Gene Symbol: coro1a
Description: coronin, actin binding protein, 1A
Alias: fj83g12, wu:fj83g12, zgc:63766, coronin-1A
Species: zebrafish
Products:     coro1a

Top Publications

  1. Li L, Yan B, Shi Y, Zhang W, Wen Z. Live imaging reveals differing roles of macrophages and neutrophils during zebrafish tail fin regeneration. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:25353-60 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, removal of neutrophils slightly accelerates the regrowth of injured fin. Our study documents the differing behaviors and functions of macrophages and neutrophils during tissue regeneration...
  2. Blaker Lee A, Gupta S, McCammon J, De Rienzo G, Sive H. Zebrafish homologs of genes within 16p11.2, a genomic region associated with brain disorders, are active during brain development, and include two deletion dosage sensor genes. Dis Model Mech. 2012;5:834-51 pubmed publisher
    ..The second major finding is that there are (at least) two genes with deletion dosage sensor properties among the 16p11.2 set, and these could link this CNV to brain disorders such as ASD and IDD. ..
  3. Kanther M, Tomkovich S, Xiaolun S, Grosser M, Koo J, Flynn E, et al. Commensal microbiota stimulate systemic neutrophil migration through induction of serum amyloid A. Cell Microbiol. 2014;16:1053-67 pubmed publisher
  4. Wang K, Fang X, Ma N, Lin Q, Huang Z, Liu W, et al. Myeloperoxidase-deficient zebrafish show an augmented inflammatory response to challenge with Candida albicans. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2015;44:109-16 pubmed publisher
    ..albicans infection. These findings indicate that myeloperoxidase deficiency alters the inflammatory response to fungal infection. ..
  5. Varela M, Forn Cuní G, Dios S, Figueras A, Novoa B. Proinflammatory Caspase A Activation and an Antiviral State Are Induced by a Zebrafish Perforin after Possible Cellular and Functional Diversification from a Myeloid Ancestor. J Innate Immun. 2016;8:43-56 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, one of the genes, prf19b, which is mainly produced by myeloid cells, seemed to be involved in antiviral defense, conferring protection after an in vivo infection. ..
  6. Xavier C, Eichinger L, Fernandez M, Morgan R, Clemen C. Evolutionary and functional diversity of coronin proteins. Subcell Biochem. 2008;48:98-109 pubmed publisher
    ..The fifth section of this chapter briefly summarizes three different cellular processes in which CRN4/CORO1A is involved, namely actin-binding, superoxide generation and Ca(2+)-signaling and refers to the largely unexplored ..
  7. Hall C, Flores M, Chien A, Davidson A, Crosier K, Crosier P. Transgenic zebrafish reporter lines reveal conserved Toll-like receptor signaling potential in embryonic myeloid leukocytes and adult immune cell lineages. J Leukoc Biol. 2009;85:751-65 pubmed publisher
    ..These lines will provide a valuable resource for further resolving the contribution of MyD88 to early vertebrate immunity. ..
  8. Singh S, Sethi S, Aravamudhan S, Kruger M, Grabher C. Proteome mapping of adult zebrafish marrow neutrophils reveals partial cross species conservation to human peripheral neutrophils. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e73998 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides the first zebrafish neutrophil proteome and may serve as a valuable resource for an understanding of neutrophil biology and innate immunity. ..
  9. Wang S, He Q, Ma D, Xue Y, Liu F. Irf4 Regulates the Choice between T Lymphoid-Primed Progenitor and Myeloid Lineage Fates during Embryogenesis. Dev Cell. 2015;34:621-31 pubmed publisher
    ..1 expression to prevent an alternate fate. Our findings provide insight into the fate determination mechanism of T lymphoid-primed progenitors. ..

More Information


  1. Xu J, Zhu L, He S, Wu Y, Jin W, Yu T, et al. Temporal-Spatial Resolution Fate Mapping Reveals Distinct Origins for Embryonic and Adult Microglia in Zebrafish. Dev Cell. 2015;34:632-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study establishes a new paradigm for investigating the development and function of distinct microglia populations. ..
  2. Liu C, Wu C, Yang Q, Gao J, Li L, Yang D, et al. Macrophages Mediate the Repair of Brain Vascular Rupture through Direct Physical Adhesion and Mechanical Traction. Immunity. 2016;44:1162-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study reveals a hitherto unexpected role for macrophages in mediating repair of cerebrovascular ruptures through direct physical adhesion and mechanical traction. ..
  3. Xu J, Wang T, Wu Y, Jin W, Wen Z. Microglia Colonization of Developing Zebrafish Midbrain Is Promoted by Apoptotic Neuron and Lysophosphatidylcholine. Dev Cell. 2016;38:214-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study reveals that microglia colonization of developing zebrafish midbrain is triggered by apoptotic neuronal death, possibly via releasing lysophosphatidylcholine. ..
  4. McCammon J, Blaker Lee A, Chen X, Sive H. The 16p11.2 homologs fam57ba and doc2a generate certain brain and body phenotypes. Hum Mol Genet. 2017;26:3699-3712 pubmed publisher
    ..2 homologs in zebrafish. The data inform consideration of mechanisms underlying human 16p11.2 deletion symptoms. ..