Gene Symbol: cd36
Description: CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)
Alias: zgc:92513, platelet glycoprotein 4, CD36 antigen
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Shieh Y, Chang Y, Hong J, Chen L, Jou L, Hsu C, et al. Increase of hepatic fat accumulation by liver specific expression of Hepatitis B virus X protein in zebrafish. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010;1801:721-30 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, GBXs with transmissible NASH-like phenotypes provide a promising model for studying liver disease. ..
  2. Pai W, Hsu C, Lai C, Chang T, Tsai Y, Her G. Cannabinoid receptor 1 promotes hepatic lipid accumulation and lipotoxicity through the induction of SREBP-1c expression in zebrafish. Transgenic Res. 2013;22:823-38 pubmed publisher
    ..This study is the first to report CB1R as a potential hepatic stimulator for zebrafish liver steatosis. ..
  3. Pietretti D, Spaink H, Falco A, Forlenza M, Wiegertjes G. Accessory molecules for Toll-like receptors in Teleost fish. Identification of TLR4 interactor with leucine-rich repeats (TRIL). Mol Immunol. 2013;56:745-56 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss the implication of the presence of most, but not all, accessory molecules for the biosynthesis and activation of tlr molecules in fish. ..
  4. Zhang J, Sun P, Kong T, Yang F, Guan W. Tributyltin promoted hepatic steatosis in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and the molecular pathogenesis involved. Aquat Toxicol. 2016;170:208-215 pubmed publisher
    ..In short, TBT can produce multiple and complex alterations in transcriptional activity of lipid metabolism and cell damage, which provides potential molecular evidence of TBT on hepatic steatosis. ..
  5. Diaz Tellez A, Zampedri C, Ramos Balderas J, García Hernández F, Maldonado E. Zebrafish scarb2a insertional mutant reveals a novel function for the Scarb2/Limp2 receptor in notochord development. Dev Dyn. 2016;245:508-19 pubmed publisher
    ..This work describes a novel function for the Scarb2 receptor as an essential glycoprotein for notochord development. ..
  6. Jones K, Alimov A, Rilo H, Jandacek R, Woollett L, Penberthy W. A high throughput live transparent animal bioassay to identify non-toxic small molecules or genes that regulate vertebrate fat metabolism for obesity drug development. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2008;5:23 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore data supports future studies focused on determining whether there is a high concentration window for resveratrol that is effective and non-toxic in high fat obesity murine models. ..
  7. Encinas P, Rodriguez Milla M, Novoa B, Estepa A, Figueras A, Coll J. Zebrafish fin immune responses during high mortality infections with viral haemorrhagic septicemia rhabdovirus. A proteomic and transcriptomic approach. BMC Genomics. 2010;11:518 pubmed publisher
  8. Liu K, Xu Y, Wang Y, Wei S, Feng D, Huang Q, et al. Developmental expression and immune role of the class B scavenger receptor cd36 in zebrafish. Dev Comp Immunol. 2016;60:91-5 pubmed publisher
    b>CD36 is a transmembrane glycoprotein belonging to the scavenger receptor class B family which plays crucial roles in innate immunity. Although CD36 is widely documented in mammals, the study of its functions in fish is still limited...
  9. Anderson J, Mulligan T, Shen M, Wang H, Scahill C, Tan F, et al. mRNA processing in mutant zebrafish lines generated by chemical and CRISPR-mediated mutagenesis produces unexpected transcripts that escape nonsense-mediated decay. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1007105 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, recognition of the types of adaptations that can occur may inform the strategies of mutant generation. ..

More Information


  1. Nussbaum J, Liu L, Hasan S, Schaub M, McClendon A, Stainier D, et al. Homeostatic generation of reactive oxygen species protects the zebrafish liver from steatosis. Hepatology. 2013;58:1326-38 pubmed publisher
    ..De novo GMP synthesis influences the activation of the small GTPase Rac1, which controls hepatic lipid dynamics through ROS-mediated regulation of triglyceride hydrolase expression in hepatocytes. ..
  2. Fink I, Benard E, Hermsen T, Meijer A, Forlenza M, Wiegertjes G. Molecular and functional characterization of the scavenger receptor CD36 in zebrafish and common carp. Mol Immunol. 2015;63:381-93 pubmed publisher
    b>CD36 is a scavenger receptor which has been studied closely in mammals where it is expressed by many different cell types and plays a role in highly diverse processes, both homeostatic and pathologic...
  3. Zheng X, Dai W, Chen X, Wang K, Zhang W, Liu L, et al. Caffeine reduces hepatic lipid accumulation through regulation of lipogenesis and ER stress in zebrafish larvae. J Biomed Sci. 2015;22:105 pubmed publisher
    ..upregulation of lipid β-oxidation gene ACO and downregulation of lipogenesis-associated genes (SREBP1, ACC1, CD36 and UCP2), ER stress-associated genes (PERK, IRE1, ATF6 and BIP), the inflammatory cytokine genes (IL-1beta and TNF-..
  4. Liu H, Xu Y, Wang Y, Zhong S, Wang M, Lin P, et al. Cd36 is a candidate lipid sensor involved in the sensory detection of fatty acid in zebrafish. Physiol Behav. 2017;182:34-39 pubmed publisher
    ..possibility for the taste system in the role of the perception of lipids in mammals, and the fatty acid receptor CD36 has been proved to be as an important candidate receptor of fat taste...
  5. Cruz Garcia L, Schlegel A. Lxr-driven enterocyte lipid droplet formation delays transport of ingested lipids. J Lipid Res. 2014;55:1944-58 pubmed publisher
    ..Activation of Lxr in the intestine cell-autonomously regulates the rate of delivery of absorbed lipids by inducting a temporary lipid intestinal droplet storage depot. ..