, King M, Bagatto B, Londraville R. Leptin expression affects metabolic rate in zebrafish embryos (D. rerio). Front Physiol. 2013;4:160 pubmed publisher
    ..Leptin is established to influence metabolic rate in mammals, and these data suggest leptin signaling also influences metabolic rate in fishes. ..
  4. Zhao X, Wan J, Powell C, Ramachandran R, Myers M, Goldman D. Leptin and IL-6 family cytokines synergize to stimulate Müller glia reprogramming and retina regeneration. Cell Rep. 2014;9:272-284 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study not only furthers our understanding of retina regeneration in zebrafish but also suggests new strategies for awakening retina regeneration in mammals. ..
  5. Michel M, Page McCaw P, Chen W, Cone R. Leptin signaling regulates glucose homeostasis, but not adipostasis, in the zebrafish. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:3084-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Although leptin and the leptin receptor are found in fish, the hormone is not expressed in adipose tissue, but is found in liver and other tissues...
  6. Liu Q, Chen Y, Copeland D, Ball H, Duff R, Rockich B, et al. Expression of leptin receptor gene in developing and adult zebrafish. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2010;166:346-55 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study we analyzed expression pattern of a zebrafish leptin receptor gene in both developing and adult zebrafish using in situ hybridization and Q-PCR methods...
  7. Forner Piquer I, Maradonna F, Gioacchini G, Santangeli S, Allarà M, Piscitelli F, et al. Dose-Specific Effects of Di-Isononyl Phthalate on the Endocannabinoid System and on Liver of Female Zebrafish. Endocrinology. 2017;158:3462-3476 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that replacement of DEHP with DiNP should be considered with caution because of observed adverse DiNP effects on aquatic organisms. ..