hnf 6


Gene Symbol: hnf 6
Description: one cut homeobox 1
Alias: oc1, onecut1l, zgc:65904, zgc:77450, hepatocyte nuclear factor 6, hnf-6, hnf6, one cut domain, family member 1, like
Species: zebrafish
Products:     hnf 6

Top Publications

  1. Matthews R, Plumb Rudewiez N, Lorent K, Gissen P, Johnson C, Lemaigre F, et al. Zebrafish vps33b, an ortholog of the gene responsible for human arthrogryposis-renal dysfunction-cholestasis syndrome, regulates biliary development downstream of the onecut transcription factor hnf6. Development. 2005;132:5295-306 pubmed
    ..larvae closely resemble the bile duct paucity associated with knockdown of the onecut transcription factor hnf6. Consistent with this, reduced vps33b expression was evident in hnf6-deficient larvae and in larvae with mutation ..
  2. Matthews R, Lorent K, Russo P, Pack M. The zebrafish onecut gene hnf-6 functions in an evolutionarily conserved genetic pathway that regulates vertebrate biliary development. Dev Biol. 2004;274:245-59 pubmed
    ..Altered bile duct development in both loss- and gain-of-function experiments suggests that zebrafish biliary cells are sensitive to the dosage of hnf-6-mediated gene transcription. ..
  3. Matthews R, Lorent K, Pack M. Transcription factor onecut3 regulates intrahepatic biliary development in zebrafish. Dev Dyn. 2008;237:124-31 pubmed
    ..We have shown previously that onecut1 (hnf6) is important during the terminal stages of intrahepatic biliary development in zebrafish...
  4. Wei X, Bugni T, Harper M, Sandoval I, Manos E, Swift J, et al. Evaluation of pyridoacridine alkaloids in a zebrafish phenotypic assay. Mar Drugs. 2010;8:1769-78 pubmed publisher
    ..Compounds 1-6 were evaluated in a zebrafish phenotype-based assay. Amphimedine (4) was the only compound that caused a phenotype in zebrafish embryos at 30 muM. No phenotype other than death was observed for compounds 1-3, 5, 6. ..
  5. Madelaine R, Sloan S, Huber N, Notwell J, Leung L, Skariah G, et al. MicroRNA-9 Couples Brain Neurogenesis and Angiogenesis. Cell Rep. 2017;20:1533-1542 pubmed publisher
    ..Because of this dual role on neural stem cell proliferation and angiogenesis, miR-9 and its downstream targets are promising factors for cellular regenerative therapy following stroke and for brain tumor treatment. ..
  6. Cui S, Capecci L, Matthews R. Disruption of planar cell polarity activity leads to developmental biliary defects. Dev Biol. 2011;351:229-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that PCP plays an important role in vertebrate biliary development, interacting with other factors known to be involved in biliary morphogenesis. ..
  7. Cui S, Erlichman J, Russo P, Haber B, Matthews R. Intrahepatic biliary anomalies in a patient with Mowat-Wilson syndrome uncover a role for the zinc finger homeobox gene zfhx1b in vertebrate biliary development. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2011;52:339-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies underscore the importance of genetic contributions in the etiology of infantile hepatobiliary disorders, including biliary atresia. ..
  8. Sandoval I, Manos E, Van Wagoner R, Delacruz R, Edes K, Winge D, et al. Juxtaposition of chemical and mutation-induced developmental defects in zebrafish reveal a copper-chelating activity for kalihinol F. Chem Biol. 2013;20:753-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data support this mechanism of action for kalihinol F and the utility of zebrafish as an effective system for identifying therapeutic and target pathways. ..