Gene Symbol: VACWR036
Description: putative monoglyceride lipase
Species: Vaccinia virus

Top Publications

  1. Boursnell M, Foulds I, Campbell J, Binns M. Non-essential genes in the vaccinia virus HindIII K fragment: a gene related to serine protease inhibitors and a gene related to the 37K vaccinia virus major envelope antigen. J Gen Virol. 1988;69 ( Pt 12):2995-3003 pubmed
    ..The existence of viable deletion mutants and recombinants containing foreign DNA inserted into both these genes indicates that they are non-essential. ..
  2. Morikawa S, Sakiyama T, Hasegawa H, Saijo M, Maeda A, Kurane I, et al. An attenuated LC16m8 smallpox vaccine: analysis of full-genome sequence and induction of immune protection. J Virol. 2005;79:11873-91 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that priming with m8 IMV provides efficient protection despite undetectable levels of immunity against EEV. ..