Gene Symbol: gpc5b
Description: glypican 5b
Alias: gpc5, si:dkey-236e20.9, glypican 5b, glypican 5
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Gupta M, Brand M. Identification and expression analysis of zebrafish glypicans during embryonic development. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e80824 pubmed publisher
    ..Existence of multiple glypican orthologs in fish with diverse expression pattern suggests highly specialized and/or redundant function of these genes during embryonic development. ..
  2. Cui S, Leyva Vega M, Tsai E, Eauclaire S, Glessner J, Hakonarson H, et al. Evidence from human and zebrafish that GPC1 is a biliary atresia susceptibility gene. Gastroenterology. 2013;144:1107-1115.e3 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on genetic analysis of patients with BA and zebrafish, GPC1 appears to be a BA susceptibility gene. These findings also support a role for Hedgehog signaling in the pathogenesis of BA. ..