Gene Symbol: inab
Description: internexin neuronal intermediate filament protein, alpha b
Alias: gefiltin, zgc:110516, internexin neuronal intermediate filament protein, alpha b, etID309796.1, ina
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Leake D, Asch W, Canger A, Schechter N. Gefiltin in zebrafish embryos: sequential gene expression of two neurofilament proteins in retinal ganglion cells. Differentiation. 1999;65:181-9 pubmed
    ..In the teleost visual pathway, the sequential expression of two IF genes, plasticin and gefiltin, is linked to the age of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and to the regeneration of optic axons after nerve injury...
  2. Tilton F, Tilton S, Bammler T, Beyer R, Farin F, Stapleton P, et al. Transcriptional biomarkers and mechanisms of copper-induced olfactory injury in zebrafish. Environ Sci Technol. 2008;42:9404-11 pubmed
    ..Further, these data provide a mechanistic explanation in support of earlier studies of functional olfactory impairment in fish following copper exposure. ..
  3. Schock E, Ford W, Midgley K, Fader J, Giavasis M, McWhorter M. The effects of carbaryl on the development of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. Zebrafish. 2012;9:169-78 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study, which was conducted solely by undergraduates at a liberal arts college, indicates that carbaryl may be detrimental to the development of nontarget species. ..
  4. Liu C, Chien C. Molecular cloning and characterization of chicken neuronal intermediate filament protein ?-internexin. J Comp Neurol. 2013;521:2147-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we suggest that chkINA is a neuron-specific IF protein that may be a useful marker for studies of chicken brain development. ..
  5. Van Ryswyk L, Simonson L, Eisen J. The role of inab in axon morphology of an identified zebrafish motoneuron. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e88631 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we focus on inab, an intermediate filament encoding gene dynamically expressed in a subset of motoneurons as well as in an ..
  6. Wheeler N, Lister J, Fuss B. The Autotaxin-Lysophosphatidic Acid Axis Modulates Histone Acetylation and Gene Expression during Oligodendrocyte Differentiation. J Neurosci. 2015;35:11399-414 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings provide novel insight into the regulation of developmental myelination, and they are likely to lead to advancing studies related to the stimulation of myelin repair under pathologic conditions. ..
  7. Mullally M, Albrecht C, Horton M, Laboissonniere L, Goetz J, Chowdhury R, et al. Expression Profiling of Developing Zebrafish Retinal Cells. Zebrafish. 2016;13:272-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Further analysis of these profiles will reveal genes that can be mutated using genome editing techniques. Together these studies increase our knowledge of the genes driving development of different cell types in the zebrafish retina. ..
  8. Madelaine R, Garric L, Blader P. Partially redundant proneural function reveals the importance of timing during zebrafish olfactory neurogenesis. Development. 2011;138:4753-62 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the duration of proneural expression in EON progenitors is crucial for correct development of the zebrafish olfactory system. ..
  9. Liao M, Peng W, Kan D, Chien C. Developmental pattern of the neuronal intermediate filament inaa in the zebrafish retina. J Comp Neurol. 2016;524:3810-3826 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, we demonstrated the morphological features of a novel nIF, inaa, and illustrated its developmental expression pattern in the zebrafish retina. J. Comp. Neurol. 524:3810-3826, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..

More Information


  1. Goto H, Kimmey S, Row R, Matus D, Martin B. FGF and canonical Wnt signaling cooperate to induce paraxial mesoderm from tailbud neuromesodermal progenitors through regulation of a two-step epithelial to mesenchymal transition. Development. 2017;144:1412-1424 pubmed publisher
    ..Wnt signaling initiates EMT, whereas FGF signaling terminates this event. Our results indicate that germ layer induction in the zebrafish tailbud is not a simple continuation of gastrulation events. ..