Gene Symbol: D1R
Description: temporal expression: early
Alias: large subunit of mRNA capping enzyme
Species: Vaccinia virus
Products:     D1R

Top Publications

  1. Mohamed M, Piacente S, Dickerman B, Niles E. Effect of UTP sugar and base modifications on vaccinia virus early gene transcription. Virology. 2006;349:359-70 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that VTF may play a subtle role in early gene transcription elongation in addition to its known function in mRNA cap formation, early gene transcription termination and intermediate gene transcription initiation. ..
  2. Shatzer A, Kato S, Condit R. Phenotypic analysis of a temperature sensitive mutant in the large subunit of the vaccinia virus mRNA capping enzyme. Virology. 2008;375:236-52 pubmed publisher
    The heterodimeric vaccinia virus mRNA capping enzyme is a multifunctional enzyme, encoded by genes D1R and D12L...
  3. Kyrieleis O, Chang J, de la Peña M, Shuman S, Cusack S. Crystal structure of vaccinia virus mRNA capping enzyme provides insights into the mechanism and evolution of the capping apparatus. Structure. 2014;22:452-65 pubmed publisher
  4. Tate J, Gollnick P. The role of vaccinia termination factor and cis-acting elements in vaccinia virus early gene transcription termination. Virology. 2015;485:179-88 pubmed publisher
    ..We also provide evidence that a second cis-acting element downstream of U5NU influences the location and efficiency of early gene transcription termination. ..