Gene Symbol: brip1
Description: BRCA1 interacting protein C-terminal helicase 1
Alias: fancj, si:ch211-158l18.1, Fanconi anemia group J protein, Fanconi anemia J, complementation group J
Species: zebrafish

Top Publications

  1. Titus T, Yan Y, Wilson C, Starks A, Frohnmayer J, Bremiller R, et al. The Fanconi anemia/BRCA gene network in zebrafish: embryonic expression and comparative genomics. Mutat Res. 2009;668:117-32 pubmed publisher
    ..notion that zebrafish offers an attractive experimental system to help unravel mechanisms relevant not only to FA, but also to breast cancer, given the involvement of fancj (brip1), fancn (palb2) and fancd1 (brca2) in both conditions.