Gene Symbol: I7L
Description: temporal expression: late
Alias: viral core cysteine proteinase
Species: Vaccinia virus

Top Publications

  1. Kane E, Shuman S. Vaccinia virus morphogenesis is blocked by a temperature-sensitive mutation in the I7 gene that encodes a virion component. J Virol. 1993;67:2689-98 pubmed
    ..C. Condit, A. Motyczka, and G. Spizz, Virology 128:429-443, 1983) has been mapped by marker rescue to the I7L open reading frame located within the genomic HindIII I DNA fragment...
  2. Zhang Q, Tian M, Feng Y, Zhao K, Xu J, Liu Y, et al. Genomic sequence and virulence of clonal isolates of vaccinia virus Tiantan, the Chinese smallpox vaccine strain. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e60557 pubmed publisher
    ..The complete genome sequences, ORF annotations, and phenotypic diversity yielded from this study aid our understanding of the Chinese historic TT strain and are useful for HIV vaccine projects employing TT as a vector. ..