Gene Symbol: D5R
Description: temporal expression: early/late
Alias: NTPase
Species: Vaccinia virus

Top Publications

  1. Niles E, Condit R, Caro P, Davidson K, Matusick L, Seto J. Nucleotide sequence and genetic map of the 16-kb vaccinia virus HindIII D fragment. Virology. 1986;153:96-112 pubmed
    ..The results of marker rescue analysis map one or more member of each group to a site in the HindIII D fragment within a defined open reading frame...
  2. De Silva F, Paran N, Moss B. Products and substrate/template usage of vaccinia virus DNA primase. Virology. 2009;383:136-41 pubmed publisher
    ..The absence of stringent template specificity is consistent with a role for the enzyme in priming DNA synthesis at the replication fork. ..
  3. Zhang Q, Tian M, Feng Y, Zhao K, Xu J, Liu Y, et al. Genomic sequence and virulence of clonal isolates of vaccinia virus Tiantan, the Chinese smallpox vaccine strain. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e60557 pubmed publisher
    ..The complete genome sequences, ORF annotations, and phenotypic diversity yielded from this study aid our understanding of the Chinese historic TT strain and are useful for HIV vaccine projects employing TT as a vector. ..