Gene Symbol: Tb11.01.8820
Description: expression site-associated gene (ESAG) protein, putative
Alias: expression site-associated gene (ESAG) protein, putative
Species: Trypanosoma brucei TREU927

Top Publications

  1. Paindavoine P, Rolin S, Van Assel S, Geuskens M, Jauniaux J, Dinsart C, et al. A gene from the variant surface glycoprotein expression site encodes one of several transmembrane adenylate cyclases located on the flagellum of Trypanosoma brucei. Mol Cell Biol. 1992;12:1218-25 pubmed
    ..brucei (S. Rolin, S. Halleux, J. Van Sande, J. E. Dumont, E. Pays, and M. Steinert. Exp. Parasitol. 71:350-352, 1990). Our data suggest that the trypanosome cyclases are not properly regulated in yeast cells...
  2. Naula C, Seebeck T. Cyclic AMP signaling in trypanosomatids. Parasitol Today. 2000;16:35-8 pubmed
    ..Here, Christina Naula and Thomas Seebeck summarize what is known about cAMP signal transduction in trypanosomatids...