Gene Symbol: fgf25
Description: fibroblast growth factor 10b
Alias: fibroblast growth factor 10, fgf25
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Jackman W, Davies S, Lyons D, Stauder C, Denton Schneider B, Jowdry A, et al. Manipulation of Fgf and Bmp signaling in teleost fishes suggests potential pathways for the evolutionary origin of multicuspid teeth. Evol Dev. 2013;15:107-18 pubmed publisher
  2. Katoh Y, Katoh M. Comparative genomics on FGF7, FGF10, FGF22 orthologs, and identification of fgf25. Int J Mol Med. 2005;16:767-70 pubmed
    ..Chicken fgf22, zebrafish fgf22 and fgf25 genes, consisting of three exons, were identified within AC150066.1, BX927243.9 and CR854981...
  3. Yan C, Zheng W, Gong Z. Zebrafish fgf10b has a complementary function to fgf10a in liver and pancreas development. Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2015;17:162-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Morpholino knockdown of Fgf10b further confirmed its essential role in the normal development of liver and pancreas. Thus, our data provide another example of functional partition of two duplicated othologous genes during evolution. ..
  4. Itoh N, Konishi M. The zebrafish fgf family. Zebrafish. 2007;4:179-86 pubmed
    ..As the zebrafish system has proved useful for studying gene functions and genetic diseases, the present findings will be useful for elucidation of roles of FGFs in zebrafish and humans. ..
  5. Maulding K, Padanad M, Dong J, Riley B. Mesodermal Fgf10b cooperates with other fibroblast growth factors during induction of otic and epibranchial placodes in zebrafish. Dev Dyn. 2014;243:1275-85 pubmed publisher
    ..fgf10b participates in a late phase of otic induction and, in combination with fgf3, is especially critical for epibranchial induction. ..
  6. Li M, Page McCaw P, Chen W. FGF1 Mediates Overnutrition-Induced Compensatory β-Cell Differentiation. Diabetes. 2016;65:96-109 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the recently discovered antidiabetes function of FGF1 may act partially through increasing β-cell differentiation. ..