Gene Symbol: selenon
Description: selenoprotein N
Alias: mdsr1, rsmd1, rss, sepn1, selenoprotein N, selN, selenoprotein N, 1
Species: western clawed frog

Top Publications

  1. Howard M, Aggarwal G, Anderson C, Khatri S, Flanigan K, Atkins J. Recoding elements located adjacent to a subset of eukaryal selenocysteine-specifying UGA codons. EMBO J. 2005;24:1596-607 pubmed
    ..stop codon redefinition element located adjacent to a selenocysteine-encoding UGA codon in the eukaryal gene, SEPN1. This element is sufficient to stimulate high-level (6%) translational redefinition of the SEPN1 UGA codon in ..