Gene Symbol: F5L
Description: temporal expression: early
Species: Vaccinia virus
Products:     F5L

Top Publications

  1. Roseman N, Slabaugh M. The vaccinia virus HindIII F fragment: nucleotide sequence of the left 6.2 kb. Virology. 1990;178:410-8 pubmed
    ..Two of these ORFs have been reported previously. ORF F4L encodes the small subunit of ribonucleotide reductase and ORF F2L is homologous to a retroviral protease-like gene. ..
  2. Dobson B, Tscharke D. Truncation of gene F5L partially masks rescue of vaccinia virus strain MVA growth on mammalian cells by restricting plaque size. J Gen Virol. 2014;95:466-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we extended the characterization of these rescued MVA strains and identified vaccinia virus (VACV) gene F5L as a determinant of plaque morphology but not replication in vitro...
  3. Dobson B, Procter D, Hollett N, Flesch I, Newsome T, Tscharke D. Vaccinia virus F5 is required for normal plaque morphology in multiple cell lines but not replication in culture or virulence in mice. Virology. 2014;456-457:145-56 pubmed publisher
    Vaccinia virus (VACV) gene F5L was recently identified as a determinant of plaque morphology that is truncated in Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA)...