Gene Symbol: Tb927.3.4300
Description: 73 kDa paraflagellar rod protein
Alias: Tb03.26J7.530, 73 kDa paraflagellar rod protein
Species: Trypanosoma brucei TREU927

Top Publications

  1. Schlaeppi K, Deflorin J, Seebeck T. The major component of the paraflagellar rod of Trypanosoma brucei is a helical protein that is encoded by two identical, tandemly linked genes. J Cell Biol. 1989;109:1695-709 pubmed
    ..The PFR protein is coded for by two tandemly linked genes of identical nucleotide sequence. Both genes are transcribed into stable mRNAs of very similar length that carry the mini-exon sequence at their 5' termini...
  2. Deflorin J, Rudolf M, Seebeck T. The major components of the paraflagellar rod of Trypanosoma brucei are two similar, but distinct proteins which are encoded by two different gene loci. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:28745-51 pubmed
    ..This unusual organization leads to the generation of mRNAs which contain identical coding sequences but different 5'- and 3'-noncoding regions...
  3. Hill K. Biology and mechanism of trypanosome cell motility. Eukaryot Cell. 2003;2:200-8 pubmed
  4. Bastin P, Sherwin T, Gull K. Paraflagellar rod is vital for trypanosome motility. Nature. 1998;391:548 pubmed